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Ridge: Son, whatever it is, you can talk to me.

Thomas: It’s nothing,

Ridge: It’s nothing? It’s not nothing, you just said it was something. Something surprising. Talk to now, you just pause, and you have nothing to say. What is it? Are you hiding something?

Taylor: Sheila, I have a few minutes, if you’d like to sit down.

Sheila: Yeah. I just– I don’t know why we’re all so surprised that brooke is finally showing her true colors, showing us who she truly is. I know that… you have way too much class to laugh at her misery, but you got to feel a little good seeing her lose.

Taylor: No, I don’T. Sheila, nothing feels good about that. She’s not well.

Sheila: You shouldn’t worry about brooke.

Taylor: Well, despite our differences. You know, I’m– I’m concerned about her, you know? Something triggered her that night and spiraled her out of control.

Zende: So what do you think?

Paris: It’s, uh, wow, it’s– it’s gorgeous. What did hope say?

Zende: I haven’t shown it to her yet. I wanted to run it by you first.

Paris: Me? You’re the super talented, successful designer.

Zende: And you are my muse. You inspired this design, paris.

Paris: Oh, wow, I, I don’t know what to say.

Zende: There’s nothing to say. When you’re a designer, you’re always looking for inspiration. When it hits, you just have to run with it.

Paris: Well, I’m sure it hits with all of the beautiful models fighting after your attention, like sequoyah. Are you going out with her tonight?

Zende: Would it bother you if I did?

Carter: Oh, I didn’t realize you guys were in here. Just need to pick up a file, I’ll be out of your way in a second.

Zende: No, no, actually stay, you just came in at the right time. I was just asking paris if it would bother her if I went out with sequoyah again. She hasn’t answered yet, but I think it’s pretty obvious.

Carter: I think whatever this is, it’s between you two.

Zende: Oh come on, carter. You know paris as well as I do. Well, almost.

Carter: I just don’t think I should be in the middle of this.

Zende: You are in the middle of this. You’re a friend, and i need your help. Lately, I feel like whenever I’m trying to talk to paris, what I mean to say, it’s just– it’s not coming out right. Maybe your being here can help with that.

Paris: Zende, what– what’s going on?

Zende: I asked earlier if me seeing sequoyah again bothers you, but I already know it doesn’T. Now, I don’t mean to judge. I just mean that you’re the one who said you wanted to keep things loose and free, and I agreed. But I guess I’m still just getting used to things being casual. And I guess you are too.

Paris: Yeah.

Zende: I do have one more question, though. Are you seeing anyone else?

Sheila: You’re finally getting what you want. Don’t worry about brooke. She’s going to meetings, she’s got the support of her family. She’s going to be fine. Just go on.

Taylor: Listen, sheila, like I said, she, she’s sick. She– she needs help. For a lot of things, but, you know, ridge, ridge is determined to figure out what happened. He really is. He wants answers. She was successfully sober for a very long time. Then all of a sudden, boom, she got triggered and something set her off.

Sheila: Well, it’s like I said before, who knows what happened, I mean, brooke doesn’t know, and she probably never will.

Ridge: Son, please, what’s going on? Your mom and I are concerned about you.

Thomas: Don’t be. I’ve been waiting for this for a really long time. Seeing you guys together, happy. And I know how much this means to mom. And– and I hope it means the same to you. And I know that you care about mom but–

Ridge: But– but you want to be protective. I get it and I appreciate it. And you’re right, there’s a lot of things to figure out. And not just taylor and me, but with the whole family. There’s things we got to talk about, but you got to know that I’m so happy that she’s here. She’s been my rock through all this with brooke. She listens to me and I’M… I’m grateful she’s in my life. I’m amber, I’ve lost 128 pounds with golo,

Zende: I know it’s really none of my business if you’re seeing someone. And the only reason you know about sequoyah is because we work in the same building.

Paris: Yeah.

Zende: I still would have told you, though. Would you have asked me if I was seeing anyone?

Paris: I– I don’t know, I wouldn’t want to make you feel like I was putting you on the spot.

Zende: Is that what you feel like I’m doing? Paris, it was not my intention to make you feel uncomfortable or put you on the spot, or whatever.

Paris: Zende, I know that.

Zende: What I’m trying to say with all of this is that… I still care about you, paris. I haven’t forgotten about you. And I hope you haven’t forgotten about me.

Carter: Look, I– I really shouldn’t be part of this, and it’s clear that you both still have a lot to talk about, so I’m going to head home.

Zende: No, no, carter, wait, hold on. I’m sorry. That was a little inappropriate to bring up with both of you here, but I really appreciate you hearing me out and I appreciate your friendship.

Sheila: So you think if you can pinpoint brooke’s trigger, it’ll help her with her recovery?

Taylor: Possibly. Yeah, I– I think everyone has unhealed trauma and we all deal with it different. But if we could find brooke’s core wound, I think it would help her tremendously in breaking the cycle.

Sheila: Why are we talking about brooke? We should be discussing you and ridge. I mean, it is so great that you two are finally coming back together after all this time.

Taylor: Sheila, I– I know that you, um, you’ve put a lot of energy into trying to gain my trust, but… considering our history, I, I don’t feel comfortable with this.

Sheila: I apologize.

Taylor: No, please don’T. I just wanted to set a boundary.

Sheila: And I understand I need to earn your trust, taylor, and I’m hoping that one day we will be closer. Who ever would have thought that a year ago we’d be spending christmas eve together. I really do appreciate you extending that olive branch. And you’re a good person, taylor, you deserve the very best.

Taylor: Thank you. That’s very kind.

Sheila: No, it’s true. You deserve to win. And I know that I’m not supposed to talk about this, but I’m really happy that you and ridge are working your way back to one another. You coming to los angeles, reuniting with ridge. Yeah. That’s exactly the way that I would have orchestrated it.

Ridge: I got to ask you something.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ridge: Do you doubt how much I care for your mom?

Thomas: No, no, I don’T.

Ridge: Good.

Thomas: Yeah, I just, um… I just hope things are going to be different. Look, every time that brooke does something, she’ll do something terrible, she’ll hurt you, and then you always forgive her. Look, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t even be bringing this up–

Ridge: No, no, no, no, no, no. You’re absolutely right. It’s always been like that. Brooke and I were together and then somebody screws up and we find our way back to each other, we forgive and, and it’s been like that your whole life. I know that. But thomas, I promise you, I thought this time was going to be different, this whole thing with bill. And we worked through it, and I thought we were going to be stronger for it. And then deacon shows up. She makes out with him and she sleeps with him in our bed and she defends him. So whoever I thought brooke was, whoever I thought she could be, I– she’s not.

Thomas: You were even willing to forgive her, and she let you down.

Ridge: Why is that? Why, we were good, we were in a good place. Yeah, hope and deacon, they were a problem, but not– we had it covered, we were, we were fine. And I know she was drinking. I get it. She took full responsibility for everything. But you know what, that doesn’T… it doesn’t let her off the hook. She’S… she’s not blameless. Homegrown tomatoes…nice.

Sequoyah: It’s beautiful, as always.

Zende: Thank you, but everything looks beautiful on you.

Sequoyah: Do you have any plans tonight?

Zende: I am not sure what my evening looks like, I have all these deadlines that are starting to stack up. I may have to pull an all nighter.

Sequoyah: All work and no–

Zende: I know, maybe I’ll be able to finish all of it. I’ll let you know. Dr. Buckingham, hey.

Grace: Hello, zende. And remember, please call me grace. I hope I’m not interrupting.

Zende: No, no, not at all. We were just finishing up.

Sequoyah: Grace, how’re you?

Grace: I’m good.

Sequoyah: Well, I’ll get going, then. Hopefully I’ll see you later.

Grace: That’s interesting.

Zende: What is?

Grace: Turning down an evening with a very beautiful woman who’s into you?

Zende: You overheard?

Grace: I did, and I’m sure I’m overstepping, so I apologize in advance. But are deadlines the real reason why you didn’t want to go out with that model tonight or is it because you rather be with paris?

Carter: Are you serious? You didn’t send the file? How many times do I gotta tell this guy? I didn’t tell him. You need to wake up, man, you need to wake up.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Paris: Carter, it’s me. I just had to see you.

Sheila: You wouldn’t do it, thomas, you wouldn’t destroy everything that’s so important to you.

[ Knocking on door ] I’m busy.

Thomas: It’s me.

Sheila: Did you tell ridge? Did you tell him what I did to brooke?

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hey, ridge.

Ridge: I’m sorry to just barge in, but I had to tell you what I just learned. We’re eating and drinking foods and beverages

Carter: This is dangerous. Paris, you coming here like this?

Paris: I know, but I just had to see you.

Carter: I figured you’d still be talking to zende.

Paris: You heard him. He is still seeing sequoyah, keeping things casual.

Carter: But it doesn’t change the way he feels about you.

Paris: Carter, I can’t stop thinking about you, and I get the sense that you can’t stop thinking about me either.

Carter: Paris.

Paris: Stop… talking.

Taylor: Okay, so, so what did you learn? Is it about thomas?

Ridge: He finally opened up to me.

Taylor: Okay, what? He told you what was going on?

Ridge: He did.

Taylor: Is it bad? Is it okay? What did he say?

Ridge: It’s fine. It’s all right. I don’t even know where to start.

Taylor: Oh my god.

Ridge: No, no, no. It’s okay. He told me… he told me he is so happy that you’re back and that we’re spending time together.

Taylor: That’s– that’s– that’s the big news?

Ridge: Yeah, I need an excuse to see you. Taylor: Okay. You need an excuse to work me up, too, because you’re a master at that.

Ridge: Thank you.

Taylor: You never… need an excuse to see me.

Ridge: No?

Taylor: Na uh.

Sheila: Did you tell your father?

Thomas: No.

Sheila: Oh wow, finally someone with a brain. You don’t look at me that way. It’s because of me your mom and dad have a chance to be together again.

Thomas: But at what expense? Ruining brooke’s life?

Sheila: Oh, you’re worried about her?

Thomas: You drove her to drink. All right, I’m not fond of brooke, but you’re playing with her sobriety.

Sheila: Yeah, but you know what? She’s betrayed your father on numerous occasions. It was only a matter of time before it happened to–

Thomas: You got her drunk.

Sheila: I did. But I didn’t make her kiss deacon. Or press her body against his or put him in her bed and let him lay his head on your father’s pillow. I certainly didn’t try to get her to lie to cover the truth. Give me a break here, okay? I’ve given you all a gift. You, steffy, your mother and father. You have a real shot at finally being a family again. You’re welcome.

Thomas: This is wrong.

Sheila: Is it? Why can’t your mom win, just this once? You know, you did the right thing by not telling your father what happened to brooke that night. So you just keep using your head. You keep quiet. And watch your parents… get the chance they deserve. If you want your parents to have their happily ever after, then be smart. Don’t breathe a word of this to anyone. You need to keep this secret forever.

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