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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava went to see Gwen. She told her that Abby was going to be home soon and saw her wearing the Sarah mask. Gwen thought Kristen would take care of everything. Ava said she didn’t have any loyalty to them. They talked about their situation. Gwen told her that Xander proposed to her. Ava was happy for her, but she realized she only had revenge to keep her warm at night. She congratulated her and left. Jennifer walked in the Horton house and screamed for Jack. He calmed her down by telling her that Chad and Tony found Abby. They talked about the rescue when Anna showed up. She was worried about Tony, Chad and Abby. They told her that Tony and Chad found Abby. They told her which island they went to and she wasn’t happy about it. Anna said she and Tony spent time there when they got away from his ex-lover Renee. Jack mentioned he should tell Gwen about Abby being rescued. Anna found out that Gwen was engaged. Anna wanted to know what man would propose to her. Xander arrived and said he proposed to her. Anna wasn’t happy about that news. Xander defended Gwen to her. She warned him to be careful with her. Later, Xander went to the Salem Inn to tell Gwen that Abby was found. He said she was coming home. Gwen had to force a smile.

Chad and Tony were confused by Sarah’s behavior. She called Tony her true love. He pushed her away and told her that he was a happily married man. Chad was surprised when Sarah said she never got over Tony. Tony realized why she was talking like that. Abby confirmed that Sarah thought she was Renee. Sarah was irritated that Tony didn’t believe her so she offered to talk to him when they got back to Salem. Chad and Tony gave each other looks before he left with Sarah.  Abby told Chad how Sarah thought she was Renee. He told her how he found her. Abby let him know that Ava was wearing the Sarah mask. She said she was the last face she remembered before getting knocked out. She wanted to find Steve and Kayla to see if they knew anything. Kristen told Steve and Kayla that she didn’t give them a sedative. She gave them something stronger. She advised them to enjoy their day together because it might be their last.  Kristen told Steve and Kayla that she didn’t give them a lethal drug. She gave them something to make them forget what happened on the island. She said it would give them amnesia. Steve rushed to her and got the upperhand. He tied her to a chair. She warned them to remember their relationship while they could before it fades from their memories. She said no one would remember what happened on the island. Steve and Kayla tried to stop everyone from eating the food. They saw that everyone had eaten most of their food. Chad said it was too late because they ate it. Everyone started talking at the same time. Sarah stopped everyone from talking. Sarah said that she switched out the liquid bottle she found in the kitchen. She said no one was drugged. Chad told Abby they would make Ava pay for what she did. Sarah told Tony they were getting him a divorce from Anna. Steve and Kayla realized that Kristen slipped out of the storage room.

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