Days Short Recap Friday, March 4, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tony arrived home and Anna was worried about him. He told her that Kristen got away. He said that he and Chad brought everyone home. Anna was happy about that but she wasn’t happy about where they were being held captive. Tony informed her that Sarah thought she was Renee. Sarah wanted to know why she was in the hospital. Steve and Kayla were trying to explain to her why she was there, but she refused to hear that she wasn’t Renee. Kayla wanted to run tests to make sure that she didn’t get brain damage from the drug. Sarah finally agreed to the tests. She slipped out of the room when Steve and Kayla left the room.

Tony told Anna that Sarah would have to accept that she was her one and only. They kissed each other when Sarah showed up. She demanded that Anna take her hands off her man. Anna told her that Tony was her man. Kayla and Steve showed up at the mansion. Sarah refused to go to the hospital. She ran out of the room. Kayla told Tony and Anna that they could get a court order to force Sarah to take the tests. She said they had to keep her safe. Anna couldn’t believe they wanted her to stay there. Kayla said they would know where she was. Sarah came back just as Steve and Kayla arrived. Sarah wanted to hire a lawyer so that Tony could get a divorce. Sarah planned on having Anna thrown out, but Tony stopped her. Chad went to see Ava in an interrogation room. He wanted to know why she kidnapped Abby and who helped her. She couldn’t answer those questions. Chad thought would she talk to the police. He said someone was going to pay for kidnapping his wife. He said she should at least give up the partner. Chad arrived at the Horton house. Jack called Xander. He told him that Sarah was on the island with Abby. He explained that the woman he saw with Rex was Kristen. He said she was wearing a Sarah mask. Xander was surprised by the news. Jack told him that Abby confirned what happened. Xander wanted to know where to find Sarah. He ran out the door before Jack could finsh telling him everything.

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