Days Short Recap Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp walked in the pub and saw Roman. He wanted to know how the proposal went. He said it was a disaster because he found out that Allie slept with Chanel. He questioned if Allie was into men the way she said. He believed that Allie loved him. Roman wondered if there was way that he could get over what she did.  Kate saw Allie crying and wanted to know what happened. She told her that Johnny told Tripp that she slept with Chanel. She told Kate that she hated him for what he did to her and Chanel. She felt bad that Tripp found out because she loved him. Kate advised her not to give up and to go to the pub with her. Roman wanted to know if there was a way that he could forgive Allie. Tripp noticed that Kate and Allie arrived at the pub. Tripp got up to leave, but Kate wanted him to stay. She told him that Allie was miserable over what happened. She wanted to know if he could forgive Allie. Allie pulled Tripp aside to talk to him. She hated herself for what she did to him. She felt like she wasn’t good enough for him and proved that she wasn’t. She said she would never stop hating herself for what she did. She said she would never stop loving him. He said he would never know if he’s who she wants or who she’s with when they aren’t together. He said he couldn’t live like that. He walked out of the pub. Kate and Roman tried to console her, but she ran out of the pub.

Chad was afraid Ned gave him and Tony the wrong information. Tony assured him that their visit with Ned paid off and they would find Allie. Chad didn’t know anything about the island. Tony knew about it because he spent time with Renee on the island. He told Chad about their sister and what she did to Anna once they found out they weren’t blood related. He said his life is less complicated now that she’s dead. Allie pounded on a locked door until Sarah walked in the room. Abby was happy to see her, but Sarah didn’t know her. She told Abby that her name was Renee. Abby took the diary and told her that wasn’t her story. Sarah was only concerned with how she was married to a DiMera. She said they were practically sisters. Abby told her that she’s a Horton. Sarah didn’t want to hear it. Kristen brought food and champagne to Steve and Kayla. She wished him a Happy Valentine’s Day. She recalled them holding flare guns when Sarah hit Steve from behind. Kayla ran to his side so Kristen pulled her gun out. She made them go in a storage room. They wanted to see Abby. She wanted them to eat the food she brought them. They agreed to eat. Tony and Chad arrived at the mansion. They decided to split up to search different rooms. Chad went to Sarah’s room and found Abby. She ran into his arms. Sarah introduced herself to Chad. He wanted to know what was going on. Tony walked in the room and Sarah was happy to see him. She couldn’t believe he found her. Steve and Kayla decided to enjoy the food Kristen gave them. They wanted to celebrate their anniversary and trust that she didn’t poison their food. Kristen came back in the room and told them that she lied and did poison their food.

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