Days Short Recap Monday, March 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny tried to stand up to the devil. Johnny wanted the devil to get out of him. He said Marlena and Johnny were able to beat him. The devil said they did it with love. He said Johnny didn’t have that. Gabi called “Johnny” and told him she couldn’t wait to get back at Jake at the meeting. Xander couldn’t believe that Sarah was actually there. He said he thought she slept with Rex, but it wasn’t her. She accused him of trying to make her think she was Sarah. Sarah thought he was Alexander. He said he went by Xander now. She said she wanted a divorce. He said they weren’t married. She said the worst mistake she made was marrying him. He said he didn’t understand. She said she was Renee and she planned on marrying Tony. She said she was waiting for him to get a divorce so she could marry Tony. Xander was confused. She said she was going to marry Tony. Ava told Gwen that Abby was back. Gwen said Ava wouldn’t have to spend any time in jail because Abby wasn’t going to say anything. Ava said Abby was back and might remember her being there when she was kidnapped so she could be charged with accessory. Gwen said she would help her. Kate tried to get Mr. Shin to postpone the meeting. He said he couldn’t postpone the meeting because he had something else to do. Gabi let the devil know that Jake was listening to their conversation. She got off the phone with him. Jake wanted to know what she meant when she said he was going to get what he deserved. She said she meant he was going to be CEO. Kate asked Mr. Shin what the meeting was about, but he wouldn’t say. Gabi, Jake and Johnny showed up to the meeting. Kate wanted to make sure Tony and Chad were there for the meeting. Johnny said they weren’t back yet. Ava told Gwen that Chad wasn’t going to give up until the person who kidnapped Abby would pay. Gwen said she would sell her out if she did. Ava said she would tell her part in Abby’s kidnapping. Gwen said she would tell Rafe that she was the one who set him up. They both threatened to expose the other. Gwen told her to keep her mouth shut and she would do the same. Xander saw Sarah again and tried to convince her that she wasn’t Renee. She didn’t believe him. He said he wanted to make her happy. She said her heart belonged to him. Xander showed her a picture of them together. He wanted her to tell him she didn’t remember them together.

Chad and Tony talked about what was going on with Sarah. Tony said Sarah was staying at the mansion. Sarah told Xander that she didn’t remember the picture. She said she was Renee. Johnny, Gabi and Jake said they wanted to work with Titan. Kate thought it wasn’t going to be easy. Jake said he had another motion. Mr. Shin wanted to know what they were. Jake said he wanted Chad out as CEO and replaced with him. Kate said she wasn’t going to allow that. Gabi said she had two changes to make to that motion. She said she wanted Johnny to be in charge instead of Jake. Johnny seconded the motion. Jake wanted to know what was going on. She told him he betrayed her. Jake wanted to know what was going on. Kate told him not to trust her. Kate said she wasn’t going to allow Johnny and Gabi to do this to Jake. She asked how Johnny could do that to Tony and Chad. Gabi and Johnny said they were going to go through with it. Kate said she was going to side with Jake. She said Mr. Shin would sign with Jake too. She said it would end up being a tie. She said the decision would be the status quo. Johnny forced Mr. Shin to side with Johnny and Gabi. Jake asked he what was going on. She told him she tried to get Stefan’s shares transferred from her to him. Jake said that never happened. She said Johnny showed her the paperwork. Jake said Johnny made her believe Maggie wanted to meet with him. She said she overheard him telling Maggie that he only cared about the CEO position. He said he never said that. Gwen ran into Xander. He told her that Sarah never dumped him. She wanted to know if Sarah wanted they were getting back together. He said she wasn’t who she thought he was.

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