Y&R Short Recap Monday, March 7 2022

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Recap written by Christine

In LA, Phyllis supported Jack worked through his grief about Keemo and sorted through the box of Keemo’s belongings. Through flashbacks, Jack told Phyllis about his life with Luan. He was touched when he discovered a picture of himself with Luan that Keemo had kept. Jack was curious about the women in the picture with Keemo. He wondered if one of them was behind the texts. Ashland received an ominous text stating that Michael and the doctors who gave him information had been taken care of. Ashland told Victoria that Victor had been taken in by some quack who was saying Ashland never had cancer. Victoria was sure Ashland had cancer, as she’d talked to his oncologist in NY. Victoria didn’t understand why Victor would think such a thing or turn on her and Ashland.

Sally was happy about making the jump to the business world. Victor let Adam know about the ultimatum he gave Ashland. Adam wasn’t sure Victor’s plan would work. Lauren was becoming worried because she hadn’t been able to reach Michael. Chloe tried to keep Lauren positive. Victor got a call from his investigator saying that Michael and the two Peruvian doctors had disappeared. However, when Lauren called Victor to ask about Michael, he didn’t disclose what he’d learned. Sally and Chloe wished each other well in their new jobs. Sally tried to get Adam to give her the details on the Newman family drama, and he told her that, for her own good, it was best that she didn’t know. Adam thought that if Victor’s plan failed, it would cause a rift with Victor and Victoria, and that might work in Adam’s favor.

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