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Thomas: My family should thank you? You are the reason that my mother and father are back together?

Sheila: Is it really so hard to believe that I could do something good?

Thomas: You haven’t done a single good thing in your whole life, sheila.

Sheila: Wh– you don’t know. You have no idea.

Thomas: You know, you’re right. I don’t know. I don’t know why you would think that we would welcome you with open arms. You need to leave. Okay? Stay away from my family. Stay away from steffy. Stay away from finn. Stay away from the kids. Okay, we don’t need you coming back into our family and screwing it up.

Sheila: Oh, don’t you dare! The arrogance. What, you– you just think that this happened out of the blue? That after all these years of your mother playing second fiddle to brooke, that her luck miraculously changed? Your family is reunited because of me.

Ridge: You know, people are going to talk, right?

Taylor: Mm.

Ridge: Say things that they shouldn’T.

Taylor: Yeah, thank you, thomas.

[ Sighs ]

Taylor: I know you don’t want gossip about us getting back to brooke and hurting her.

Ridge: Or you, or the kids. We’re still trying to figure this out. One moment at a time.

Ridge: Right.

Taylor: Yeah. But sooner or later, people are going to hear about you and brooke.

Max: Ridge.

Ridge: Hey.

Max: Taylor.

Taylor: Hi.

Max: Hey. I heard something’s going on between you and brooke. You okay?

Bill: Thank you.

[ Clears throat ]

Wyatt: So apparently, there’s trouble in paradise with ridge and brooke?

Bill: Hah! Well, that’s no surprise.

Liam: Yeah, well, before you lay it all on deacon, just know that brooke has taken responsibility for it.

Bill: That doesn’t surprise me either. Whenever things go bad, brooke takes the blame. Like it’s her fault that forrester can’t stick around, tough things out. Just a matter of time before he pushed the eject button and bailed. The guy’s never made brooke happy, and he never will.

Liam: Yeah, well, you’re right about one thing, brooke is not– she’s not happy. I mean, and as someone who’s been living on the property, I can tell you what a toll this is taking on her.

Brooke: Oh, I hate this feeling. What if there’s nothing to do to make it right? What if I just have to accept it?

Hope: And just let ridge be with taylor?

Brooke: If she’s going to make him happy, yeah.

Hope: Mom, come on, you can’t just let ridge walk away from your marriage like that.

Brooke: Honey, what else can I do? I have hurt him. I have let him down. I’ve betrayed his trust again and again. I mean, maybe it’s time to just stop. Set him free.

[ Sighs ]

Bill: Ridge can’t really believe that brooke wants to be with that two-bit convict, deacon. No, it’s just an excuse to race back to taylor.

Liam: I– I don’t think that’s how it happened, exactly. But—

Bill: What are you talking about, liam? Right? Ridge gets exactly what he wants and brooke gets to feel terrible about it.

Wyatt: Well, things were a little rocky between ridge and brooke before taylor even showed up.

Bill: When aren’t things rocky between those two?

Wyatt: Really? I mean, it’s coming from you?

Bill: All right. All I’m saying is, wise guys, brooke deserves a whole lot more than she’s ever gotten from ridge.

Ridge: Oh, max, is that the, uh…

Max: Milan proposal.

Ridge: Already? Seriously. Wow.

Max: Come on. Ridge forrester asks for a favour…

Ridge: But this is fast, even for you. I appreciate it.

Max: Well, speaking of favours…

Ridge: Ah, okay, here it is. What do you need? What can I do?

Max: Bikini.

Ridge: Well, I don’t know if we have anything in your size, but I’ll– I’ll–

Max: No, no, the guys are going out to bikini tonight. I’m trying to get carter to come out. You think you can get in his ear and convince him?

Ridge: Ah, I’ll see what I can do.

Max: Alright appreciate it. I’ll let you two get back to it.

Ridge: Okay.

Max: Seriously, you and brooke, everything…

Ridge: It’s fine. Let it go.

Max: You sure?

Ridge: Yeah.

Max: All right. Okay, man. All right.

Ridge: Thank you. Told you. They’re going to speculate.

Taylor: Yeah, you can’t stop that.

Ridge: No, but I don’t want it getting back to brooke or impacting you in any way.

Taylor: I know. I’ll be fine.

Ridge: Brooke isn’T.

Taylor: I know. I know you’re worried about her. Please don’t feel bad about caring. It’s one of your best qualities. One of them.

Hope: Mom, if you want this to be over that’s one thing–

Brooke: Ah, I don’T. Are you kidding me? I can’t even imagine a life without ridge.

Hope: Well, then how can you even think about giving up? Because you know that won’t make you happy. I mean, at this point, it’s just you punishing yourself.

Brooke: I don’t know how this happened. Ridge and taylor. It didn’t have to be this way.

Thomas: Everybody knows what happened, sheila.

Sheila: Is that so?

Thomas: Yeah, brooke got drunk, she made out with deacon, right? And then she slept in the same bed as him and apparently nothing else happened besides that. But that’s the reason that my parents are spending time together now, okay? So, we don’t owe you a damn thing and you had nothing to do with it.

Sheila: You know what? If you believe that, you are just as delusional as brooke. I mean, all– all her talk about destiny and fate. I had nothing to do with it? Why do you think brooke got drunk in the first place? I got covid in september of 2020, and a few weeks later,

Bill: All forrester’s ever done is let brooke down.

Liam: Yeah, and– and we can see why you’d feel that way.

Bill: Ah, boy, you two. It’s the damn truth.

Wyatt: From your perspective, dad.

Bill: Yeah, “that’s from my perspective,” wyatt

Wyatt: Why? What did I do?

Bill: I am telling it like it is. Forrester is a deadbeat. Just as bad as deacon.

Liam: Oh–

Bill: He’s just never been held accountable.

Liam: Okay. I know. But– but ridge is not the point. Brooke is the point. How much pain she’s in, how devastated she is. That’s the point.

Bill: Okay, number one, I don’t need you to tell me what the point is, liam.

Liam: It’s okay.

Bill: Brooke should be mad as hell. Where does forrester get off making her feel like a failure when he’s the one who quit? Again. That’s the point.

Wyatt: You’re making it sound like she didn’t see this coming.

Liam: Yeah it was touch ‘n go for a minute there, but they thought they were gonna get through it.

Wyatt: What, so brooke wasn’t worried that taylor was coming back at all?

Liam: She wasn’t until steffy and thomas started pressing the issue because obviously, they want their parents back together, stick to family…

Bill: Right. Right. Right. Giving ridge another excuse to bail on brooke. How many times has he left her hanging for taylor? How many times? And now he’s doing it again?

Ridge: Brooke feels like I abandoned her.

Taylor: Yeah, but you didn’T. When she told you about her drinking, you were so there for her.

Ridge: ‘Cause I told her I would be. Be there for her and I’d support her. I don’t understand. I don’T. Why-why is the– the first thing she goes to… lying to me? Why? Why wouldn’t she tell me what’s going on after everything we’ve been through, you’d think we could say anything to each other. Why did any of this happen in the first place?

Hope: You’re allowed to be upset with me, mom. Practically everyone warned me that this would happen.

Brooke: Hope, this is not your fault.

Hope: I brought dad back into our lives. I invited him over for new year’s eve.

Brooke: Honey, I opened the vodka bottle. I insisted your father drink with me. Now, I certainly am not going to blame that on anybody, especially you. It was my decision not to tell ridge the whole truth. I let him down. And because of that, I’ve lost him.

Thomas: You know why brooke got drunk on new year’s eve?

Sheila: I was asking you.

Thomas: No, you implied that you had something to do with it.

Sheila: Don’t put words in my mouth, thomas.

Thomas: I’m not putting words in your mouth. I am listening to what you’re saying. What did you do, sheila? Tell me.

Sheila: I don’t need to tell you anything, thomas. You said it, brooke got drunk, she kissed deacon, you have your family back. And brooke? Brooke got exactly what she deserved. Or should I say, what she ordered?

Thomas: She ordered non-alcoholic champagne.

Sheila: Huh. Non-alcoholic. Really?

Liam: See, hope is just worried that ridge and brooke won’t survive this.

Bill: She should be.

Wyatt: Nice. Very compassionate, dad.

Bill: It’s got nothing to do with compassion, wyatt. It’s a fact. Ridge hit the door the first chance he got.

Wyatt: Yeah, but ridge and brooke have gone through things like this before, and it’s never affected their marriage. Like when they had to deal with the deacon thing.

Liam: Well, that’s right. I mean, that was– that was tough, but they were determined to work through it.

Bill: Until taylor showed up, giving ridge another excuse to bail out.

Liam: Yeah. Here– here’s the thing. Hope thinks that they can get out of this tailspin, if brooke doesn’t give up. And the thing is, that’s a big if because, you know, ridge and brooke have been through a lot over the years, and there’s obviously a limit. You can only weather so many disasters. And hope’s afraid this is the final nail in the coffin. But it’s so weird because they were doing great over the holidays. You know, brooke was excited about new year’s, ridge was doing his best to come home,

Hope: Yeah, but you’re going to meetings, you’re back in recovery.

Brooke: I’m talking about what I did with your father.

[ Sighs ]

Ridge: Maybe that’s a pattern I’m bound to repeat. Maybe… maybe taylor is the right woman for him, after all.

Taylor: I can’t tell you what to do, but I can be here for you while you work through it.

Ridge: I’m glad you are.

Taylor: I know. I know you don’t want to hurt anyone, ridge. Not brooke, not me. And I don’t want to see you hurt, either. But you don’t have to go through this alone. Neither does brooke. You have me and the kids here to support you, and brooke has her family to lean on. I know you want to figure all of this out, but right now, just… just let it breathe. One moment at a time. Okay?

Ridge: Okay.

[ Sighs ]

Sheila: I– I didn’t know you could get drunk on non-alcoholic champagne.

Thomas: You can’T.

Sheila: And yet brooke got drunk, fell into deacon’s arms.

Thomas: Brooke wasn’t lying about the champagne, sheila. Hope was there when it was delivered, it wasn’t the real stuff.

Sheila: I’ll bet she guzzled it right down. I mean, why not? I mean, no booze. Where’s the harm in that?

Thomas: You’re saying there was alcohol in it? You spiked her drink?

Sheila: I wasn’t there, thomas, I– how can I spike someone’s drink when I’m not even in the room?

Thomas: You said that brooke deserved this. You said brooke ordered this. Are you saying that brooke actually drank real champagne? She doesn’t know why she drank that night. Are you saying that she drank alcoholic champagne without realizing it? I’m right, aren’t I? I’ve been telling everyone…

Hope: I don’t believe that ridge is better off with taylor. And neither do you.

Brooke: Ridge does.

Hope: Mm, ridge told me that he loves you and he always will. So, you need to hang on to that. Mom, I don’t want you throwing years and years of your experiences away as if it doesn’t matter. As if his potential with taylor is more important than the life you currently have with him. I invited deacon over for new year’s eve. I am the one who did not see the danger there. I mean, mom, you were so excited to see ridge that night, you were practically giddy about it.

Brooke: Maybe I should have just told him the truth from the beginning.

Hope: So, be honest with him now. Don’t let him just walk away. Go to him. Talk to him. I promise you, it is not too late.

Thomas: It was you. You’re the reason that brooke got drunk.

Sheila: Brooke’s an alcoholic. She fell off the wagon.

Thomas: Sounds like she was pushed off the wagon.

Sheila: You think I drove her into deacon’s arms?

Thomas: Think it was a part of your plan.

Sheila: My plan?

Thomas: Yes. To sabotage the relationship between my dad and brooke, so that they would split up. That’s why I should be thanking you, isn’t it?

[ Phone rings ]

Thomas: It’s my dad.

Sheila: What are you going to tell him?

Thomas: Hey.

Ridge: Hey. Where are you?

Thomas: Uh, something wrong?

Ridge: No, I’m here at the office with your hot mom and we’re thinking of ordering lunch and looking at your designs.

Thomas: You want me to come to the office right now?

Ridge: Yeah, unless you’re busy.

Thomas: Yeah, I’m– I’m sort of in the middle of something. Unscheduled meeting.

Ridge: Oh, an unscheduled meeting, huh? Doesn’t sound like it’s going very well.

Thomas: Came across something unexpected. I need a little bit more time to dig into it.

Ridge: Huh.

Taylor: Is everything all right?

Ridge: Yeah, yeah, he’s just being a little cryptic, and that’s never a good thing when it comes to thomas.

Thomas: How did you get brooke to drink? You weren’t there on new year’s eve, and that’s how this all started – the rift between my dad and brooke and why my parents are together right now. You’re the one who set this all in motion.

Sheila: No, no, I’m not. Brooke is the one that did that. I tried to warn her, and she knew threatening me could cause her harm. And you know what? She is paying the price right now. And your mother is reaping the benefits. So, yes. You know what? I do feel like I deserve some gratitude right now, thomas because, for the first time in years, your mother has an opportunity with your father. You all have an opportunity at–at a true reunion. You don’t want to ruin that for them. You don’t want to deny your parents an opportunity at– at long-lasting happiness. Now, do you? Thomas, don’t give brooke a way back to him. Don’t do it. You just keep quiet and you’re going to have the– the happily ever after, the family that you have always dreamed of. Don’t tell ridge. Just don’t do it.

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