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Nick: If fireworks are detonating between ashland, dad, and victoria, I want the details.

Adam: Well, at the moment, I’m just speculating. Look, you’re a busy man. I’m happy to give you a call and give you an update when there is some news.

Nick: I’m not going anywhere.

Adam: Okay, well, can I take this to mean that you’ve changed your mind? You’re ready to team up with dad in calling ashland out for this hoax?

Nick: I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but if victoria’s in trouble, I can’t walk away from her.

Adam: Well, it’s too bad you weren’t here earlier. You could’ve helped me stall her while dad was confronting locke. God knows I am her least favorite person. I tried, but she did not stay long.

Nick: How hard did you try?

Adam: I’m not sure what you’re getting at.

Nick: Things could be blowing up with dad and victoria right now. I don’t think you’d have a problem with that. You might even be glad.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: Ashland, are you in there?

[ Knock on door ]

Victor: Do we have a deal?

Nikki: Victoria.

Victoria: Hi. How did the marketing meeting go?

Nikki: All projects are on target to meet their deadlines.

Victoria: Thanks again for covering for me.

Nikki: I’ll fill you in on the details.

Victoria: I’d appreciate that.

[ Sighs ]

Nikki: After you tell me why we’re locked out of your office.

Victoria: I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine. But I left my key in there when I went to newman media.

Nikki: I have one. I’ll get it.

Victor: I have proof that you have been lying about your illness from the beginning.

Ashland: No. All you have is theory.

Victor: I can share the evidence with victoria. I’d rather not. I don’t want her to be upset unnecessarily. If you have any love for her at all, you’ll agree to my terms. You will suffer a sudden relapse, you will have to go back to peru for treatment. Then you cut your ties with victoria as painlessly as possible. If you don’t follow my terms, you will suffer the consequences of your deception.

[ Door opens ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Someone want to tell me what the hell’s going on here?

Abby: If you’re here to see dominic, your timing couldn’t be any better.

Devon: Really? Why, what happened?

Abby: Well, he just got out of the bath and he smells delicious.

Devon: Uh-oh, a bath in the middle of the day — I hate to ask. Why?

Abby: He tried sweet potatoes and peas for the first time.

Devon: Oh, okay.

Abby: Yeah, it was a mess.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Any pictures of it?

Abby: Only like a million.

Devon: Oh, good.

Abby: Just so happy that his appetite is finally coming back.

Devon: Oh, I know. He’ll be packing away the food in no time.

Abby: Yeah. Well, louise is upstairs getting him dressed if you want to head up to the nursery.

Devon: Yeah, yeah, I did come by to see him, but I also came by to ask you and chance if you guys would be okay with him coming and staying over for a couple days.

Abby: Oh, um…like today?

Devon: Yeah, only if it’s okay with you, though, ’cause i figure his recovery’s going so well that we can get our visits back on schedule.

Abby: Well, yes, he is improving, but we still have to be very careful.

Devon: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I know that. I would be extremely careful and attentive.

Abby: No, of course you would. I’m not implying otherwise. I just — I know that you’ve been wanting to spend some time with him at your place.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Hey.

Chance: Hey, guys.

Abby: How was your walk?

Chance: It was good.

Devon: I just stopped by to see dominic.

Chance: Oh, yeah.

Abby: Yeah, devon was asking if he could take him to his place for a couple of days.

Chance: Oh, well, I get why. He’s a fun little kid to have around, huh?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Yeah, it’s just hard for me to think about him not being here at night. You know, I’m still waking up a couple times a night to check on him.

Devon: Yeah, I completely get where you’re coming from. I’ve been waking up myself in the middle of the night worrying about him, and he’s not even in my house.

Chance: Well, maybe it’s not such a bad idea. I told you I was a little worried, given what’s happening later.

Devon: Wait, why’s that? What’s happening? My skin but better.

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Chance: I got my first therapy session later on today.

Devon: Really? With sharon?

Chance: No, no, someone she recommended. Ex-military.

Devon: Oh, that’s perfect. That’s perfect. Good for you, man.

Chance: Thank you. You know, without your words of encouragement the other day, I — well, I’d probably still be avoiding all this. Thank you.

Abby: Hmm, what’d I miss?

Chance: Oh, nothing. Devon just helped me realize that I can’t do this by myself. It’s time to find some help. You know, since we’re being honest with each other, I, uh — I’m pretty nervous about it, and I’m worried how I’m gonna be afterwards. I don’t know if I’m gonna be off, and I would hate for dominic to see me like that.

Abby: Yeah, chance is right. I’m sorry if I was hesitant before.

Devon: No, please. You don’t ever have to apologize to me.

Abby: Okay, well, I’ll go get dominic’s things ready.

Devon: Sounds good. Thank you. And, hey, I appreciate you helping her be cool with it.

Chance: And we’re lucky to have a friend like you to lean on, really.

Devon: I’m the lucky one to have you guys.

Chance: I meant what I said, too. If you hadn’t opened up and told me about your struggles, how hard it was for you, I’d — I’d still be toughing this out on my own, I feel like.

Devon: Well, let me tell you, it takes a very strong person to make the call that you did, so just know that what you’re doing isn’t just gonna benefit, it’s gonna benefit your whole family.

Chance: Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping for.

Devon: It will. And know that it’s not just like flipping a light switch, it’s gonna take time.

Chance: I know, I know, i know. There’s a lot that I have to face that I don’t really want to face.

Devon: I’m sure, but know that it’s worth it. Definitely is, and I have zero doubt that you will make it to the other side.

Chance: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah.

Adam: There’s no part of me that’s enjoying this situation.

Nick: You and vick aren’t close. You don’t support each other.

Adam: I don’t think that’s a fair statement, given everything that I did to support her at her wedding.

Nick: We both know you did that for dad, not her.

Adam: Regardless of what my motives were, I did a hell of a lot more than you did — that is for sure. You were not at the ceremony. You weren’t even at the reception.

Nick: That’s because I told her who ashland locke really was, and she asked me to stay away.

Adam: Okay. Be that as it may, neither you nor I wanted this guy to be part of the family, and after dad welcomed him with open arms, after he was fully aware of what he was capable of, I decided to trust his judgment, and I kept my mouth shut.

Nick: And you have been filled with resentment ever since, especially after ashland and victoria bought newman media and then you became their subordinate.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Wrong. Ashland is an unbearable, back-stabbing son of a bitch — among other things. But, yeah, am I happy that I’m not gonna have to answer to him, assuming dad’s plan — whatever it is — works? Sure. Break out the champagne. But that is completely different than celebrating victoria’s broken heart after a failed marriage. Not that vindictive or small. So maybe you’re projecting your own feelings about the situation, nicholas.

Nick: Not the case at all. Was my prediction about ashland doing something awful right? Yes, but I meant it when I said I would rather be wrong about that. Victoria’s had to deal with more betrayals than anyone I’ve ever met. How do you think she’s gonna react when she finds out that ashland has been playing her for a fool? She’s gonna be crushed.

Victoria: Well, who wants to tell me why I was locked out of my office?

Ashland: Actually, I think that was my fault. I must’ve inadvertently locked the door when I came in.

Victoria: Daddy, what are you doing here? I thought that you wanted to meet me in adam’s office.

Ashland: Also my fault. Victor reached out to me and wanted to talk to me privately.

Victoria: Why?

Ashland: Well, the same thing that we wanted to talk to him about, basically — our plan to name a co-ceo of newman/locke. Apparently nikki was right, and your father has, uh…reservations.

Victor: By the way, when did you know about this?

Nikki: I only learned about it earlier today. I suggested victoria discuss it with you.

Victoria: I should ask you the same question, daddy. How did you know about our plans? Don’t tell me you have another mole in business affairs.

Victor: Sweetheart, that’s nonsense, okay? Nothing to do with it, and how i found out is not the issue.

Victoria: Well, if you’re going to be my advisor, there has to be a modicum of trust between us. Why did you want to talk to ashland without me?

Victor: Sweetheart, it isn’t like that at all. Ashland and I had a very productive conversation. I think we are seeing eye-to-eye. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong. I’m steve.

Abby: I love you.

Devon: Ready?

Abby: Call me anytime.

Devon: You do the same.

Abby: Bye.

Devon: Okay?

Abby: Have fun.

Devon: Thank you. I’ll see you guys.

Chance: See you guys.

Devon: Bye.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Is it ever gonna be any easier watching him leave?

Chance: Oh, well, look at it this way — by the time he goes off to his first day of school, you’ll be the one tough mom who’s not crying at all.

Abby: Stop it right now, ’cause I don’t even want to think about that. But you’re right. Dominic is gonna have a great time at devon’s, and I will be able to give you my undivided attention when you get home from therapy. Hey, why don’t I just ride with you? I can go shopping or grab a coffee while you’re meeting with dr. Huffman.

Chance: No, it’s all good. Thank you, though. I’ll be fine. And who knows? I might not even click with this guy. Takes a couple meetings to find the person you want, right? So who knows?

Abby: Hey, no pressure for some sort of breakthrough. Today is all about feeling it out, testing the waters, and just opening up about your feelings to someone.

Chance: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Abby: Hey, no matter what happens, everything is gonna be okay because I am gonna be here waiting for you when you get home.

Chance: [ Exhales sharply ] You don’t know how much I’m hanging onto that.

Abby: Mm.

Nick: So what’s the game plan? What’s dad’s next move?

Adam: I couldn’t say.

Nick: Is that code for “i know what it is, but I’m gonna keep it quiet”?

Adam: Look, I understand why you would be suspicious after everything that went down in tuscany, but honestly, I do not know what dad has in store any more than you do.

Nick: Alright, I guess we’re both in the dark.

Adam: I mean, if you want me to speculate, I’d be happy to. Victor said he was gonna try to force ashland’s hand, so he’ll probably try to get him to confess or get him to turn himself in to the police.

Nick: Why would the police get involved? Is faking an illness a terrible and awful thing to do? Yes, but it’s not against the law.

Adam: He used the fabrication to trick victoria into marrying him — that is fraud.

Nick: Okay, grounds for annulment, but is it a crime? Victoria can invalidate the marriage, but it’s gonna be very difficult for her to get him out of her life for good. He owns half of newman/locke.

Adam: Yeah, he went through a lot of trouble and deception to make the merger happen.

Nick: If he goes, it won’t be quietly.

Victoria: Ashland and I are a team. We make decisions together, and I don’t need to be protected from that, unless your goal is to divide and conquer.

Ashland: No, it’s okay, victoria. Your father and I both want the same things — we want what’s best for you, we want what’s best for newman/locke, so now that you’re here and you see what’s — what’s going on, i think it might be best that your father express his concerns to you directly.

Victoria: Agreed.

[ Chuckles ] So what issue could you possibly have with ashland becoming co-ceo of a company that bears his name?

Victor: Sweetheart, I just think it’s too soon, you know? I mean, who’s to guarantee that ashland’s health will improve? I mean, think of all the stress you would be under on a day-to-day basis. He might have a relapse.

Victoria: I think there has to be more to it than that. I mean, obviously ashland has cleared this with his doctor, and he’s agreed. You know who ashland is at his core. He’s the same kind of person that we are. He — he’s fueled by his work. It energizes him. Taking this role, it’s what’s best for him.

Victor: If that is what he tells you, then, you know…

Victoria: Nobody has to tell me anything. I see it for myself. He’s been getting stronger, he’s doing wonderful. I mean, we’ve been bouncing ideas off of each other. We’re totally in sync, and that’s exactly how a company needs to be run — with both of us firing on all cylinders.

Nikki: You know, I think victor has a good point. I mean, really, it might be best to increase ashland’s involvement a little bit at a time. I worry that if we throw him in the deep end too soon, it could be too much for him.

Victoria: Well, if his condition worsens, then he’ll just take a step back. But I don’t see that happening. And in the meantime, what logical reason do we have to deny him the title and respect and the authority that he deserves? In fact, I am prepared to sign that agreement right now. I’ve been telling everyone… Do you have a life insurance policy you no longer need? Now you can sell your policy – even a term policy – for an immediate cash payment. We thought we had planned carefully for our retirement. But we quickly realized we needed a way to supplement our income. If you have $100,000 or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. Don’t cancel or let your policy lapse without finding out what it’s worth. Visit coventrydirect.Com to find out if your policy qualifies. Or call the number on your screen. Coventry direct, redefining insurance. I just heard something amazing!

Nikki: Victoria, are you sure you want to do this?

Victoria: Mother.

Nikki: Well, what’s the harm in waiting a day or two, give it some more thought?

Ashland: I would not be opposed to that at all. Really, if a little more time, a little more consideration would make everyone feel good about this…

Victoria: Everyone does not need to feel good about this. My father wanted to weight in, I was willing to listen, but in the end, it’s my decision to make, and I know this is the right thing to do. Ashland?

Ashland: [ Gasps ] Just — just —

[ Breathing heavily ]

Victoria: Ashland, what’s going on?

Nikki: Oh, my gosh.

Victoria: Are you okay?

Ashland: Yes, I — I’m okay. I just — I’m sorry, I just —

Victoria: No, it’s okay.

Ashland: I think I just need to get a little air.

Nikki: I’ll get you some water.

Ashland: Can we just do this later, please?

Victoria: Yes, of course.

Ashland: I just need to step outside. I’m sorry.

Victoria: I’ll come with you. No, it’s okay, don’t be ridiculous.

Ashland: Listen, I’m really sorry, I really am sorry.

Nikki: Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Oh, my god.

Victor: You see?

Nikki: What — what I saw was a man suffering.

Victor: What you saw was a liar.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: This was a performance he put on for your sake, for victoria’s sake. He did exactly what I asked him to do.

Adam: Pretty ironic, right? Victoria gets all kinds of praise for making the merger of the decade, when she was actually falling into a trap. And now she’s bringing the whole family down with her.

Nick: Adam, if I find out you’re using this to your advantage in any way —

Adam: I am not the one that you need to worry about. None of this is my fault. If you want to punish somebody, go find locke. But that would mean that you would need to get out of neutral territory, okay? So stop trying to be the good guy when you don’t have any skin in the game.

Nick: I’m not neutral, I’m pissed, and I’m staying out of it because I don’t know what dad’s plan is and I have no interest in being a pawn. But if vick is in trouble, she knows I will always be there for her.

Adam: What, a shoulder to cry on? Think she’s gonna need a little more than that after this.

Nick: And that’s what I keep coming back to. Saw this coming 50 miles away. I’ve tried to tell anybody about it who would listen, but they didn’t want to hear it. So what are my options? I can either stay on the sidelines, just tell vick that she made her bed and it’s not my problem, or I can walk away and let ashland get away with everything he’s ever done.

Adam: Well, which one is easier to live with?

Nick: [ Scoffs ] Neither.

Adam: Nick, you always pretend to be above it all, but the truth is, when the chips are down and someone comes after one of the newmans, you’re gonna get pulled back in just like the rest of us.

Devon: There you go. You remember this place, buddy? Do you remember? Remember your uncle moses and amanda and your bedroom upstairs with that big window? You can see the city out of it. Yeah. I want you to know you always have a home here, little man, full of people that love you very, very much. Even when you’re grown and you have a family of your own, you walk through those doors and you will be home. ‘Cause you belong here, too. That’s right. There you go.

Dr. Huffman: Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.

Chance: Thank you, thank you.

[ Sighs ] So, uh, you’re ex-military?

Dr. Huffman: Army, captain, three tours overseas.

Chance: Alright. See any action?

Dr. Huffman: [ Sighs ] Things I couldn’t forget.

Chance: Stuck with you, too.

Dr. Huffman: Yeah, you know, I got help. Sometimes it’s not always easy for guys like us.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Huffman: How’d you find your way to me?

Chance: Sharon rosales. She’s a close family friend.

Dr. Huffman: Oh, yeah.

Chance: She — she thought I’d be more comfortable with someone who served.

Dr. Huffman: Are you? Comfortable now.

Chance: [ Sighs ] Far from it.

Dr. Huffman: [ Chuckles ] Thank you for your honesty. I can’t think of anybody who’s at ease their first day of therapy.

Chance: Alright, that’s good to hear.

Dr. Huffman: So, we’ll start with the easy stuff. Why are you here?

Chance: Um…well, I just want to be me again.

(Upbeat music)

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Devon: See? That’s how we play music. Just like that. That’s right. And if you don’t like the piano, you can play whatever you want, man. You can play the drums one day. You can play the trumpet. Yeah, or the guitar, maybe. Or you know what you can do? You can be a producer just like me, if you want, and then you can fill the whole world with new sounds. That’d be cool, huh? Gosh, man, I can’t wait to find out what you’re gonna be. But take your time. Take your time, ’cause you have your whole life. You’ll find it out. That’s right.

[ Chuckles ]

Dr. Huffman: Tell me about your family.

Chance: Yeah, yeah. Um…been married a year and a half. My wife’s name is abby. She’s great. She’s a great mom, very supportive, very patient with me. She’s a catch.

Dr. Huffman: How many children?

Chance: One so far. He was born when I was in spain, actually. Well, you know what? Actually, it’s a little bit more complicated than that. He’s not my biological son. You see, before I left the us, i was shot, and I —

Dr. Huffman: That happened when you were a civilian?

Chance: Yeah, yeah, that’s — that’s a long story. Actually, I was a detective at the gcpd for a while.

Dr. Huffman: Oh. We can circle back around.

Chance: Okay. Anyways, as soon as we got married, we tried to have children. She had some medical issues that prevented her from carrying a pregnancy to term, and for me, it was an infection that I got after I was shot in the hospital. So we had to use a donor and a surrogate.

Dr. Huffman: Your wife’s egg, but a donor for you, and someone else carried the baby?

Chance: Yeah, I know. Takes a village, right?

Dr. Huffman: Sounds like you really wanted to start a family.

Chance: Yeah, we always said the sooner, the better. That’s why we didn’t wait till i got back. We just moved on forward.

Dr. Huffman: How long were you away?

Chance: Almost a year.

Dr. Huffman: The whole pregnancy.

Chance: Yeah. Yeah.

Dr. Huffman: That had to be difficult.

Chance: Yeah, I missed my son being born.

Dr. Huffman: I’m sorry.

Chance: I really missed a lot. My wife keeps telling me that I’ll catch up, you know? But… I mean, see, doc, there’s this — there’s this guy, he’s the donor, he helped us. He’s a close family friend. And now we’re sharing custody with him.

Dr. Huffman: Now? So it wasn’t always that way?

Chance: No, that’s — that’s recent. At his request.

Dr. Huffman: Has that change been difficult for you?

Chance: Not really. For me, no. For my wife, yeah. And I just see the way that he is with my son — he adores him. He does anything for that kid. Recently, he needed medical intervention, and devon was there, no questions asked.

Dr. Huffman: How’s your son doing?

Chance: He’s good. Thanks for asking. He’s getting better every day. Um…it’s me I’m a little worried about. I, uh — I just feel like I’m — feel like I’m still waiting.

Dr. Huffman: For what?

Chance: To feel connected to him. To feel like he’s my son. Like a father should be. You know, the way that I think that I would feel if I was the man I was before I went on that mission.

Dr. Huffman: Okay. Sounds like we need to talk about what happened to you over there.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Sally: I saw your father and brother leaving your office earlier. More family drama?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Never-ending.

Sally: Which category does it fall under — none of my business or something that could affect newman media?

Adam: Um…the latter.

Sally: I’m intrigued. And as your coo, a little concerned.

Adam: Well, I’ll spare you the details. Um…long story short, the whirlwind romance between ashland and my sister is likely about to implode.

Victor: Ashland can keep up this charade, okay? And then he will suddenly have a relapse and he will have to return to peru for “treatment.” And then he will cut off all ties to victoria and newman/locke.

Nikki: So he admitted to the lie?

Victor: Sweetheart, you saw how he backed off from signing that document. He’s a monster. I really need to understand that.

Nikki: Victor, what if you’re mistaken? I mean, what if ashland really is sick? Maybe he just wanted to get victoria alone, and he could be telling her right now what you accused him of. If that’s the case, she’s gonna side with him and be furious with you. Oh, victoria, we thought you left with ashland.

Victoria: He insisted on being alone.

Victor: I’m so glad you came back.

Victoria: Well, that makes two of us, because I want to make something absolutely clear to you. What you did to ashland is utterly unacceptable. Sweet pillows of softness!

Dr. Huffman: Tell me about the night that everything went sideways in spain.

Chance: Um…our cover was blown. We had no warning, no indication. I was walking in to the safe house carrying groceries. Next thing I know, all hell’s breaking loose.

Dr. Huffman: An explosion?

Chance: It was like earth just got ripped in half, you know? I was blown back, hit my head. I couldn’t see, I couldn’t hear. I was pretty out of it. Once I came back and the smoke cleared…I just saw nothing. Absolutely nothing. Our whole building was just gone. And I — I made my way through, you know, what was left, looking for my team. Nothing. Um…then I had some — some men approaching the site. You know, they were walking. They weren’t running, they were walking real slow, real deliberate. And it was our targets. They came looking for survivors. Came to, uh — came to finish the job.

Dr. Huffman: What did you do?

Chance: I, um…I buried myself in some rubble and i played dead. Not my proudest moment. Anyways, emergency personnel showed up. You know, we all heard the sirens. They took off. I made sure everything was clear, and then I did the same. I got out of town and I found some friends that I served in iraq with. Former medics. Patched me up, let me hide out there.

DR. Huffman: Good people.

Chance: Yeah, the best. Craziest part is my family was told that I was dead. My wife, abby, she — she didn’t believe it. So she came looking for me, and she found me, she brought me back, and…yeah.

Dr. Huffman: Your family must have felt like it was a miracle you survived.

Chance: It was the answer to their prayers, right? Keep saying how lucky I am, that I’m a hero.

Dr. Huffman: And you don’t agree?

Chance: No, that didn’t sit well with me.

Dr. Huffman: [ Sighs ] Tell me, how often do you replay that day in your mind?

Chance: Every day.

Dr. Huffman: Mm.

Chance: I mean, it’s to the point where I hear a car backfire and I’m back. I catch a certain smell, if the sky is a certain shade of blue, I’m back. I just can’t escape it.

Dr. Huffman: Do you dream about it?

Chance: Mm-hmm. I thought that would stop over time, but it didn’T. Um…I usually just see faces.

Dr. Huffman: Mm-hmm.

Chance: Like my team. I can see their face. They talk to me, and, you know, they ask me things. It’s like this torture that i can’t escape.

Dr. Huffman: Do you think you’re being punished?

Chance: Yeah.

Dr. Huffman: For what?

Chance: Failure. I failed my team.

Sally: Tell me this is some horrible joke. There is no way that victoria and ashland’s honeymoon is already over, after that incredible wedding in tuscany. They were so in love.

Adam: You know, things aren’t always as they appear, especially when it comes to locke.

Sally: If you tell me that he’s been cheating on her, i will never forgive him.

Adam: Wow, I didn’t realize that you were so invested in their relationship.

Sally: Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that, but, i mean, I can’t help but feel for your sister. Her wedding made international news, partly because of the unforgettable dress I designed.

Adam: Okay, I guess you do have a big of a stake in this.

Sally: If she and locke split after a matter of months, she’s not only gonna be heartbroken, but she’s going to be humiliated. I know that you two aren’t the closest of siblings, but you have to at least be somewhat sympathetic to her plight. Right?

Victor: Which line do you think I’ve crossed?

Victoria: You upset and you insulted my husband. Acting like we’re doing him some favor by allowing him to help us run this company that he half owns! He is a brilliant businessman. He has connections all over the globe. He is feared and respected by top corporate leaders. Explain to me why would I keep an asset like him on the sideline.

Victor: Well, I mean, i wouldn’t mind if he gave you some advice every so often, but why give him all this authority?

Victoria: It is so frustrating for him to work this way. He feels like he’s got one hand tied behind his back.

Victor: Mm.

Victoria: You know, it was one thing when he was ill and he could only handle a supporting role.

Victor: Well, maybe he just had a relapse, you know? Perhaps he’s not as well as he wants us to believe he is.

Victoria: He is reacting to the pressure that you’re putting on him, and I do not believe for one moment that your objection has anything to do with ashland’s health. It’s all about control for you. That’s the way that it’s always been. You’re the king-maker. It’s all about you. You can’t stand the fact that I’m making the decisions. Why can you not just learn, daddy, to trust my judgment? I’m in this place because i deserve to be here, so let me do my job in my company the way that I see fit.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing here?

Nick: I just came to see how you’re doing.

Victoria: Right, innocent visit. You just happen to be in the neighborhood. You’re here because you knew exactly what dad was up to. Don’t deny it, nicholas. I can see it all over your face. So how long have you known about this? Has the entire family been discussing this behind my back?

Abby: Hey.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: How’d it go?

Chance: It went.

Abby: Did you like your therapist?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah, he was cool. Seems to know what he’s talking about, so that’s a good sign.

Abby: Did you guys get into any of the tough stuff? You know what? It’s none of my business. I just — I worry.

Chance: I know. And you know me — if I’m gonna do something, I’m gonna do it. But, damn, is it hard. I’m exhausted. There’s a lot of work to do. Not gonna be any quick fixes.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: What? No, no, come out with it. If I can’t hold back, neither can you. Come on.

Abby: Look, I know that you think you have to be perfect and that there are a lot of broken pieces that need to be put back together, but I love you. Always. No matter what. And we are gonna get through this together. I’m just so proud of you for facing this head on.

Adam: Of course I feel bad for victoria. Wasn’t that long ago that I got my heart broken by someone i loved and trusted. Wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

Sally: Then why are you so calm about this?

Adam: Because she’s a survivor, just like the rest of the newmans. And the family will rally around her. That is what I was talking to nick and my dad about.

Sally: This must be a huge disappointment for victor. I know he was counting on victoria and ashland to run his empire, but if ashland gets kicked to the curb, victoria — bare minimum — is gonna be distracted if not devastated. She could lose focus and question her decisions. Newman/locke could suffer. But who would be in charge?

Adam: $10 billion question.

Ashland: Just…listen to me. You need to find everyone who’s talking to michael baldwin and put an end to it immediately. And forever. Do we understand each other?

Victoria: How old do I have to be? And what is it that I must do to live my life without constant interference from our father?

Nick: Just get out of the business, vick. The closer you are to the fire, the worse you get burned.

Victoria: He has been going behind my back and spying on me. It’s intolerable. And apparently you knew all about it, because why else would you be here?

Nick: Don’t lump me in with all this, alright? I had nothing to do with it. Dad just filled me in a little while ago.

Victoria: If I find out that you’re lying to me…

Nick: Everything I’m telling you is true. I learned a long time ago to stop involving myself in your life. I didn’t even know dad was gonna tell you about it.

Victoria: Wait a minute. Tell me what?

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