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Jennifer: Jack. Jack! Jack.

Jack: Jennifer. Jennifer.

Jennifer: Oh, there you are. Okay, “the spectator” just published the article about abigail’s disappearance.

Jack: Jennifer.

Jennifer: They have it online; I have a hard copy.

Jack: Jennifer!

Jennifer: What?

Jack: I have news.

Jennifer: What?

Jack: I heard from chad. He and tony know where abigail is.

Jennifer: What? Jack, where is she? Where is she? Are they gonna bring her home? What’s happening?

Jack: Yes, yes.

Jennifer: Okay.

Jack: If everything’s going right…

Jennifer: Yeah.

Jack: And well, chad should be rescuing her as we speak.

Jennifer: Oh, jack. Oh, gosh.

Sarah: Tony! Oh, my darling. Oh, I can’t believe you’re here.

Anna: It’s valentine’s day, and I’m all alone. I can’t reach my husband. I have no idea where he is or if he’s okay.

[Sighs] So now, I have to stress eat. Hey, who ate all the chocolate-covered cherries? Oh, tony, when are you coming home?

Tony: I’m sorry. Did you just call me your love?

Sarah: Well, of course, that’s what you are. That’s what you’ll always be.


Chad: What the–

Abigail: I can explain, I think.

Kayla: That’s not funny, kristen.

Kristen: Who’s laughing?

Kayla: Telling us that you drugged the food that we just ate is just– is that your–is that your idea of a sick joke? Because it isn’t, and obviously, obviously, you didn’t do it.

Steve: What would be the point; you’re already holding us captive.

Kayla: Yeah, you wouldn’t need to sedate us.

Kristen: If you think I gave you a sedative, oh, you’re wrong. See, I gave you something a little bit stronger.

Steve: How strong?

Kristen: Oh, strong enough to permanently solve my problem that you two have been causing me. I do hope you enjoyed your anniversary. It may be your last.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Steve: We knew you were dangerous, but murder?

Kristen: Come on, chill out. No one’s gonna die.

Kayla: But you said–

Kristen: Oh, that I drugged you? Yeah, um, yes I did, but not with poison.

Steve: With what then?

Kristen: Oh, with this nifty little concoction that will make you forgot this whole ordeal. See, I can’t keep the two of you here on this island forever, nor would I want to. Frankly, you’re such lousy company. And lucky for you, I’m not interested in killing you. So, it would really suck if you remembered this little vacay and could testify against me.

Steve: What the hell are you talking about?

Kristen: Sorry, kids. But I’m afraid the island chicken comes with a side of amnesia.


Tony: My dear, what has come over you?

Sarah: Well, I know that I should wait until we’re alone to show my affection, but I just can’T.

Tony: No, no, no, no. That’s enough. You got to stop kissing me.

Sarah: Why?

Tony: Why? Because I’m a happily married man.

[Phone trilling]

Anna: Pick up. Pick up.

[Voicemail beeps] Straight to voicemail. The heck with this. I’m going to go get some answers.

Xander: Whenever we’re alone like this, I just lose all track of time.

Gwen: Really? Well, I know exactly what time it is. It’s time to eat. I’m starving.

Xander: Oh, ditching me for room service. Well, that’s very rude. Come back to bed right now.

Gwen: I will. I just want a few nibbles. Xander.

Xander: I want a few nibbles as well.

Gwen: Here you go.


[Both moaning] Um, xander. Um, there’s something I’d– I’d like to talk to you about. I just want to be serious for a minute.

Xander: Of course.

Gwen: Yeah.

Xander: What’s on your mind?

Gwen: Um… our wedding.

Xander: My favorite subject.

Gwen: Yes, well we do have a few details to sort out, don’t we?

Xander: Like what?

Gwen: Like when and where.

Xander: What about st. Luke’s?

Gwen: Right, yeah, the two town pariahs in front of god and everybody. Cue the lightning bolts.

Xander: We’re not so bad. My cousin, ciara, married a serial killer in that church.

Gwen: That sounds lovely. No, I was actually thinking that we could choose somewhere that’s a bit more personal to us.

Xander: Oh, like the– the horton family home?

Gwen: Do you want julie’s pacemaker to stop?

Xander: Good point. Well, let’s just table the venue for now. We’ll discuss the wedding party. I’m gonna ask jack to be my best man. Maybe jennifer would stand up for you?

Gwen: Come on, she thinks I killed her mother.

Xander: Not anymore. She knows that was an accident.

Gwen: Yes, still, it’s in poor taste.

Xander: Wait, I’ve got it, the perfect maid of honor.

Gwen: Who?

Xander: Ava vitali.

Gwen: Why would you suggest that I ask ava vitali to stand up for me at our wedding?

Xander: Well, why not? You–you said you two got close after her son died.

Gwen: No, I said that I offered my condolences because I knew charlie in passing.

Xander: Hm. I got the impression that you two formed a deeper connection, both having lost a child.

Gwen: My god, xander, I mean I just said a few kind words to the woman. You’re making it sound like we’re bosom buddies or something.

Xander: No need to get upset. It was just an idea.

Gwen: [Sighs] Sorry. Sorry. I will find someone. It just–it won’t be ava or jennifer.

Xander: Did you read her article about abigail?

Gwen: Yes, it was heart-wrenching.

Xander: A mother reporting on her daughter’s disappearance. I can’t imagine how difficult that must be, for jack as well. Hey, maybe we should swing by there, you know, express our support. Then I can ask jack if he’ll stand up for me while we’re there.

Gwen: Um, I think you should probably do that on your own because some things are sort of tense between abigail and I. I’m sure I’m the last person that they want to see.

Xander: Gwen, darling, if you’re still upset that your dad suspected that you had something to do with her disappearance, it’s like you said. That was just the worry talking. Jack knows you have no idea where your sister is. And when you told him that he could lean on you, it was clear how much that meant.

Gwen: He can lean on me. But you–you are asking him to be your best man. And, well, I think that that’s a moment that should be shared between just the two of you.

Xander: All right. Well, I’ll give him your love.

Gwen: Please do. Cheeky.

[Soft dramatic music]

Jennifer: But why would kristen go after abigail unless she was involved in sarah’s disappearance, jack?

Jack: Who knows what kristen’s thinking, why she does what she does? But at least when chad gets home with abigail, he will have some answers.

Jennifer: Oh, I hope he does.

Anna: Oh. Thank god you’re here.

Both: Anna.

Anna: I’m sorry. I’m sorry to just barge in like this, but the door was open and I’m going out of my mind with worry…

Jennifer: No, anna–

Anna: About tony, about abigail, about chad. No one will return my calls or my texts.

Jennifer: No, anna, we have really good news.

Anna: You do?

Both: Yes.

Jack: We know where abigail is, thanks to tony and chad. They’re on the way to her right now.

Anna: Oh, my gosh. That’s really great news. Oh, how wonderful. You must be so relieved.

Both: Yes.

Anna: Where is she?

Jack: Well, kristen has been holding her hostage on this abandoned dimera island. The one, you know, that’s off the coast of cartagena.

Anna: Oh, that island? Oh, wow. Well, I’m very happy for you, for all of us.

Jack: Well, you don’t look very happy. What is it, anna?

Anna: Well, it’s just that I know that island in question. I mean, I guess we’ve all heard of it, right? But for me, personally– never mind, I’m not going to rain on your parade with my selfish reaction.

Jennifer: Could you just tell us what you’re thinking, anna?

Anna: Well, I happen to know that my tony spent an extended holiday on that island with his very unstable– maybe I should say bonkers ex-lover, renĂ©e dumonde.

Sarah: I should have known that she was the reason you were being so cold to me.

Tony: Who is she?

Sarah: Your so-called wife. She’s been a thorn in my side since you two started dating, which you only did to get over me because we thought we were siblings.

Chad: I’m sorry, what?

Sarah: Don’t you see, tony? It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. You’ll never get over me.

Tony: Oh, dear god. Please help me.

Abigail: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. Sarah thinks that she’s renĂ©e dumonde.

Steve: Not so tough now, are you?

Kristen: Oh, enjoy your victory while you still remember it, ’cause you won’t once the drugs kick in.

Steve: Just how much of that crap did you put in our food anyway?

Kristen: Oh, enough to obliterate the memories of a herd of elephants.

Steve: I still think she’s bluffing.

Kristen: I assure you, I’m not. So if I were you, I would take this time that you have left to reminisce. You know, to reflect on all those warm and fuzzy moments you had with your children, with each other. Because soon, your epic love affair with the ole patch here, it will permanently fade to black.

Is now a good time

for a flare-up?

Tony: How is this possible? How can sarah horton think she’s renĂ©e dumonde?

Sarah: Ugh, god, not you too. I can understand this sarah nonsense from these two. But you? The only man I’ve ever truly loved? We can talk about it on the way to salem. All right, I’ve been stuck on this island for long enough. Let’s go.

Chad: We’ll be right down.

Sarah: Wonderful. That gives tony and i a moment to be alone.

Anna: Thank you. So my tony got that shady dimera pilot to come clean, huh?

Jennifer: Yes, and we are so grateful, anna.

Jack: Beyond grateful. I mean, without tony, I don’t think we’d– we wouldn’t have found her.

Anna: Well, as I’m sure you know, tony is devoted to all his brothers, but especially chad. And he would do anything for him.

Jennifer: Well, he really has gone above and beyond for what he’s done for chad this time. And for us too.

Jack: Yes. I mean I–hey, I need to let gwen know abigail’s coming home. Gwen has been so worried.

Anna: Well, how is your other daughter, jack?

Jack: Oh, doing very well, thank you–getting married, in fact.

Anna: [Laughs] Married? Really? Oh. Well, I’m so–that just surprises me, frankly.

Jack: Surprised, why?

Anna: Well–uh, never mind.

Jack: Tell us, anna.

Anna: Well, I don’t want to be insensitive, but– I mean, I know she is your daughter, but she has created a world of problems since she came to salem. I’m just wondering who– who would have the tolerance to put up with her tendency to lie, to be vindictive? I mean, what man would have the patience and fortitude to share his life with a woman like gwen?

Xander: That man would be me.

[Knocking on door]

Gwen: Bloody hell.


Ava: Hey.

Gwen: What are you doing here?

Ava: We got a problem.

Chad: So kristen injected sarah with the same drug gwen used in your champagne?

Abigail: Yes. And I feel awful because I know firsthand the damage that that drug can do. You’re confused, and you have hallucinations. You feel terrified. And now sarah thinks she’s an entirely different person.

Chad: Right. There’s one thing I don’t get, is how did the drug give her my dead sister’s memories?

Abigail: RenĂ©e’s memories didn’t come from the drug. They came from her diary.

Sarah: But tony, we can’t leave. We have to eat first.

Tony: Oh, we can eat on the plane.

Sarah: But my sister went to the trouble of cooking up a feast for tonight. She made my famous island chicken. It would be an insult not to stay and enjoy it.

Tony: Oh, I’m sure she’ll understand.

Sarah: You listen to me! No one is going anywhere until we all sit down together and have a meal. I won’t take no for an answer.


Kayla: We need to find the others before our memories fade. If we tell sarah and abigail what kristen’s done, then they can alert the hospital, and the staff can help us out as soon as we get home.

Kristen: Good luck with that, considering I drugged sarah and abigail too.

Steve: You did what?

Kristen: Oh, yeah, that’s right. All of my guests are having my very special island chicken tonight. By morning, none of you will remember how to tie your own shoes.


Only daisy cottage cheese will do

Abigail: When sarah first got here, she was just like I was after gwen had drugged me. So to keep her calm and occupied, kristen gave her a bunch of books to read.

Chad: And renĂ©e’s diary was one of them?

Abigail: Yeah. Yeah, and she became so obsessed with the story, she started to think the entries were hers. And then she had a year to sink deeper and deeper into that delusion.

Chad: Poor sarah. Well, the good news is is we found you so we can head back to salem, and we can get her the help she needs.

Abigail: If I may ask, how did you find me? Not that i didn’t think you would.

Chad: Yeah. Um, ned grainger actually told us where you were.

Abigail: The pilot.

Chad: Mm-hmm. An eyewitness confirmed that he flew out of the airfield the same night you disappeared. I didn’t think that was a coincidence. But there was no flight plan. There was no security cam footage, and I didn’t know what to do. Luckily–luckily tony knew this ned guy a little bit.

Abigail: So you were able to just track him down?

Chad: Yeah, in florida. Tony convinced him to tell us where you were. And now we know kristen put him up to kidnapping you and flying you out here.

Abigail: Actually, it wasn’t kristen. It was ava.

Gwen: Are you mad? Xander could have seen you.

Ava: Relax. I watched him leave, I waited a bit, and then I came up.

Gwen: Why are you here?

Ava: I told you. We got a problem. I saw your step-monster’s article.

Gwen: Oh, that.

Ava: Uh, yeah, that. The deverauxs are back, and they’re using their newspaper to make a big stink about their missing daughter. It’s bad, gwen. It’s very, very bad.

Gwen: Okay, just calm down.

Ava: Well, that’s easy for you to say because abigail didn’t see you wearing the sarah mask.

Gwen: Which is not necessarily a problem.

Ava: I’m sorry, are you joking? What do you think is gonna happen if chad and tony bring dr. Horton and her chatterbox of a cousin back alive and well?

Jack: So xander, I’m sure anna didn’t mean to–

Anna: No, no, no. Jack, don’t apologize for me, ’cause I actually meant to say exactly what I said. And I’m sorry. I wish I didn’t feel the way I do because I care about you. And I realize, jack, that because she is your daughter, that you have tender feelings for her, but I don’T.

Xander: Really? I never would have known.

Jennifer: You know what? I just think we should stay off the subject of gwen right now, right?

Xander: No, no, no. No, let’s stay on the subject. I’d love to. And what I’d like to say is that gwen was deeply unhappy and very angry when she came to salem. That led to her consequently behaving rather badly.

Anna: [Laughs] Rather badly?

Xander: But she’s changed. She’s a wonderful, big-hearted person who feels deep regret for the hurt she caused the people that she now considers to be her family. Never mind “considers,” they are her family, and she’s terribly sorry for the way she behaved towards them.

Anna: Hm. You sure about that?

Jennifer: Anna, please.

Anna: All right, all right. Okay. I’ll shut up now. But I’m sorry– well, I’m not sorry about what I said about gwen. But I am sorry for all of you people in this room who now trust that woman. I mean, she was hired as a nanny to abigail and chad’s kids. And then she sleeps with chad just to ruin abigail’s life? And look what she tried to do to your marriage, you two. Letting you know that he had an affair while you were in a coma? And to what purpose? Spite or whatever?

Jennifer: I’ve gotten past that, anna.

Anna: Well, you are a more forgiving person than I am, because I could never get past the fact that someone took a wrecking ball to my life the way she did to yours and jack’s and to chad and abigail’S.

Xander: Look, can I please just get a word in here?

Anna: No. No. Because I know you’re just gonna go on some more about the big change in her. And yes, people can change. But in the case of gwen rizczech or riz–whatever, however you pronounce her name, I suggest you be careful, xander, because you never know what a woman like that could still be hiding.

Tony: Well, shall we get on with this?

[Both chuckle] Oh, everything looks delicious. Oh. Ow!

Sarah: Daphne dimera raised you better than that. It’s polite to wait until everyone is seated. Really, you were so concerned with decorum earlier. It’s obvious that anna’s lack of breeding has rubbed off on you. But don’t worry, I’ll fix it. I wonder what’s keeping abigail and my long-lost little brother.

Chad: Ava vitali was the one in the sarah mask?

Abigail: I know, it makes no sense. Why would ava want to hurt sarah?

Chad: I don’t know, maybe she was doing it to help a friend.

Abigail: You mean kristen?

Chad: Yeah, they were close at one point.

Abigail: But close enough to want to commit multiple felonies for her?

Chad: She’s in the mob. It’s kind of right up her alley.

Abigail: True.

Chad: Wait, so you– so you ripped off the mask, and then somebody just hit you from behind? Were you able to see whoever it was before you lost consciousness?

Abigail: No, no. The only person I know for sure was there is ava. Of course, maybe we could ask aunt kayla and uncle steve if they have any other insights. We should probably go find them.

Chad: Steve and kayla?

Abigail: Yeah. Kristen kidnapped them in italy and brought them here.

Chad: Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go.

Trelegy for copd.

Jennifer: Look, uh, what if we try a more neutral subject to talk about?

Anna: That’s fine. I’ve had my say about gwen. Not another word.

Jack: Very good, very good. So xander, we just wanted to tell you– ’cause anna’s already heard the news, that abigail is coming home.

Xander: What?

Jennifer: Yes.

Xander: Oh, you waited this long to tell me?

Jack: Well, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

Xander: That is tremendous, tremendous news. That’s why I came over. Gwen and I read jennifer’s article in “the spectator,” and we wanted to express our support.

Anna: Oh, really? And, uh, where is gwen and all her support?

Xander: Well, if you must know, anna, as concerned as gwen was about her sister, she encouraged me to come here without her, given the still strained relationship between her and abigail.

Anna: How sensitive of her.

Jack: Anna, please.

Anna: Okay, all right. All right. On a happier note, it’ll be so wonderful and such a relief when abigail and chad and tony all come back safely to salem.

Jennifer: Yes.

Xander: On that, we can all agree. I know gwen feels the same.

Gwen: You need to stop, okay? Because your speculation, your doomsaying, is not helpful.

Ava: Oh, I’m sorry, gwen. Am I making you nervous?

Gwen: Yes.

Ava: Good. You should be. You should be freaking out, because if sarah and abigail get back here and they start squawking, it’s not just my life that’s gonna go up in smoke. It’s yours too.

Gwen: Kristen’s not gonna let that happen because she promised.

Ava: You think she’s gonna keep her promise?

Gwen: Well, she’s your friend, isn’t she?

Ava: A friend who blackmailed us into helping her escape. Trust me. If kristen’s back is up against the wall, she’s not gonna think twice about selling us out. And if she starts singing, then it is bye-bye, boyfriend. Bye-bye, daddy. Hello, statesville.

Kristen: Ah!

Steve: This should hold her for a while.

Kayla: Come on. Let’s go find abigail and sarah.

Kristen: Well, you better hope that they still remember you. I guess this is goodbye.

Kayla: Oh, no. No, no, no. You are going back to salem, where you’re gonna pay for everything you’ve done. Make no mistake, you’ll see us again.

Kristen: Oh, but by then, you won’t have a clue who I am or why I’m about to kill you.


[Suspenseful music]

Chad: We need to find steve and kayla.

Tony: They’re here?

Chad: Apparently.

Abigail: Do you know where they are?

Sarah: I might have an idea or two.

Abigail: Could you take us to them, please?

Sarah: No can do, sis. I don’t trust that steve. He threatened kristen. I think he might be that serial killer that she warned me about.

Abigail: Um, okay, steve is my uncle. He’s a wonderful man. Can you please just take us to him and kayla?

Sarah: Okay, I will, right after we eat.

Abigail: We need to go now.

Sarah: Let me make myself clear. If you want to see your aunt and uncle, you will pull up a chair and join us.

Abigail: Fine.

[Tense music]

Chad: So, have you had any problems with the food on the island?

Abigail: Of course I was worried that I was gonna be poisoned, but it’s either eat or starve, so. Food’s been fine so far. This should be fine too.

Sarah: It is better than fine. It is the best chicken you will have in your life, so eat. And then I will take you o steve and kayla, I promise. Come on. What could be the harm in all of us having a nice family dinner together?

[Laughs] Rob did his best to manage his constipation

Gwen: By the way, xander’s not my boyfriend. He’s my fiancĂ©.

Ava: Congratulations. Hm. Anyway, sorry I got a little worked up before.

Gwen: A little?

Ava: All right, the article threw me a little bit. But I’m happy for you, gwen, I really am. Guess what. My son is proposing to his girlfriend tonight.

Gwen: Wow.

Ava: Mm-hmm.

Gwen: Must be something in the water.

Ava: Don’t think so, because I’m drinking it, and nobody’s asking for my hand. Looks like everyone’s getting their happily ever after but me.

Gwen: Ava.

Ava: No, no, it’s all good. I mean, who needs love when you’ve got revenge to keep you warm?

Gwen: I will tell you that revenge does not solve anything. No, it doesn’t– does not make you feel better. It just makes you feel worse. You have to find another way.

Ava: Well, I tried, gwen. I went legit. I decided to stop being so possessive and paranoid. And what’d that get me? A boyfriend who cheated on me with my best friend.

Gwen: Which is awful.

Ava: Yeah. It’s not your problem, it’s mine. But seriously, congratulations. I’m sure that you and xander are going to have a long and happy life together. See ya.

Anna: So on that happy note where we’re all relieved– no, thrilled that your daughter and her husband and my husband will soon be home in salem safe and sound, I guess I better go.

Jack: Of course.

Jennifer: Yes, so good to see you, anna.

Anna: You too as well, my dear. And xander, I strongly urge you to heed my warning about gwen.

Xander: And I urge you, anna, to keep an open mind about my fiancée, who actually speaks quite highly of you.

Anna: [Laughs] Really? Yeah, I bet she’s just wild about me.

Xander: Well, she believes people can change, so she’s confident that one day, you’ll change your mind about her, maybe even offer her your hand in friendship.

Anna: Oh, well, not very likely, but I suppose stranger things have happened. So I’ll see you all soon.

Jennifer: Yes, goodbye.

Jack: Yes. Thank you, yes.

Anna: Just once again, congratulations on the wonderful news.

Jennifer: Yes.

Jack: Thanks.

All: Goodbye.

Jack: Bye.

Anna: Bye.

Jennifer: Bye.

Jack: Goodbye.

Jennifer: Wow.

Xander: Well, that was delightful.

Jennifer: Whew.

Jack: Anna can be outspoken.

Xander: That’s one word for it. Hey, now that we have a moment, just us, and you’ve gotten that great news about abigail, I just wanted to ask you, jack, if you’d be my best mate when I marry your other daughter?

Jack: Well, I– I have to think about it. Okay, I’ve thought about it, and yes, I’d be glad and happy to be your best mate.

[All laughing]

Xander: Well, I’m glad and happy to be your mate and soon, your son-in-law.

Jack: And that will make me a lucky man indeed.

Abigail: Well, the sooner we finish, the sooner sarah will take us to find aunt kayla and uncle steve.

Chad: I got to admit, this island chicken is actually really good.

Sarah: [Chuckles]

Kayla: No!

Steve: Don’t eat that chicken!

Kayla: Don’t eat the chicken!

Abigail: Oh, steve!

Kayla: My god, it’s too late.

Chad: What do you mean it’s too late? My asthma felt anything but normal.

Kayla: How much did you eat?

Chad: I ate half a chicken!

Sarah: Would you all calm down, please? No one has been poisoned.

Kayla: That’s not true. Kristen told us that she drugged the food.

Sarah: And I’m telling you she didn’T. I switched it out.

Tony: Switched it out with what?

Sarah: I found this earlier in the kitchen when kristen was cooking. It was filled with this weird, cloudy liquid, and it had a feather next to it. And then I remembered kristen telling me that the serial killer that was after me used a raven’s feather as his calling card.

Kayla: Well, that’s probably just a chicken feather.

Sarah: Well, we can’t be too careful. So I poured out the liquid, and I–I cleaned it very well. And then I filled it up with milk.

Chad: Just regular milk?

Sarah: We have goats here.

Abigail: So we’re not in any danger?

Sarah: Well, not unless you’re lactose intolerant.

Jack: For you, my love.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Oh. What is this? Why are you giving me this rose?

Jack: I don’t know. Check your calendar.

Jennifer: [Gasps] Jack. It’s valentine’s day. Oh.

Jack: All day long.

Jennifer: I feel terrible. What–I– oh, with everything going on, how did you even find time to shop?

Jack: Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve got a little story, mrs. Deveraux. You see, a long time ago, this plucky, young intern–

Jennifer: Plucky, I like it.

Jack: Yeah. Her name was jennifer rose horton, or ms. Horton for short.

Jennifer: Mm-hmm.

Jack: She came storming into my office, my newsroom, and my life and turned everything upside down and taught me a thing or two about faith.

Jennifer: Is that right?

Jack: Oh, yes. And with that faith, I decided to distract my mind for half an hour from worrying about our daughter to make sure that her mother had a valentine’s day to remember.

Jennifer: Bless your sweet heart, jack.

Jack: And that faith assured me that abigail would be coming home, the same way that I will always come home to you, my ms. Horton, jennifer rose.

Jennifer: I love you forever, jack deveraux.

Jack: I love you.

Jennifer: Happy valentine’S.

Jack: Happy valentine’s day.

Chad: What are we doing up here? We have to get on the jet and go home.

Abigail: I just want to grab this. We might need it if we want to be able to speak to renéE. I just really want sarah to be okay.

Chad: When we get home, we’re gonna be able to get her the help that she needs, okay? And I got to say how impressed I am that you knew that that was not sarah back in salem. I mean, I still can’t believe that it was ava.

Abigail: Neither can I.

Chad: As soon as we get home, she’s going down, and so is her accomplice.

[Door unlocks]

Gwen: How did it go with jack and jennifer?

Xander: Interesting.

Gwen: Interesting? How so?

Xander: Anna dimera was there.

Gwen: Oh. Yeah. She’s my biggest fan.

Xander: Forget that old windbag, I have some good news.

Gwen: Do you? Tell me.

Xander: Yeah, well, for starters, your dad agreed to stand up for me.

Gwen: Xander, that is wonderful.

Xander: That’s not all. Looks like abigail will be back in time for our wedding.

Gwen: What?

Xander: They found abigail. She’s coming home.

Sarah: You have no idea how happy I am that we’re finally together.

Tony: I have some idea.

Sarah: I can’t wait to get back to salem. Our first stop is gonna be divorce court.

Tony: Who’s getting divorced?

Sarah: You are. You’re going to kick that hideous anna to the curb.

Tony: Huh?

Sarah: [Laughs]

Kayla: I can’t wait to see kristen’s face when she finds out their plane was ruined.

Steve: Yeah, by her precious renee and some goat’s milk.

Kayla: She’s gone.

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