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Nick: I don’t want victoria to get hurt anymore than you do, but what ashland has done is unforgivable and he must be dealt with now.

Adam: I agree with you. But I also agree with dad that we cannot afford to make any wrong moves or do anything reckless. We have to handle this smart.

Victor: Boys…I’ve got this. Leave it to me.

Nick: If you think you can take care of ashland discreetly, you are kidding yourself. There is no way to handle it without it blowing up in victoria’s face.

Victor: I will minimize damage to her as much as possible.

Nick: How are you gonna do that?

Victor: By dealing with that bastard one-on-one.

Nick: If you’re not gonna tell us what’s going on, why are we here?

Victor: You know exactly what that man has done to victoria, your sister. Who knows what else he has up his sleeve?

Nikki: I thought you were going to go meet with your father.

Victoria: Well, I don’t have to go right this instant, do I?

Nikki: Installing ashland as your co-ceo is a big deal. Even if you think it’s the right thing to do, victor needs to know about it as soon as possible.

[ Knock on door ]

Ashland: Hey, darling, I was wondering if I could get your opinion — oh.

Nikki: Hello, ashland.

Ashland: Hello, nikki. Everything okay?

Nikki: Yeah, yeah, I’m just having a conversation with my daughter.

Ashland: Oh, I’m interrupting. I’m sorry.

Victoria: No, you’re not interrupting at all. No. I don’t keep things from my husband, mother. We’re partners in every way. Apparently, my mom’s concerned about how my dad is gonna take the news of your new title.

Ashland: Ah. I’m hoping he will be supportive.

Nikki: I’m sure that you are.

Ashland: But you have your doubts.

Nikki: It’s a big change. This company will always be victor’s legacy, and it means a great deal to him that it’s being run by his eldest child.

Ashland: And it still will be. Changing my title will in no way diminish victoria’s position.

Victoria: I don’t need his permission. Telling him is just — it’s a courtesy, it’s a formality. But mom’s right, we should probably just get it over with.

Ashland: I agree. We should tell victor as soon as possible, but — but unfortunately, we have a meeting in just a few minutes with the marketing staff, so…

Victoria: Oh, that’s right. I forgot.

Nikki: I can cover the marketing meeting.

Victoria: Oh, thank you, mom. You know what? I would feel better once we deliver the news.

Ashland: Fantastic. Oh, and since nikki is taking over the meeting, that frees up my time so we can go meet with victor together. And together, we can present a truly united front.

Sharon: Would you like another croissant?

Rey: No, thank you. I have to stay in decent shape if I plan to hold on to my gorgeous wife.

Sharon: Well, you look damn good from here.

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: Well, let me know if you want anything else, ’cause i want to take care of my handsome husband.

Rey: Mm. You looking for someone?

Sharon: What? No. Who would I be looking for?

Rey: Mariah and tessa. You’re just dying for them to come downstairs so you can pounce them with those bridal magazines.

Sharon: What, these?

Rey: Uh-huh.

Sharon: Who put them there?

Rey: Yeah.

Sharon: I think “pounce” is a strong word.

Rey: Mm. Accost? Barrage?

Sharon: Look, it’s getting closer and closer to their wedding date, and a lot of big decisions still need to be made. If they don’t make up their minds soon about the ceremony and the reception and all the little details that go into it, I’m worried this wedding might not happen.

Mariah: What? How did you figure out what was wrong? It already happened? Uh…okay, is there anything I can do? Should I — should I come over? Yeah. No, no, I understand. It’s okay. Um… I’ll talk to you later. Yeah, alright, bye.

Tessa: What’s wrong?

Mariah: Apparently nothing, not now. But dominic had to get a bone marrow transfusion.

Tessa: Oh, my god. Do you know — do you know what’s wrong with him?

Mariah: He had some sort of blood disease.

Tessa: Is he gonna be okay?

Mariah: Yeah, he’s doing great, and they think he’s gonna make a full recovery.

Tessa: Oh, well, that’s a relief.

Mariah: Yeah, the doctors tested abby and devon, and devon was a perfect match.

Tessa: Wow. So first he takes on an expanded role in the little boy’s life, and now he’s helping him heal. I mean, I know it’s just a matter of biology, but seems like a sign to me.

Mariah: I am really happy that he could be there for him.

Tessa: Um, you don’t sound too happy about that.

Mariah: No, I — of course I’m — I’m thrilled that dominic is gonna be okay. But I just can’t understand why they wouldn’t tell me what was going on. I know that I’ve taken a step back, but I’m still his godmother. Why wouldn’t they tell me about something so important?

Nick: Alright, as much as i want to hurt this guy, I agree with you. We got to be smart about how we retaliate. So what’s the plan, dad? I want to know what it is and what’s involved.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victor: It’s victoria.

Nick: What are you gonna say to her?

Victor: Hi, sweetheart, I’m so glad you called. (Jackie) I’ve made progress with my mental health.

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Rey: Don’t you worry, mariah and tessa’s wedding’s gonna come together because it’s meant to be. Everything’s gonna come together — all the little details. And don’t forget, there’s always a little magic involved with these things, huh?

Sharon: You know, you’re right. I’m trying not to be that person who checks in every second, but I just — I want to help them if I can.

Rey: I know, I know, and I’m sure mariah knows, too.

Sharon: Yeah, she does, and i know that she will come to me and ask for help if she wants it, and I’m definitely respecting that.

Rey: Oh. You know, I love that you’re so psyched about planning your daughter’s wedding. But I also love that you understand that mariah and tessa need to choose whatever kind of wedding feels right to them, not the rest of the world, no matter how quirky or off-beat or deep underwater it may seem.

Mariah: I just can’t help but being bothered by abby and devon choosing not to tell me about dominic’s illness until after the fact.

Tessa: I assume that they have an explanation for that.

Mariah: Yeah, I mean, abby said that she didn’t even tell the family, ’cause she didn’t want to worry people unnecessarily.

Tessa: I can understand that. And everything turned out okay. That’s the most important part, right?

Mariah: Of course. I’m ecstatic that dominic is alright. And it’s true, I mean, i would’ve freaked out and been worried senseless, so I guess they spared me that.

Tessa: Hey, of course. But we’re gonna go visit him the second that we can. And I’m sure one big healthy, happy smile from him will cheer us both up.

Mariah: You’re right. I can’t wait to see that grin.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Oh, me too. I do have something that might take your mind off the little guy. I really took noah’s suggestion to heart during our last brain-storming session about the wedding, and I think that we should try and combine our top three ideas and make our own hybrid version of our perfect wedding day.

Victoria: Hi, dad. I’m calling because there’s something that ashland and i need to speak with you about as soon as possible.

Victor: Well, now, as luck would have it, my darling, I’m at newman media in adam’s office. Why don’t you come over?

Victoria: I’ll see you in a few minutes.

Victor: Okay.

Adam: What’s your next move? Since apparently this is happening right here and now.

Nick: You know what, dad? Just call me when you need me.

Victoria: Dad’s in adam’s office, and he can see us now.

Ashland: Fantastic. Let’s go meet with victor.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Hang on. Uh…

Nikki: Something wrong?

Victor: So there isn’t much time left, son. Nicholas is gone. Would you support me?

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Ashland: No, no, nothing’s wrong at all, nikki. It was — it’s a small personnel issue. It doesn’t at all rise to the level of — of what we’re about to do, so…

Nikki: Ah. I must have misread the expression on your face when you read that text.

Ashland: Really? Oh, it was just a — it was a former locke communications group executive that we had to let go because of the merger. He wants to have, you know, “a call,” and, uh… well, you know, now that I think about it, he probably deserves one. Why don’t you go on ahead, and I’ll catch up with you?

Victoria: Sure, I’ll see you soon.

Ashland: Okay.

Rey: You know, as much as I’m looking forward to mariah and tessa’s big day, however crazy it may be, nothing will surpass the day we got married.

Sharon: Aww, our wedding was amazing.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: And you’re right, it came together with a little bit of magic.

Rey: Yeah. You know what I remember most? Staring into those big, beautiful blue eyes.

Sharon: You know, everything kind of faded away during the ceremony, but the reception was fun.

Rey: It’s true. There were some great toasts. We’re gonna have to reciprocate for mariah’S.

Sharon: Yes.

Rey: And we cannot forget the best man.

Nick: What?

Rey: Well, we were talking about wedding toasts with mariah and tessa’s wedding coming up.

Nick: Oh, yeah, right.

Sharon: Is something wrong? What happened?

Nick: [ Sighs ] I don’t want to talk about it.

Rey: You know, I — yeah, i got to check in with the station.

Sharon: You seem angry. What’s going on?

Nick: I don’t know what’s best, you know, talking about it or just bottling it up inside.

Sharon: Nick, you can talk to me. You know you can trust me with anything.

Nick: Alright, it’s ashland. He has done something so despicable this time — I mean, the worst thing of his life, and considering who he is and what he’s done, that’s saying a lot. But this time, it could destroy victoria, and I don’t know how to help her.

Victoria: I have some news, dad. Adam.

Victor: Ashland. I’m done playing games with you. Okay? It ends now.

Ashland: Uh…what ends now?

Victor: The charade is over.

Nick: So dad had michael go down to peru and check out that clinic where ashland received his miracle cure.

Sharon: Look, I know you’ve never been a fan of locke, but what was so suspicious about him previously making those donations to that facility?

Nick: You always want to believe the best in everyone, but this time dad’s instincts were right. Michael went down there and got a couple of the doctors who worked there at the clinic to go on record saying that ashland bribed them to make it seem like he was really suffering from his cancer and that the treatment they gave him sent him into remission. But in reality, he was never sick at all.

Sharon: Ashland faked his cancer? I can’t even wrap my head around that.

Nick: And vick has no idea that she’s being lied to about this seriously huge thing. And, I mean, ashland just used her to get his hands on the company.

Sharon: Wow, I don’t know what to say.

Nick: Don’t say anything, sharon, alright? This has to stay between us. I came to you because I needed somebody to talk to about it.

Sharon: Of course, I’m not gonna tell anyone about this. Why haven’t you told victoria? Don’t you think this is something she should know, like, right now?

Nick: Because dad said he’s got some plan, some way to deal with this where victoria suffers the least amount possible.

Sharon: Well, I’m sure he has her best interests at heart, but to keep something like this from her, something this big? That’s risky.

Nick: The last time I went to her and told her about all the horrible things that ashland has done, she was okay with it. Why would this time be any different?

Sharon: I don’t think you’re giving your sister enough credit. If what you’re saying is true, what ashland did is disgusting. It’s unforgivable. He has destroyed every ounce of trust that victoria had in him, and as a cancer survivor, I am appalled that he would use that as a selfish ploy. There’s no way in hell that victoria will be alright with that.

Adam: Really great to see you, sis. You seem like you’re in a good mood today. So to what do I owe this pleasure?

Victoria: Where did dad go? What is he doing?

Adam: I don’t know. Could be any number of things. But he said he’d be right back.

Victoria: I don’t understand why he would just leave when i said I had something important to discuss with him.

Adam: Well, hey, maybe you could bounce your ideas off of me first.

Victoria: No, thank you.

Adam: Why not? Now that I’m working with you —

Victoria: You work for me.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Yes. You are my boss, and that’s the point. We are on the same team, and i want the company — our company — to succeed, and i would be happy to give you my insights.

Victoria: This is too high level for you to weigh in on, so just have dad call me when he gets back.

Adam: Hey, hey, as long as you’re here, I’d love to get some thoughts on some potential areas of expansion for newman media.

Ashland: Locking the door is a little dramatic, don’t you think, victor? I mean, I’m not exactly sure what’s happening right now. What exactly is the charade you’re accusing me of perpetrating?

Victor: Ashland. You don’t have cancer. You never did.

Ashland: I’m sorry, is this some kind of a joke? No? Okay, uh, well, talk to my doctors, and they will tell you my cancer is real.

Victor: The doctors you paid off? Or the ones that you supplied with falsified medical records?

Ashland: That’s a hell of an accusation. Why would I even attempt such a thing? I mean, what would be the goal?

Victor: Power. Control. You have dreamt of combining or merging newman enterprises with locke communications to create a behemoth of a company that you would preside over, rule.

Ashland: Okay, that’s crazy.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Ashland: Uh…besides, victoria is the one who’s been driving the merger.

Victor: You put the idea of the merger in her head. It worked. Because she thought you only had a few months left to live. You managed to make her feel sorry for you. A man just about to die of cancer, my goodness. Who wouldn’t be moved by that? You played that game masterfully. But now it’s over. I just heard something amazing!

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Mariah: I’m not sure what combining our top three ideas would even look like.

Tessa: Okay, well, I’m thinking that it would involve art, music, and perhaps costumes.

Mariah: Alright, where are we gonna do it?

Tessa: Okay, well, a destination wedding is seeming too complicated, so let’s keep it local, and we’ll surround ourselves with art that we love from chicago museums and then we’ll get one of our favorite bands to play.

Mariah: Okay, what about the murder mystery them? ‘Cause we talked about that before.

Tessa: It seems a little dark for a celebration.

Mariah: Okay. But, you know, we got to have something that sets this apart from a typical ceremony. I mean, everybody has music and decorations.

Tessa: Maybe we pick a time period from our favorite mystery and dress in that style. Like — ooh, ooh, like london in the ’60s. It’ll be mod influenced. Oh, you hate it.

Mariah: No, no.

Tessa: Mm, you think it’s too complicated.

Mariah: [ Stammers ] That’s not exactly what I think.

Tessa: Okay, so — so what are you thinking?

Mariah: I’m thinking that we don’t quite have it yet. But I know that eventually it’s just gonna come to us, and then we are going to have the best wedding ever.

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Nick: Believe me, I’m as bothered by this as you are.

Sharon: Noah. You look like you just rolled out of bed and in the coffee house.

Noah: Do I?

Nick: Late night?

Sharon: Oh, I can answer that because I heard him roll in just after dawn. I mean, I’m really glad that i realized you had started staying at our house again after that stint at your dad’s or I might have thought we had a prowler.

Noah: That would have been bad. Yeah. Sorry, I promise I was trying my best to be quiet.

Sharon: No, you were! Until you knocked over that lamp.

Noah: Okay, I see where this is going, and to answer your question, no, I was not drinking. I’m just clumsy. I was catching up with some girl I met back in high school, and i lost track of time.

Sharon: Oh, was this a romantic kind of evening?

Nick: Whoa, whoa. You don’t have to talk about that. That is none of our business.

Noah: She’s just a friend, but I got to admit, it was nice staying up all night talking, blowing off some steam.

Nick: And you are a grown man. You can stay out as late as you want.

Sharon: Indeed.

Noah: Okay, good to know. Thank you.

Nick: I do, however, prefer a well-rested employee.

Noah: [ Sighs ] You see, this is the problem with working for your dad and living with your mom.

Nick: I didn’t say it was an issue.

Sharon: And we love having you stay at the house.

Noah: Alright, guys, i promise I’m on top of everything over at new hope, and I will get a good night’s sleep tonight. Okay? Now, please, stop worrying about me so much, really. Come on.

Ashland: Victor, think about what you’re saying. It doesn’t — it’s not rational. It’s nothing more than an outrageous conjecture. Now, first of all, you know how publicly humiliated I was when my illness was splattered all over the press.

Victor: Hmm. You probably leaked that story yourself, didn’t you?

Ashland: And what about harrison? Are you suggesting I purposely walked away from him, that I — that I told him I was dying when I wasn’t? Why would I do that to my own son?

Victor: Turns out he isn’t even your son.

Ashland: You have crossed over a line right there.

[ Chuckles ] I mean, your daughter told me you could be cold and cruel.

Victor: I can be very cold and very cruel. Stop the bull. I know what you’ve done.

Ashland: Okay. What have I done?

Victor: I have evidence that you paid off the doctors at that clinic in peru, where they have this miraculous cure for cancer. You paid them off to falsify your records. Now, I have people in peru right now gathering more information about your shenanigans down there. You’re done.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Victor, I have enemies all over the world, and you know something? So do you. Now, whoever’s feeding you these lies clearly has a score to settle with me. Doesn’t this feel like a set-up? Hmm?

Victor: You stop your nonsense. What you’ve done to my company, what you’ve done to my family, what you have done to my daughter, my wife, and my grandchildren. No one uses my family as a pawn in their dreadful game. You got that? Now, you listen to me carefully. Under no circumstances will you let my daughter victoria feel that she was subject and victim of a hoax, a cruel hoax. I’d rather have her heart broken than her spirit broken by the likes of you. And I will tell you what you’re gonna do.

Adam: Well, after we get through the initial necessary streamlining due to the merger, we’re gonna obviously focus on growth and ways to expand the content and…monetize it.

Victoria: That’s called business, adam, and I really don’t have time to sit here and listen to the specifics.

Adam: Okay. Well, let me run another idea by you about the news division. You know, if we were to incorporate all those brands under our roof, we’d have something for every demographic, and I think that —

Victoria: You know, that’s over-ambitious and unfocused. Why don’t you run your ideas by your brilliant new coo, or is sally too busy designing a business suit so that she can look the part?

Adam: Sally is more than capable of designing her own wardrobe. She is busy working on the budget at the moment.

Victoria: Can’t wait to crunch those numbers.

Adam: Victoria, why don’t you just calm down the condescension for a bit, okay? I know that you met with sally and she had some pretty impressive ideas that not even you could shoot down.

Victoria: Oh, really? Is that how she characterized our run-in? I mean, I did point out to her that she is very, very confident in herself. But maybe that’s because apparently she’s sleeping with the boss.

Adam: That’s a low blow, even for you.

Victoria: Oh, but it’s true, right?

Adam: I’m not gonna dignify that with a response. But need I remind you that you share your sheets with your chief advisor.

Victoria: Ashland and I are married. And ashland is much more than an advisor, as you will soon find out.

Adam: What does that mean?

Victoria: Let’s get a few things straight, shall we? You need to give ashland the respect that he has earned.

Adam: Is that so?

Victoria: And I’m really not gonna put up with you running off to daddy every time you get your feelings hurt. I don’t know, maybe you have delusion that you’re gonna run the entire company again, but if that’s what’s going on here, i would get rid of that pipe dream if I were you, because ashland and I, we’re running the show.

Adam: You sound awfully confident in yourself.

Victoria: That’s because i am. What ashland and I have is very special.

Adam: Ah.

Victoria: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah. That’s one word for it. Goal!

Mariah: Now, I do think i want our wedding to be interactive in some way. Like, maybe we can give people, uh…a role or, like, a job or something. Or do you think that people would not be able to relax and enjoy themselves? But, like, I don’t know, maybe it would make them appreciate the day more and… what? What is it?

Tessa: I think you should stop talking.

Mariah: You think that I’m way overthinking this.

Tessa: Only in a way that makes me love you more.

Mariah: [ Chuckles ] We just have to trust that whatever we do, it’s gonna be spectacular.

Tessa: Because it will be.

Mariah: How can you be so sure?

Tessa: I remember all of our false starts, all the times we got in our own way. I take most of the blame for that, by the way.

Mariah: No, you shouldn’T. I was responsible for some of our breakups.

[ Chuckles ]

Tessa: But we always found our way back because I believe that we’re destined to be together, but I also know how hard we fought to be with one another. So I’m just grateful that we got to this point. We are lucky. Beyond lucky. So, as much as I want our wedding day to honor our guests, I really want it to just be about how much we love each other.

Mariah: I agree with you 100%. And I feel like you accidentally just wrote a song without even realizing it. I want to remember everything that you just said forever. And I think you might’ve stumbled onto a title without knowing it. “Beyond lucky.”

Tessa: Hmm.

Sharon: We will try to stop worrying about you, but, as parents, that’s a pretty hard habit to break.

Nick: It’s nearly impossible, but we’re gonna work on it.

Noah: Alright, well, that’s all I can ask for. You know, now that I think about it, though, you two looked pretty intense when I first walked in here. Maybe I should be worried about you.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Um…no, I was just, you know, telling your mother about some of the aggravations that come with being a newman. I’m sure you can understand that.

Noah: It definitely has its pros and cons. Is there I should know about or —

Nick: No, it’s nothing that you need to concern yourself with.

Noah: Alright. Is it cool if I grab a cup of coffee?

Sharon: Sure, go ahead.

Noah: Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll be very, very careful not to spill on myself, so…

Nick: [ Scoffs ]

Sharon: I guess we have been a little fixated on noah’s state of mind lately.

Nick: Yeah. We don’t need to be. He’s in a good place.

Sharon: I’m actually more worried about you right now. I know that you won’t sit back and do nothing if victoria needs your help.

Nick: Am I that predictable?

Sharon: In a good way. I can tell you’re itching to do something.

Nick: Yeah, I got to do something. And I’m gonna do it right now.

Victor: Your cancer will suddenly reappear. You’ll have a relapse, necessitating you to go down to south america, to peru. And you go alone, without victoria. And when I deem the time is right, you will call my daughter and you will tell her that you want a divorce. No long legal wrangling, no court scenes. Nothing. Clean divorce. No explanation, no argument. That’s what you will do. And then you will revert control of newman/locke back to my daughter as part of the settlement. And then, my friend, you will disappear from my daughter’s life forever.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] Why…would I ever…walk away from the woman I love?

Victoria: Why are you looking at me like a smug jerk?

Adam: It’s my resting face. But I am sincerely curious — what is it about your relationship with ashland that works so well? You know, what’s the secret? Please share your wisdom.

Victoria: I would love to. But I have much better things to do with my time, and since it doesn’t seem dad is coming back here any time soon, I have work to do.

Adam: Actually, there was one more thing that I wanted to talk with you about.

Victoria: Adam, I’ve given you enough of my time for the day.

Adam: You do realize that we’re gonna have to communicate on a regular basis in our current positions, right?

Victoria: Well, we’ll see about that. I have given you a fair amount of autonomy at newman media, at least for now. So let’s see what you can do, you know? Show me what you got, run with it. Put those nay-sayers to rest. And let’s see if, left to your own devices, you’ll succeed, or maybe you’re gonna fail.

Adam: Well, it’s the former, and I am more than happy to prove it to you.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hold on. It’s sally. She can wait.

Victoria: No, please, don’t blow off your invaluable second-in-command on my behalf. Maybe you can share the rest of your brilliant ideas with her.

Adam: But we’re not done here, victoria.

Victoria: Yes, we are. Your dry skin story changes

Rey: Hey. Sorry, I had to run to the station. What’d I miss?

Nick: Oh, just my parents freaking out ’cause I got home late last night. Apparently, they are not used to me having a social life anymore.

Mariah: Alright, everyone, gather around, because we have an announcement.

Sharon: They have an

announcement we’re all here.

Rey: Especially your mom.

Sharon: Oh.

Mariah: Okay, so we have thought about this long and hard. We’ve come at it from every angle.

Tessa: Explored every option and then some.

Mariah: And we really appreciate your guys’ suggestions because they helped a lot, and we realized the specific ways that we love each other and how we want to express that.

Tessa: So this is an announcement that an announcement about our wedding is impending.

Rey: Oh, so this is like the save-the-date thing that comes before the actual invitation, expect it’s about your wedding theme, right?

Mariah: Well, sounds less impressive when you put it like that, but sure.

Sharon: Can I start acting like I’m the mother of the bride now?

Mariah: Yes, yes, you can. And we need your input and expertise.

Rey: Well, I pitch in in whatever way I can. You know, maybe you need some security in case one of tessa’s fans decides to crash the wedding.

[ Laughter ]

Noah: And if you need any artwork or design, I got it covered.

Mariah: Thank you guys so much for your love and for your support.

Tessa: It means the world to us.

Sharon: We’re just so happy for you.

Noah: We all want this to be perfect. A day you’ll never forget.

Tessa: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: I wasn’t expecting to see you back here today.

Nick: I changed my mind about wanting to be involved. What’s going down with ashland and victoria?

Adam: Honestly, I don’t have much to share. Dad had me keep victoria busy while he confronted locke. So I did my best, but she got fed up with me pretty quick, threw a bunch of insults my way. It was pretty hard to bite my tongue when it would’ve been easy to throw her husband’s lies in her face.

Nick: But you didn’t do that. You respected dad’s wishes.

Adam: I restrained myself.

Nick: Where are dad and victoria now?

Adam: I’m not sure. But I think a collision course is inevitable. In fact, the fireworks you mentioned might be detonating right now.

Victor: Don’t insult my intelligence, okay? There’s no genuine love in this relationship. Certainly not on your part. You’ve used my daughter as a pawn, as a means to an end.

Ashland: You’re wrong.

Victor: Really?

Ashland: I love victoria more than I have ever loved anyone in my entire life. And she loves me. Now, if I were to fly to peru, if I were to file for divorce out of nowhere, what do you think she would do? Victor, what do you think the powerful, strong-willed daughter you raised would do? You think she would just sit back and accept it? That’s not going to happen.

Victoria: Ashland?

[ Knock on door ] Are you in there?

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