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wow. That was, uh, special. Hey. Sorry, that was the nicest word I could think of. Really? [ Laughs ] Well, um, this isn’t easy, you know? Yeah. Here, why don’t you give it a try? I don’t know. I don’t want to show you up or anything. Oh, now you’re sounding like an egomaniac. No, come on. Here you go. Keep it down. Okay. Go on and give it a whirl. What do I do? Just throw it at this here target right here? Yeah. But hold on a minute. What? Come back. What? Where? You’re up too far. Well, tell me where to stand. Okay, now we’re on equal playing ground. And put your left foot out. Left foot. Okay. Yeah. Will you stand back, yeah? Oh, of course. I-I don’t trust myself with this thing. All right, here goes nothing.

[ Laughs ] Boom! Of course. Hey, I don’t want you to worry about this, all right? Dante’s gonna figure out how that got here, and I’ll be here in case anything else weird happens. I just don’t understand why. Am I in danger? Are my kids not safe? Like, what’s the end game here? Holden from next door said the police were here earlier. What’s going on? Drew! Hi! Drew: Hi! Do you mind if I join you? Mind? I should be so lucky. Please. Thank you. Have a seat. I’m grabbing some dinner for curtis, and they said it’s gonna be a minute. Ah. You’re not expecting anyone, are you? No. No, no, no. I just, uh — I just finished a meeting. Oh, yeah? Was it business or personal? It was a little bit of both, actually. Business on behalf of a friend. Excellent. I’ll send that paperwork over today. Oh, one more thing. Tell the band that I’m excited to have them perform. Marshall? I’m just doing a little business while I waited. So, why’d you want to meet? Because I know what you did. You are just the cutest baby that ever lived. You know that? Do you know that?

[ Buzzes lips ] Who is that? Baby louise? Enough with the softball questions, felicia. You got to hit her with some hard ones. Like what? Like fdpc or pcpd? Oh, boy. Duh. Pcpd all the way. That’s right. Aww. Have you ever seen a more perfect picture than this? Aww, it’s beautiful. Maxie: Bailey definitely. But I barely had time to brush my hair this morning. You are absolutely glowing, and it’s all because of you. Well, that’s because you get to go home today. I’m gonna let you, uh, visit with anna. Okay. Okay. Oh, I need to go pick up your prescription at the pharmacy. I’ll be right back. Okay. Okay. Thank you. See you in a bit. Okay. So talk to me. Will the wsb be able to get any information out of our compromised agent krieger? It’s doubtful. He’s dead. Laura: Oh, maxie. Oh, there’s the precious baby girl that so many people worked so hard to protect. Hi. Yeah, talk about guardian angels. My heart is so full of gratitude it could burst. How about forgiveness? Is there room in your heart for that?

guess we just chalk that up to, uh, beginner’s luck.

[ Laughs ] Beginner’s luck? My you know what. I love your you know what. I think you’ve done this before. What? I’ve never thrown an axe before. Liar. I cross my heart. I’ll swear on anything you want me to swear on. I’ve never thrown a hatchet a day in my life. Liar! Why don’t we just chalk it up to, uh, beginner’s luck

and my superior hand-eye coordination? Or maybe… huh? …You know how some people think that they had a past life, and you can bring those skills to this life from your past life? What? I think maybe you were a frontier guy, a mountain man. I mean, I-I certainly wasn’t either of those. Well, that’s good ’cause I don’t want to picture you as a mountain man. How was your day? Yeah, it was good. Just work. A lot of work. Anything interesting? Uh, more like strange. I th ink elizabeth baldwinhas a stalker. Jake. Mom, why were the police here? Because when mom and i came home… we found this on the mantel. That’s franco’S. I thought you said they were all destroyed. That’s what I was told. Jake, did you see anyone around the house when you left yesterday? I don’t think so. No? How about, um, maybe something unusual, a car you didn’t recognize or… what about betsy frank? Has she been in contact with you? No, no. Why are you asking me this stuff? Because someone broke in and placed that here. Do you know anyone that would do this? I never intended for louise to be in danger. Actually, it’s bailey louise now. Is it really? Mm-hmm. Oh, I love that. That’s beautiful. Hey. Hi, bailey louise. I’m austin. We met when you first arrived. Maxie, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that victor was helping peter. You know, I, um, asked you to stay out of brook lynn’s business multiple times. Yeah, no, I didn’t know what was going on, and — and that’s [Sighs] That’s no excuse. There is no excuse. I did a dumb thing. My stupid vendetta could have cost you everything. If you can’t move past it, I get it. Laura: Well, I guess I’ll give you two a little bit of privacy. By the way, thank you for giving me the information about victor. A lot of good it did.

[ Chuckles ] Jury’s still out. See you later. What was that? What do you have on victor? So you’re telling methere’s nothing to clue us in as to who could have sent agent krieger to kill peter. I think it’s significant. Krieger’s death. You know, he was hit, yes, and it was serious, but nobody thought it was fatal. The prognosis was that he was going to recover, and then he up and dies here in the hospital? Convenient for somebody.

[ Knock on door ] Very. How’s the patient? Are you ready to get out of here? The sooner, the better. There’s a loose end from europe. Yeah, I was just explaining that a bureau agent who went after peter, he ended up being in an exchange of gunfire with my team. And he got hit, and he just died before he could be interrogated. Oh. He had a phone on him, though. Anything there? I mean, no. Most of the data was just related to navigation. There was one phone number that piqued my interest. Belonging to? It was a burner, unfortunately. But the area code was local. Local to here you mean? Yes. So whoever this agent was communicating with was likely here in port charles. Is anybody thinking who I’m thinking? Look, anna, can you hand me my clothes? I’m not waiting for the nurses anymore. I-I got to get down to the precinct. I-I don’t know that that’s — oh, no, you don’T. If you think you’re going anywhere other than home, you have to answer to me first. I just got a job offer from your boy drew. Did you? Mm-hmm. What kind of job? Oh, a jazz consultant/concierge for aurora. But you knew that already, didn’t you? Didn’t you?

[ Clears throat ]

[ Chuckles ] Despite the subterfuge, I appreciate you sending work my way. But why couldn’t you just be honest? Like you’ve been with me? Oh, oh, so wait, wait, wait. This is payback? No. This is an opportunity. One that I knew you would have turned down if you knew I had a hand in it because — because you’re stubborn and you’re prideful. Traits I passed down to my son. Fair enough. But I know that you operate on a need to know basis, so you can’t be mad when someone does the same thing. Well, yes, but it’s a moot point anyway. The job requires this extensive background check. And that’s a problem? It could be. Could be. I have this incident from back in the day that concerns me. Uh, you are not going to ask me what kind of incident? No, I’ll wait for you to tell me. Ah. Or not. That’s progress. If I accept this offer, drew might discover that I have a criminal history.

Look, I have no idea what’s going on right now. Um, mom’s a little bit weirded out with this whole portrait thing, but, um… she’s also relieved that peter august is toast. Wait, what? Mom didn’t tell you? Tell me what? I don’t want you giving jake the third degree. Third degree? I just asked if he noticed anything. Well, it kind of felt like you were insinuating that he had something to do with the portrait. No, I’m not suggesting that. Elizabeth, do you really think I’m accusing your sons? Or are you actually worried that they could be involved? It is so creepy to have a portrait in your house knowing that someone had been there and then the ring and the dress. Ugh. Yeah, elizabeth is pretty shaken up. Well, what are you thinking? Honestly, it sounds like it could be a jealous lover. Do you think franco was cheating? No. I don’t know. I mean, you can’t rule anything out, can you? Right. I mean, I-I honestly barely knew the guy. I didn’t pay him much attention at all. So w-what’s your take? Y-you think I paid attention to franco? No, I don’t know, but I mean, you were friends with elizabeth or you’ve gotten closer. So maybe you know about some trouble in paradise. I don’t know. In my opinion, the only thing I saw was franco was devoted to elizabeth, elizabeth was devoted to him. Their kids loved him. He loved the kids. They were one big, happy family. Right. So I guess I better look through franco’s cellphone records, see if there’s anyone he was in consistent communication with. Did you float this by elizabeth? Not yet. Well, does she have any idea? Ideas? She’s — she’s convinced. Okay, well, who does she think’s responsible? Betsy frank. I am really glad that you’re back. Oh. Which I know is a strange thing coming from me, considering we’re not close.

[ Chuckles ] But I can see how much you mean to curtis. And I-it’s just so sweet, the friendship that you two share. Yeah, I am… I am very thankful for it, I really am. Especially considering I’ve now lost both my brothers. I’m so sorry. Yeah, thanks. You know, when you think about it, you and curtis have gone through so much change recently. I mean, you — I could write a book about that. Yeah, please don’T. No.

[ Both laugh ] But curtis, too. Yeah. Just this past year, his — his aunt’s health issues, a divorce, a change of careers. And a father reappearing after four decades. You have a criminal history that drew may discover. My arrest record was sealed. Sealed records don’t usually show up in standard background checks. But it exists, which means they can resurface. Oh, man. 40 years ago. I got locked up briefly, nonviolent offense, but it was the inciting incident that precipitated my disappearance. The reason you went into hiding. Yeah, for lack of a better term, yes. God, curtis, I wish… I-I wish I could forget it ever happened. But it did, and it severely impacted my life. Look, I told — I told drew I-I can’t move forward with it anyway, so forget about it. Did you even want the job? Yeah, I do. I do. But I wanted you to hear about it from me, not your friend. Well, I appreciate that. I hope that means you trust me. Of course I do. Curtis, my holding back is not for a lack of trust. In fact — in fact, telling you is a relief. In that case, why hold back at all? Do you hear me, mac scorpio? I think the whole hospital heard you. Your choice is here or home. Work is not an option. There’s a situation, felicia. Well, there’s going to be a situation if you do anything other than try to get better. Do I have you two to thank for this? No. Us? Are you trying to encourage my husband to prematurely return to work? I was just briefing him. Turncoat. I came to check on him. Mac, you are indispensable. See? But I too am concerned about his health, so I’m gonna see about a temporary replacement. Jordan: No need for a temp. Mac’s done a great job as acting commissioner, but I’m back and reporting for duty. Jordan! Jordan!

thank you for coming in here to talk to me. When it comes to people like victor cassadine, the walls have ears. Okay, what was laura saying about you getting information on victor? Oh, it wasn’t enough. I mean, he destroyed the bug before we could hear anything valuable. Whoa, hold on. You planted a bug on victor cassadine? Well, technically liesl did. But, yeah, I mean, I set the stage. You look confused. Are you confused? You and my former mother-in-law concocted a plan to trap victor? So you’re not confused. How did that — I mean, what were y– why? Well, the answer to that is twofold. Um, first off, liesl didn’t really give me choice. And the second part?

[ Sighs ] I really wanted to make it up to you. It was entirely my fault that victor found out about louise. Sorry, bailey louise. And I just needed to know what his game was. But you didn’t find anything. The bug bit the dust before we heard anything. I mean, all we really heard was victor talking to drew cain about memory suppression and tarot cards. Is that important? I don’t know. The mayor seemed to think so. -How are you feeling? -How did you get here? I would have sent you a squad car. Oh, we could have done better than a squad car. I left yesterday. I took a car service, and I feel great. You look great. Being at the clinic for so long had its challenges, but I can’t argue with the level of care. So you’re back for good now? And apparently need to get caught up. Let’s step outside. It’s really good to see you’ve recovered. Now it’s your turn.

[ All chuckle ] Come on, let’s go. The discharge nurse gave me the papers. You ready to go home? Oh, I was born ready. To leave a hospital? Yeah, that really doesn’t work, does it?

[ Laughs ] No, it doesn’T.

[ Axe thuds ] So, betsy told elizabeth that she was at franco’s grave around the time the break-in happened. Did your question her? I tried. I called her hotel. But she wasn’t there. What about an apb? Betsy is technically A…person of interest. Right, the problem is elizabeth is worried that betsy is involving her kids, and she thinks a formal inquiry will kind of blow back on the family. Got it. Listen, I’m not — I’m not — hey. What? I-I’m not convinced that it’s betsy. But elizabeth is. Well, yeah, because the alternative for elizabeth is that she has to entertain the fact that there could have been another woman in the mix. Betsy’s pretty scary. Oh, yeah, she’s scary, she’s crazy, all of that. But, you know, and I will look into it, but, uh… I mean, how obsessed with your own kid do you have to be to shred a wedding dress and burn his art studio? I would have to say pretty obsessed. Right. So

I better retracebetsy’s steps to find out if she was actually at the cemetery when she said she was. What are you doing? I’ve got skills, too. Just not throwing axes. Hey. Spinelli. Yeah, I’m gonna need your help. My boys wouldn’t terrorize me this way. They adored franco. They would never use his memory to punish me. I agree. So you’re being defensive because you feel I shouldn’t be questioning them at all? Because I just want you to be safe, but if I am overstepping, you say the word and I will back off. Hey, say something. I’m glad. I mean, is that wrong, to be glad when someone dies? Not if that someone is peter august. He took franco away from us. Made everyone believe my dad killed him. Including me. Which made things pretty crappy between us. I wish peter had died sooner. Before your dad died fighting him. I wish that, too, jake. I know I’m not an ideal father, curtis. Ideal for who? Anyone. I’m talking specifically you. Marshall, I’m a grown man, okay? It’s not your job to live up to some boyhood fantasy. If you trust me and you feel a sense of relief to — to unburden yourself, then why not fill in all the pieces of the puzzle? Because it may not be safe to do that yet.

you’re under no obligation to bare your soul to me. Marshall, if you’re harboring any secrets that could put people in danger, either in my club or in my home, I need to know. I will not put portia and trina at risk. Wait. Wait. Wait a minute. Since when did portia become a fixture in your home? Since I, um… I asked her to take the next step with me. So the plan is to find a new place and make it our own. Oh, curtis, that’s — that’s — that — that’s wonderful. It fills me — fills me with joy to see you so happy. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. On everything you and I hold dear, I promise I will not allow anything to hurt any of you. Understood. And if you need to share more, I’m here for you. And I won’t pry. That sounds like a plan. But, uh…right now, I need to go see a man about a job. Having marshall drop from the sky certainly has thrown curtis for a loop. I got that impression. It does seem like they’re working towards something. I hope so. Yeah. I really do. All I want is for curtis to be happy. What do you know? You and I, we want the same thing. So are you doing what I’m doing? What’s that? Well, I’m giving him a little space so that he can make his own conclusions. But at the same time, I’m kind of keeping a cautious eye out. You must have been spying on me.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah. I mean, obviously, I — I pray that marshall’s intentions are good, but just in case there’s any doubt, I’m at my buddy’s disposal. I love that you have curtis’ back. Always. You know what? To long friendships. Yeah, and to new ones. I really look forward to getting to know the woman that clearly has stolen my buddy’s heart.

[ Chuckles ] Cheers. Cheers. Oh, jordan, it’s so good to see you. You’re looking so strong and healthy. And ready to hit the ground running. Oh, I’ve missed you so much. I missed you, too. Thank you for all the calls and texts. And for your beautiful weekly flower deliveries.

[ Laughter ] You both really kept my spirits up. Good. Well, we’re both just so grateful to have you back. Now, tell me something, jordan. Are you sure you’re ready to go back to work? I’m sure. You should have seen me when I heard peter august was on the loose. Oh, my goodness, they probably had to lock you in your room. Almost. I know that’s wrapped up, but there have to be other pending cases. What? The investigation isn’t completely wrapped up. Well, what’s the status? Jordan, some of this is classified, and you’re not officially back on the job yet. Right. I’m sorry. I should have called you first before just assuming I could pick up where I left off. I don’t know, laura. I mean, if this runs as deep as we suspect, we’re gonna need as much help as we can get as quickly as we can get it. Well, then, uh, barring a few small but necessary formalities, I hereby reinstate you as commissioner of the pcpd. Welcome back.

[ Laughs ] You won’t regret it. I know that. I know what we have is new, and we haven’t established who I am to your boys. But I’d like to build something with them. If that’s okay with you. I would like that. Yeah. And you’re not overstepping. I just wish I had answers. You’re gonna get them. We’re gonna figure out who’s doing this, and we’re gonna put a stop to it. I promise you that. I’m sorry mom’s freaked out, but I am also happy franco’s painting was saved. At least now we have something to remember him by. Well, we have our memories, too. Yeah, but memories fade. You know, people move on, and sometimes I just worry franco’s being forgotten. Hey. Hey. Why don’t you take that? Yeah, like that. Hm? All right, I got it. Okay, you want to pull your hand back. Okay. Put it by your ear. Like that? Yeah, just like you’re gonna throw. Throw a baseball. Ohh. I like baseball. Yeah, I know you do. Mm-hmm. Okay. So you’re gonna just bring it forward and you’re gonna flick it and let it go and let the axe do all the work. Okay. Are you ready? Yeah, I’m ready. Okay. Don’t hit me.

[ Laughs ] Bull’s-eye! Huh? Wow! Wow! Damn. Oh, thank you. I just needed — just needed a little lesson. I needed a little you. My mountain man. Oh, let’s, uh… let’s not make that one stick.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Sighs ] Spinelli is the best in the biz, but his timing is always off. Yep, it’s him. Hey. Okay. All right, send it over right now. Thanks. What do you got? Spinelli is sending over camera footage from the entrance of the cemetery. Can we roll that back a little bit? Is that betsy? Well, it sure does look like her. What is she doing? She never went in. She just left. Which means she lied. And we can’t account for her whereabouts.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Wait. Hold on. Talk to me. Okay. Okay, I’ll tell him. Okay, so spinelli was able to run a background check on betsy. Mostly insignificant. Mostly? It looks like last november, she was arrested by the new york state police.

A dumpster? Yep, a dumpster. Why? Oh, it was — okay, we were in there, we were looking for a bag from a defunct chinese restaurant. It’s a long story. We were hoping the bag could tie a guy to a crime. We’re in there, right, and we’re looking for it, and we come across this enormous rodent. No. Yes! No. Yes, curtis freaked out. You shouldn’t seen him. I’ve never seen somebody jump so high, so fast in my entire life. Mnh-mnh. His exact words were, “no, no, no, I don’t do rats.”

[ Laughs ] Just like that. I can see him doing that. How indiana jones of him. Right? Wasn’t it? Really was actually. Oh, gosh. Wow. You guys have really had some adventures together. We have. We have. And I hear he’s about to embark on a new one with you. He told me you guys are moving in together. We’re looking at properties. That’s awesome.

[ Squeals ] Congratulations. Thank you. Any luck finding one? Not so far. Uh, we want spacious. We want contemporary. Okay. But nothing’s quite been the right fit. Thank you so much. You know, before I moved into the quartermaines, I was shown a property that was really amazing. And it is still… it’s still available if you want me to e-mail you the listing. Are you kidding me? Yes, I would love that. Yeah. And if this works out, I-I-I’m gonna owe you for sure. Oh, really? Yeah. Well, I hear your culinary skills are pretty amazing. So I-I never turn down a home-cooked meal. I’m just saying. Well, how’s the kitchen in the new house? Oh! It’s incredible. It’s super high-end. It’s got a dual-fuel range. It’s got an induction cooktop. I mean, you’re gonna love it. All right. Well, then that’s a deal. Deal. I listened to victor for as long as was humanly possible. I mean, that guy, slippery bastard, didn’t say anything even interesting, much less incriminating, and we had no idea where peter had taken you. I only wish I could have done more. You did a lot. Making a move on victor like that, it took guts. It took fear. I was afraid, maxie. I-I was afraid we wouldn’t find you. I was af-afraid of what would happen to you. I was afraid you wouldn’t forgive me. I was afraid, too. Well, of course. Look, I didn’t — I-I did not mean to compare what you were going through with what I was going through. I know it must have been really difficult for you, especially having to leave bailey behind. Oh, that was the easiest decision that I made, actually. Believe it or not, I’m used to leaving bailey behind, especially if it means she’s protected, which is funny considering now I can’t seem to let her out of my sight. Well, now you don’t have to. Thank god. Right. Okay, that was the easy part. What was the hard part? Staring down the barrel of forever, alone with peter, not being able to see the people that I care about anymore. That really made my blood run cold. I can imagine. A life without your mom, without mac. Anna, britt, liesl. You. I made the list. Look, whatever peter’s involvement was with victor, it wasn’t your fault, austin. I know that you only wanted the best for me. I still only want the best for you, maxie. I know. Thank you for saying that. Does that mean I’m forgiven? Hmm. How do they say yes in pautuck? We pretty much just say yes. Okay. Yes. Obrecht told you that victor seemed to want something from peter? Mm-hmm. Something related to drew? And his conditioning. So victor most likely was working with peter quid pro quo. But if the t heory is thatvictor helped peter escape, why send someone to kill him? I don’t know. Maybe he outlived his usefulness? So do you think victor got what he wanted? And what would that be? I don’t know. Your guess is as good as mine, really.

[ Sighs ] All right. Well, let’s meet tomorrow at the precinct, okay? I’ll text you. Okay, sounds good. Bye-bye. Bye. You want to grab dinner? I think T.J. Might be wrapped up in surgery for a while. Rain check? There’s someone else I need to see. I come bearing gifts. Could that be a steak frommetro court made medium rare? It could. And it’s still warm. Ohh. I got green lights all the way over here. My lucky day. Luckier than you know because I have some exciting news for you. What was betsy arrested for? A driving infraction. But my phone can’t provide details of the arrests. Hmm. I normally go to a friendly neighbor, law enforcement guy. Really? Mm-hmm. How friendly? Well,we’re pretty tight. Hm. We’ve got great chemistry. Yeah. And we make the most beautiful axe throwing together. Hm. It sounds to me like I would like this guy. Oh, no one likes him better than I do. Oh.

[ Sighs ] What are you doing? What are you doing?

[ Clears throat ] Oh, you’re going to show me up. Yeah. Hey, donovan. Yeah, can you do me a favor? See, you’re not the only person who knows people. Finn: Hey. Listen, I, um… I didn’t mean to question you earlier. Uh, it’s okay. No, it’s not, jake, and I’m sorry. Um… you don’t know me very well, and I… sometimes have a tendency to live in my own head, and communication is not always my best suit. You’ll have to forgive me. I’M… I’m just worried about your mom. Aiden, cam, and i can take care of our mom. We have been ever since franco… and you boys have been amazing. But it’s not your job to take care of me. I want — and franco would want you guys just to enjoy being kids. How can you know what franco would want when he’s not here to tell us? The same way we knew his favorite paint color and what part of the movie would make him laugh. We knew him. And we are so much luckier for it. Finn: I’m not trying to replace franco, jake. But I hope together, if you’re willing, maybe we could forge a different bond — one of our own.

Check out the double-sided fireplace and all that space out here for entertaining. Man, look at that. And a big room for trina just in case she wants a break from the dorms. What are you thinking? Well, I think it’s perfect. And I take it you agree. I absolutely love it. I absolutely love you. Oh, my god. Did we just find our new home? We might have.

[ Squeals ]

[ Both laugh ] Oh, baby. About that job… you reconsidered?

[ Chuckles ] I was always interested. I just had to run it by somebody important first. Hey, I’m

gratefulfor this job offer, drew. And I would like to be considered. All right. After you fill out the standard application, we’ll just get started on that background check. I got nothing to hide. Austin: I’m glad we can talk through this. Yeah, me too. Your friendship means a lot to me. How much? Like, on a scale of 1 to 10? Yeah. How much? There was a time not so long ago when you and I talked about being more than just friends. I remember. Me too. And you told me that you had to focus on getting your louise, now bailey louise, back. And she is. So what are you going tofocus on now?

[ Cellphone rings ] What on ea rth do you want? So betsy was arrested for driving erratically, but she was not under the influence. Being sober doesn’t get you arrested. No, but attacking a state trooper does. Yikes. Yeah. I guess betsy was in such a bad way they had to stop at the first hospital and put her on a 9.27(a) hold for evaluation. Oh, a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold. Oh, that’s pretty good, P.I. Yeah, well, you know, I have my moments. Do you know what this means? Yeah. Betsy was considered an immediate danger to herself and others. I want to be here for all of you. But I agree with you, jake. Franco shouldn’t be forgotten, and he won’t be. Can I go upstairs? Of course.

[ Doorbell rings ] That’s the food. Betsy. I wasn’t expecting you. There’s something I need to — oh, I-I thought you’d be alone, not… no, betsy, wait. Clearly, you’re here for a reason. Just tell me what it is. I wasn’t honest with you before. You deserve the truth, elizabeth — all of it.

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