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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nancy talked to Marlena about Craig being gay. Nancy wondered if it was her. She asked if it was a midlife crisis. Marlena told her she was having a hard time with it. Marlena said Craig being gay wasn’t her fault. She said Craig being gay wasn’t a choice. She said he made a choice not to tell her. She said that was causing her pain. She said she would be there for her. Nicole went to see Rafe. She offered to give him something to eat. He said it was hard to eat when his future was on the line. She said he didn’t do anything wrong. He asked if she was sure about that. Nicole mentioned how Ava hasn’t been there through all of this. She thought that meant Ava set him up. Ava ended up showing up. Ava told Rafe that her past life made her a liability to him, but she couldn’t stay away from him on Valentine’s Day. She asked who would want to hurt him. Nicole was upset. She said she was the one who did this. Ava acted as if she didn’t know what Nicole was talking about. She said Ava found out he cheated on her.

Ava wanted to know how many times Nicole and Rafe slept together. He said he had feelings for Nicole for a while. Ava said they talked about it and he denied it. Nicole said they made a mistake. She said she wasn’t surprised she acted the way she always did and framed him. He asked if that was true. She said she was innocent, but she wanted him to rot in jail. Johnny went out and ran into Craig. Johnny pretended to be hurt so Craig could examine him. While Craig was examining him, Chloe showed up. She was upset that Craig was flirting with a young guy. She asked what was wrong with him. Craig tried to explain what happened. He told her he refused to live his life as a lie. Chloe apologized to Craig. She asked him about his new love. Craig told her his boyfriend was coming to Salem. She agreed to think about meeting them for dinner. Johnny went back to the mansion. Gabi came in and said she hated him. She said she was upset about Jake betraying her. She wondered if she misunderstood his talk with Maggie. Johnny found proof of Jake’s betrayal.

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