Days Short Recap Thursday, February 24, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole stopped Trask and told her that Ava put the three inmates up to making false claims against Rafe. Trask wasn’t interested in talking to her without proof. Later on, Nicole met with an inmate and pretended to be Jennifer. She said she had the evidence that Rafe was framed. The inmate didn’t know what she was talking about. She said she could prove that Ava put him up to lying about Rafe. The inmate said the last time someone crossed Ava, the person died. She wanted to know if Hutchins was a former associate of Ava’s. He denied saying anything like that. Trask walked in the room and told Nicole to get out. She told Nicole to call a lawyer. Allie found Ava crying at the Horton Square. She told Allie that Rafe and Nicole slept together. She said they accused her of framing Rafe. Allie asked her if she did do it. Ava was offended by her question. Allie apologized for asking her that. She stopped Ava from talking when she badmouthed Nicole.

Ava swore on her son (Charlie) that she didn’t frame Rafe. Allie knew she would never swear on Tripp’s life if she didn’t mean it. She said she loved her son. She accidentally let it slip that Tripp had a surprise planned for her. Allie wanted to know if he was going to propose to her. Ava denied it at first but she revealed that he was proposing to her. Johnny got close to Gabi while they were at the DiMera mansion. He convinced her to avenge Jake double crossing her. Jake walked into the mansion and saw them together. He wanted to know why she wasn’t at the station with Rafe. Johnny interrupted them to tell Jake about the plan to take over and make him CEO. Johnny pretended to take a call from Shin, but he sent a text to Jake from Maggie. He kissed Gabi before he left to meet Maggie.

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