Days Short Recap Monday, February 28, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp talked to Craig about getting married. Craig gave him advice about it. Tripp felt better about proposing. Craig told him his marriage didn’t last. He said he was introducing his daughter to his boyfriend. Chloe told Brady she felt like she was betraying her mother by meeting her father’s boyfriend. He tried to make her feel better about meeting Craig’s boyfriend. Johnny was trying to come on to Gabi. He wanted to have sex with her. Ciara and Ben talked about Johnny being possessed. She was convinced that Johnny was possessed. Ben was finally convinced that Johnny could be possessed. Ben told Ciara that they had to get in contact with everyone Johnny has been around. Ciara said it was just a theory. She wanted to know if there was more evidence. Ben said Jake told him about the wedding when Johnny got married. Ciara said Johnny broke up with Chanel at the party. Ben said Jake told him Johnny was after Ciara. Ben said there were things Johnny was doing that made him suspicious. She said they didn’t make Johnny possessed. She said Jake was probably just jealous. Jake went to see Maggie. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he got her message. She said she didn’t send him a message. He left to take care of something. Johnny tried to convince Gabi to have sex with him. She said she wasn’t ready to have sex with him yet. Craig told Tripp he didn’t expect to be in this situation. He said his wife was angry. He said his daughter was willing to meet his boyfriend. He decided he wanted to postpone her meeting his boyfriend. Tripp said it wasn’t a good idea to put it off. Craig agreed to get it over with. He thanked Tripp for the advice. Craig told him it was worth proposing if he was feeling nervous. He wished Tripp luck before he left. Allie and Chanel talked about Tripp proposing to Allie. Allie didn’t know what she was going to do.

Jake went back to the mansion and told Gabi that Maggie never texted him. She said she saw the text herself. She said it didn’t make sense. He said it might have. She wanted to know what that meant. He said Johnny probably sent him the text. Johnny ran into Chanel and wanted to have a drink. She was upset that he wanted to have a drink with her. He said he always had fun with her. He said just because they were getting a divorce didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun. Brady and Chloe talked about the things they did on Valentine’s Day in the past. Chanel refused to have a drink with Johnny. He told her they could talk without the lawyers. He said they couldn’t avoid each other forever. Gabi found it hard to believe that Johnny would take Maggie’s phone. Jake said he did it to spend time with her. She said Jake could be the one lying. Ciara told Ben that Jake wasn’t a credible witness because he thought Johnny was taking Gabi from him. Ben said it made sense. Ciara said she thought they were done with the devil. She didn’t want to get Marlena involved because it would stress her out. He suggested they talk to Susan. Chanel told Johnny that her mother told her to stay away from him. He said they should avoid the lawyers. He said they could go back to her place or his. She said she wasn’t going to his place again. She said if they were going to talk, they were going somewhere private. Ben told Ciara that Susan would be the one to be able to sense the devil. Ciara didn’t think she would like the idea of her grandson being possessed. Allie met with Tripp. She accepted his proposal. Chanel and Johnny ran into them. Allie told Chanel she accepted Tripp’s proposal. Johnny revealed that Allie slept with his wife.

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