Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Nate asks Lily for advice about whether he should accept Ashland’s job offer and she asks him to come and work for Chancellor Industries.

Lily tells Billy to go ahead with his idea for a nighttime podcast and Billy assures Lily that he can handle his duties as Chief Operating officer and the podcast.

Victoria has a conversation with Sally and she figured out that Adam and Sally have a personal relationship. Victoria later tells Ashland about her talk with Sally and they both decide that Adam’s relationship with Sally will distract him so much that he will make mistakes at Newman Media. Victoria and Ashland plan to wait until Adam makes mistakes at Newman Media in order to fire both him and

Michael has a video call with Victor and tells him that he has got the doctor that used to work at the clinic in Peru where Ashland is being treated, on video, saying that Ashland paid clinic doctors to falsify his medical records. The doctors were paid to say that Ashland had cancer when he is perfectly healthy. Victor asks Michael to follow the money trail and send him documentation.

Victor gets upset with Adam when Adam tells him he will not spy on Ashland for him.

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