General Hospital Short Recap Wednesday, February 23, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sonny advises Brando to have a getaway with Sasha so they can reconnect with each other. Sasha runs into her friend that was a model and the person who used to give her pills when she needed a pick me up. Sasha tells her friend that she doesn’t take pills anymore. Sasha’s friend tells her that she knows where to find her in case she needs a pick me up. Sasha agrees to go to Niagara Falls with Brando and later asks her friend to give her something to get through the next few days.

Sonny gets drunk and leaves Nina a message and she coincidentally arrives at Charlie’s before he is about to leave and drive home.

Drew and Anna arrive at the embankment where they find Felicia and Maxie. Drew checks Peter for a pulse. Peter has a faint pulse Anna tells Drew, Felicia, and Maxie to leave while she waits with Peter for an ambulance. Anna tells Peter that she didn’t call an ambulance and she waits until he dies. Anna tells everyone that Peter has died and Felicia calls home to tell Mac the news that Maxie is safe and Peter is dead. Maxie ‘s friends and family celebrate the news that Maxie is safe and her ordeal has finally ended. Brook Lynn and Chase are so happy Maxie and Louise are safe and they finally give in to their feelings for each other and kiss. Brook Lynn and Chase head home to spend their last night with Louise.

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