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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

T.R. Knight went to see Paulina. Abby didn’t believe Sarah was in love with Tony. Kristen told her Sarah wasn’t in love with Tony. She said Renee was the one who loved him. Abby wanted to know who Renee was. Sarah/Renee told Kayla and Steve that she wasn’t Sarah. Steve wanted to know who Renee was. Kayla said she would tell him because they were stuck with her. Abby wanted to know how Kristen let Sarah think she was Renee. Kristen said it wasn’t hard. She said she gave her books to read. She said Sarah read a book about Renee and thought she was her. Kayla told Steve that the Salem Stalker killed Renee. Steve wondered why she thought she was Renee. Kayla said she probably snapped. Sarah/Renee said she missed Tony and wanted to go home to him. Tony told Anna that someone paid Ned to get Abby. Anna wanted to know how soon he had to leave. He said he had to go right away. He said Chad wanted him to convince Ned to let Abby go. Anna wanted to go with him, but Tony didn’t want her to do. T.R. told Paulina that he had a right to know his daughter. She said he didn’t have any rights and threw him out. He agreed to go. He said they would be seeing each other again. Sarah/Renee told Steve and Kayla about the boat she tried to blow up with Anna and Adam on it. Abe went to see Paulina. She told him that Lani’s biological father was in Salem. Abby told Kristen that she wasn’t going to give up until she brought Sarah home. Kristen asked her to ask Sarah which family she wanted to be home with.

Steve asked Sarah/Renee about the hole that Renee drilled in the boat. She said David was on the boat too. He didn’t know who David was so Kayla told him about him. Sarah said Anna’s baby didn’t survive. Anna wanted Tony to be careful going away. T. R. showed up at the DiMera mansion. He wanted to see Johnny. They talked about the movie Johnny was making. Abby told Kristen that she was taking Sarah home with her. Kristen asked her which family did she think Sarah wanted to go back to when she left the island. Paulina told Abe that T.R. was back in town. He was upset that he was in town. He suggested they keep him away from Lani. She said that it was too late because he already approached her. Lani talked to Eli about what happened with T. R. Eli felt sorry for Paulina after finding out what happened to her. Lani did some research on him. Eli asked if she felt guilty for checking up on him. She felt guilty. He was able to relate because he wanted to know about his father too. She said that David Banning didn’t beat his mother. She didn’t know if she should check on him. Sarah told Steve and Kayla that she and Tony were meant to be together. Kayla told her that Tony was married. She wanted to know who he married. Steve told her that she wasn’t going to like it. They said that he was married to Anna. Sarah wanted to get off the island. Sarah was determined to get off the island. Kristen continued to talk to Abby about Sarah. She gave Abby a book about Renee to keep her occupied. Eli went to see T.R. Eli confronted him about going to see Lani and for what he did to Paulina. T.R. asked if he was turning Lani against him. Eli said Lani didn’t need him to tell her how to feel. He told T.R. that he would have to answer to him if he messed with the Price women.

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