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Ridge: Good morning.

Taylor: You’re still here. It wasn’t a dream. You came home.

Thomas: Hey!

Steffy: Hey. Keep your voice down.

Thomas: Because the kids are asleep, or because dad’s car is still in the driveway?

Steffy: So observant. The latter.

Thomas: Really? Dad never left?

Steffy: Mom and dad are together as we speak.

Thomas: That is what I’m talkin’ about! Whoo!

Steffy: Oh, my god, you’re so aggressive.

Thomas: Sorry.

Hope: Hello? Mom.

Brooke: I’m alone, honey. Come on in.

Hope: Ridge?

Brooke: No…

Hope: What does that mean?

Brooke: Ridge didn’t come home last night.

Thomas: I was afraid to trust it, you know? I mean, I know dad said that he was back with us. And I kept brooke away. In person and by phone. But, um…you know how– how resourceful brooke can be when it comes to dad?

Steffy: Yeah, but you couldn’t be sure if brooke had gotten to him somehow, changed his mind.

Thomas: Obviously, she didn’t change his mind, ’cause his car is still parked right out front.

Steffy: We don’t know what’s going on, but all I do know is mom and dad were in her bedroom last night and we haven’t seen them since.

Hope: Mom, I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to say.

Brooke: Well, I don’t know what to think. I mean, I do, but I hate this.

Hope: Well, maybe it’s not what you’re thinking. Maybe ridge just needed some more time to cool down, so he booked himself into a hotel room. Wouldn’t be the first time.


Eric: Brooke? Hope, hi. Um, I–I came as soon as I could. What’s wrong? What’s the problem?

Brooke: Oh, eric. You’re my last hope. I so want to believe it’s not true. I’m hoping and praying that you spoke with ridge last night and you can assure me that he’s not where I think he is.

Taylor: I’m having a déj vu moment waking up with you. Like so many mornings before, like no time has passed.

Ridge: It’s familiar to me, too. All of it.

Taylor: So about last night…

Ridge: What about it?

Taylor: It was so, so good kissing you, being in your arms. It–it felt so good. So right. But I–I have to ask you a question.

Ridge: Sure.

Taylor: Mm… any regrets? Listen, I’m done settling. Because this is my secret.

Taylor: So, if we’re being honest, and–and I think we are… a lot changed literally overnight. And I just– I just want to know, do you regret any of this?

Ridge: I–I–I think me sleeping over there was the right choice. And glad we didn’t–

Taylor: Yes. Yes, me– me, too. I didn’t mean that.

Ridge: You want to know if I have regrets. I do. I do have regrets. I regret… that I–I didn’t see what brooke was doing, that she was gonna choose deacon and throw away everything we had. I– I regret that. But I don’t regret being here with you. This beautiful, amazing, honest, giving woman who’s always been there for me, has always wanted the best for me. So, I’m gonna focus on that.

Taylor: I like the way you think.

Ridge: Hmm.

Taylor: I’m sure steffy and thomas are wondering what we’re doing. They want this so bad.

Ridge: They do? They mention something?

[Taylor laughs]

Taylor: What? You didn’t hear them? I could have sworn that–

Ridge: Mm-mm. No.

Taylor: They’ve been relentless.

Ridge: Especially steffy. She’s like a dog with a bone, and she…

[Taylor laughs]

Taylor: Just like her grandmother. Stephanie would be so proud.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hmm?

Ridge: Can I, um…

Taylor: What?

Ridge: Can I buy you a cup of coffee?

Taylor: Yeah. I know a great place.

Eric: Look, I’m sorry. You’ve been doing so well for so long. Uh… are–are you–are you getting help?

Brooke: Yeah, I–I’m going to meetings.

Eric: Uh-huh. You still wanting to drink now?

Brooke: Oh, god. Absolutely not. I mean, look at what it’s done to my life.

Eric: All right. Well, I’m sorry. I’m sorry this has happened. I have not spoken to ridge. I don’t know, uh… I can’t really put your mind at ease as to where he spent the night last night.

Brooke: I think we all know.

Hope: Uh, not necessarily, mom.

Brooke: I defended deacon and ridge reached his limit.

Hope: Mom, frankly, I think that ridge overreacted. You were trying to stop a fight and you were trying to protect both of them.

Eric: I doubt very much that ridge sees it that way.

Brooke: Look, I don’t want to spiral into this negative thinking, but if ridge did spend the night at taylor’s, how am– how am I not supposed to be worried about the future of my marriage?

Thomas: You know, I want to get my hopes up, but I don’t want to get my hopes up. Mom being a shrink and all, she probably decided, “let’s talk about our feelings,” and then they didn’t reconcile.

Steffy: It would be mom to sacrifice her own happiness if she thought dad had the slightest amount of doubt in his mind.

Thomas: It’s really quiet. Where are the kids?

Steffy: Oh, finn took kelly and hayes out to make sure they didn’t disturb mom and dad.

Thomas: Smart.

Steffy: I don’t want to jeopardize anything getting in the way from mom and dad having a moment like this. This could be huge for our family.

Thomas: Yeah, like a game changer.

Steffy: Our parents back together? We’ve been wanting this, like, our entire liv–

Taylor: Good morning.

Thomas: We certainly hope so.

Ridge: Hey, good morning.

Thomas: Hi!

Steffy: Hi.

Taylor: Your dad’s home.

Steffy: Oh, mom.

Ridge: Come here. It’s good to see you.

Thomas: You, too! Aw.

With microban 24,

just one spray,

Brooke: If I was just able to talk to ridge, I think could’ve gotten through to him.

Hope: Still can’t believe that thomas wouldn’t even let you inside.

Eric: And he confiscated ridge’s phone so that he couldn’t get any messages or texts from you?

Brooke: Thomas and steffy are doing their best to push their parents together again.

Eric: Well, I don’t condone their tactics, but I do understand what they want.

Brooke: Yeah, well… except for one tiny detail: Ridge and I are married. We are husband and wife. And ridge loves me. I know he does.

Hope: Of course he does.

Eric: No one is disputing that.

Brooke: I know, and everything just spiraled out of control that night ’cause of that one stupid, destructive decision. Why did I drink? You could see the domino effect. And then when I explained it all to ridge, he said that he loved me and that we could work it all out. And then, I–I defended deacon!

Hope: Because ridge was beating him up.

Eric: You tried to stop it. Anybody would have done that.

Brooke: I know. But that was the last straw for ridge. But I’m not gonna give up.

[Voicemail tone] Ridge. Hi. I’m sorry for everything that’s happened. I know I let you down again, and I just… want a chance to make things right. So, if you would just come home and be here with me, and we can– we can talk about it.

Steffy: I can’t believe it. Seeing the two of you together.

Thomas: Yeah, you know, I– I gotta say, I was hopeful, but I never actually thought this was gonna happen.

Taylor: I didn’t either.

Steffy: I kept remembering what it was like when we were a family, you know? Witnessing the two of you. You know, the love between you two was so inspiring. Dad, you’re not wearing your wedding band?

Ridge: I’m going to go talk to brooke.

Taylor: Good idea.

Ridge: Anybody seen my phone?

Taylor: No.

Steffy: Uh, maybe you left it upstairs in mom’s bedroom.

Ridge: I don’t think so.

Thomas: Uh, here it is.

Ridge: Oh, good. Thanks.

Thomas: Yeah.

Ridge: Oh, boy.

Taylor: I can only guess.

Ridge: Uh, I gotta go see her face to face.

Steffy: Are you sure?

Ridge: Steffy, please.

Steffy: She’s just gonna turn on the waterworks and have so many excuses. This is where you belong.

Ridge: And I’ll be back. See ya.

Thomas: Bye, dad.

Ridge: Love you, guys.

Thomas: Love you.

Taylor: Steffy, your dad is just doing what he has to do. It’ll be fine.

Steffy: I hope you’re right.

Taylor: Hey. Come here. Goal!

Steffy: Was there anything we could’ve done to keep dad here?

Thomas: Stolen his car key?

Steffy: Why didn’t you think of that sooner?

Taylor: No. A face to face with brooke can’t be avoided. Some things have to happen face to face, and ending a marriage is one of those things.

Steffy: You really think dad’s going to do that?

Taylor: That’s his intention.

Thomas: Look, I–I’m sure that that is true. I am. But historically, brooke has had the ability to reel dad back in over and over again, no matter what she’s done, no matter how bad she’s hurt him.

Steffy: You should just go there. Stake your claim. Stop being polite.

Taylor: I–I’m not gonna do that.

Thomas: I don’t know. I think I–I have to agree with steffy here. It might be a good idea to go to brooke and establish some ground rules from the beginning.

Taylor: Oh, god, I don’t know. I mean, if I am 100% honest, I guess I could say that sure, I’m concerned about brooke. But really, I am–I am trusting that what we shared together was real–all of us–and– oh, gosh.

Steffy: Mom, there is no doubt in my mind that you two belong together.

Thomas: Yeah, absolutely.

Steffy: Yeah. After all this time, we deserve this. We need to be a family again. And I honestly believe this is the end for dad and brooke.

After all of these years

the laughs and the tears

it’s still you and me here

making destiny appear

after all of these years

the laughs and the tears

it’s still you and me here

making destiny appear


[Birds cawing]

[Door opening]

Brooke: Oh. Ridge. You’re home. Oh, ridge. Oh, thank you for coming back. I am–I am sorry. I am–I am so sorry to have betrayed your trust and I never meant for that to happen. I mean, you know if I was sober that never would’ve happened. Kissing deacon, that is– that’S… unthinkable.

Ridge: Yeah. Until it isn’T.

Brooke: But it was the alcohol. I mean, you said that you understood that, right? You told me that you loved me. I know because I hear those words in my head. You said that we could work through this.

Ridge: I also told you to keep that guy out of our lives. Did you hear that?

Brooke: And I’m sorry. I mean, I was just trying to support my daughter. It was so strange, everything that happened. I mean, first you calling and saying that you weren’t gonna make it home because of the storm. And me, with this inexplicable urge to drink. And then deacon coming back to find his phone. It’s just such a strange series of events that occurred. It’s unpredictable. It’s–

Ridge: That’s–no, yeah, that’s–that’s unpredictable, but not–not what happened. Because I told you, you let that man into your life, someone’s gonna get hurt. And we did. When it was all said and done, you defended him.

Brooke: No, no, that’s not what happened.

Ridge: That’s exactly what happened.

Brooke: I know you went to steffy’S. I came to look for you. I wanted to talk. And thomas was outside and he wouldn’t let me go near the house. I know he was just trying to be protective. But what happened? I mean, did you stay there? Did you sleep on the couch?

Ridge: I stayed there.

Brooke: I know that thomas and steffy and taylor were probably trying to make it sound like you belong there. But you don’T. You belong here. With me.

[Ridge scoffs] Ridge, we love each other. We said vows to each other. We promised that we would be there for one another for the rest of our lives. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Where’s your ring? Why aren’t you wearing it? What happened last night? Please don’t tell me you’re giving up on this, ridge. I love you so much. Just tell me you love me, too.

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