Days Short Recap Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad told Kate about his theory about finding Abby. He wanted to track down the pilot who flew Sarah out of Salem. He said the pilot didn’t file a flight plan. He said the security cameras were off. He said it was a waiting game. Kate brought up EJ being in jail for something he didn’t do. Chad reminded her that Lucas was the one who committed the crime. They started arguing for a bit. She was worried that Roman would find out that she let Sami travel with her kidnapper.

EJ and Clyde reunited in their cell. They talked about when he used to work for EJ. EJ said it led to his supposed death. EJ said his greatest regret was that he never found out who shot him. He said he lost everything that night. Clyde wanted to know how much he remembered. He didn’t remember much, but the drug that saved his life messed up his memory. He wondered if Clyde would show him around in prison. Kristen found Abby in Sarah’s room. She confirmed that Sarah was there. She said she was there willingly. She told her the story and then she put her gun on her. She wanted her keys back. Abby gave her the keys. Kristen told her what happened when she brought Sarah there. Kristen told her the drug have her a psychotic break. Abby thought about the drug she almost gave Gwen. She thought it was her fault. Abby thought Sarah had to be a basket case. Kristen said she was doing okay. She said she wasn’t hung up on Xander anymore.

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