Days Short Recap Monday, February 21, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander was shopping for an engagement ring. Gwen noticed that Chad sent a text to Abby’s phone. He begged the person who took her to let her come home to her family. Gwen sent him a reply. She told him that she couldn’t help him. Chad was upset and threatened to kill the person if they hurt Abby. He didn’t care if the person was family or not. He threw his phone as Shawn walked in the DiMera mansion. Shawn told him that the search is going cold. He asked Chad if he knew anyone who could find Kristen. Chad thought he had an idea. Gwen felt bad for not being able to help Abby. She smashed Abby’s phone. Maggie showed up to check on Xander after Sarah’s visit. Gwen told her that she and Xander were engaged. Maggie was surprised. She noticed that something was off with Sarah’s visit. She didn’t think she was the Sarah that she loved. Belle went to see EJ at the prison. She let him know he could call her whenever he wanted. Chad showed up at the prison. He knew EJ was in touch with Kristen. He wanted to know where she was. He said he wasn’t in touch with her. EJ said he didn’t believe him. They went back and forth until Belle stopped them.


EJ told Chad that he hadn’t talked to Kristen in months. He didn’t know where she was. Chad asked him about DiMera properties. EJ told him that he had access to that information. They argued again and Chad told him the world would be better with him behind bars. He told him that no one would miss him. He stormed out of the visitor room. Belle told him that he didn’t belong in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He thanked her for being there for him. They joked about who his cellmate would be just before she left. EJ went to his cell. His cellmate turned out to be Clyde. Steve and Kayla were locked in a room. Steve didn’t trust the food Kristen had for them. She decided to take a chance because she was hungry. He wanted to try to escape the locked room. Sarah walked in their room and they were shocked. Kristen saw that Shawn called Steve’s phone. She didn’t answer it but she did listen to the voicemail. She found out that he believed she was responsible for Abby’s disappearance. Abby walked in and warned her that people were looking for her. She wanted to know about the locked room and she thought she was poisoning her. Kristen ate Abby’s food to prove she wasn’t trying to poison her. Abby told her that she found sleeping pills and put them in her drink. She said there were enough pills to take out a horse. Kristen passed out and Abby found the keys. She walked out of the room. Abby went in the locked room and noticed it was empty. She saw a romance book in the room. Kristen managed to get to the room and panicked. She wanted to know what happened to Sarah.

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