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Victor: Sweetheart. I’m about to grab a bite to eat. Do you care to join me?

Victoria: Actually, I’m on my way out. I just wrapped up a meeting with one of my lawyers.

Victor: Any problems with the merger between newman media and chanccomm? No bumps in the road?

Victoria: No, none at all. It’s been remarkably smooth. Almost too smooth.

Victor: Really?

Victoria: I was expecting to hear that you overrode adam’s decision about his new coo, since clearly, I mean, you were surprised that he chose sally to be his second in command.

Victor: Yeah, well, I think it’s a rather interesting choice, to be honest with you.

Sally: So, I was working late last night, looking at all of the assets and ad revenue across newman media, seeing if there was any overlap with chanccomm. I thought there was gonna be a lot of redundancies, but there actually weren’t that many, which means we are going to have a robust library of content. And with all the growth and expansion, I think it’s the perfect time to assess the best way to grow our audience.

Adam: How do you think we’re gonna do that?

Sally: Mm, I am so glad you asked. I think that we should offer subscription deals to our existing customers on whatever platform they’re currently on and then up-sell them on the other platforms.

Adam: Hmm.

Sally: It is genius or genius?

Adam: It’s a good idea. And I really like your passion for it. But I think it’s a little simplistic. I worry that you may have overlooked the complexity of this merger because it’s not gonna be as easy as you think.

Billy: Hi. Good morning.

Lily: Good morning. Kind of. Second pot of coffee is hot.

Billy: Fantastic. Thank you very much for that. I didn’t even look. What time is it?

Lily: Well, it’s late enough that I’ve been up for hours working.

Billy: Are you calling me a slacker? Are you getting competitive about who’s working harder? Because I’ve put in some good time on the midnight shift.

Lily: Oh, did you have another sleepless night?

Billy: Yes. My eyes popped open around 2:48 A.M., As they usually do. Grabbed my phone and came downstairs.

Lily: Was last night like the others?

Billy: Yeah. Yeah. It was good. You know, my stream of consciousness, my free-association brain wave, whatever you want to call it. Got some good ideas down and went back to bed around 4:00 A.M.

Lily: Wow. I didn’t even hear you come back to bed.

Billy: Which means, by my calculation, that would put it at about an hour and 12 minutes of absolute genius. And if you’re asking me, that would be a few hours of a caffeinated morning slog.

Lily: Oh, wow. Who’s being competitive now?

Billy: Mm.

Nate: Hey. Sorry I’m late.

Ashland: Ooh. Hey. Not a problem at all. I was able to get some work while I was waiting. And I ordered you a latte with soy milk.

Nate: Well, thank you. I’m impressed. You know my favorite drink.

Ashland: Well, I realized you had a penchant for them in italy. And besides, this way, we can get, you know, right down to business, no time wasted.

Nate: Wow. But generous and efficient.

[ Laughs ] I should hire you at the hospital to help me navigate through all the over-complicated rules and regulations I have to deal with.

Ashland: Oh, god, no, that’s a terrible idea. I would not last two days. I despise red tape, and it seems to me you’re of the same mind, which makes me wonder if you’re ready for that professional change we talked about.

Amanda: Welcome home.

Phyllis: Hey! Thanks.

Amanda: So, how was milan?

Phyllis: It was really, really nice. It was great spending time with summer and kyle, harrison.

Amanda: And what about the job at marchetti?

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] I’m staying.

Amanda: Yay.

Phyllis: Ugh. I’m not leaving genoa city, okay?

Amanda: And is the reason you’re staying in town — is it standing right over there?

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Phyllis: Okay, I’m not gonna lie. Jack of course did factor in to my decision to stay, my friendship with him. But my friendship with you, too, is important, and with michael. And I should have just taken your advice before I booked my ticket. Okay. There.

Amanda: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. But still, you know, I know that you’re gonna miss your friends, but there are planes and there are phones, and long-distance friendships — they can work. But long-distance romance? That’s a little harder to pull off.

Phyllis: Okay, listen. For real. I have concluded that I’m not gonna have a relationship with jack, a romantic one. We are friends, and we will always be friends. And that’s really important to me. Inevitably, I do something to screw up our relationship, so I’m not gonna do that. As much as I would want to, you know, have a romantic, um, relationship with him, I’m not — I’m not gonna do it. It wouldn’t work.

Amanda: Well, I think you’re selling yourself short. But, yeah, you know yourself better than anyone, so I’m not gonna try and change your mind.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Thank you. I appreciate that.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Fighting bureaucracy is just a part of my job. But I do find it frustrating because what I care about most are the patients. All that paper stuff only takes my attention away from people I’m trying to help. Speaking of which, how are you feeling as of late?

Ashland: Well, look at you. Not only a brilliant doctor, but a master of deflection. Okay, I’ll play that game. That’s fine. I feel great. Thank you for asking. But I’m not letting you off the hook that easy. Nate, I just — I hate seeing you feel so unfulfilled and so frustrated in your work, especially when you could be using your talents toward so many other, more important things than paperwork.

Nate: Okay, look, I didn’t mean to complain. The administrative aspects of what I do are important. Hospitals need to be compliant with regulations. Doctors need to be held accountable. So I understand why the rules exist. I just think a lot of unnecessary complications have been built into the system.

Ashland: Yeah, but, see, that’s exactly why I want you to come over to newman/locke. I’ve had this — I’ve had this idea stuck in my head, right? If we could put together newman’s healthcare divisions with locke’s communication tech, we could create real innovation in that arena with the right leadership.

[ Exhales sharply ] And, see, we would have to find someone who not only understands how to change the current systems, but also can see healthcare in a much bigger way, not just locally, but globally.

Nate: You really put a lot of thought into that. That was quite the pitch.

Ashland: [ Laughs ] Looking at the big picture is, uh, what I do. I’m very good at it. Let me try one more thing. Um, I have been the recipient of an extraordinary healthcare system. And you were so caring and useful during that time. I see this not only as a way to give back to you, but to enable you to give so much to so many more people. Think about it. If you were to leave the hospital and join us, you could take all those insights, all that empathy you have, and use it on a much bigger level. Imagine the change you could make globally if you were to join us at newman/locke.

Victoria: You know, dad, i really can’t seem to figure you out these days.

Victor: Mm.

Victoria: One minute, you’re furious at adam that he almost threw everything away at newman media by falling for billy’s ruse, and then you make the sale of the company contingent on adam being left in charge. Now, I know that you seem okay with sally being installed as coo, but clearly you were upset when I first told you about it.

Victor: I discussed that with both adam and sally, and they were both very persuasive.

Victoria: I’m not buying that, not for a minute. No, I’m not. There is no way that sally is prepared for this job, in my opinion. So, what is this? Is it like a game or another test? What are you after here?

Victor: What I’m always after — unity in the newman family.

Victoria: And you think that by forcing me to work with adam, that’s gonna happen?

Victor: Adam has made mistakes. We’ve all made mistakes, okay? I’m not gonna dismiss him for that. He’s done a pretty damn good job at newman media. I believe in him.

Sally: I am not taking anything for granted or underestimating the complexity of the situation. Of course we have to work fast to get both media teams at both companies integrated. We want them working together and not against each other.

Adam: Well, that is easier said than done.

Sally: You didn’t let me finish. I have already consulted with the chief marketing officers of both chanccomm and newman media to get their take. They were both very receptive to my ideas. They seemed very motivated and ready to collaborate.

Adam: Mm-hmm. That’s ’cause they would rather work together than get fired. I think that there’s still some overlap to be found. But I think that we’re gonna have to do some downsizing before we can even think about expanding.

Sally: So, what are you saying exactly?

Adam: That we should put a pin in the subscription idea for the moment.

Sally: But you’re wrong.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Excuse me?

Sally: It makes sense for a number of reasons. Let me put the numbers in front of you.

Adam: You know what? Why don’t we finish this conversation over breakfast where we can focus in a public place? I’m steve, I lost 138 pounds in nine months on golo

Victoria: You know, you claim that you want family unity, but your actions often suggest something different.

Victor: What would I gain by creating discord?

Adam: Did someone call a family meeting?

Victor: Well…

Adam: It was not on my schedule.

Victoria: Your ears must have been burning. Congratulations on your new title.

Sally: Thank you.

Adam: Well, surely you have more important things to talk about than us.

Victoria: True. In fact, I should be going.

Adam: Well, we won’t keep you. We’re just here for a working breakfast. We’re talking about sally’s ideas on how to capitalize on a bigger and better newman media.

Victoria: Great. Ashland and I would love to, um, hear your ideas. I’m sure that we’ll have some thoughts.

Sally: Yeah, I would love that. I mean, there’s no time like the present. Would you like to do it now?

Victoria: Oh, no. Unfortunately, I can’T. I’m running late for something. But maybe dad would like to join you for a family meal. He loves those.

Victor: Bye, sweetheart.

Adam: What was that all about?

Sally: Pretty good guess.

Victor: Nothing for you two to worry about. So, uh, how are the two of you settling in?

Sally: [ Stammers ] Well, i am excited and energized. And with adam at the helm, i have no doubt that the larger division will flourish. He brings out the best in his employees. He challenges them to back up their ideas and leaves them room to spread their wings. What more could you ask for in a boss?

Victor: Mm.

Adam: I, uh, did not pay her to say that.

Sally: Well, I mean, technically, you do pay me, but not for… that is how I genuinely feel.

Adam: Anyway, uh, things are going well. We should probably get down to business.

Victor: Could I have a word with you, adam, alone? Do you mind, sally?

Sally: Absolutely.

Victor: Thank you.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] What’s up?

Victor: I hope you remember that I asked you to keep an eye on ashland locke, okay?

Adam: I won’t let anything get by me. I know there’s a lot of agendas and power plays at work here.

Victor: Now, sally seems to be very good for you. I mean, you know, she is showering you with compliments.

Adam: Well, the respect is mutual. We have a lot in common. We both have taken our share of slings and arrows, dealt with people’s negative assumptions about us. Sally loves defying those expectations — something that i relate to well, so… anyway, she’ll be, uh, an asset to the executive team.

Victor: Good to know.

Adam: Will you excuse me?

Victor: You bet.

Victoria: I’m sorry. Sorry.

Ashland: Oh!

Victoria: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Ashland: No problem at all. I’ve been making the most of my waiting time this morning.

Victoria: Oh?

Ashland: Yes, trying to convince my friend here to turn in his white coat for a business suit.

Victoria: And?

Nate: I’m still not quite ready to turn in my stethoscope yet, but I must admit your husband is a master salesman.

Victoria: Well, yes, he is definitely used to getting what he wants. I feel sorry for people trying to resist his pull. But, you know, I would also feel bad for the patients and the administrative staff at memorial if you left.

Ashland: You know what? Just stop because you’re supposed to be on my side.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

Ashland: You’re supposed to help me convince him and not give him counterarguments.

Victoria: Look, nate is my friend first and foremost. And you’re talking to him about a major career shift. I know he’s been a wonderful source of support and information for you, but I know that he could conquer any path that he chooses. It’s got to be the right path for you, though, right?

Nate: Mm.

Billy: You know, not to toot my own horn, but I think I might be onto something with these late-night musings, thinking about this idea that devon likes about starting my own podcast.

Lily: Yeah? Want to share your wit and wisdom with the world?

Billy: Yeah. I didn’t take it very serious in the beginning, mostly because i didn’t want to put myself out there. But your idea about doing it anonymously, taking on a persona, you know, changing the names, doing that whole thing — that is definitely one way to go about it. The other way would be me being me. I don’t have to talk about anything that’s not public knowledge, and if the purpose of it is to actually help people overcome adversity and challenges in their life, well, all my challenges, all my adversity — it’s already out there.

Lily: Yeah. No. True. Um…yeah. Look, I love that you’re really excited about this, and I know i encouraged you, but, um…

Billy: But? Come on. Give me the “but.”

Lily: [ Chuckles ] I just want to make sure that the podcast doesn’t take any time or energy away from your coo duties.

Jack: I hope I’m not interrupting.

Amanda: Uh, no, no, not at all. I was just catching up with phyllis about her trip to milan.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Amanda: I had some news that I wanted to share, but —

Phyllis: Oh, I’m sorry. Did you want to share something? I was just yammering on and on about italy.

Amanda: No.

Phyllis: Go. What’s going on?

Amanda: I just have a very interesting job offer on the table.

Phyllis: You do? Well, it must be interesting for you to even consider it. You just started a practice with your sister.

Amanda: Yeah. No. It is, indeed. Um… but, you know, my sister is on her way over here, so I’m gonna sit down and chat with her, and I will tell you all about it afterwards.

Phyllis: You’re gonna leave me hanging, are you?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, I am.

Phyllis: Great.

Amanda: But don’t worry. We’re gonna make a time. We’ll sit down. We’ll chat about everything. We have to catch up.

Phyllis: Alright.

Amanda: Bye.

Imani: Hi.

Phyllis: Hey. Tell me — have you received any more mysterious texts?

Jack: No, and I haven’t responded to the first. If someone’s playing games with me — and I suspect they are — I’m not up for it. Hello, how can I?

Nate: Thanks again for the coffee. I should get going.

Victoria: Oh, no. I hope I didn’t scare you off.

Nate: No, I got a late breakfast date with elena. I promised her a non-cafeteria meal.

Ashland: Listen, I really hope you’ll consider my offer. It wasn’t just idle talk.

Nate: I appreciate it, and i will give it some thought.

Ashland: Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Victoria: So, why are you so intent on convincing nate to leave the medical field for one in business?

Ashland: I just think he’d be good at it. Besides, I get the feeling he’s frustrated and ready to move on.

Victoria: Well, I get that, but I know you, and there’s got to be more to it than that. There are tons of smart people out there with medical backgrounds that can do the same job that you want nate to do. In fact, some of them may be on staff already. So, why him?

Ashland: I’ve always subscribed to the theory that it’s best to surround yourself in business with allies. I trust nate implicitly.

Victoria: You feel like you need more allies now?

Ashland: I think you can never have too many people willing to look out for you.

Billy: Look, the beautiful thing about this podcast is that it only takes an hour out of my day. And the emotional release I get from it actually gives me more energy at work.

Lily: I know. I do like seeing this fire in your eyes.

Billy: Hey, I — i understand, you know, tapping into my subconscious can be a little bit scary, I think because it implies that you’re facing demons, but I have faced many demons over the years and i finally feel like I’m digging deep enough to find the goodness underneath all the trauma. And maybe that’s what it’s all for, everything I’ve been through — and the restless, sleepless nights that I’m going through now. You know, I’ve spent far too long looking at everything that is wrong in my life, and I’m finally seeing the things that are right and coming out of it on the other end. All that anger, the addiction, the bitterness. I feel whole, and I feel well. And I think that is the journey that people are gonna connect with.

Lily: Look, I do think that it’s a valuable experience to share. But what if I’m not ready to share my coo with the public?

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Adam: Oh, please help yourself.

Sally: [ Laughs ] What am I doing? I got so caught up in spit-balling, I did not realize that I was…

Adam: You were stealing my breakfast in broad daylight.

Sally: [ Laughs ] I did not mean to be a food thief.

Adam: It’s fine. I don’t mind sharing. I could get used to it.

Sally: I’m actually not used to having such a big breakfast, so maybe I should sneak in a trip to the gym before I head back to the office to burn off some energy.

Adam: Yeah, I was — I was actually thinking the same thing. It’s very important to have a work-life balance, you know?

Sally: Mm-hmm. Yeah. I think I actually read something about that on one of newman media sites, that if you take a break and you get in some exercise, you’re actually way more productive when you get back to your desk.

Adam: You know what? I like a treadmill as much as the next guy, but I might have a better idea on how to get some cardio in.

Sally: Check, please!

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Sally: [ Chuckles ]

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will continue. Woman: I have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Imani: Lily and billy want you to be chief counsel for chancellor industries? That’s huge.

Amanda: I know, right?

Imani: Um, yeah, but I’m kind of thrown you’re entertaining it. I mean, we just opened our own firm.

Amanda: That is exactly what I told them. And then they told me that there will be a place for you at the company, as well.

Imani: What role did they have in mind?

Amanda: Well, you’d be on the legal team — so, you can work in a specific department or you can continue to work directly under me.

Imani: That’s very generous.

Amanda: And billy and lily — they believe in me and you. And when they get behind something, they go all-in, so they just kept sweetening the deal.

Imani: [ Sighs ] Okay. Um, it’s tempting. I’m open to it. But the decision is really yours to make. So I think you need to ask yourself some hard questions. Or I can ask them.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] Okay. Shoot, counselor.

Imani: Okay. Are you responding positively to the offer because it’s flattering to be asked?

Amanda: Well, that would be extremely superficial and short-sighted of me.

Imani: Mm. Are you playing it safe because you really don’t want to risk taking the chance of going solo? You said you were interested in trial work. Isn’t that why you left chanccomm? So, why would you be interested in going back to a corporate law job?

Phyllis: Jack, you have to be a little bit curious about the texts. I mean all of them — and the random address?

Jack: Actually, I’m not. I guess the question is, why are you?

Phyllis: Because it’s who i am. I am curious. Let me take a look at it. Please?

Jack: Uh…yeah, go ahead. I’m guessing you won’t stop bugging me about it.

Phyllis: No. Definitely not.

Amanda: Well, leaving chanccomm was more about giving me enough time to take down sutton. The legal work at chancellor industries — it would be incredibly varied and exciting. See, chanccomm — it was all media-related. Protecting sources, freedom of speech, libel cases. But heading up the legal department of a massive conglomerate — now, that would never get boring. Not to mention, billy and lily — they are great to work for. And the perks and the pay?

[ Clicks tongue ] Top notch. But most importantly, you and i will still be able to work together, and that is the reason why we wanted to go into private practice in the first place. So, I rest my case.

Sally: Oh, my god, it is like you have never done this before.

Adam: What? Got a key card to work?

Sally: Yeah. That.

Adam: Well, I’m just happy that we got a room despite phyllis’ ban on you being here.

Sally: Okay, well, you’re gonna be a lot happier in a few minutes if you don’t blown it now.

[ Lock whirs, disengages ]

[ Both breathing heavily ]

[ Both chuckle ]

Sally: [ Laughs ] Your dry skin story changes

[ Both breathing heavily ]

Sally: You were right. That was way better than the gym.

[ Both laugh ]

Adam: Wait. What did you say? That I was right? I think you should admit that more often.

Sally: I just did. So don’t get cocky.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sighs ] Okay. Now that we have burned off some excess energy, I have a work-related question that we didn’t get to earlier.

Adam: Wait, should we put clothes on to talk business? Like, maybe we should make that a rule for us?

Sally: Since when do we follow the rules?

Adam: Yeah, that is a good point. Go ahead.

Sally: What was it that victor wanted to talk to you about privately?

Adam: It was, uh, just a family thing.

Sally: But with the newmans, family is business. Victor is watching over us like a hawk, and victoria is our boss, so as your coo, if there is trouble on the horizon, i would be more positioned to help you if I knew what could happen.

Adam: Did you just get me naked so you could pump me for information?

Sally: No. But you did give me a really good idea for next time. Trust is the basis of any good working relationship. You have to trust me with whatever is going on.

Adam: I get the feeling that ashland’s falling out of favor with victor. And my father asked me to keep my eyes open.

Sally: Well, ashland has always been a bit of an enigma to me, someone who always seems to be working an angle. So, are you gonna do what victor is asking — be a spy?

Nate: Thank you for letting me bend your ear about ashland’s job offer.

Elena: Of course. Anytime. And I understand why you might find it tempting to leave the hospital. I have a pile of papers waiting for me, too.

Nate: It’s not just that. The last few staff meetings have been downright contentious.

Elena: And you don’t think working for newman/locke would be contentious?

Nate: [ Sighs ]

Elena: I know you’re friends with ashland and victoria, but come on. They’re gonna lure you in with a big promise, and then they’re gonna definitely have a honeymoon phase, but you’re still gonna be working for the locke-ness monster. And you haven’t seen that side of him yet. Not to mention, victoria isn’t always the warmest person.

Nate: Okay. I see your point. I actually saw a little bit of a competitive dynamic between the two of them earlier.

Elena: And that could be a problem for you if you get caught in their crossfire.

Nate: Yeah, but on the other hand, if ashland’s big-picture talk is for real, think about all the good I could do.

Elena: Mnh, I don’t know. I feel like you need to think long and hard about this, if it’s something you’re seriously considering. Career-wise, it would be a life-changing decision. And you just made one of those. You sure you want to make another one?

Billy: Ah, what a surprise.

Imani: Hi, billy.

Billy: Hi.

Amanda: Well, I’m here with some news. Imani and I have talked, and we are excited to come on board chancellor industries, if the offer is still on the table.

Lily: Yes! It’s on the table! It is! Come on in.

Billy: Come in.

Amanda: Hey.

Imani: Hi.

Lily: Hi.

Amanda: So, I was just telling imani how incredible it is working with the two of you. You guys create a work environment that is vibrant and full of risk, so it keeps things challenging and exciting.

Billy: Yeah, I’m a little guilty of keeping things a little too exciting for the lawyers sometimes.

Lily: No, that’s behind us, though.

Billy: It is. It’s behind us. And, listen, we are in the groove. We have a really good handle on what we need to accomplish at chancellor, and we’re putting all our creative energy into making that a reality, of course because of our boss here and her steadfast leadership. Most importantly, the snacks are way better at chancellor.

Amanda: Oh, well, that is very good to know. But the question is, is there a ledge that we can scream off of when things get too stressful?

Lily: Oh, yeah.

Billy: Oh, we can make that happen for sure. Listen, we are so excited that you’re joining us, and I promise you it is not gonna be boring.

Amanda: With billy around, it never is.

Imani: Well, I appreciate the opportunity, and I plan on working my butt off.

Lily: Great. Well, I mean, if you’re chancellor’s two newest employees, then let’s, uh, get to work, yeah?

Amanda: Alright, let’s do it.

Lily: Alright. Sit, please. Um, as you know, we have a lot going on right now, right, including the partnership with hamilton-winters. So I think maybe we should start on creating a template for our agreements of the work that we’re gonna do with our creative teams.

Amanda: Okay, we can get working on that today. But my initial thought is it should all be work-for-hire so that we own the I.P.

Lily: Well, actually, I’ve done some research, and i disagree.

[ Laughs ] I think it’s counter to our mission to own our creatives’ intellectual property, so I’d love to create a template that can kind of be a win-win situation for both sides.

Amanda: Okay. Got it.

Lily: Yeah?

Amanda: I look forward to coming up with some options for you to consider. We will work on that today. See? I told you that this job would keep us on our toes.

Amanda: Wow. I mean, did we just join chancellor industries?

Imani: Mm-hmm. Oh, it happened. Now we have to figure out how to get out of our office lease.

Amanda: And find a few lawyers to take over the cases that we have right now.

Imani: [ Sighs ] This is a big move. But I feel good about it.

Amanda: So do I. It feels right.

Imani: Mm-hmm. And I wouldn’t have this opportunity if it weren’t for you, so thank you.

Amanda: Oh, come on. You have more than proven yourself as a sound, talented, legal mind, okay? I would not have asked you to start a firm with me if that wasn’t the case.

Imani: Mm-hmm. Can I ask you something personal?

Amanda: Of course. We’re family.

Imani: Is there some sort of history between you and billy?

Amanda: What would make you think that?

Imani: I just thought i picked up on a dynamic earlier.

Amanda: Billy and I are just friends…

Imani: [ Laughs ]

Amanda: …Who helped each other through some rough patches.

Imani: Mm, well, he seems like a very interesting person.

Amanda: Mm.

Imani: I’m guessing this next chapter is going to be quite a ride.

Amanda: Huh. With billy involved, you can count on that.

Billy: Well, I would say we really bolstered the chancellor team, adding amanda and imani. Good job.

Lily: Thank you. I couldn’t agree more.

Billy: And I love the way you handled the content agreement between hamilton-winters on the joint venture — fantastic.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Billy: Feels like any worries that you had about not being able to do this job are long gone.

Lily: Yeah. I got to say, I’m feeling confident.

Billy: Good.

Lily: You know? I think I have this. And it feels pretty damn good.

Billy: Yeah. Well, it looks pretty damn good on you.

Lily: [ Laughs ]

Adam: I definitely let my father believe that I was ready and willing to report back to him. But am I actually going to do it? Um…I don’t know. A part of it bothers me, playing my father’s game.

Sally: ‘Cause it undermines your position. It makes it seem like you wouldn’t be in charge of newman media if you weren’t doing victor’s bidding.

Adam: Exactly. And I resent him for that. Because I’m not a chess piece in his game with victoria and ashland. I mean, I earned my ceo title, and I earned the power that goes with it.

Sally: Well, you need to look out for yourself first… because that’s exactly what your father and your sister would do, right?

Adam: Right.

Sally: Don’t freak out… but I get you.

Adam: Who’s freaking out?

Victoria: I hope that you consider me an ally.

Ashland: Of course I do. I always will. But we both know victor is up to something.

Victoria: I don’t disagree. I ran into him earlier at society, and I was very surprised to find out that he actually supports sally as coo, after I gave him plenty of ammunition to give adam a hard time about it. But he was all smiles when sally and adam walked in to present her fabulous ideas about newman media.

Ashland: I wonder what his play is.

Victoria: Other than keeping us guessing, I have no idea. But I intend to find out.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Victor: Well, now, michael baldwin, how the hell are you?

Michael: Ah, the country’s beautiful. The cuisine is — mmm! — Delicious. The people are friendly.

Victoria: I don’t remember sending you to peru on a vacation.

Michael: Uh, I know how to make my job fun. I just got to enjoy this amazing meal with a very talkative doctor who recently left his job at — wait for it — the same clinic where ashland received his miracle treatment.

Victor: Why did he leave?

Michael: Well, he was fired for questioning some of the decisions his bosses made.

Victor: Did he tell you anything about ashland locke?

Michael: He remembered him clearly. Uh, he said there was a story about the treatment and his condition, one he would happily tell me in great detail for a price.

Victor: So, what are you waiting for?

Michael: So, I have your authorization to pay this gentleman a fee for his services?

Victor: You bet. You pay him anything he wants. Have that man talk on the record about ashland locke. I need incontrovertible proof about locke’s deception. Alright?

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Chance: You did it again.

Devon: What’d I do?

Chance: You saved dominic when I couldn’T.

Phyllis: Somebody has been sending jack cryptic messages, trying to get him to come to los angeles. We’re not really sure, but we’re starting to think that chemo has something to do with it.

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