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you don’t look too much worse for the wear. Please don’t say that prison is agreeing with me. No. Never. But it doesn’t seem to have hurt you too much, either. Well, there’s a heat wave going on, and there’s no a/c in my cell. Maybe as mayor you could pull some strings. That’s actually a state-levelissue, but I’ll do what I can. Tell me — how are you really doing? As much as I’d like to spin some awful tale of woe, other than being bored and restless… I’m doing fine. My uncle victor is looking out for me. That’s what I was afraid of. Ava: Ohh. Is it hot in here or is it me? Oh, it’s you. Well, focus. We have a lot to do before our vow renewal. Even a small ceremony takes planning. Well, not to mention the vows themselves. Mm! I’ve decided I’m not gonna write any. So you’re gonna wing it? Yeah, I’m just gonna be spontaneous and say whatever’s in my heart at the moment. Why? Are you planning a big speech about love and obsession and eternity? I mean, I wouldn’t say that, but, uh…

[ Laughs ] I can’t wait. I’m sure even at your most cassadine-esque, you won’t be too much over the top. I want it to be poetic. Poetic? Like, um… …”there once was a girl named jerome who made spoon island her home.”

[ Both laugh ] How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach. I love thee with the breath, smiles, tears of all my life. And if… and if god chooses, I shall love thee better after death. So, what spinelli says is that the bug that we planted on victor didn’t malfunction. Verdammt! I knew it. Do you think maybe victor just found the bug and destroyed it? At least it worked long enough for us to overhear that he has plans to use drew cain. Right, but we’re still no closer to finding out where peter took maxie. Hey. Maybe you’re not, but drew is. And he brought backup. -Thank you. -Yeah. Come in. Hey. Agent muller: All of our resources are at your disposal. Great. I-I want to assure you that apprehending peter august, A.K.A. Henrik faison, is our highest priority. Great. And thank you so much, agent muller. Agent krieger? Yes. Um, everyone is aware that my colleagues, dante falconeri and drew cain, they have full clearance, yeah? Yeah, yeah. They have. Mr. Falconeri, it’s so good to see you’re recovering from your ordeal in ankara. Oh, good. You, uh — you know about that, too, huh? Of course. Hm. And, mr. Cain, any knowledge you have from your captivity with peter august would be of great use to us. Anything I can do to help. Of course. And you say that you interviewed the woman that found maxie’s S.O.S. On the mirror in the restroom? Yeah, we did. She was able to identify the photo of the hostage. Surveillance video captured an image of the car with two passengers. We also have a license plate. Oh, that’s great. Thank you. Well, with any luck, we’re one step closer to finding maxie. I hope. I do not think that this is a good idea for you to come with us on this search for maxie and peter. I just don’T. Why not? Brook lynn and chase are looking after louise and spinelli has georgie and james. Well, what about mac? He has robert. Maxie is my daughter. I need to see this through. Yeah, I understand that. But this could get dangerous, you know? This is not my first rodeo.

[ Sighs ] Wow. Yeah. I — I get it. What’s that? Um, why you felt safe here when you were a boy. This house is like one big architectural hug. Aptly put.

[ Inhales deeply ] Yes, I do love it here, out in the middle of nowhere. And since no one cared about me or my childhood, no one will ever associate me with this place, which makes it the perfect refuge. No one will ever find us here.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Thank you. Oh! I gave trina your gift. Did she like it? Oh, she loved it!

[ Laughs ] Good to know. Yeah. You got very good taste in friends. There is a lovely young lady. I agree. Trina is awesome. But if you can trust my judgment about her, can you also trust my feelings about uncle victor? Trina’s a very good person. Your uncle victor, on the other hand… I know that you have a low opinion of him. Spencer… your uncle victor is responsible for countless abductions and deaths, and let us not forget that he and his father and his brothers had a plan to take over the world by using that giant diamond, the ice princess, to mess with the weather patterns to freeze the world. All I know is that if it hadn’t been for uncle victor, I would be in pentonville. You know something?

[ Chuckling ] If you can find the good in — in victor… why can’t you find the good in your own father? Elizabeth barrett browning. The way she could turn passion into poetry is unparalleled. You know, you surprise me, victor. I thought you would have been more of a sophocles fan. Ooh! Oh-ho, I am! But…sophocles couldn’t write a love story to save his life, whereas me, well, I’m an incurable romantic. Yeah, as a matter of fact, one of my hobbies is collecting romantic poetry. First editions, original letters. Actually, did you know that, even today, if you were to acquire a genuine first hand epistle, you could find a lock of the author’s hair enclosed within? Better to clone them with, huh? Ooh. Sharp as a dagger, this one. You married well, my boy. But, ava, you, um — your assumptions about me are a little outdated. Yeah, the most valuable lesson I learned as head of the wsb was authoritarianism leads to admin. Not so much fun. What a relief. Yeah, so, even though I no longer wish to control the world, I am still determined to save it. Preferably one life at a time. Hm, starting with your former co-conspirator peter august? Peter august betrayed me in greece. Why on earth would I want to help him? He couldn’t have escaped alone. Well, good riddance is what I say. Everybody wants him dead. “Gone forever” will suffice. It’s too bad he took maxie with him. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you, uncle? Dante and drew are with anna in zurich. They have a lead on peter. If we find peter, we find maxie. Hopefully. Don’t assume it will be that easy. Despite anna’s effort to apprehend him, peter has slipped through her grasp at every turn. Not to mention the possibility that drew may still be under peter’s influence.

Nein. If there’s any hope of catching and killing peter, I need to go to zurich myself. Uh, no, you don’T. As if you could stop me. By going after a homicidal fugitive, you are endangering yourself and others. Involuntary commitment to the psych ward for 72 hours. Boom. You would abuse your power that way? To protect you from peter and yourself? Yes, I would. I’m impressed by your willingness to pretzel the rules and touched by your concern, and yet, I am still going.

[ Scoffs ] Try it, and I will harpoon you with a spear gun. Again. The suspect was last tracked heading into the jura mountains. Okay. So, unfortunately, there are so many small winding roads there, I-it makes it difficult to search. Could he get back on the autobahn and — and head for the border? Well, every border crossing is on the lookout for them. And they could just ditch that car and find another one. O-or they could probably hike, right? Yeah, unfortunately, it’s very possible for them to cross the border into france on foot. And since switzerland is such a small country and… in other words, we are running out of breadcrumbs. I think you’ll find it’s quiet here. It’s peaceful, maxie. And this place is equipped with everything we could ever want. We can live here together peacefully and comfortably without ever having to see anyone, except the caretaker. You really think it’s possible for us to just “disappear”? Well, this property’s private. It’s — it’s isolated. None of our family and friends or colleagues have any idea about it. And if I’m wrong, I have an escape plan all set.

I washed my hands of peter august back in crete. But let’s not waste time on him, not when we’re planning a family celebration. Actually, nikolas and I decided to keep our vow renewal a very private affair. We won’t need anybody, in fact, but the two of us. Oh. Well, I do hope you’ll change your mind. Especially as I’ve already picked out the perfect gift. Thanks, but no thanks. Well, I’m not one to turn down a faberge egg. Even if it’s stolen? Depends where from.

[ Chuckles ] Actually, I was thinking of something a lot more valuable. Such as? A reunion. Between you and your son. Spencer: My father. When I think about

[Clears throat] How close we were when I was a kid… what happened to that guy? I know you feel that your father abandoned you. He pretended that he was dead. It did not only “feel” like my father abandoned me. He did abandon me. Okay. Okay. But, spencer, you have punished him for that, many times. Both he and ava. I hate ava. I know that you probably find that a strong word, but trust me, it’s not. And as angry as I am at ava for breaking her promise to me and letting valentin off the hook, my father did far worse. No. Your father never did anything as bad as victor. Never. My dad is the reason that britt was a fugitive for years. He married hayden and then turned against her. One by one, he has systematically removed the people who I care most about from my life. And who does he keep? Ava. Ava. And, sure, uncle victor, he may be far from perfect.

[ Scoffs ] Did you not hear the part about world domination? Well, at least he puts his family first. Oh, spencer. A lot of evil has been done in the name of the “family.” All I know is that I feel safe in here knowing that victor cassadine has my back. I should be going. I understand. You have a city to run.

[ Sighs ] Just remember your father told you that you are not alone. And you said when you come out that you would be willing to s– I said maybe. That’s a start. I love you. Britta, this is no time to stay on the sidelines. Maxie’s life is at stake. W-wait. Hold on. Even if you were able to get access to a private jet, zurich is at least eight and a half hours away. Who knows where peter and maxie would be by then? You’re in touch with detective falconeri, right? Yeah, but it’s not like he keeps me posted on his every move. Well, isn’t somebody keeping tabs on victor? Dr. Gatlin-holt is just grasping at straws. If victor is involved, you need to tell us what you know. Okay. So… yeah, well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. What did you do? Planted a bug on victor cassadine. So, maxie left one earring with louise when she and peter dropped her at the firehouse. And the other one she left where she wrote her plea for help on the mirror in the restroom. So obviously she’s actively trying to leave a trail for us. But unfortunately, point “a” and point “b” are two different continents and an ocean apart. I mean, really, it’s kind of amazing peter didn’t find that message in the restroom. Right. If maxie’s trail has led us as far as it can, we got to start thinking like peter. Okay. Yeah. No, you’re right. So, these mountains, they offer peter any number of choices where he could hide. So, this place is difficult to find but easy to leave? Let’s just say I always find my way out, maxie. And if we ever need, it’s a short trip to the autobahn and then to the borders. Which border? Please say italy or france. This place was once a sanctuary to me. And now it’s our refuge. And in time, I believe you’ll come to see it as our home. I can already see it now. You and — and me and our little… what? Peter, why are you looking at me like that? What happened to your earrings? Smooth dark chocolate, refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. Rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. That’s how you rolo. I have a secret. I’m done settling. Because this is my secret. No really! I put it on once… no more touch-ups! Because this stick actually works! Secret had ph balancing minerals; and it helps eliminate odor, instead of just masking it. So no more t-rex waves or covering up stinky pits when you’re not cold. Pull it in close. Just trust me. Secret works. Need a cleanser that does more?New and improved cetaphil cleansers are specially formulated with our dermatologist-backed blend of ingredients to reinforce your skin’s moisture barrier. Cetaphil. Complete care for your sensitive skin. If you really wantto help heal the rift between my son and me, uncle, you’ll respect our boundaries and you’ll leave us to heal on our own. Yes, well, I’ve been doing exactly that for some time, and I haven’t noticed a lot of progress. I mean, ever since that poor boy got back to port charles, he’s been bounced from place to place. Spencer has made his own choices. Yes, he has. There’s no denying that. But one choice he didn’t make are his current surroundings — prison. But he did, though. They’re called consequences. How to explain… ava, do you — do you really want to cast yourself as the wicked stepmother, hmm? Locking the mischievous little prince up in the tower? I gave that little prince every opportunity to make amends, and he has been unrepentant. So this is how you’re planning to retaliate? By denying him a place at your renewal celebration, a place in your lives? That’s what you want for your stepson? Keep him looking in on his own family from afar? Oh, come on. Ava, you must agree. It’s incumbent on the adults to make the first gesture of reconciliation. Look, if nikolas won’t listen to me, maybe he’ll listen to you. My son doesn’t need your help, victor, and neither does spencer. How can you be so sure? I’ve just come from spring ridge. Laura, please, do sit. I’m fine. How’s spencer doing? Better than anyone could have imagined because someone is looking after him on the inside. Why am i not surprised? What, like, another inmate or guard? What? At least one guard. Anything to add? If I have taken steps to ensure my great-nephew’s safety, then I really can’t see any harm in that. But I’m gonna leave you all to your lunch. Perhaps you ladies can talk some reason into nikolas where I can’t, for spencer’s sake. Yuck! I thought he’d never leave. Well, I… I hate to be the one to say this, but… I think uncle victor has a point. So, on paper, the plan made a lot of sense. I threaten victor, and then your mom swooped into his rescue and planted a bug on his lapel. And did it work? It did. We were able to overhear an entire conversation he was having with a certain johann — clearly a henchman of some sort. And what did they say? Well, victor wants to find peter as much as we do. Did he give you, like, some sort of clue or lead, something that can tell us where peter’s taken maxie? No. The bug was destroyed. Great. So victor knows you’re onto him. Oh, my god.

[ Scoffs ] Did it occur to either of you that instead of victor leading you to peter and maxie you may have just tipped him off? Zurich! Of course. Of course, what? Isn’t it obvious? What if peter’s just hiding in plain sight? Playing tourist? There are plenty of places the suspect and the hostage could hole up. Public places where people still expect privacy. That way, nobody’s gonna notice if they stay in. Yeah, plenty of tourist towns with attractions. Like, off– off-beat attractions? We have so many. There are castles, museums, nature trails. There’s even an old salt mine that’s now a museum and a — and a boutique. A salt mine? What? What are you thinking? Maybe peter’s telling us where he’s going in his own words.

[ Scoffs ] Think. What was that place called? I’m so sorry I can’t be at the wedding. I completely understand. I just hope maxie can forgive me. Oh, felicia, I’m sure she already has. We both understand your — your great-aunt is very ill, and if she didn’t mean the world to you, then you wouldn’t be traveling all the way to… agua dulce. It’s so small, it’s not even a town. It’s just a census-designated place. Hmm. It sounds charming. Oh, it is. Maxie should bring you to visit some time. It’ll give you a sense of scale.

[ Chuckles ] You’re such a city boy. Well, not always. In fact, my favorite place on earth is in the swiss alps, miles away from anywhere. Swiss alps. Where? Are you really worried about my earrings? You’re never without them. And yet here you are. Yeah, well, I noticed on the plane that I had lost one, probably in the mad rush out of port charles when we had to leave our daughter. And since it’s just some random costume jewelry, I threw out the other one. Oh, it doesn’t matter. It’s only diamonds and rubies for you from here on out. I really don’t care about jewelry. I just want my children to be safe. I miss our daughter, too, maxie. We just… we just have to give it some time. You know? Let the trail go cold. So all those agencies and my enemies find themselves discouraged. And then one day, when it’s safe, we can bring louise to us. And in the meantime, if the worst should ever happen and we’re discovered, I’m prepared.

Ava, you have to realize my uncle’s offer to broker peace between spencer and me is intended to achieve exactly the opposite. But if he succeeds where we have failed? He will have ingratiated himself to the whole family and indoctrinated spencer to his cause. And victor’s cause is gonna be far worse than anything spencer has ever done to us. Oh, absolutely. Victor is devious, ava, in a very deadly way. He’s far more dangerous than spencer could ever be. And the fact that we’re sitting here discussing that means that we’re onto him. I mean, we’ll see him coming a mile away. And if — if we play along, he may reveal his agenda. It’s still a risk. It would be a mistake to underestimate my uncle. I don’t think we’re doing that, though. There is an alternative, one that could reunite you with your son and undercut victor at the same time. What’s that? Swallow your pride. You go visit your son at spring ridge. You seem well, all things considered. Ah, well, let’s just say that whoever calls this place a country club has never actually been to one.

[ Chuckles ] I assume samuel is keeping an eye on you. Yeah, I’m well protected. I know that I have you to thank for that, and believe me, I am grateful. Even though your grandmother considers me a bad influence? Are you? Well, to be completely honest, she — I’ve given her very little reason to think otherwise. And listen, if — if my concern for your well-being is — is making things harder for you — it’s n– it’s not. Other than my grandmother, you’re the one person that I can count on. Hm. Really? Well, I find that a little hard to believe. What about — what about the lovely esme? I think that, uh, my being stuck here may be putting a strain on esme’S…devotion. Oh. I’m sure it’s just a lovers’ spat. The ups and downs of life, as they say. Listen, after all, she blew up a car for you. Now, if that isn’t devotion, I don’t know what is. Well, when you put it like that. And as for your grandmother, look, um… the last thing I want to do is get between you and family. You are my family. They may want me to forget that, but I won’T. Whatever you think is obvious, does it have something to do with where peter’s taken maxie? That’s the obvious part. I know where to find her. Great. Are you gonna share? I can’t waste my time explaining. I need to contact anna. Peter wrote this novel, right? I-it’s called “severed branch.” Oh, yeah, there’s a copy with the other background materials. Okay. So, basically, the whole book is an allegory for his childhood. And in it, I-I seem to remember that he — he refers to working in the salt mines. That’s a common expression. Right. I know. But in this book, the character sort of refers to the salt mines with affection. So you’re saying that’s where he took maxie? Oh, I don’t know. It’s just —

[ Cellphone rings ] Hang on. Sorry. It’s liesl.

[ Cellphone rings ] Shall I? Okay. Yeah. What’s going on? Salt mines. Find the salt mines, and you’ll find peter and maxie. Salt mines. Yeah, that’s what we’re just figuring out. There are three salt mines in the country. Two up here near basel and the one I mentioned near bex. Okay. That’s a pretty large area we’re looking at. I-is there any way that you can narrow down the search for us, liesl? Did peter ever mention the farm? What farm? Where he became the man he is today. What was the name? Peter said it. It was…v-something. Vuh– oh, yes, it’s this quaint, picturesque farm tucked away from the world. The closest place is a tiny, little remote village miles away from anywhere. If it were any tinier, it’d be a census-designated place.

[ Laughs ] What’s it called?

Versteckte weise. Ah! [ Chuckles ] That’s, uh, quite a mouthful. Oh, it’s german for “hidden meadow.” Peter, can you put that away? You don’t need that right now. Of course. Of course. I’m — I’m sure you don’t mind if I keep it handy, though, right? Whatever you think is necessary. I appreciate your faith in me. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic. Not that i could blame you. You know, there’s something I’ve been struggling with for a while. I’ve spent so much time being angry with you, and the whole time you’ve just said, you love me and you’ve been doing everything for me and for louise. I didn’t believe you. A-and I was wrong. You were willing to leave louise behind at that firehouse, a child you’ve been longing to hold and — and care for. That’s not selfish. That’s the opposite. That’s

when I realized that loveis what’s driving you. I mean, your love is the kind of love we can build our lives around. You know, it’s not gonna be easy. But one day, louise and georgie and james, they’re gonna be with us. And I just have to live and hope for that day. No matter what.

I’m not sure spencer’s gonna be open to me visiting him. You’re his father, nikolas. You have to try. As angry as I have been with spencer, I urge you to repair your relationship with him. You know what I would give for that chance with kiki. Yeah. You’re right. I’ll reach out. Good. Well, go. Hurry up. I think we can all guess where victor was going when he left here. Straight back to spring ridge to be sure that I didn’t turn spencer against him. And if victor’s already put his plan in motion to reunite spencer and me? Look, if his scheming and plotting ends up bringing the two of you together, then I’m all for it. I mean, aren’t you? I’ll give it a shot. Good. You won’t regret this. Nikolas: Alright. I’m proud of you. Thanks. Mm. Giving uncle victor a pass, are we? For now. Laura collins, what are you up to? Good. Yes. Uh, thanks for the update. Everything alright? Yes, everything is splendid, except for one thing. Uh, I have to run. I appreciate the time. You’re a busy man. Oh, nonsense. You’re family. Well, likewise. Well, thank you. And that is — is why I am — I want you to know I’m doing everything I can to change. Well, at least to change people’s perception of me. Despite what people think, all I want is what’s best for my family. I just wish grandmother would give you a chance. Oh, well, you leave laura to me. You just keep your eyes on the prize — your freedom and your future. I’ll try. And when you leave this place, I want you to — to walk out with your head held high. Big things are in the wind, my boy. And we’re gonna need to stick together as a family. That includes you and your father. My father — is a cassadine. The future belongs to us, spencer. And you? You’re the heir to all that. And more. There was a youth camp where peter spent his school holidays when he was a child. Find that farm, and you’ll find peter. Then do what you have to do to bring maxie home. Thank you, liesl. Who knew this dreck could be a road map? If it’s an allegory, though, how clear are the directions in there? I-I don’t know. I mean, there is a farm in here, and from what I remember, it was close to the oldest salt mine. Okay. Yeah. The one near bex here. Okay. In the book, peter refers to it as a place that was filled with all kinds of animals. And children. You’re right, maxie. We’ll make this place a real home for our whole family. Somehow I don’t see mac and felicia understanding, but if there’s anything you’ve proven to me, it’s that there’s nothing you can’t make happen. I try.

[ Sighs ] And this place, it’s really well-equipped. But we should still make a list of — of personal items and request things that we might want for gustav, the caretaker, to get for us in the village. Does this village have a name?

Versteckte weise.

Versteckte weise? Close enough.

[ Chuckles ] It’s so small, it only appears on the local maps. Might be considered a census-designated place. Oh, well, I can’t wait to see it. When you trust me enough. I know you’ll love it. If you want to familiarize yourself with the area, there — there are some paper maps in the cabinet. The gps signal, it’s pretty spotty out here. Oh, I’m not looking to get a signal. I just want to get used to my new surroundings. Ooh! It’s kind of cold in here. Well, I-I could go turn the heat up. Or, actually, I’ll — I’ll work on building us a fire. How’s that? I’d really like that. Since I left for college, my dad has gotten back into some of his old hobbies.

[ Fan humming ] Is there nothing that anyone can do about the a/c in here? This is a government facility. Even your uncle can only swing so much. Anything’s possible, right? Who knows — maybe my family and i will one day learn to get along. Victor is definitely bending over backwards to try to impress and win over spencer. And that can only mean one thing — that he’s gonna use him. Do you have any idea what he’s planning? No. But i will find out.

[ Exhales deeply ] Ugh, good god. Feels like santorini in the middle of an eruption. Ah! Hephaestus himself would feel quite at home.

[ Exhales deeply ] Ah. Johann. I’m impressed. I didn’t think you would be amenable to this kind of climate. I can handle the heat. Yeah, well, the question is, can peter august? Our man reports that anna devane has arrived overseas with detective falconeri and drew cain. Then our man needs to solve this problem right now. I want peter august dead. Is that understood? Completely. Good. Oh, and tell our man that anna and dante are expendable. If they get in the way, he shouldn’t hesitate to eliminate them. But drew cain… he’s much too valuable to me to lose. Okay, so — uh, dr. Gatlin-holt. I believe you have rounds. I suggest you get back to them. Helping to find maxie is not interfering with my patient care. But it might be interfering with finding maxie. Let the professionals do their job. We’ll keep you posted. Hey, austin. You don’t have to worry. Dante, drew, and anna, they will bring maxie home. I hope you’re right. Dr. Obrecht: I share your faith, ms. Mccall, but I must remind you that at one point or another, that schwein henrik has outmaneuvered us all, myself included. Which is not easy to do. If peter really is “the severed branch” from cesar’s poisoned tree, believe me — he will not go down without a fight. Well, if the book is any indication at all, the farm should be located somewhere here in the mountains. Okay. Right. Well, what do you think?

[ Cellphone rings ] Drew: I think… krieger. Our mutual friend would like to know — have you located the gentleman? Let’s just say I know how to find him. Just do what you have to do. Any additional instructions? Devane and falconeri are expendable. Drew cain must not be harmed. That complicates things. You’re paid to handle complications. Get it done. Peter is so arrogant that he will not be able to resist trying to prove that he’s one step ahead of us. And he has left us a clue, one that he thinks only he knows, and it will link him to the farm, and that’s what we have to find. Flight attendant:

Attention, passengers.

The captain has turned the “fasten seatbelts” light on

as we begin our final descent

into zurich. Planning a hike? Oh, um, I was actually thinking that we could take a walk and, you know, talk some more. What a lovely idea. But I’m afraid it’ll have to wait till tomorrow. It’s getting dark soon. That’s when the wolves come out.

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