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Billy: You know what? I got too much going on right now. So I will sleep when I’m old.

Devon: I hope you’re kidding. I know lily wouldn’t want you to run yourself ragged making this project happen, that’s for sure.

Billy: I appreciate your concern, but really, it’s not a big deal. You know, it just — it feels like lately that’s where I’m getting most of my thinking done, where I’m feeling creative. I don’t know, maybe it’s the darkness, maybe it’s the fact that everyone’s sleeping and it’s actually quiet.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Maybe that’s why they call it the witching hour, because anything’s possible.

Devon: Aren’t you exhausted when you go to work the next day, though?

Billy: Well, that’s the thing. It can be a little bit tricky, but it’s nice to work from home. Sneak in a little nap once in a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll turn out to be nocturnal.

Devon: [ Laughs ] I don’t know if Lily would like that very much.

Billy: Well, it does have its benefits.

Devon: Does it?


Billy: And once we get off the ground, people are gonna write in, and we’ll have no shortage of material.

Devon: Yeah, you’re right about that. I mean, it makes the possibilities endless for what we can talk about. And like you said, I mean, i think too, we’re all asking ourselves those big life questions every day, like you’re doing up late at night.

Billy: Yeah, exactly. You know, maybe I’ll start my own podcast.

Devon: That’s not a bad idea.

Billy: Oh, come on.

Devon: It’s not.

Billy: Actually, you know what? It is a good idea because if my midnight musings bore people to tears, we can flip it on its head and use it as a cure for insomnia.

Devon: Oh, come on.

Billy: I’ll acquire a upper-crust British accent and i will talk about my feelings.

Devon: You’re joking. I’m being very serious about it. I really am, ’cause you said that your soul-searching led to a really valuable conversation with Lily, and you could be doing that for a lot of other people on a much wider scale.

Billy: I don’t know about that.

Devon: Nah, encouraging them to dig deep.

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