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Devon: Hey.

Billy: Hey. Thank you for making this happen so early.

Devon: Absolutely. Absolutely. It all worked out well, given how iffy my day is going.

Billy: Yeah, I’m sure it’s a stressful time. Have you heard anything about what’s causing dom’s symptoms?

Devon: I have not. I have not. It’s not easy.

Billy: No, it’s not. I remember when delia had leukemia. We were looking for a bone marrow donor.

Devon: I forgot that you went through that at all.

Billy: Yeah. You know, it was a long time ago, but the memories are still very much vivid.

Devon: I can imagine. Getting together yesterday and talking about lily’s idea helped occupy my mind for a little bit, but just so you know, if abby or chance or the hospital calls, i might need to cut this meeting short.

Billy: Absolutely. What do you say we dive in?

Devon: Yes, please. Let’s do it.

Billy: Okay, so I put together a little something here. Take a look.

Devon: Oh, wow.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Goodness, man, you — it’s color-coded.

Billy: Yeah.

Devon: Look at that. You were not joking when you said you were thinking big.

Billy: Well, you know what? I woke up in the middle of the night, and I had a few ideas i wanted to jot down before they disappeared, and then everything else kind of kept flowing, so —

Devon: Hang on a second, you did this last night?

Billy: Yeah, pretty much.

Devon: So you were up late last night, the night before that, and two nights ago? Do you ever sleep?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Lily: When I saw this, i couldn’t resist.

Amanda: Oh, “jazz baby.” That is the cutest.

Lily: I know. On dom, it’s gonna be adorable.

Amanda: Thank you. Thank you so much. That’s so thoughtful.

Lily: Of course. Any excuse to buy baby things.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: How’s he doing, by the way? Is he feeling any better?

Amanda: Well, according to devon, nothing has changed. He’s still lethargic. He’s not eating the way that he should.

Lily: Does the doctor know what’s going on yet?

Amanda: They’re still waiting on test results.

Lily: Well, I really hope it’s something easy to treat.

Amanda: Yeah, me too. But I’m assuming that you’re not just here to drop off a baby gift.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, no, I also wanted to chat with you one-on-one, see how you’re doing. And, you know, just wondering how your law practice is going.

Amanda: Good, good. It’s going really, really well. Um, it’s a little slow right now. That’s why I’m home today. But we did get a huge rush of clients in the beginning, so much so that we had to turn people away, but now the wave of cases are wrapping up, so…

Lily: Must be nice to have a breather.

Amanda: Yeah, but we are gonna need to drum up some clients soon to pay for this fancy office space.

Lily: Wow, that’s a lot of pressure.

Amanda: Yeah. I’m not overly concerned. My sister imani, she has a lot of political connections and we have friends and family who have agreed to, you know, refer clients our way, so…

Lily: Yeah, but are sutton’s cronies gonna want to work with the lawyer who helped bring him down?

Amanda: Why would you ask that? Because it sounds like you’re trying to make me have doubts about my firm.

Lily: No, I’m not. I just, you know, think maybe you should cast a wider net for clients.

Amanda: Well, I am doing some networking on my own. But if there was someone specific that you had in mind, i would love to hear it.

Lily: Well, actually, I do of a pretty big client looking for legal representation.

Amanda: Really?

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: Who is it?

Lily: It’s me.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

Rey: There we go — right over there, there’s our guy. You see him?

Chance: Yep.

Rey: He’s disabling the security system. Alright, so, I’m gonna circle around to the east side of the house. When I get there, you come at him from the other side, alright?

Chance: Yeah. Okay.

[ Smashing ]

Abby: Great, there’s coffee. I’m definitely gonna need this today.

Chance: How’s dom doing? How’s he feeling? Or how’s he seem?

Abby: [ Sighs ] Well, he’s sweet and affectionate. I tried to sing him that goofy song that he really likes — the one that always makes him laugh — and I could barely get a smile out of him. Then he went back to sleep. I mean, we have to figure out what is causing this.

Chance: Yeah, don’t worry. The doctors are on it. We should be getting these test results back any time now.

Abby: I’m just so thankful that you’re here and I have you to lean on. I mean, if this had happened while you were away, I would be losing my mind. I’m already close to it.

[ Sighs ] Just when you hold me in your arms, you make me believe that our little boy is gonna be okay.

[ Sighs ]

Allergies don’t have to be


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Amanda: You need a lawyer? What for? Is there some kind of issue with your contract at chancellor industries?

Lily: No, no, jill’s been great. She accommodated all of my requests.

Amanda: Oh, wow, that’s nice.

Lily: Yeah, no, she really believes in my vision for the company, even though my method is less traditional.

Amanda: Well, I’m so glad to hear that because that is not always the case. You know, I remember my partner back in madison. He was fairly stuck in his ways, and that was so frustrating at times. That’s why I’m trying really hard with imani, since she’s a little less experienced, not to be so rigid about, “this is the way that it’s done.” It’s good to be open to new ideas, you know?

Lily: Yeah, no, it is. I mean, honestly, I wish more people were like it. I mean, we have some, you know, senior execs at chancellor that are great — they’ve been there for years — but, you know, they’re very resistant to change and innovation.

Amanda: Putting up road blocks, testing your limits.

Lily: Yes, absolutely, and then to top it all off, we had someone resign, someone that i had been hoping to promote to division head.

Amanda: I’m sorry. That must have been so disappointing.

Lily: Yeah, but, honestly, in the end, it’s for the best. I mean, billy and I want people there that believe in where the company is headed.

Amanda: Yeah, and you had that at chanccomm, and it produced great results.

Lily: I know that because you were one of my top people on the team. So when I said I needed legal representation, that’s what i had in mind. I want you to work with billy and me again, but this time, at the mothership — chancellor corporate.

Billy: You know what? I got too much going on right now. So I will sleep when I’m old.

Devon: I hope you’re kidding. I know lily wouldn’t want you to run yourself ragged making this project happen, that’s for sure.

Billy: I appreciate your concern, but really, it’s not a big deal. You know, it just — it feels like lately that’s where I’m getting most of my thinking done, where I’m feeling creative. I don’t know, maybe it’s the darkness, maybe it’s the fact that everyone’s sleeping and it’s actually quiet.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Maybe that’s why they call it the witching hour, because anything’s possible.

Devon: Aren’t you exhausted when you go to work the next day, though?

Billy: Well, that’s the thing. It can be a little bit tricky, but it’s nice to work from home. Sneak in a little nap once in a while. Who knows, maybe I’ll turn out to be nocturnal.

Devon: [ Laughs ] I don’t know if lily would like that very much.

Billy: Well, it does have its benefits.

Devon: Does it?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Like what?

Billy: Hmm. For instance, a few nights ago, I was up late, you know, thinking about things, putting some things down on tape, and lily came downstairs, and I let her listen to a little bit about it. And it really sparked an interesting conversation.

Devon: What was the topic of this conversation?

Billy: Life, you know? All those big questions, all those things that we feel. Should I slow down? Should I speed up? Should I go in a completely different direction? How do I make sure that fear and doubt don’t consume my life? You know, just stuff we all feel.

Devon: Sounds like a mid-life crisis without the actual crisis part, though.

Billy: Yep, you nailed it there. Um…but let me just be very clear, I am extremely happy where I am right now, and I want to do everything I can to make sure that I keep it that way.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Do you think I should wake up dominic, make sure he gets something to eat?

Chance: Maybe we should just let him rest till we know more.

Abby: Okay, if you think so.

Chance: Abby, you having any second thoughts about telling your family what’s going on? You know, maybe we could use some more support.

Abby: No, no, no, there’s no need to worry everyone possibly for no reason. And if there is something wrong… you know what? Let’s just forget that I said that, okay? I have all of the support that i need from you. Unless, well, did you ask me that because you need somebody else to talk to?

Chance: No. No, I’m okay.

Abby: Hey, it’s totally fine if you need to talk to a friend. I will not be offended. What about rey? Did you tell him what was going on when you were at the stakeout?

Chance: Yeah, you know, we — we talked about it briefly. He knows we took dominic to the doctor.

Abby: And that’s why he understood that you had to leave early?

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s nate. Maybe he has news. Nate, hey. Have you heard from the specialist? Are dominic’s test results back yet? I’m in love again with this!

Amanda: Lily, that is an amazing offer. I appreciate you thinking of me.

Lily: You are my first choice. I mean, honestly, you’re my only choice.

Amanda: And I am flattered. Thank you. But…the timing is just not right. I just started my own practice.

Lily: Yeah, but you just said that you needed more clients.

Amanda: I also said that I’m very confident we will find them, so…

Lily: Look, I’m really hoping this opportunity is too exciting for you to pass up. I mean, I am asking you to be my new chief counsel. I want you to be in charge of all of chancellor’s legal operations.

Amanda: Wait, that is a senior-level executive role.

Lily: Yes, which you are more than qualified for. You did amazing work at chanccomm.

Amanda: Yeah, that was a relatively small division of a larger corporation. We’re talking about chancellor. It’s huge — international.

Lily: Right, so think of it as a promotion, right? One that you have fully earned.

Amanda: Lily, you must have dozens of lawyers there who have decades of experience. Why wouldn’t you want to put one of them in charge?

Lily: Because no one has decades of experience in the areas that I want to focus on. The things I want to do didn’t exist five years ago, right? Like the podcast project that billy and devon are working on.

Amanda: Yeah, devon did tell me about that.

Lily: Yeah, I want to work with people that have grown up with advanced technology, people that are comfortable with the pace of innovation.

Amanda: You have really given this a lot of thought, huh?

Lily: I have. Look, I’ve come to realize that working at chanccomm was the perfect preparation for what I’m doing now. We always did stories on the future of business and technology, you know? And now I’m in a position to make sure that chancellor doesn’t miss out on that.

Amanda: Well, you are right about that.

Lily: Yeah, but I want to do it with a strong team behind me, with people like you who are smart and capable and forward-thinking.

Amanda: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa. Lily, just — you got to just give me a second to catch my breath, okay?

Abby: Okay, yeah, thank you, nate. We’ll see you in a bit.

Chance: What’d he say?

Abby: Uh, he’s going to bring dr. Alston over here to personally explain the results. I guess I’ll call devon and ask him to join us.

Chance: They’re making a house call?

Abby: Nate thought that we would be more comfortable here, and that way we don’t have to disturb dom, since he’s not feeling well, or leave him.

Chance: Okay. Uh…okay, that’s very accommodating of them.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Sighs ] If this were good news or something minor, they would have just told us over the phone, right?

Chance: We shouldn’t speculate, okay? We’ll know soon enough. I mean, what did he exactly say, word-for-word?

Abby: Well, nate didn’t want to get into it because hematology is not his field. He said that dr. Alston will explain everything and go over all of our questions.

Chance: Okay, well, that’s what matters, right? Getting answers. So we’ll find out what’s wrong and what to do about it, and we’ll get dominic whatever he needs.

Abby: Yeah.

Billy: I think this right here, that might be one of my favorite ideas. You know, everybody loves a good q&a, whether it’s about, you know, parenting or relationships or your neighbors or your job or whatever. It would be our modern version of a classic newspaper column.

Devon: Sure, and that’s a time-tested format.

Billy: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, everybody’s — we’re all asking questions, we’re all trying to fix things about ourselves, and this would be very intriguing. It would almost be like living vicariously through someone else’s thoughts and feelings. We’d be like a fly on the wall. I think people would really like it.

Devon: I agree with you. I mean, I sought some chats and blogs on parenting that I found to be really helpful.

Billy: Because they are.

Devon: Yeah.

Billy: And once we get off the ground, people are gonna write in, and we’ll have no shortage of material.

Devon: Yeah, you’re right about that. I mean, it makes the possibilities endless for what we can talk about. And like you said, I mean, i think too, we’re all asking ourselves those big life questions every day, like you’re doing up late at night.

Billy: Yeah, exactly. You know, maybe I’ll start my own podcast.

Devon: That’s not a bad idea.

Billy: Oh, come on.

Devon: It’s not.

Billy: Actually, you know what? It is a good idea because if my midnight musings bore people to tears, we can flip it on its head and use it as a cure for insomnia.

Devon: Oh, come on.

Billy: I’ll acquire a upper-crust british accent and i will talk about my feelings.

Devon: You’re joking. I’m being very serious about it. I really am, ’cause you said that your soul-searching led to a really valuable conversation with lily, and you could be doing that for a lot of other people on a much wider scale.

Billy: I don’t know about that.

Devon: Nah, encouraging them to dig deep.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hang on one second.

Billy: Yeah.

Devon: It’s nate.

Billy: Take it.

Devon: Thank you. Hey, what’s the update? Okay, alright, I’ll be over right away. Thanks. So he and the specialist are heading to the chancellor mansion to fill everybody in on dominic’s condition.

Billy: Go, go. We’ll pick this up another time.

Devon: I appreciate that very much.

Billy: Of course.

Devon: This is great work. I really, really love your ideas, man.

Billy: Thank you very much. But listen, most importantly, i hope dom is okay.

Devon: I do too. Thank you, man.

Billy: Okay.

Devon: I’ll check in with you.

Billy: Yeah.

Devon: See you.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

If you have medicare

and medicaid,

Devon: We’re just here waiting for nate and the specialist to arrive.

Amanda: Okay, well, did you want me to join you?

Devon: No, no, you don’t have to do that. It shouldn’t take too long. But I’ll fill you in once we speak to the doctor.

Amanda: Alright, well, um, we’ll say a prayer on our end.

Devon: I appreciate that very much. I love you.

Abby: Oh, devon, you’re here.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Hey.

Devon: Chance told me that you were up with dominic. How is he doing?

Abby: Uh, he’s okay. Um, doesn’t seem uncomfortable or like he’s in any pain, but he doesn’t have much energy or an appetite.

Devon: Okay. Well, listen, I think the fact that nate and the specialist didn’t tell us to rush dominic to the hospital after they got the results is a great sign. ‘Cause if it was a medical emergency, they would have done that, you know?

Chance: That’s a good point.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Nate’s car just pulled up. They’re here.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] It’s so hard waiting for news about dominic.

Lily: It’s okay, I’m sure we’re gonna have some answers soon.

Amanda: Yeah, I know, I know. I’m just — I’m not the most patient person in the world.

Lily: Okay, well, then let me distract you. Let’s keep chatting about you coming to work with billy and me.

Amanda: You are really persuasive, you know that?

Lily: It comes in handy, I’m telling you.

Amanda: Yeah, I see now how you were able to convince billy to be your second-in-command.

Lily: Well, no —

Amanda: I really — I just want to say, I did not think that his pride would have allowed him to do that, especially since you guys were on equal footing at chanccomm.

Lily: I know. Honestly, it was not easy. He turned me down the first couple times I asked him.

Amanda: Well, what made him change his mind?

Lily: Well, I don’t know. I think I just gave him some space and let him find his own path. You know, at first, he was just so focused on getting back at the people responsible for what happened at chanccomm, but then I think he realized it wasn’t making him happy and he was letting his ego get in the way of him, you know, doing something that was a great opportunity.

Amanda: And now he’s fully on board. He’s ready to be your lieutenant?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, I didn’t think it’d be easy, but it’s been great. We actually fight less now that there’s a, you know, very clear line as to who has the final say.

Amanda: Yeah, chain-of-command is a good thing.

Lily: Yeah, and billy knows that I love having him on board and that I actually want to hear his ideas. So now, if he brings me something and I’m not sold on it, he’ll either go and make a revision or he’ll, you know, let it go.

Amanda: Really? I mean, billy can do that? We’re talking about a man who has a lot of conviction about his own ideas.

Lily: I know. That’s a very nice way of saying that he’s stubborn as hell, which, yes, is true, but, no, he’s really excited about the transformation of chancellor, you know? We’re having a lot of fun.

Amanda: Well, I am glad that your partnership survived the shake-up at chanccomm, and i know that you two will do amazing things together.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: And I have to say, i am pretty impressed that billy has grown and evolved so much that he can embrace this supporting role, but the idea of giving up my new practice —

Lily: Okay, whoa, whoa, wait. Hold on. Don’t finish that thought, okay? I want to come with me.

Amanda: Where are we going?

Lily: Well, before you decide anything, there’s someone I want you to talk to.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

[ Groans ]

Chance: Thank you both for coming. Um, obviously, we’re really worried about our son here. We’re hoping you guys can shed some light for us.

Nate: Well, I’m going to defer to dr. Alston’s expertise.

Dr. Alston: Thank you, dr. Hastings. The first thing you need to know is that the results of the bone marrow aspiration showed no sign of leukemia.

Abby: Oh, thank god.

Chance: Yeah, that’s a relief.

Devon: That’s amazing we can rule that out.

Abby: I mean, are you any closer to finding out what is causing dominic’s symptoms?

Dr. Alston: We ran another test, and it revealed that dominic has a rare blood disorder. That’s what led to the low red blood cell count and the resulting fatigue and loss of appetite.

Abby: That sounds very serious.

Nate: Unfortunately, it is.

Dr. Alston: I recommend we treat this now, before it causes any other issues such as growth deficiencies, digestive problems, or frequent infections like pneumonia. Left unaddressed, this will likely lead to bone marrow failure.

Chance: Okay, so what does the treatment involve?

Devon: And what can we do to help?

Dr. Alston: The best way to combat this disease is a bone marrow transplant. Age-related macular degeneration may lead to severe vision loss.

“The young and the restless”

will continue. In here, it’s savings on a wide range of appliances.

Dr. Alston: In the best-case scenario, post-transplant, dominic will begin producing healthy bone marrow and red blood cells on his own.

Devon: And what’s the worst-case scenario? Does his body reject the donation?

Dr. Alston: Well, a lot of that depends on the compatibility of the donor.

Abby: Can I be a donor or devon? I mean, we are his biological parents. We must be compatible, right?

Nate: I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

Devon: Why isn’t it that simple?

Nate: It’s rare for a family member other than a sibling to be fully compatible. Although you both should get tested just in case. You’ll be half-matches at least, since dominic gets 50% of his genetic material from each of you.

Dr. Alston: There have been successful transplants using parental donors that are only half-compatible, but if we were to take that route, we would have to take special measures to reduce the chance of rejection.

Chance: I’m guessing the risks are higher in that case.

Dr. Alston: It’s not ideal, but it may be our best option.

Devon: Okay, so what do i have to do to get tested as quickly as possible?

Nate: Dr. Alston and I will head back to memorial and set that up for you immediately.

Devon: Good.

Abby: I’m gonna go too. I’m gonna go get tested. Thank you so much for coming over, explaining all of this to us, even though it was difficult to hear.

Dr. Alston: I understand you’re frightened. However, there is real hope for dominic to live a happy and healthy life.

Chance: Hey, are you okay?

Abby: Um, I guess it’s better to know what we’re up against, right?

Chance: Yeah. Um…let me get your coat and I’ll drive you.

Abby: No, no, I’m gonna drive myself.

Chance: What do you mean?

Abby: I think you should stay here in case dominic wakes up and he wants his dad to hold him.

Chance: Are you sure you want to go alone?

Abby: Just please tell me that this is all gonna be okay.

Chance: Hey, hey. I am here for you. Okay? No matter what. We will get through this as a family, I promise you.

Lily: Hello, hello. Surprise, surprise.

Billy: Whoa, yes. Please tell me this what it looks like it is. Tell me you’re joining the team.

Lily: Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. I haven’t closed the sale yet.

Billy: Come on.

Lily: I thought she should speak with somebody who also was very reluctant to join, but now is so glad that he did. So…

Billy: Yes, he is very glad that he did. Sit down, amanda. Look, what can I tell you, okay? This is where it’s at. Not here exactly. Of course, we’re working from home because our offices are being expanded, but I wish we could go to chancellor because you would actually feel the vibe. It’s electrifying. And the entire team is on board and ready to revitalize this business. And, you know, there’s nothing that can’t be challenged with us right now. Everything — if there’s something that somebody feels that they can do better, we don’t only welcome that, we actually reward it.

Amanda: Wow. Well, it sounds like the ideal work environment, and I’m not surprised. And I heard about your venture with hamilton-winters, so I know there’s some sharp thinking going on here.

Billy: There is, and I know you loved working with us. We loved working with you. And now you will have more autonomy, a bigger office, a bigger paycheck — what’s not to love about that?

Amanda: If you haven’t forgotten, I have all the autonomy that I could ever want. I just opened my own firm with my sister as my junior partner.

Billy: Yeah, we know that.

Amanda: Okay, guys, I know that you guys are used to working with family, but this is all so new to me and I can’t — I can’t just walk out on my sister.

Lily: No, amanda, we would never ask you to do that. We want you to know, there’s a place for imani at chancellor.

Billy: Yeah, absolutely. What kind of role do you think she would want? Maybe entertainment law or real estate or what about political lobbying? Or, hey, maybe she works directly with you, you as her mentor. Either way, there is a place for her.

Amanda: Okay, I never even considered the possibility that imani would be coming with me.

Lily: Yeah, we know that you’re a package deal. That suits us just fine.

Billy: The more, the merrier.

Amanda: If you’re serious…

Lily: Look, we would love to chat with imani and address any concerns she may have.

Amanda: Oh, god, you guys are making this really hard to say no. Okay, I’ll talk to her. I will talk to her and I will get back to you. Facing expensive vitamin c creams with dull results?

Lily: Thank you for backing up my recruitment efforts.

Billy: Of course. Happy to do it. I think it would be great if amanda was head of our legal affairs. Plus, if I ever get tempted to cross a line again…

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, I would love to believe that your questionable tactics are behind us.

Billy: I’m just kidding. But we both know it’s important to have a fantastic lawyer on the payroll.

Lily: Very true. How’d your meeting with devon go? Did you get through everything before he had to leave to meet with the doctor?

Billy: Yeah, we touched base on a few concepts, and I think he really dug them. And then he got a phone call and had to take off, but it was good.

Lily: Good. I really hope that everything’s okay with dom.

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: Devon loves that baby so much. If anything were seriously wrong —

Billy: Well, let’s just remember that that little baby’s cousin is one of the head honchos at memorial and his grandfather’s victor newman. He’s gonna get the best care possible.

Devon: [ Sighs ]

Amanda: There you are.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: Did you get my message?

Devon: I did, yeah. I apologize for not getting back to you right away. But we had to — we had to go straight to the hospital from abby and chance’S.

Amanda: The hospital?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Dom needed to go to the hospital?

Devon: No, dom didn’t need to go. Abby and me went to go get tested to be donors.

Amanda: What kind of donors?

Devon: [ Sighs ] Dominic has a blood disorder. And that’s why he’s been so tired all of a sudden. Some kind of issue with his red blood cell count, and according to the specialist that nate brought in, he needs to have a bone marrow transplant.

Amanda: Oh, my god. Oh, my god. What does that even entail?

Devon: Uh, the procedure’s actually pretty simple, but the hard part’s gonna be finding a donor.

Amanda: What if you can’t?

Devon: If we can’t or even if we do and it doesn’t work, they’re talking about complete bone marrow failure, where all these horrible things could happen to him and his whole young life would be a living hell.

Amanda: God, I am so sorry. I’m so sorry. What did the doctors say? Did they say that you and abby can be donors? What do they think?

Devon: I don’t know. We didn’t get the test results back yet, but we’re probably just gonna be a half-match.

Amanda: Why? Why can’t they get a closer match for dominic? He has so much family right here in town.

Devon: Yeah, and none of them are gonna have as close as a dna match as his biological parents. Usually the only other person that would be a sibling, which he doesn’t have, and if you want to get a perfect match, he’d have to have a —

Amanda: Identical twin. The only instance where two people share the same dna.

Devon: Right. So, you know, me and abby are probably gonna be as good as it gets, which isn’t optimal, and it’s just another way of saying that we might not be able to save him.

Rey: Hope it’s not a bad time. Just thought I’d check in, see how things were going. I remember you mentioned that dom was getting some tests run.

Chance: Yeah, yeah, we — we got the test results back.

Rey: I take it the news isn’t good.

Chance: No, he’s — something wrong with his bone marrow, his blood, and that affects everything — you know, immune system, growth, all that.

Rey: Is it treatable?

Chance: Yeah, he needs a bone marrow transplant.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Abby and devon are at the hospital right now, seeing if they can donate.

Rey: I feel for you, man. I’ve been there twice before in similar situations. Once when lola needed a transplant and then again with faith. I know how terrifying it is just waiting for the news for a possible match. It’s hard, partner.

Chance: Thanks. You know, the doctor’s saying there’s hope, so hanging on to that.

Rey: Yeah. Well, sharon and I will keep you in our prayers. I’ll relay the message to paul. Obviously, nobody’s gonna expect you at work right now under these circumstances.

Chance: Yeah, well, that’s not the only reason.

[ Sighs ] On the stakeout, man, when I…

Rey: No, chance, you don’t need to explain.

Chance: Yes, I do. I do. I have to apologize because i let you down.

Rey: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Is that the graphic you made for your pitch to devon?

Billy: Yes, it is.

Lily: What’s — what’s that one? “Midnight musings”?

Billy: Ah. That’s actually kind of funny. Devon and I were joking around about me starting my own podcast based on the late-night ramblings that I’ve been having. I kept it there as a reminder because I thought you’d get a kick out of it.

Lily: Um…I kind of love that.

Billy: No, no, no.

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: We were kidding about it. At least I was kidding about it. It’s not really a thing.

Lily: Wait, did devon like it, too?

Billy: Um…I guess maybe. He just thought that I couldn’t be the only one that’s up late at night philosophizing with a scotch in my hand.

Lily: I mean, it’d be easy to get sponsorships. It’s plenty of liquor companies out there.

Billy: Okay, I am not interested in pouring my heart out for people to hear and, most importantly, judge.

Lily: What do you mean? Don’t be so quick to shoot this down. There’s ways for you to stay anonymous. You could have a pseudonym. You could, you know, write it but then have someone else tell it. I mean, this could be really good for you.

Billy: Okay, are we done? Can we move on?

Lily: Don’t delete that bubble.

Billy: [ Laughs ]

Lily: Do not.

Billy: Yes, ma’am.

Abby: Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Chance: No, no, no, no. Rey was just stopping by to see how dominic was. I told him everything that’s going on.

Abby: Oh. Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Rey: Of course. And listen, if there’s anything that sharon and I can do, please let me know. We’ve been there before.

Abby: Yes, I remember.

Chance: I’ll walk you out.

Rey: I know the way.

Chance: Thanks, man.

Rey: Yeah.

Chance: How’d it go? How was the hospital?

Abby: Uh…they are gonna let me know soon if I’m a match.

Chance: Okay, okay, well, fingers crossed at least one of you are.

Abby: Um…so when I walked in, I couldn’t help overhearing you talking to rey. What was that about? I mean, you said something about letting him down.

Chance: Oh, honey, that — that was nothing. I was just apologizing, ’cause, you know, when I ducked out of the stakeout early, it was just poor form on my part. It was nothing.

Abby: Because you thought you were ready to go back, but once you were there, did something specific happen that changed your mind?

Chance: No, baby, stop. You were just right. It was too soon. Look, don’t worry about me. We have much more important things to worry about now.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Abby: It’s dr. Alston. Dr. Alston, hi. It’s abby. Did you get my test results back?

[ Sighs ] I see, so I’m only a half-match, as anticipated. Well, what about devon?

Amanda: We can handle this, okay? We will find out everything we can about this disorder. We will search the globe for donors if we have to. And you are not in this alone, okay? You have me, you have lily and nate and abby and chance and everyone else who loves that little boy. And we will get through this. We will get through this together, okay?

Devon: I know, thank you. I know that you’re right. I just hate that he has to go through any of it.

Amanda: I know.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: It’s the hematologist. Doctor, hello. I’m doing alright. What’s the latest. Are you sure? That — hang on just a second. I’m 100% match for dominic.

Amanda: What?

Devon: [ Laughs ] [ Sighs ] Oh.

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