Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis tells Jack she decided not to take the job at Marched to because she loves her hotel and her friends too much to leave Genoa City.

Jack and Phyllis have dinner and she tells him all about her time in Milan with Kyle, Harrison and Summer. Jack gets a text message from someone telling him to go to Los Angeles. Jack texts the person back asking their identity and the person texts him back saying ” someone you have been missing.

Chelsea and Chloe make a presentation to Lauren and she makes a deal with them for their new fashion line BelMilcono.

Abby asks Rey to talk to Chance and persuade him to open up to her about what he has been going through since he returned from Spain. Rey gets through to Chance by telling him that if he doesn’t talk to Abby he may lose her. Chance tells Abby he froze on the stakeout with Rey because he thought he was still in Spain on the mission. Abby is happy that Chance opened up to her but tells him he needs to find a way to get better.

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