General Hospital Short Recap Thursday, February 17, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha (temporarily being played by Sofia Nation’s sister Helena Matson) tells Brando that she loves him and she didn’t mean to make him feel left out of her life. Sasha explains to Brando that the way she deals with her grief over the loss of Liam is to work.

Drew tells Victor to stay away from his family and from him. Victor tells his bodyguard that Drew has a Cassidine family secret buried deep in his memory that is the key to his life’s work.

Elizabeth gets a strange sympathy card from Franco’s adoptive mother Betsy Frank.

Maxie leaves a message written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror outside Switzerland. The message asks anyone who may see it to call Anna Devane and leaves Anna’s phone number. Maxie also leaves the second earring from the pair she was wearing when she left with Peter. A woman calls Anna and tells her about the note and the earring. The woman takes a picture of the earring and sends the picture to Anna. Anna shows the picture to Felicia who confirms it is Maxie’s earring. Anna, Drew, and Dante head to Switzerland to find Maxie. Drew tells Anna that if Peter programs him again he trusts her to do what she has to do to keep everybody safe.

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