Y&R Short Recap Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Its sleepless in Genoa City as Billy, Chelsea, Chance, and Abby can’t sleep. Billy pushes record on his phone and, starts talking to himself hoping to discover why he has had insomnia for three days. Billy figures out that he can’t sleep because he is worried that he will fall back into his destructive patterns and sabotage his life with Lily.

Chelsea can’t sleep because she keeps thinking that madam doesn’t want a future with her. Chelsea heads to Crimson Lights to have herbal tea. Chelsea has a long talk with Rey and he tells her why he decided to become a cop. Chelsea tells Rey why she became a con artist and about some of her con jobs. Chelsea later, dreams about Rey, and awakens, startled by the dream.

Abby and Chance are worried about Dominic. Chance advises Abby to take a hot shower so she can relax while he takes care of Dominic. Chance tells Abby later that Rey called him about the stakeout and asks her if it would be ok
if he goes to help Rey with the stake out.

Chance arrives home early and Abby awakens when she hears Chance come in and she is surprised that he is home from the stakeout so early. Chance tells Abby he felt that he needed to be home with her and Dominic.

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