General Hospital Short Recap Thursday, February 10, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Brook Lynn and Chase tell Finn and Elizabeth that Bailey is Louise and Brook Lynn is surprised that Finn and Elizabeth think she is brave for protecting Louise all this time. Brook Lynn also goes to the hospital to once again apologize to Valentine for lying to him about Bailey and he tells her that he knows Bailey is really Louise and he is grateful Brook Lynn protected Louise from Peter.

Valentine is grateful Victor brought Charlotte back safely to him but he tells him he knows Peter kidnapped Charlotte for a reason and he will find out why Charlotte was kidnapped.

Austin tells Laura that Maxie isn’t answering her cell phone so she gives him Spinelli’s phone number and tells him he can find Maxie. Spinelli calls Austin to tell him Jack’s car is on Pier 55.

Laura asks Anna to handle the investigation since the police department is short staffed. Laura shows Anna a message she got on her phone, and Anna calls Chase for help and sends him the location where he should meet her.

Maxie tells Peter she will go with him but he must leave Louise behind in Port Charles because she won’t have a good life on the run. Peter and Maxie leave Louise at the fire station knowing that it is a safe place. Maxie says a tearful goodbye to Louise and leaves one of her earnings inside Louise’s baby carrier as a clue for the police.

Chase and Anna arrive later to pick up Louise. Austin arrives at the pier just as the boat is leaving and he thinks Maxie and Peter are on the boat but Peter and Maxie didn’t go back to the pier after they left the fire station because he knew the police would be searching the boats on the pier.

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