Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Jack misses Phyllis but is determined not to bother her so she can enjoy her time with Summer.

Billy has had insomnia for three nights and Amanda, Jack, and Lily think that he has unresolved issues that he needs to put to rest about his halted plan to get revenge on Adam and Victor. Lily also thinks Billy needs a project to focus on so she puts him in charge of pitching an idea to Devon that Hamilton Winters and Chancellor Industries should team up to produce inspirational podcasts.

Lauren has a talk with Jack about how worried she is about Michael now that he is working for Victor.

Abby, Chance, and Devon wait anxiously for the doctor to call with news about what is wrong with Dominic and Abby blames herself for his illness. Dominic’s doctor calls and says she is worried because Dominic’s red blood cell count is very low and she wants them to bring the baby to the hospital so she can do a bone marrow aspiration along with other tests.


Recap written by Eva

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