General Hospital Short Recap Tuesday, February 8, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Mac finally awakens after his family has kept vigil at his hospital bed.

Drew almost tells Sam that he has feelings for her until he hears Sam tell Nina that she loves Dante. Drew tells Sam that he is happy about her relationship with Dante and he didn’t mean to confuse her but he has realized that he was trying to recapture the life he had before he was kidnapped but that isn’t possible since everyone else has moved on with their lives.

Nexus and Brook Lynn tell Anna and Ned that Bailey is really Louise and the details of their now failed plan to keep her from Peter. Ned is sad that Louise isn’t his granddaughter, but he tells Brooke Lynn that he is proud of her for helping Maxie protect Louise.

Carly tells Sonny their marriage is over since it is clear that he can’t decide if he wants to be with her or Nina. Sonny tries to explain that Christina told him she wasn’t coming to the Haunted Star so he thought their marriage was over and that is why he slept with Nina but it was a mistake.

Peter asks Victor for help getting he and Louise out of Port Charles and Victor wants Peter to tell him how to program Drew. Peter knows that Victor will double cross him so he kidnaps Charlotte to have some leverage against Victor. Anna, Dante, Laura, and Robert figure out Victor is helping Peter and they work on a plan to catch Peter. Victor and Peter meet at the docks and Peter gives Victor the information about Drew and Victor shoots Peter and is about to kill Peter until Peter tells Victor that if he dies his granddaughter Charlotte dies too.

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