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Sally: Hey. I know you.

Adam: How’s it going?

Sally: Great. Yeah. This early-retirement thing is the best. I have been thinking about taking up snowboarding, seeing how it’s the dead of winter and all, just for a couple of quick lessons, and then, Aspen, here i come.

Adam: I meant… how are things really going?

Sally: [ Sighs ] The truth?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: I am freaked out about my future.


Sally: [ Sighs ] I came to this town to start over from Beverly Hills, one of the most glamorous spots on Earth, to Genoa City, Wisconsin. And I was willing to put in the work to prove myself. I even took a job as Lauren’s gopher when I had already run my own fashion house. But I did it with a smile on my face, and I proved myself again and again. And for what? It has been one dead end after another.

Adam: Oh, well, you’re leaving out the part — through no fault of your own.

Sally: Okay. Maybe I was responsible for a few of those roadblocks, but not this one. I am the one that put Newman Fashion on the map with Victoria’s wedding dress. A couple months ago, I was the creative genius that designed the gown that everyone was clamoring for. And now I am still a genius, but I am I out of a job and I am out in the cold. Literally, I can’t even jump in the car and drive to the beach to try and make myself feel better.

Adam: Well, maybe not. But you could come to Society, belly up to the bar with me, and grab a bite.

Sally: I would like that. That’s the best offer I’ve had all day. And, yes, before you say anything, it’s the only offer.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Well, the day is not over.

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