Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Faith tells Nick that she is considering going to college to study business so she can go into fashion.

Adam decides to stay and run Newman Media after it is taken over by Newman Locke. Victoria makes it clear to Adam that he will have to prove to her that he can run the now combined Chancellor Communications and Newman Media before she will give him complete autonomy to run the company.

Nate considers taking Ashland’s offer to work for Newman Locke because he doesn’t like all the administrative work associated with being chief of surgery.

Ashland tells Victoria he wants to take more of an active role in Newnan Media since his health is better. Victor refuses to talk to Ashland about his new ideas for Newman Media without Victoria being present at the meeting.

Chloe and Chelsea decide to get investors and start their fashion line platform after Victoria tells them her plans for Newman Media don’t include the fashion platform. Chelsea and Chloe decide to fire Sally since they can’t trust her.

Nick wishes Victor luck with the Newman Media Newman Locke merger because there are too many people in the new company that want to be the boss.

Michael tells Victor that the treatment that Ashland got in Peru might not be a legitimate treatment for cancer.

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