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Nikki: Oh, there you are.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: I woke up when it was still dark outside, but you were up already.

Victor: Yeah, I’m just going over the newman/locke offer to buy newman media. And there’s something that we need to settle.

Nikki: Well, you did warn victoria not to low-ball you, and she certainly didn’T.

Victor: No, she didn’t low-ball at all. No, no. But there’s something that gives me a question.

Nikki: Are you worried about how adam will react if you accept it?

Victor: Well, to be frank with you, no matter what I do, one of my children will be unhappy.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: Hello, my beautiful wife.

Victoria: Oh. [ Chuckles ] You seem to be in a very good mood. I’ll assume it has something to do with the video chat you were having with harrison when I left this morning.

Ashland: Oh, I can’t tell you how it does my heart so good to see my son growing up so healthy and happy. I also had a very productive meeting with riley in marketing. I assigned him with the task of coming up with some branding ideas for our new digital sports media division, and, wow, did he knock it out of the park.

Victoria: You haven’t even discussed that division with me yet.

Ashland: What, you don’t have an issue with me setting this in motion, do you?

Lily: Well, thank you, patricia, for sending this over. ‘Cause organizing the data this way, it makes it much clearer to see where we can maximize our reach in the direction that we’re headed in. So, it’s perfect. Okay, well, thank the rest of the team for me. Bye.

[ Chuckles ] What?

Billy: How am I supposed to get anything done? I mean, I honestly can’t work under these conditions. You are the smartest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. And it makes it almost impossible to get anything done.

Lily: Well, I’m sorry.

[ Both laugh ]

Phyllis: Well, my plane gets in at about 11:00. So, should I get a car, or can you and kyle come pick me up? Ahh, I love that! Oh, summer, I can’t wait to see you. Okay, honey. I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Ohh.

Michael: Mm. I guess you’ve made up your mind about milan.

Phyllis: I’m just going to milan to check it out. It’s just an exploratory trip to see what this job has to offer me.

Michael: Mm.

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Well, I’m guessing spending time with summer will greatly influence your decision.

Phyllis: Michael, we both know that I’m old enough to make up my own mind about my life.

Michael: Well, you know where I stand. Your home’s here. Your base is here. Your friends are here.

Phyllis: My friends are here. Right. Really? Here in genoa city? What does genoa city have to offer me anymore? Hey, come here!

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Phyllis: Hey, jack. When did you get back?

Jack: Late last night.

Phyllis: Ah. How was your trip?

Jack: Crazy, a little hectic, all to be expected with what kyle and I were trying to accomplish. But we pulled off a major coup for jabot european division, and — and I’m proud of that.

Phyllis: Ah, that sounds great. Congratulations.

Jack: Am I interrupting something here? I’d love to have a chance to talk.

Michael: Oh, yes. My, yes. You two really should chat. Phyllis has some news she would love to share with you.

Jack: Oh? What news it that?

Phyllis: Um… let’s talk in private. Let’s go upstairs.

Jack: I think that’s a good idea.

Lily: Well, I am very sorry I’m so distracting. I’ll really try to tone it down over here.

Billy: No, no, that is not a good option at all.

Lily: But I want you to be happy in your new position as coo.

Billy: Who said I’m not happy? I am very happy. What I am saying is that it’s not possible for me to be as productive as I should be because you are so devastatingly gorgeous.

Lily: Oh, okay. Well, I mean, what we could do is we could blindfold you.

Billy: Ooh.

Lily: [ Laughs ] No, actually, that would exacerbate the issue. Or, um — oh, I know. You could work in your own office.

Billy: Far too lonely down there.

Lily: Okay, fine. Um, I could read you this very dry report on integrated machining operations, but it might actually bore you to sleep.

Billy: I would assume that you would even make that sound hot and quite possibly put me over the edge.

Lily: Okay, then maybe we’ll save that for when we get home.

Billy: That’s it. There’s no way around this. I am just going to have to accept that you are [Sighs] Undeniably irresistible.

Lily: Well, I guess I’m cursed. Sorry.

Billy: Mmm.

Lily: Okay, but enough of this. We’re getting back to work.

[ Laughs ]

Nikki: I know how hard you’ve worked to make amends with adam. Buying newman media and putting him in charge was a big part of that. So I certainly understand why you would be concerned about his reaction if you should sell the company.

Victor: Well… knowing my son, he won’t react well to this.

Nikki: Well, if you don’t, victoria will be disappointed, but she’ll understand.

Victor: By the way, as coo of her company, why aren’t you pushing me harder to sell?

Nikki: Oh! Darling, I know you well enough to know that nobody sells you anything. You will do what you feel is right for the family, like you always have, and it will be your decision alone.

Victor: You’re right. And I have decided.

Victoria: I agree. It makes sense to get a head start on the branding of our digital sports media properties that we’ll be combining from chanccomm and newman media. I’m just a little surprised that you didn’t mention it to me.

Ashland: “Sportsball” isn’t a, uh, particular interest of yours, and I just wanted to pick up the ball and run with it, so to speak. And, frankly, I’m just glad that I have enough energy to pitch in and take something off of your plate.

Victoria: You know, if this deal does go through, technically sports media will fall under adam’s purview.

Ashland: If the deal goes through, adam will be working for us.

Victoria: In the beginning, i think it best that anything directed at him comes through me.

Ashland: And why would you say that?

Victoria: Because I know my brother. I know that he’s a manipulative schemer, and I don’t want him thinking that he can play us against one another.

Ashland: Well, I’m still on the board of directors at newman media, so adam is used to getting input from me. Not that I want to undercut your authority in any way, but it sounds as if I’ll be having less influence in the company once we own it again.

Victoria: That’s not what- I mean. What I’m saying is… we’re a team. We just — we need to present a united front at all times, especially where adam is concerned.

Ashland: So you don’t have a problem with me encroaching on your turf.

Victoria: Oh, come on. You know me better than that. I love seeing you this energized about work again. I really do. It reminds me of when we first met and I was making an offer for your company and you flirted with me.

Ashland: I did no such thing.

Victoria: You asked me to dinner.

Ashland: To close the deal, that’s all. And what difference does it make because you shot me down anyway?

Victoria: Yes. As I should. We hardly knew each other. But if you were to flirt with me now, you might get a different reaction.

Ashland: Is that so?

Victoria: Why don’t you try it and see? (Girl) hey guys, family hike starts… now!

Nick: You look like hell.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I, uh, so enjoy the warm, brotherly observations.

Nick: Alright, what do you got? What’s going on?

Adam: Just work stuff. It’s nothing worth talking about. What about you? How are the kids?

Nick: Everybody’s good. Just hooking up with noah. We’re gonna go over some new hope stuff. You did hear about that, right?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, noah was kind enough to come by and explain. It’s great. Get to work with your son. He’s obviously jazzed about that, too. Thankfully, you’ve managed to not alienate him like dad has done with you sometimes.

Nick: Dad’s gonna be fine. I mean, he’s got you and vick working in the family businesses. He certainly doesn’t need me.

Adam: Mm. Our father doesn’t need anyone else, either. He goes out of his way to make that abundantly clear. But me and victoria — we keep jumping through hoops to try to win the old man’s approval. But at this point, I don’t even know why. But…too late to jump off the merry-go-round now, right?

Nick: No, it’s not, adam. If you want, you just jump off. Or you stick with it. Whatever. But don’t act like it’s not your choice. Good luck.

Ashland: That was a pleasant addition to the workday. I guess I didn’t realize what a vixen I had married.

Victoria: Come on. Don’t tell me you’re having regrets, are you?

Ashland: No, on the contrary. I’m delighted. I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna come up with next.

Victoria: Well, you’ll just have to because waiting

[Smooches] Is half the fun.

[ Both laugh ] Ooh. And while we were occupied, my father left me a text. He wants to meet and discuss the offer.

Ashland: Great. Let’s go.

Victoria: No, actually, i think I should handle this on my own. You understand, don’t you?

Ashland: Uh, didn’t you just get finished saying that we were a team?

Victoria: Yes, of course. But I know my father. You know, he tends to let his guard down around me.

Ashland: I see what you’re really up to. You want to take advantage of your father’s soft spot for his pride and joy.

Victoria: Would that be so wrong?

Ashland: [ Laughs ] Well, it’s shameless, but, uh, also highly effective. I guess I’ll just wait here for you.

Victoria: Okay. Wish me luck.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ]

Phyllis: Well, I’m glad that your trip to milan was successful. Um…you know, I tried to get in touch with you, uh, when you were there. Did you get my — my texts or my messages?

Jack: Yeah, I did. I appreciated those.

Phyllis: Oh, great. You didn’t respond. Um…

Jack: Look —

Phyllis: Let’s — let’s just address what’s going on.

Jack: There were several times on this trip where i thought of reaching out to you, but I didn’t want to put you on the spot over the phone. I thought we should have this conversation in person.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, I — I know I hurt you when I didn’t come to your house for christmas eve.

Jack: Yeah, that was — that was a mistake. I didn’t mean to make you feel pressured.

Phyllis: I just kept telling myself that I just didn’t want to go through all of that with your family. You know what I mean. I’d be sitting there, and they would be asking, “why are you here? What’s going on between you and my brother?” And ashley’s accusing eye and the oh-so-protective traci.

Jack: But that isn’t the real reason you bailed, is it? Getting ready for a special day? Spice things up at adoreme.Com. With bras and lingerie in sizes up to 4x. Get on-trend bodysuits or lacy babydolls, just because. Valentine’s day special – sets start at just $19.95. That’s 60% off. Go to adoreme.Com now.

Phyllis: Um, hey, listen, i just — I can’t help the way i feel. I’M…scared of everything that’s happening. And I think that that’s why i can’t take the next step with you. I…respect you so much, and I’ve let you down so many times. And I’ve hurt you. And our friendship means everything to me.

Jack: I think I told you more than once you could take all the time you needed. We would still have a friendship.

Phyllis: I didn’t think you were being honest with me. And instead of letting that ignite my fears, it just paralyzed me. And then you didn’t respond to any of my messages, so I sort of came up with my own reasons why you left and… hey, I just don’t want to let you down. That’s it.

Jack: I really was called out of town on a business issue that required my going to new york and then paris and then milan.

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, I know that now. But I didn’t know it before, so… and then when summer called and offered me the job at marchetti, I thought, “great.” You know, there’s nothing for me —

Jack: Well, w-wait. What are you saying? You’re moving to milan?

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: Wow. I have to say I am very overwhelmed.

Tessa: Yeah. I knew adoption could be complicated, but who knew how deep it could get?

Mariah: I mean, all of the information and the options and the decisions to be made.

Tessa: Well, maybe we should grab some coffee, compare our notes, just to give it some perspective.

Mariah: Yeah. I mean, usually I’d be loyal to crimson lights coffee, but i wanted to keep the prying eyes of my family from looking over our shoulder.

Tessa: You know we could run into them here, too.

Mariah: Yes. That’s true. But at least it’s a little less likely here. I’m gonna go wash my hands. If the waiter comes, just my usual.

Tessa: I don’t want to leave you like this. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

Noah: Why wouldn’t I be okay? When you love someone, you — you want them to be happy. And I love my sister, so, yeah, I’m fine.

Nick: Cost burden is when your rent or mortgage plus utilities equals up to 30% of the household income. Severe cost burden is when those expenses equal up to about 50% of the household income. Yo! Am I boring you?

Noah: No. No. Sorry. Sorry. I went out last night. Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.

Nick: Yeah, your mom said you went out with some friends.

Noah: Yeah. It, uh, wasn’t my brightest idea, but I’m fine now. So, you were saying something about severe cost burden.

Billy: Oh, hey. Adam. It’s good to see you.

Adam: Wish I could say the same. Hey, do me a favor. Take it down a notch.

Billy: No can do, man. It’s the first month of the year. The future’s already looking bright. My kids are loving their school, lily is crushing it at chancellor, and I get to help her succeed.

Adam: And you’re satisfied with that?

Billy: Hell, yeah, I’m satisfied with that. Why wouldn’t I be? It’s a perfect fit for me. To be honest, I shouldn’t have played so hard to get for so long, but I think it worked out in my favor. She’s happy to have me there now.

Adam: Good for you.

Billy: Come on. It’s not so hard to be happy for me. You’re gonna be fine. You got a good kid. You’re living rent-free at the ranch, where officer rey and daddy can keep an eye on you. And you got a very prestigious job working for your daddy’s company, at least for now.

Adam: What are you getting at, billy?

Billy: Rumor has it victoria’s getting her hands on newman media. And you know your sister. She is your father’s daughter. She knows how to get what she wants.

Victor: Well, now, hello, my darling.

Victoria: Hello, dad. I’m so glad to see you. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your text right away, but i stepped away from my phone. I’m very much looking forward to hearing what you think about my offer.

Victor: [ Sighs ] You did a lot of very good research, which I expected you to do. It’s a well-structured deal.

Victoria: Well, I’m very grateful that you’re pleased, but appreciating my offer and accepting it are not necessarily the same thing.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You’ll be happy to know that i am considering moving forward with the deal, except we have to clear one thing.

Victoria: I assume that this has to do with adam and what his role would be in the company.

Victor: When newman/locke takes over newman media, adam will continue as ceo of the company. And when newman/locke and newman media have merged, adam will take over chanccomm, as well. I thought you and I had made that clear, but I don’t see his name anywhere in the deal memo.

Victoria: Well, that’s because we weren’t sure about where things stood between the two of you. As far as we knew, you hadn’t even mentioned the possible sale to adam.

Victor: Ah, well, you let me deal with that, okay? Now, do you agree to my terms?

Victoria: Is there anything you’d like to add?

Victor: Yeah. Your father will continue in his advisory role to adam… as I’ve done with you.

Nikki: I assume victoria will need to take some time to consider what you’re asking.

Victoria: That’s not necessary. We have a deal.

Victor: Really? Well, my darling, come here. Now let’s shake on it. Did you know that even after you


“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nick: Next week, I’m bringing a few big projects in front of the county review board. Now, you’re gonna be there, but just observing, but I want you very comfortable with the process. We’re gonna be teaming up with the city council to tap into the affordable housing fund.

Noah: Hmm. That’s not gonna be enough to build on the scale you’re looking for.

Nick: That’s right. So we’re working with developers to combine local investments along with low income housing tax credits.

Noah: Okay. So, the apartments will be priced at 60% or less than the median income of the community?

Nick: That’s right.

Noah: Huh. What about the project turning the downtown hotel into affordable apartments? How does that process differ?

Nick: You know what? Let’s tackle that some other time. I’ve hit you with a lot of stuff today.

Noah: No, I’m good to keep going. This stuff’s fascinating. I can’t wait to see the apartments filled with tenants.

Nick: I don’t want to burn you out, son. I mean, you just got started. You are, uh — you know, you’re just a man. You’re not a machine.

Noah: Sometimes I think i operate better in machine mode. I was a little too human last night, and that was a big mistake.

Nick: How so?

Noah: I don’t really want to get into it. Suffice it to say that no one was hurt. It just wasn’t pretty. Enough said?

Nick: Yep.

Tessa: For some reason, i thought having all of our options laid out there would help narrow it down, but it sure didn’t work out that way.

Mariah: Yeah, it had exactly the opposite effect. I mean, I went there with images of babies on the brain. And don’t get me wrong. I would love a precious snuggling newborn in my arms to raise and nurture, but then seeing the photos and hearing the stories of the older kids going to their forever homes…

Tessa: I know. That affected me, too.

Mariah: And the thing is, we didn’t even need any of those stories. I mean, we already know my sister’s history. Cassie came to genoa city to be reunited with her birth mom and then found a whole new family. Nick adopted her, and the newmans accepted her like their own.

Tessa: Yeah, and we also have devon as an example. I mean, he was a teen when he got adopted into the winters family, and now you can’t picture them without him.

Mariah: So we’re agreed. Older kids are not off the table.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: But neither are babies.

Tessa: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: And everything in between, I guess.

Tessa: [ Sighs ] We’re gonna need a bigger table.

Mariah: Oh, my gosh, we are no closer to making a decision than when we started talking about all of this.

Tessa: Hey, don’t worry. Before you know it, we’re gonna find the right little person to love, that little boy, girl, or set of triplets.

Mariah: Okay, bite your tongue. You’re going too far.

[ Both laugh ]

Tessa: Well, whoever she or they are will bring us so much joy, and we’re gonna build them a loving, stable home.

Mariah: I love the idea of that. I mean, just imagine — grandma sharon.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Grandpa nick,& auntie faith, uncle noah. What? Doesn’t that sound cool?

Tessa: Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be adorable.

Jack: I can think of a million different reasons why you would stay in genoa city and not move to milan.

Phyllis: Oh, well, i disagree. There’s nothing for me here. I mean, nick and I are over.

Jack: Yeah, and obviously you’ve decided to walk away from any potential between us.

Phyllis: The dynamic between us is very confusing to me. Quite honestly, it scares me. I don’t — I don’t know what we really want from each other in a relationship. We keep on missing the mark.

Jack: Yeah, I guess it’s hard to argue that. Well, uh, as exciting as it would be to be near summer and work with her, I — I get that. If that’s where your life is leading you, then you should follow your instincts. It isn’t like we’re not gonna see each other. I mean, as long as summer and kyle and my grandson are there, our paths will cross. When would you be going?

Phyllis: Um, a couple days. I’m just gonna go check it out to see if it’s even feasible.

Jack: Wow. Well, whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll make it work. I do have one request before you go.

Ashland: Well, I wasn’t expecting you back so soon. I hope that’s not a bad sign.

Victoria: No. Quite the opposite. Dad loved our offer.

Ashland: My goodness, you are brilliant, and I love you. Congratulations. You come sit right down and tell me everything, all the back-and-forth.

Victoria: Alright, well, i would be very happy to, although I’m not sure there’s much to tell. So, dad started in piling on the praises, which had me worried at first because I thought he was looking for a way to let me down easy. But then he indicated his willingness to accept the offer. And then he brought up adam, as we knew he would.

Ashland: And what was his position on that?

Victoria: It is still a deal breaker. We agree to keep adam on or dad takes his marbles and he goes home. But I was prepared for that, and I agreed right on the spot. And that’s it.

Ashland: So no sudden curve balls?

Victoria: No. No, no big problems.

Ashland: Well, just know that there’s plenty of time for that. And take my advice — it’s better not to schedule the next meeting at the ranch. It’s not a great idea to give victor the home-court advantage.

Victoria: I’m not sure I know what you mean. I’m not anticipating any more negotiations. We made the deal. It’s done.

Ashland: You finalized the deal without even discussing it with me? Plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching.

Phyllis: Oh, okay. Well, what is your request?

Jack: Well, now that we’ve, uh, cleared the air, I thought maybe we could have some dinner together. I just — I want to make sure that there’s no underlying tension, no residual anger or upset over us “missing the mark,” as you put it.

Phyllis: Listen, I’d love to have dinner with you. Um, I’m leaving in a couple days, so I don’t — I don’t think it’s possible. But when I get back, definitely. Um, I won’t be long.

Jack: I’ll be honest — I’m disappointed you can’t make time for me sooner, but I’ll look forward to that.

Phyllis: Me too.

Jack: So, what is this job?

Phyllis: Oh. It’s a great job. It’s, um — it’s in marketing. And, uh, it’s — it’s very high-level, completely in my skill set.

Jack: Yeah, well, whatever the details are, I’m — I’m sure you’ll shine.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Jack: What about the hotel?

Phyllis: Well, I’ll find someone to run it. Or I’ll sell it. If somebody else runs it, i mean, I — I’ll still have it, and that would be my one connection to genoa city.

Jack: Well, I hope there’s more than one.

Phyllis: Every single family member of mine has left this town. What does that say about me?

Jack: I’m not gonna let you go down that road. You have bright, interesting, vibrant children who are living wonderful lives. I think that says wonderful things about you.

Phyllis: Thank you. You always know the right thing to say to me.

Jack: That’s because nobody knows you better, red.

Nick: Hey, did you follow up with the landscape architect about the idea of expanding the urban green space?

Noah: We’ve been playing a little bit of phone tag, but I’m excited to talk to her.

Nick: Ah, cool. I’m excited about it, too. Let’s talk later.

Noah: Yep.

Nick: I’m proud of you.

Noah: [ Sighs ] Hey, tess? You, uh — you got a minute? Hey.

Tessa: Hi.

Noah: Um…I just — I’d like to apologize about last night.

Tessa: No, you really don’t have to —

Noah: No, I think it’s pretty obvious that I do. I mean, look how uncomfortable you are with me now. That’s the last thing that i wanted.

Victoria: I’m surprised that you think there’s a need to go over the deal again.

Ashland: Well, it was one thing not to be invited to the meeting. I didn’t love it, but i understood the rationale. However, I assumed I would have the chance at least to weigh in before you closed the deal.

Victoria: But you did. You — you more than weighed in.& We drafted the offer together with our legal team. Dad didn’t add any changes, aside from the stipulation about adam, which you and I had discussed at length. So, what — what exactly would you amend?

Ashland: Well, we both know that bringing adam in is a risk. And we can’t rely on a hope and a prayer that he’s going to behave himself. If I had been given the chance, I would at least have recommended that we put some stipulations to keep him in line.

Victoria: Do you really think that’s needed?

Ashland: Well, definitely. I think that we need to make it unmistakably clear what are the limits to adam’s authority.

Victoria: You have a point, but in my opinion, it would have antagonized my father so much so that he would have called off the whole deal.

Ashland: No, sweetheart, that’s the whole point of negotiations. You get to press somebody to find out where their red lines are, you know, what their real goals are. What if victor’s plan is to pit you against adam, huh, like you’re a couple of gladiators entering an arena for his entertainment?

Victoria: Hold on a second. I’m not sure that’s where this is headed. But even if it were, you and i can handle adam on our own after we ensure that the sale goes through.

Ashland: You know, you might be putting yourself in a rather untenable situation here.

Victoria: It’s funny. A minute ago, you said I was brilliant.

Ashland: Well, that was before I realized you closed the deal. Sweetheart, I am just trying to protect you.

Nikki: Well, hello! I didn’t expect to see you two here. I thought you were out celebrating.

Victoria: Uh, well, ashland actually thinks we should have added something more specific to the contract where adam is concerned, just as a precautionary measure, of course.

Nikki: Would you like me to tell your father you need more time to discuss it?

Ashland: I’ll leave that up to you.

Victoria: No. I gave my father my word. And I’m not worried about adam. I can handle him. Now, if you’ll excuse me… life’s been hard enough.

Noah: I think it’s pretty obvious that I had too much to drink last night and maybe said a little bit too much, as well. I just really hope this doesn’t change anything between us, the three of us.

Tessa: Oh, no, of course not.

Noah: I hope you sincerely know how happy I am for you guys. It’s obvious how much you and mariah love each other. So I will never put you on the spot like that ever again. I promise.

Tessa: Look, we’ve been in each other’s orbit a lot lately. If it would help, I can give you some space.

Noah: I think it would be best if we just don’t make a big deal about it. Now, can we do that, just forget about it and move on?

Tessa: Okay. But I would hope that you would —

Noah: Hey. We’re good, okay? I’ll see you later.

Tessa: Okay. Bye.

Jack: Well, let me know when you’re back, and we’ll, uh, plan our dinner date.

Phyllis: You will be the first person I call. Yes?

Michael: You okay?

Phyllis: I’m fine. After talking to jack, I’m more confused about my feelings. I mean, the whole time I was telling him that I was leaving, I was hoping that he’d stop me.

Michael: But he didn’T.

Phyllis: No, he didn’T. Ah, it’s too late. I’m leaving.

Lily: You know, the way patricia’s team organized the numbers in this document, i think we have more wiggle room on this project.

Billy: Okay. Do you want to move some of the budget over to this edwards project?

Lily: Well, I mean, I think we could, but I think we should have some more research done just to make sure it’s fiscally responsible.

Billy: Okay. Sounds good. And last but not least, what do you want to do about this?

Lily: Uh, I think we should table this for now, just until we have some more information.

Billy: I think the information that we do have shows that that is a good opportunity, and if we don’t jump on it, our competitors will.

Lily: Yeah, I guess that’s a good point. Um, okay, yeah. Let’s, uh — let’s go for it then. See? I knew we could do this together.

Billy: Let me be very clear. You would be kicking ass in this position on this job with or without me, but I am very grateful that I’m on this adventure with you.

Lily: You sure? No regrets?

Billy: Not a one. I mean, what would I be doing? Chasing adam around, trying to get revenge? He’s gonna self-destruct at any point, probably sooner than later.

Lily: I know. You’re probably right — ’cause if he does end up working for victoria, those two are far from simpatico and definitely on a collision course.

Billy: I would say that’s an understatement. Adam is gonna lose his mind.

Adam: Look, here’s the thing. We will get more bang for our buck if we run ads with them. That is clearly the way to go.

[ Cellphone ringing ] So, um…does that make sense? Uh, I need to get back to you, okay? We will, uh, pick this up later. Alright.

[ Sighs ] To what do I owe this visit?

Victoria: I thought it was time for me to come and see what I’m getting for my money. Oh. Well, don’t tell me that I’m the first to break the news. Dad accepted newman/locke’s offer to buy newman media. It’s a done deal.

Next week on “the young and the restless”…

Ashland: You’re a brilliant doctor, but you need a new mountain to climb, and I think i have the perfect challenge for you.

Lauren: I’m still curious as to exactly what victor has you doing because this feels far more cloak and dagger than your typical legal maneuvering.

Victoria: I hope that you’re looking forward to working with me as much as I’m looking forward to being your boss.

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