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[ Door opens ] Brook lynn: [ Sighs ] I am sorry to interrupt. Tj said that you’d be in here, and it’s really important. Oh, hi. Did you hear what josslyn just called me? Trina’s a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and somehow that makes me a manipulative bitch? Oh, no. Wasn’t I clear? You’ve always been a bitch from the moment you got into town. Playing that stupid drinking game was just your latest way of proving it. Okay, I think it’s settled. The bar is closed for tonight. No more alcohol for any of us. No, no, no, no. I’m not gonna let esme blame alcohol for what happened here tonight. You’re jealous of his friendship with trina, so you deliberately set out to humiliate her by dredging up the past. Trina ran out of here in tears, but I’m guessing that’s exactly what you wanted. Really? You think it was my goal to hurt trina? Hurt her, embarrass her — one or the other. And what about you? Can you finally see esme for who she is? Hey, aunt stella. Wow.

[ Laughs ] Look at you. You look fantastic. Oh, thank you, baby. Obviously, your time at the wellness center agreed with you. I can’t thank you enough for arranging that. I feel better than ever. Now, catch me up on everything. Though I don’t have to ask about you and portia. Your smile says everything.

[ Laughs ] That obvious, huh? I’m happy for both of you. And tj has been texting me about latest doings at G.H. That just leaves one empty space in my family album. How are things going between you and marshall? Improving. Kind of. But at least I’m not in the dark anymore. Marshall told me everything. He did what?

The role of marshall ashford is temporarily being played by damien leake. You said I could find you here. Uh, hi, marshall. What’s up with the plant? Uh, it’s my way of saying thank you for looking out for me after I, uh, spoiled our date. You didn’t spoil anything. You had a health crisis, and I’m just glad it wasn’t anything serious. It was my serious chance to get to know you better. I just hope I get another crack at it. Hey, there, baby sister. Hey. Thanks for meeting me. Oh, sure. I’m just sorry I missed luke’s memorial. I mean, of course, I never met the man, but I wanted to be there to support you. You know what they say about the life of an attorney. It’s either feast or famine. And right now, as I understand it, you’re feasting on peter august’s retainer? Who told you? I’m the mayor, remember? The D.A.’S a good friend of mine. Do you have any idea what you’re in for? Peter: You’re telling me that brook lynn stole maxie’s sonogram? Or maxie gave it to her. ‘Cause brook lynn was never pregnant. Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Give the man a cigar. Yeah, maxie conspired with brook lynn to pass louise off as brook lynn and valentin’s child so that you would be convinced your child had been kidnapped and, poof, disappeared into thin air.

[ Door opens ] Peter: Oh, is this an official visit, or are you just stopping by as a concerned friend? Ha ha! No, peter, I’m here to tell you that, uh, you’re gonna be transferred to pentonville now tomorrow. They want to do some more tests, you know, make sure they dot the I’s, cross the t’S. Wait, they already cleared me to go. Right, but what’s a few more hours, right? You got someplace to be?

[ Chuckles ] Here’s my driver’s license. If you check bailey quartermaine’s file, you’ll see I am her father. I’ll be right back. Valentin, I couldn’t help but overhear you with the nurse. What would you want with bailey’s medical records? She’s not your daughter. Well, legally, she still is. For whatever reason, brook lynn hasn’t amended bailey’s birth certificate or medical records. Oh, wow. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Wonder what? Well, whether brook lynn is hiding something.

You know, don’t you ever knock? I’m sorry. Tj said that you were on five, and the nurse said you were in this room. She didn’t mention that you would be doing a strip routine. Well, that tends to happen when you’re getting a physical. Physical? Are you okay? Did you have a setback? My blood pressure stabilized, and I passed with flying colors. Oh, good. Which is ironic because if I wasn’t suspended, I’d be cleared from desk duty and I could go back out in the field. But the upside of being suspended, is I get more time with bailey. Isn’t that right, sweetheart? Gosh, you know, you are the best little workout buddy. I have never run so many miles so fast. You know, it’s too bad you’re her father in name only. A girl could get used to having you around. Come on, spence, say something. How is trina? Is she okay? No, she’s not okay. You saw her. She ran out of the room in tears. She won’t even come out of the room. I had to talk to her through the door. The alcohol hit her hard. Oh, the problem was not what was in the mug. Okay, I-I just have never seen her drink before, so I thought that might have been it. No, the problem was esme implying that she had feelings for you. But — which doesn’t make sense. It’s ancient history. Why would that bother her now? Maybe it never stopped bothering trina, or maybe she didn’t want to bother you two with that, or maybe trina’s just a drama queen. We had plenty of those in boarding school. I don’t think that trina’s being a drama queen. Okay, I think that she’s legitimately upset. You two must be thrilled. I mean, now you’ve even got spence doubting me. All roads lead to trina. I mean, trina’s got you wrapped around her little finger, and you can’t even see it. Did you hear her? How she’s trying to make this trina’s fault? What is wrong with you? Trina is your friend. She’s given you chance after chance. Why can’t you call esme out for the snake she is?! When you say marshall told you “everything,” what — what exactly do you mean? Well, um, he said that — he said that he got mixed up with some shady characters and he was afraid that they were gonna use his family as a bargaining chip to keep him in line. So marshall decided in order to keep his wife and kid safe that he would disappear and make everyone think that he was dead.

[ Sighs ] Aunt stella, are you okay? I mean, I know it comes as a shock. You have no idea. Marshall didn’t say it in so many words, but… I think my father was in the witness protection program. And you believe that? Are you saying I shouldn’t? You need to keep taking those new pills your doctor prescribed and focus on lowering your blood pressure, and I need to get back to work to finish my shift. My medication is working already. I can feel it. But, uh, why do you sound like the one with a problem? Is there a problem? No problem. The doctor that wrote your new prescription reminded me of something — that there are some dreams, no matter how sweet, that deserve to die. The only place I’m going is a courtroom, and the sooner, the better. My attorney is gonna get all these charges dismissed, and I can move on with my life. Your life? Peter, the only life you’re gonna have is inside a prison. The only question is, is it gonna be in pentonville or steinmauer? No, I fully intend to beat these charges. Oh. And then I plan on doing what everyone, including the pcpd, has failed to do — find my daughter. Okay. And what makes you think you can find louise when no one else has? Well, let’s just say I have some resources that have yet to be tapped into. Yeah? Like what? Well, I could tell you, but… then I’d have to kill you. Are you threatening a police officer now? Are you trying to entrap an innocent man?

[ Chuckles ] Come on, detective. Don’t we have some tests to run to secure my transfer? Or are you gonna run the risk of a charge of police brutality by compromising my recovery? What makes you think brook lynn is hiding something? Well, I’m not the one looking into bailey’s medical records. Think about it. Hang on. Yes? Victor, if I tell you something, can I trust you?

I don’t know what you want me to say, joss. Esme’s my girlfriend. Back at boarding school when I thought that my dad was dead, sh-she stood by me. When we came to port charles, she’s repeatedly had my back. She thought that she was gonna be living at wyndemere, and then when I told her that I decided that we were gonna be at my grandmother’s house, she didn’t complain at all. And you and trina, you’ve — you made it well-known that you don’t like esme. She doesn’t feel accepted by any of my friends. I know that esme has some kind of hold over you, but you have got to wake up. You’ve got to wake up and see all of the hurt that she’s done. If she’s not burning down a car, she’s burning down your friendship with trina. Cameron, what do you think? You’ve always tried to mediate, tried to see esme’s perspective. I can’t believe you have to ask me that. I saw how esme treated trina. The question is, did you? Perfect. I’m not saying you should doubt marshall’s story. It’s just — I-it really surprised me. I’m sorry if this upsets you, okay? But hey, at least now we know why marshall felt it necessary to disappear. But, you know, still, when I try to find out more, like who those guys were and if they’re still a threat, marshall tells me to back off. And it’s funny to me because I was the one that wanted no part of him, and now he’s telling me to lay off. Well, maybe you should do as marshall says and set aside your interrogation for a while. Wait a minute. You are my bible-scripture-quoting auntie who’s always reminding me that the truth shall make you free. So where is it written that marshall gets a pass? Dreams don’t die unless you give up on them. Now, I don’t know you that well, but you don’t strike me as a quitter.

[ Sighs ] See, the — that’s the thing. I thought I knew what kind of treatment you needed, but that wasn’t my place. Your place? Your place was to speak your mind. I’m grateful that you did. Thank you. But, uh… that’s the last time I’m going to tell a doctor what to do. Even if the doctor’s wrong? But, you see, that’s the thing. Dr. Rose wasn’t wrong. You just needed to adjust your blood-pressure medication, right? Now, now, wait a minute. Every defendant is entitled to legal counsel. It’s right there in the constitution, and peter august is no exception. So are you saying you took the case in the spirit of equal justice under the law? Why shouldn’t I? My little sister is not the only person in port charles to care about the public good. Oh, that’s very noble of you. And does doing the public good, uh, come along with a big, fat check to martin grey, esquire? I’m your father. Of course you can trust me. But you’re a one-time ally of peter august. Oh, valentin, that was a strictly business arrangement that I terminated on the island of crete when peter crossed the line. Besides, don’t you remember? That was the first time you and I teamed up together. And when I got back to the states, I provided information that helped track peter down. What more do I have to prove? Valentin, whatever’s troubling you, you shouldn’t be carrying this burden alone. I — it’s just too bad that lovely anna isn’t here by your side. And why this interest in the medical records of a child that isn’t even yours, and — and w-whatever has this got to do with peter august? Yeah, I could get used to being around. Bailey, that is. You missed a button. Here. You know, I really hope that you get to be a real father someday. You’ve got the touch. So do you. Um, what… you s– you didn’t tell me why you were looking for me. Did you, uh — did you hear from maxie? No. I have been sitting on pins and needles, chase. What if — what if being in pautuck somehow jars austin’s memory and he remembers maxie handing louise off to me? Oh, don’t worry about that. Maxie knows what’s at stake — keeping her precious little girl away from peter.

[ Sighs ] Come on. Let’s go home. Your jacket. Thank you.

What a beautiful baby. We think so. Yeah, I’m one proud dad. Sure, you are. You’re both so very lucky. What is he doing here? Uh…just one final bit of clearance before we take him back to pentonville. You know, I never saw the resemblance before, but now I get it. She looks just like her mother. Okay, get him out of here, would you? Dante: Yeah, sure thing. See you around. Let’s go. Come on, laura, not you, too. After all, we were in hiding for months, couldn’t work. It’s not like I don’t have expenses — my beloved mother’s around-the-clock care, for one thing, then there’s a small herd of my ex-wives, none of whom will ever get remarried ’cause they’re having way too much fun doing the alimony mambo. Oh. And of course, there’s my private wine collection. Should be a tax deduction. The only reason I have it is to impress my clients. You try telling that to the irs. What, you’re not gonna tell them about the expenses of courting lucy coe? No, and neither are you, especially when valentin is around. He’s got this thing about conflict of interest. Martin… look, as the mayor and as a defender of our constitution, I wholeheartedly believe in peter august’s right to competent legal counsel, but as your sister, does it have to be you? I mean, this guy has hurt so many people — maxie and her baby. Yeah, about that. Uh… you don’t think there’s any chance peter would ever get his hands on that little baby girl, do you? I mean, nobody has known about her whereabouts for months. Yeah, that’s my point. The only way he could get his hands on that little girl is if somebody as smart as you can find a way to exonerate him. Yeah. Alright, fine. You got to make a play for the cheap seats. Victor, brook lynn used bailey to help the quartermaine family regain control of elq. I would say turnabout is fair play, wouldn’t you? Hmm. And you’re hoping to find something in those medical records you can use to your advantage, yeah? Like what, for instance? I don’t know. I’m fishing, throwing a line in the water, seeing if anything bites. Oh. Well, happy fishing. Hope you catch something. Mr. Cassadine? Is there something in particular you wanted to see in your child’s records? Changing medication isn’t going to heal the family I abandoned. But you came back. You’re here now. And the longer you live, the better chance you stand of making your family whole again. You know…

[ Sighs ] I’d rather talk about your dreams of becoming a doctor. And while I appreciate your interest, I think that you should save some of that concern for that family of yours. I’m not giving marshall a pass. I’m just asking why you can’t accept your father’s version of events and move on. Or are you using this as an excuse to keep from letting your father into your life? Marshall’s already got one foot in the door. This is about my family’s safety — you, me, and tj. What if the trouble that caused him to leave all those decades ago is still out there? What if I open that door just a little bit more and that trouble follows marshall in? Don’t you think we at least deserve to know what to expect? Or… is none of this news to you? Aunt stella, do you know something I don’t? I’m leaving now, spence. Come on, esme. Let’s take a few minutes. Let’s cool off. No, I’m not spending another minute with small-minded people who have never and will never accept me for who I am. Oh, the problem is, is that we know who you are, and that’s why we don’t accept you. Are you coming or not? Esme, we all had those hot toddies. Okay, and with the icy conditions, I don’t think it’s safe for either one of us to drive right now. I’ve ordered a car, but it seems you’ve made your choice. You’re choosing them over me. Esme, I will go with you, but first, I’m gonna check on trina and then I will get our bags and I will meet you outside! Trina’s asleep, and we can send for our things. Let’s go.

[ Door opens ] Sorry, guys. Wow. Um, so much for our weekend getaway. I’m — I’m so sorry that this all blew up. I’m not. I can’t stand esme, and I’m thrilled I don’t have to pretend otherwise.

[ Chuckles ] I feel horrible for trina, but remember when we got drunk on the haunted star? The only cure for that is to sleep it off, so… I guess for now… it’s just the two of us.

Wow. Stars are very beautiful tonight.

[ Chuckles ] Very close. You know, the more I think about it, this whole getaway was esme’s idea. Yeah, so? So do you think this was her plan all along? To embarrass us and humiliate trina? I mean, I hope not. The funny thing is, is that I always thought esme was so… sure of herself. But after tonight… I mean, I-I realized how insecure and terrified she is of losing spencer. Here’s hoping by the time they’re down from the mountain, spencer’s realized that esme was trying to hurt his friends and he dumps her. You know what? I am tired of talking about esme and spencer. I think we should stop talking altogether. Honestly, until this moment, I-I never suspected marshall was mixed up in — in dirty business. Auntie, I’m not trying to upset you, okay? But now that you know, does that ring any bells? Can you think back 40 years ago… and remember any names or faces that might have been mixed up with marshall? Baby, I wasn’t even there. And irene is no longer with us — all the more reason for you to consider what marshall’s saying and leave things alone. Well, things are good with tj, and they’re getting better with curtis. That’s not what you said the night we went out to dinner. Well, a-although curtis owns a nightclub, he still thinks like a pi. He questions everything, but, uh, I’m sure in time, he’ll come around. Marshall… do you remember what I told you about my son? Yeah, that we don’t always have as much time as we think we do, but doesn’t that apply to you, as well, with your dream of becoming a doctor? Did you see the way that peter was smiling at bailey? It’s almost as if he knows the truth. He said bailey looks just like her mother. He meant you. Did he? I mean, chase, what if he suspects the truth? What if he was saying that — that bailey looks like maxie? You got to remember, brook lynn, that’s — that’s just who peter is. It’s — he wants to get under your skin, if not with poison, then with words, but peter can’t possibly know. Peter can’t possibly know what? You know, I can’t wait to get back to pentonville. Really? The place where you were poisoned, almost killed you? Well, I’ll take the risk of lax security if it means getting to trial faster. Oh, speaking of which, here’s my attorney. Uh…yeah.

[ Door closes ] Dante, see your way clear of doing me a favor — give me five minutes alone with mr. August? Yeah, guess that’s alright. Appreciate it. I’ll be right outside.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] Ah, martin. What brings you here? Good news, I hope. Well, kind of depends on which side of those handcuffs you’re on. Mr. August, I’m afraid I find it necessary to recuse myself from your defense. I see. Well, if you no longer wish to represent me, we’ll go our separate ways. No hard feelings. What’s the catch? Excuse me one second. Can we meet later? Yes, of course. I-I’ll make a reservation at the pc grill. Great. Thank you for getting my daughter’s file. Oh, and the file can’t leave this floor. Understood. I’m looking for a sonogram from the third trimester. I’m a bit of a sentimental. I’d like a copy — treasure it for always.

There’s no sonogram in this file. How is that possible? I was here when it was taken. Did somebody deliberately remove it? No, it was never in here. Was never in here. Of course. It would be in her mother’s file. I don’t suppose you could let me have a look at brook lynn’s information without her permission. No. Nurse. Uh, just so I can be prepared in case of an emergency, my daughter’s blood type is o negative, right? Uh… no, she’s o positive. That’s what I meant. Thanks. Laura, hi. Hi. Chase and I were — were just talking about what an awful, awful human being that peter august is. He can’t possibly know how much harm he’s caused to maxie, to elizabeth, to my family, especially to monica. Between jason dying and drew being locked away in that prison for all that time, peter deserves to be locked up till the end of time. Yeah, we’re hoping that when august goes to trial, he’ll be convicted and sentenced to life. Well, I have the same hope. You know something, you guys? It’s really easy for young adults — new parents — to, um, lose their sense of faith, you know, with all the responsibility, but you can’t let that happen, for her sake, right? Because she will grow up in a better, safer, kinder world, a world where peter august can’t come back to haunt any of us. Amen to that. Anything to protect bailey. There’s no catch, marty. If you can’t give my defense the time and attention that it deserves… then I’ll find someone who will. Thank you for being so understanding. Naturally, you’ll be returning my retainer. Oh, well [Chuckles] Ordinarily, I would deduct the time I’ve already spent working on your case, but, uh… what the hell? Small price to pay for my conscience. Oh, who knew you had one?

[ Door opens ] Everything going okay in here? I’d say so. Mr. August will no longer require my services. I wish you both a good night. You fired martin? No. He walked away from me. Oh. Smart man.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m off, peter. I’ll leave you with officer bridges here in case you get scared tonight. You sleep tight, detective. I’m quite sure I will.

[ Door closes ] I don’t have time for dreams, and my break is almost over, so… I-I was just about to go, too, but, uh, not before you hear me out. Uh, whatever dr. Rose told you, he had his reasons, but I want you to know that I’d trust you with my life any day. And I knew that I was in good hands that night… because you were there. Was joss right? Did you get everyone to the cabin just so you could humiliate them? And blow up my friendships?

I never knew I loved the stars

the lamps that guide us on a pitch black night

I never I knew I loved the moon

and how it bathes the world in silver light are you sure about this?

[ Chuckles ] Cam… I’m so sure.

I never knew



I never knew I loved the breeze

that wraps around us with its soft caress

and how I love to close my eyes

to listen to the rhythm of your breath

I never knew I loved how waves would cool the burning sand

of footprints we leave walking hand in hand

I never knew

what difference does it make what I say? You are so ready to believe the worst of me. That’s not an answer. I need to know if what joss accused you of is actually true. All I wanted was to try to get to know your friends better and for you to make great memories before you have to go to prison. But you think I planned this weekend to be something diabolical, just… just makes me sad.

[ Sighs ] Wow. Don’t get me wrong, I-I’m really glad that we waited, but… wow. Yeah, um… I’m — I’m — I’m glad we waited, too. Um…but I’m also really glad we had this moment. Oh, to think of how close we came to letting esme ruin this for us. I do not want to think about esme right now. I only want to focus on you. Clearly, you have a choice to make. Do you want answers that might tell you things you don’t want to know? Or do you want your father back in your life? Small world. Mind if I join you? Ah, la lucy, my sexy, sexy thing. It’s marty. Listen, my schedule just opened up. What do you say you and I catch a flight to the big easy, get ourselves a nice, heaping helping of mardi gras? Ah, madame mayor. To what do I owe the honor? I just saw my brother martin. He was smiling from ear to ear because he no longer represents you. But when he told me that you didn’t argue, you didn’t put up any fight to try to keep him… I just had to wonder… why so magnanimous, peter? Peter: What a beautiful baby. She looks just like her mother. I have faith in the system, madame mayor. Somehow, I… just know things are going to work out for the best. Anna, it’s me. Call me. I’ve got a lead on louise.

[ Grunting ] Johann, johann, please be careful with my son. Oh, and, um… cancel my dinner reservation.

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