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Sharon: Oh, hey, Tessa, I was just thinking about you.

Tessa: Oh, really?

Sharon: Well, Rey and I were just talking about when you and Mariah adopt, and it got me thinking about where you’re at in the process. I mean, I know that adoption can be very complicated and challenging, but I’m always here to cheer you on if you need me.  Just wondering if there’s anything concrete I can do to help.

Tessa: Uh, I mean, not at the moment. We’re going to a seminar tomorrow to talk about all our different options. Domestic adoption, international, private, open versus closed, foster-to-adopt.

Sharon: Wow.  Sounds like you have a lot of decisions to make.

Tessa: But thank goodness that we joined this online support group.  People discuss their experiences, the good, the bad, the…

Sharon: Wow, that’s a great idea.  You know, to join a community of people who are willing to share, it creates a safe space for you to ask questions so you can get tips on how best to… Um, Tessa?

Tessa: Oh, Oh! I am so sorry. I did not mean to space out like that.

Sharon: You do seem a little distracted.  Is everything okay?

Tessa: Ugh. Word’s gonna get out.  Mariah got some news that hit her pretty hard. Yeah, Abby and Chance decided to let Devon have shared custody of Dominic. Which, look, I know that Mariah would’ve never tried to get custody, but still.

Sharon: That had to be really hard for her to hear.

[Door opens]

Sharon: Oh, Mariah, Tessa and I were just, uh —

Tessa: Oh, there you are.

Mariah: Can we talk, alone?

Devon: You like that? You like that, huh? [Chuckles] You having a good time, buddy?  It’s your first official stay, and we’re all very, very happy for you to be here. Amanda and your Uncle Moses…

Amanda: Mm-hmm. And Daddy.

Devon: Didn’t really mean to say that in front of Abby and Chance.

Amanda: I know.

Devon: It’s just the most natural feeling in the world, having my son here with me, you know? Oh, buddy.

Amanda: I love seeing you hear like this.  Filled with so much joy.

Devon: I can’t believe it’s actually happening. [Chuckles]

Amanda: I know, me neither. But I can’t be happier for you.

Devon: Well, we’re pretty happy, too, aren’t we, buddy? Hmm?

Amanda: I know how much tonight means to you, and, uh, I want you to know that I really appreciate being a part of it.

Devon: Well, I can’t thank you enough for making this first visit happen and for everything going so smoothly.

Amanda: Well, I think we need to thank Abby and Chance. Yeah, they gave us everything that we needed, everything that he’s used to, down to his favorite strained peaches.

[Both laugh]

Amanda: And laying out his whole routine in writing. Um, speaking of which, I hate be the bearer of bad news, but, according to the schedule, it is this little guy’s bed time.

Devon: Is that right?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: You hear that? I don’t think he’s ready.

Amanda: [Chuckles]

Devon: Before we tuck you in, though, we have one very important step to add to the schedule.

Abby: [Sighs] I know. I know I am driving you crazy. I’m driving me crazy. I am so used to my whole day being structured around Dominic, and now that I have a free evening —

Chance: You don’t know what to do with yourself. Yeah, I get it.

Abby: I guess I could go down to Society, try to get some work done, but I think it’s too late to get anything accomplished, and my mom and Uncle Jack are still out of town, which reminds me, we really need to fill everyone in now that this whole thing is official. I mean, what if someone sees Devon with our son?  I mean, they might have some questions.

Chance: [Sighs]

Abby: I’m sorry. I know, I know I’m rambling.

Chance: Hey. Hey. Look, I understand this is all happening way sooner than you expected, but I promise you, it’s gonna get easier as we go. Okay? And you get to formulate his schedule. And you’ll get to plan everything, just like you like. I know that’s your comfort zone.

Abby: Yeah.

[Cellphone rings]

Nope, nope, nope, nope. I cannot deal with anyone right now. No.

Chance: [Laughs] I don’t think you’re gonna miss this one.

Devon: Dominic, look who it is. Say hi to Mommy.

Abby: Oh. [Chuckles]

Abby: Hi, baby, hi.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: You about to go to bed?

Devon: Yeah, we are. That’s why we called to say good night to you guys.

Abby: How’s he settling in?

Devon: Oh, he’s doing great. Just great.

Abby: Is he eating okay? Any problems with his colic?

Devon: No, no trouble at all. He’s — he’s — he ate. He’s been just perfect.

Chance: Well, we are glad to hear that.

Devon: Oh, it’s ’cause of you, Abby, everything you gave us, the list that you made.

Dominic: [Coos]

Devon: See?

Dominic: [Coos]

Devon: That’s right. According to your schedule, now I think I need to be putting him down to bed. Right?

Chance: Well, thank you for calling so we could say good night.

Devon: Oh, of course, man. Absolutely.

Abby: Okay, Dominic. Um…Be good for Devon. We love you. We’ll see you in the morning.

Chance: We love you, buddy. Sweet dreams.

Abby: Sleep and dream, the happily day. The bright, bright moon will guide your way. Good night, my angel.

Devon: Alright, good night, guys.

Abby: Bye.

Chance: Bye.

Devon: [Chuckles]

Abby: [Sighs]

Tessa: Well, I know that we said that we would discuss wedding plans tonight, but if you’re not up to it —

Mariah: I went for a walk for a little bit. I did some thinking, so just close your eyes.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Alright, keep them closed.

Tessa: Okay.

Mariah: Keep them closed. Alright, this way. Here we go.

Tessa: Oh, dear.

Mariah: Oh, god. Oh, god.

[Both laugh]

Mariah: Keep going, keep going. Come on, right through there. Right through there.

Tessa: [Laughs]

Mariah: You’re doing great. Do you remember our first date?

Tessa: Yeah, of course. The movie at the Athletic Club.

Mariah: Right. Open your eyes.

Tessa: Oh. A movie under the stars.

Mariah: I am glad that you got that. I’m no astronomer, so these lights were the best that I could do to recreate the evening.

Tessa: They’re perfect.

Mariah: That was the first time that we told each other how we really felt.  My heart was racing. I was so scared and I didn’t know if you felt the same way.

Tessa: It was like that for me, too.

[Both laugh]

Mariah: Well, I knew that it could possibly change my life forever — in the best possible way. Then there was that night where we needed to just get away for a little bit, and we drove out of the city.

Tessa: Yeah.

Mariah: Yeah, we found this amazing little field and we just laid there.

Tessa: Hmm, I’m sensing a theme.

[Both laugh]

Mariah: Yeah. And we were there for hours and hours, just looking up at the stars, trying to remember the names of the constellations. And then making up stories to go along with them.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh, those were so hilarious.

Mariah, I imagined you up there with a winged helmet and a breastplate, kind of like a Valkyrie.

Tessa: And there you were on a massive bike, like a Hell’s Angel, chasing off a cult leader into the ends of the universe.

Mariah: Exactly. Stories about overcoming everything that life threw at us.  Not letting people get us down, not backing down. And it became our story, written in the stars. So that’s what I thought about while I was walking. About how you’re ready to embark on this journey with me, no matter how hard it might be. The love of my life.

Tessa: Oh, Mariah. [Chuckles]

Mariah: Before you put the ring on your finger, there is something that I have been dying to ask for so long. Bear with me.

Tessa: [Chuckles]

[Both laugh]

Mariah: Tessa Porter, will you marry me?

Tessa: Yes!

Mariah: Yeah?

Tessa: Yes, love of my life. Yes, of course!

[Both laugh]

Mariah: Okay, put it on. Put it on.

[Both laugh]

Tessa: Oh, my gosh!

Mariah: Oh!

Tessa: Oh, I love you.

Mariah: I love you, too.

[ Both laugh ]

Sharon: Oh, my gosh, you two, what a sweet, romantic proposal!

Tessa: Aww.

Sharon: It was so beautiful.

Mariah: Oh, thanks, Mom.

Sharon: Yeah, I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Sorry I was peeking, but when I saw all the twinkling lights.

[ Laughter ]

Tessa: It’s cool, I’m used to having an audience.

Sharon: Well, let me see! Let me see the ring. [ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh, that’s beautiful.

Tessa: Oh, it is, right? It’s really me.

Sharon: Well, now we seriously need to start talking about wedding plans.

Mariah: Well, Tessa and I were talking earlier, and we didn’t come up with any conclusions.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Hey, Noah! Noah, don’t go, come on!

Tessa: Hi.

Noah: I don’t want to intrude.

Mariah: No, no, your timing couldn’t be more perfect. Yeah, come on in here. We’re gonna go into full party-planning mode, so come on.

Noah: Okay.

Sharon: My oldest daughter is getting married! I’m so excited.

Mariah: Really? Wow, I mean, I don’t think any of us could tell.

Sharon: [ Laughs ] Alright, first things first, can I throw you two an engagement party?

Tessa: You know, that’s so sweet of you, Sharon, but…

Mariah: But I think that seems traditional.

Sharon: Okay, so in other words…

Tessa: Not really us.

Mariah: And plus, it always seems like those parties are an excuse to just get more gifts.

Sharon: Well, we can write “no gifts” on the invitation. To me, this is more of a family milestone. It’s a reason to celebrate and have fun, and, if you want, to play games.

Mariah: No, no, yeah, I don’t think that’s — that’s really the vibe that we’re — we’re going for.

Sharon: Fine by me. So what about some toasts? You two can tell everyone about your proposal.

Noah: Proposals. Plural, which makes for a pretty cool story.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Noah: That’s very you, very “Teriah.”

Mariah: Ah.

Sharon: Teriah?

Noah: Yeah, it’s what Tessa’s fans call her and Mariah online.

Sharon: Love it. So cute.

Noah: I came across it when I was doing some research for the album cover.

Mariah: That makes sense.

Sharon: What about a theme? Do you two want a theme?

Mariah: Okay, Mom, Mom, I love you and I love your excitement, but all of these things that you guys are throwing out, it just — it doesn’t really seem like us.

Tessa: Yep.

Noah: I think I got it, you know, the perfect way to celebrate your engagement.

Devon: Oh, buddy, I don’t have any more tricks, man. What do you —

Amanda: He still can’t sleep?

Devon: No. He still can’t. If this singing teddy bear can’t do the trick, I don’t know what will.

Amanda: I know I saw him yawn when you were on the phone with Abby and Chance.

Devon: Yeah, no, he’s definitely tired. He just — he can’t get over the hump. He keeps nodding off and waking himself up, and…he’s just not settling in yet. Only thing I can think of is maybe he’s picked up on the tension between us all when we got him from Abby and Chance’s, but…

Amanda: Or maybe you are just overthinking things and he’s just doing what babies do.

Devon: Yeah, maybe. Be a lot easier if you could tell us what’s going on, man. Just got to get acclimated, that’s all, just like the rest of us, right? It’s okay. It’s okay, I’m right here.

Chance: Well, that made me feel a lot better, seeing Dominic all safe and cozy over there. You felt that, too, yeah?

Abby: Yeah. I did. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to share custody with Devon if I didn’t think that he was capable, but it’s just — it’s such a strange feeling, not having Dom to plan my evening around. I mean, typically, I’m on red alert, you know? I’m listening to the monitor, waiting to hear him cry. You know, I have to feed him and bathe him, get him ready for bed and kiss his little forehead good night. And now…well, I guess I just have to get used to it. Days and nights without my son. I guess this is just our new normal.

Chance: Hey, let me prove to you that this doesn’t have to be just some weekly ordeal that we — that we get through, alright? It can be something special. I’ll prove it to you.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: So what is this great idea? Spill.

Noah: Well, instead of a traditional engagement party, why don’t we have a listening party for Tessa’s new album?

Tessa: No.

Noah: Why not?

Tessa: Because then it’ll be about me and not us as a couple.

Sharon: She does have a point.

Noah: Tess, every track on that album is about love — your love for Mariah. I mean, even the photo I used for the cover, you said you were thinking about her when I took it. That’s why it came out so perfect, ’cause you were filled with such genuine emotion.

Tessa: That is true. I mean, falling in love with you and growing in our relationship, it helped me find my voice. The album is basically just one long love poem.

Mariah: Well, then I think my brother is onto something.

Sharon: Now that I’ve heard more, I agree.

Mariah: And there is a built-in theme.

Noah: See, it’s not about putting you in the spotlight. It’s about both of you and your love, and it should be expressed in the most authentic and beautiful way there is.

Mariah: Now, that is an engagement party that I can get behind.

Tessa: Me, too. I love it.

Chance: I know you had to carry so much on your own while I was away. But now I want you to just brush off all that weight and all that worry. Brush it off these beautiful little shoulders of yours. I want that to remind you that you’re not alone. And whatever you’re going through, doesn’t matter how tough it is, I want us to keep our connection. Okay?

Abby: [ Sighs ] I needed this. I need you.

Chance: Well, I’m right here. I’m all yours. I’m not just talking, Abby. I want to make some time for us like this as often as I can. I want to show you how much you mean to me.

Abby: Yeah, I like the sound of that. [ Sighs ] I’ve been so stressed and on alert. Thank you…for reminding me to slow down. You know, this gives me hope that we can not only survive but thrive as a couple and a family.

Chance: You better believe it. Gah. I’ll tell you, every single time I think about how hard you fought to hold us together, I mean, it just amazes again and again. Abby, you have so much strength and you have so much heart. It’s because of you, my loving, tenacious, beautiful wife, that I’m here, back in Genoa City, alive and well. I promise you I’m gonna be the man you need me to be. Okay? I will be the father and the husband that I’m supposed to be.

Devon: I can watch him sleep all day.

Amanda: He really is the luckiest baby alive. He has so many people in his corner, just loving and protecting him.

Devon: Yeah. It’s always gonna be really important to me that he grows up in a happy and stable environment.

Amanda: Should we try and get some sleep now that we can?

Devon: Maybe.

[ Knock on door ]

Devon: No. No, no, no.

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Lily: Hi, I hope it’s not too late. I just really wanted to see Dom.

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Lily: Sorry, was that me? [ Chuckles ] Sorry.

Devon: It’s okay.

Mariah: That is a great concept, Noah. Thank you for helping us brainstorm. And you probably saved us from some “pin the bridal bouquets on the donkey” games.

Sharon: Hey, that’s a really fun game.

[ Laughter ]

Mariah: Well, if you have any other artistic ideas, we’d be appreciative, because we have got a whole wedding to plan, and I’m only so creative.

Noah: Uh, some other time, maybe. I actually got to take off.

Mariah: Where are you headed?

Noah: I’m getting some drinks with friends, so I’m sure you guys can take it from here.

Mariah: Alright, you’re excused.

Tessa: Thank you again, Noah. It was such a good idea.

Noah: Just had a look at what’s right in front of me. Anyways, I’ll see you guys later.

Mariah: Yeah. Oh, and if there’s anything else you think of, just let us know, okay?

Sharon: Bye, Noah.

Noah: Bye, Mom.

Sharon: Well, now we get to plan two events.

Mariah: Okay, before you get revved up about this again, please don’t go overboard with this engagement, please.

Tessa: Yeah, I mean, Mariah’s right. I mean, you know, no matter what kind of wedding we have, I do know that it won’t be at the palazzo in Italy.

Mariah: Although a spaghetti dinner sounds so good right now.

Tessa: Oh, gosh, spaghetti with, like, garlic and olive oil and maybe a Caesar salad.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait, did I forget to feed you?

Tessa: Well, you haven’t eaten yet either, have you? Why don’t I get us something from Society? And instead of spaghetti, maybe some ropa vieja.

Mariah: Oh, yes, yes, that sounds good.

Tessa: Okay. Oh, okay. Alright, well, I will see you soon.

Mariah: Yeah.

Tessa: Okay. I love you.

Lily: Hi. I’m your Auntie Lily. I’m sorry I woke you up. I didn’t know you were all snuggly in your little bed.

Devon: He was.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] I just came to talk to your… what do I call you, Dad? Pops?

Devon: You can take it easy on that. No, it’s… I do wish that Dominic would’ve been able to meet his Grandpa Neil, now that he legally has the Winters name.

Lily: Yeah. Well, I’m sure Mom and Dad are looking down at us, smiling.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: [ Gasps ] Look. Looks like they worked some of their angel magic. [ Chuckles ]

Devon: He’s dozing off.

[ Laughter ]

Moses: Hey, guys. Um, we just got back from dinner. I hope you don’t mind, I invited Faith over.

Faith: Oh, yeah, we’re celebrating our four-month anniversary.

Moses: Yeah, and I thought she would like a sneak peek of —

Devon: That’s…

Faith: Oh, no.

Moses: Oops. Sorry, I didn’t realize Dom would be here.

Devon: No, it’s okay. Your nephew’s gonna be visiting a lot more, ’cause this is his second home now.

Abby: Chance? What’s wrong?

Abby: Hey. What’s wrong? Who’s the letter from?

Chance: It’s — it’s no one you know.

Abby: Well, there are tears in your eyes. Is it bad news?

Chance: [ Sighs ] It’s from a woman in Florida. Her husband was with me in Valencia.

Abby: Okay, well, what did she write?

Chance: I sent her money for the funeral, so she — she thanked me for that. And, uh…”for giving our family much-needed moral support during this tremendously difficult time.”

Abby: Oh. I didn’t realize that you had reached out to her that way.

Chance: Yeah. Everyone that was with me in Spain, I tried to contact their families, make sure they have everything they need.

Abby: Oh. That’s so generous.

Chance: I had to do something. I was able to walk away and come home to you, and they… well, they didn’t.

Abby: Well, what else did she write in the letter?

Chance: Um… “I can’t tell you how much it meant to learn that the perpetrators were convicted and sent to prison, and Justin’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain. He was so proud to be protecting our nation, and he knew that the work he did was valued. You asked if there was anything more that you could do for Becca and me, and there is one thing. Stop feeling guilty for having survived. Stop second-guessing your actions over there. None of this was your fault. The feds and the state department both said it, and now I’m saying it. Please find a way to be as generous with yourself as you’ve been with my little girl and me. My husband always thought the world of you. Find a way to make peace with this in your own heart. And live your life with purpose and be happy. I know Justin would want that for you, too.”

Abby: Please…look, I hope that you — you really listen to the words that she wrote you. And stop blaming yourself. None of this is your fault.

Chance: That woman’s a widow now. Kid doesn’t have a father. How am I just supposed to move on, let that go?

Moses: Shared custody? Wow.

Faith: I heard Mariah and Tessa talking about it, but I had no idea it’d happen this fast.

Devon: Yeah, I didn’t want to say anything at first, ’cause I didn’t know how things were gonna play out, but after Abby and Chance and I came to an agreement, I-I just couldn’t wait to get Dominic over here.

Faith: Mm.

Amanda: It will take a while for the paperwork to get finalized, though.

Devon: Yeah, and we’re looking at probably just one overnight a week.

Moses: Cool, so we’ll have more of a head’s up next time.

Devon: You will, definitely.

Faith: Well, I’m glad you’re able to figure things out and everyone feels good about it.

Devon: Yeah, me, too. Me, too.

Faith: Can we see him?

Devon: Sure you can see him. Just got to —

Faith: Be super quiet, I know.

Devon: Yeah, good.

Lily: So, how does it feel having a new baby in the mix?

Amanda: I love it. It’s — I don’t know, there’s something wonderful about seeing Devon with his child. Brings him so much joy.

Lily: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Amanda: And I know that this was the right thing to do. I’m happy that I was able to help get everything to this point without taking it in front of a judge.

Lily: Oh, my god, that would’ve been a nightmare.

Amanda: Yeah, tell me about it. Now at least they get a chance to bond. Avoiding all of that.

Lily: Well, you’ll bond with Dom, too. I mean, how could you not? He’s such an adorable little baby.

Amanda: Yeah, I’m sure I will.

Devon: I don’t mean to break up the party, but I have to get Dominic to sleep.

Moses: Hopefully he’s asleep for the rest of the night.

Devon: Yeah, or at least until his 3:00 A.M. Feeding.

Faith: [ Chuckles ]

Moses: Are you okay with taking a rain check on Tessa’s new album?

Faith: Uh, I should be getting home anyways. Mom’s gonna be like, “school night.”

Lily: Yeah, I’m gonna get going, too.

Devon: Okay.

Lily: And I’ll come back next time Dom’s here, and that way I can get some more baby time in.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: But I’m really happy for you.

Devon: Thank you.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Um, do you need a ride anywhere?

Faith: Uh, drop me at Crimson Lights?

Lily: Yeah, of course.

Moses: Okay, cool, I’ll walk you guys to your car.

Lily: Okay, thank you.

Devon: See you guys.

Lily: See you.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: It was really nice to see you, lily.

Lily: You too. Bye.

Amanda: Bye.

Devon: Ooh, there we go. It’s okay, it’s okay. Ready to go to your own room?

Dominic: [ Cries ]

Devon: It’s okay, it’s okay. Daddy’s gonna tuck you in. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s alright. I know. I know.

Noah: Where’d you come from?

Tessa: Uh, my car.

Noah: Where’s Mariah?

Tessa: She’s still at the coffee house. I just came to pick up some dinner.

Noah: You mean you guys are in two separate places, huh? [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: Bizarre, I know.

Noah: Yeah, it is. I’m used to seeing the Teriah unit.

Tessa: Well, I’m surprised that you’re here alone. I thought you were meeting some friends.

Noah: Huh. I guess my friends must’ve bailed on me.

Tessa: So the party went on without them?

Noah: I am just continuing the happy celebration of the happy couple. It’s a great idea for the engagement party, right?

Tessa: Why don’t you let me take you home?

Noah: That’s not a good idea.

Devon: Ah.

Amanda: Look at this.

Devon: Do you hear that?

Amanda: What? I don’t hear anything.

Devon: Exactly.

Amanda: Oh, ’cause little Dom is snoozing away. Look at you, you rose to the occasion once again.

Devon: Oh, thanks to you.

Amanda: I didn’t do anything. That was all you.

Devon: Mnh-mnh. You made this whole first visit possible.

Amanda: I can’t even take the credit for that. That was you. It was your love, your friendship, your strength of character that got Abby and Chance to come around. Devon, you handled a really delicate situation with so much maturity and patience. I could not be more proud of you.

Devon: Well, I’m still grateful for you, for all the support you’ve given me through all this. And for welcoming Dominic into this house with open arms. I find that very, very attractive.

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

[ Chuckles ]

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Devon: Oh, no. Oh. I think someone had too much excitement today.

Amanda: Mm. Sounds like it.

Devon: Yeah. I’ll be right back.

Amanda: Mm. Do you need some help?

Devon: No, no, you enjoy your wine. I got this.

Amanda: I know you do. And I find that incredibly attractive.

Devon: Well, I’ll be back.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: I understand that nobody blames me, but I still blame myself. I can’t erase that memory of that night. My entire team was killed in what was supposed to be our safe house. Makes me feel sick, knowing that I failed them and I failed the mission.

Abby: [ Sighs ] I know that you’re going through hell. And that this is torture for you. But together, we’re gonna find what you need to cope, to heal, to get to the other side.

Chance: I have exactly what I need right here. All I need is you, Abby. That’s it.

Faith: Hey, guys.

Mariah: Hey, Faith.

Sharon: Hi. How was your date with Moses?

Faith: So nice. We had a great time. He invited me to go back to Devon’s place to listen to some music, but it didn’t happen.

Sharon: Why not?

Faith: Uh, when we got back to the penthouse, Dominic was there for a visit. Like, overnight. And Devon didn’t want to make much noise, so the baby could sleep. Uh, he said it was gonna be a regular thing. My little cousin’s gonna be living with him part-time.

Mariah: You don’t seem surprised.

Sharon: No, Tessa mentioned it to me before you arrived earlier. We were talking about the adoption. Are you okay?

Mariah: You know, when I first heard about Abby and Chance giving some custody to Devon, I — I felt a pang. But then I really had time to think about it, and I was able to make a mental shift. And considering how much Chance is struggling since he’s been back, I really think this is what is in the best interest for the baby. Devon is gonna be a great bonus dad. And Tessa and I are gonna have a child of our own. [ Chuckles ]

Noah: [ Sighs ]

Tessa: Hey, Noah. Let me just —

Noah: It’s late. You guys must be starving. I don’t want to impose on your dinner, so, please, just…

Tessa: Okay, well, just let me call you a car, then.

Noah: No, I can get myself home. Thank you, though.

Tessa: Noah.

Noah: Tessa, I promise I’m not gonna drive, okay? There’s nothing for you to worry about.

Tessa: I don’t want to leave you like this. Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

Noah: Why wouldn’t I be okay? When you love someone, you — you want them to be happy. And I love my sister, so, yeah, I’m fine.

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