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Billy: Looks like we’re both in need of a coffee fix this morning.

Victoria: Did johnny and katie wake you up this morning, too?

Billy: Yes, they did. I was video-chatting with them before I was even out of bed.

Victoria: Me too. So how are you doing? How are you liking your new role at chancellor industries?

Billy: I’m doing great. I’m loving it. Learning a lot. And it’s been very easy. Lily’s transition into the ceo position has been very smooth. Even the people that made up their mind, didn’t want to support her, can’t help themselves.

Victoria: Yes, well, I’ve been there. It’s a very daunting spot to be in. But if anyone can thrive under than kind of pressure, it’s lily. I think jill made the right choice.

Billy: Yeah, there’s no doubt my mother’s very proud of the job that she is doing. And so am I. And I’m the lucky one that helps execute her vision. I assume it’s much like, you know, the way it is between you and ashland.

Victoria: Ashland is more of a ceo emeritus. He’s my most trusted advisor, and my mother is my coo.

Billy: [ Sighs ] It’s amusing how you feel the need to point out he’s not your subordinate. I guess those small, little details matter to some people.

Victoria: It’s not an issue for us.

Billy: Well, that’s good, right? But I guess you can’t deny the fact that your recent success has a lot to do with his support. I mean, the lawsuit he hurled at chanccomm was the reason that my mother had to sell the company. And with him being on the board at newman media, his insight will be invaluable to you when you buy them out.

Victoria: Yes. Yes, ashland would be a very valuable asset if that was what I was still planning to do.

Billy: Aren’t you?

Victoria: What would make you think that?

Billy: Because you were willing to conspire with me to get your hands on that company. And you’re not gonna walk away from that.

Adam: You’re considering selling newman media to victoria? Hmm. Well, I’m the ceo, so when were you planning on bringing me into this discussion?

Victor: Well, son, victoria came to me with a proposal only a few days ago, and I thought there was no sense in broaching that subject with you because i thought it was premature. Nothing would come of it.

Adam: Oh, she’s very much expecting something to come from it. Last time I talked to her, she was almost unbearably smug, as if she had a delightful secret that I wasn’t privy to, and, apparently, she did. Okay, it must have been obvious to her that you were keeping me out of the loop.

Victor: You can’t blame her for getting her hopes up, you know? I mean, acquiring newman media shortly after the chanccomm acquisition, I mean, that would create a formidable company, you know? It would make newman/locke the powerhouse in the media business.

Adam: Yes, I’m very aware of what it would mean for her, but the question is, what would it mean for me?

Lily: It’s so funny, I was gonna call you when I got your text, ’cause I wanted to hear the latest about dominic. I hope you have good news.

Devon: Yeah, well, abby, chance, and I had a conversation yesterday, and they basically came around and agreed to let me have shared custody.

Lily: Really?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Oh, my god, devon, that’s amazing. Congratulations.

Devon: Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Abby: Look at you. You got such a big appetite today. That’s a good thing. That’s gonna help you get big and strong. So, mommy has something to tell you. You know how you went to go stay with — yeah, with devon and amanda and moses while mommy was gone for a few days? Well, you were such a sweet boy that they just fell in love with you, and so now devon is gonna have a special room just for you at his house. Yeah. And I think you’re gonna really enjoy yourself because devon, he loves you so much. He loves you so much. Yeah. And he — he knows what makes you laugh and what games you like to play. And he knows all your favorite music. And he has lots of new toys for you. So I don’t think there is anything to worry about. I think you’re gonna have a really good time. I think that spending more time with devon, it’s gonna be a good thing. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ]

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Billy: I haven’t forgotten how eager you were to get your hands on newman media during that brief sliver of time that we were conspiring together.

Victoria: Need I remind you that that period of time was so brief because you backed out and decided to go work for lily, so that plan is dead.

Billy: Yeah, that one is. But I know you, victoria. You’re not gonna give up that easily.

Victoria: Again, what makes you think that?

Billy: Because I can see it in you. You get that look in your eye when you get all pumped up about a big deal.

Victoria: Oh, please. I run a major conglomerate. We have several deals on the table at any given moment.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, but I doubt any of those deals are gonna give you the same thrill as kicking your brother to the curb.

Victoria: You know what it sounds like? It sounds like you’re projecting your craving for revenge right back on me.

Billy: Oh, no. No, I let go of all that. And I think you should, too, because it’s not worth it. Victoria, I was this close to falling back into the abyss. Even with jack and traci trying to steer me in the right direction, I was hell-bent on wanting my revenge on adam. I didn’t want to hear it from them, but yet, finally, I came to my senses. This is coming from a place of genuine concern.

Victoria: No, it’s more like a place of genuine jealousy. You have been dreaming of this moment. It’s getting to you, isn’t it? That I might have the opportunity to triumph over adam after you just gave up your chance. It’s really getting to you, i can tell.

Billy: Honestly, I think your biggest triumph came when you sold newman media to chanccomm. That’s when you were fully independent from your father. You didn’t take his advice. You didn’t need his opinion. You just did it. And it was a beautiful thing. And now you’re buying chanccomm back.

Victoria: Which you resent.

Billy: [ Chuckling ] Well, yeah. But it comes with the help from your father, right? I mean, he took me down, paved the way for you to make your move. And it’s happening again with newman media. You’re gonna owe him, and he is not going to forget. Victoria…don’t let him suck you back in. Walk away while you still can.

Victor: Son, let me just say, there’s no reason for you to be concerned, alright? I’m sure that you would continue working as ceo of the company, albeit a much larger company now that newman media and chanccomm may be united.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Have you forgotten how hard we worked to keep newman media independent? There was champagne popping. We were rejoicing after we won the bid from victoria, so tell me, what has changed here?

Victor: Think for a moment. Now that newman has merged with ashland locke’s empire and purchased chanccomm, there’s a good reason to combine all of them, you know, under one umbrella instead of having the various groups compete with one another.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] It just — it sure feels like you’re trying to send me a message, and, I mean, is this you expressing your disapproval with me?

Victor: I got to be honest with you. I was rather disappointed when you didn’t see through billy abbott’s pitiful attack on our company. Took victoria to step in and stop him.

Adam: Okay, I had no intention of publishing anything about billy.

Victor: This is water under the bridge, son. This discussion is not related to that. This is about business.

Adam: Then what is your problem with me? Huh?

[ Scoffs ] I mean, after everything that I did to make our launch go smoothly. I successfully established the fashion platform. I negotiated this collaboration deal with nicholas and new hope. Not to mention all the advertising dollars that i brought in. I mean, every goal was hit at every level.

Victor: I agree with you. That is why your sister will make us a substantial offer.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Okay.

[ Stammers ] Oh, I guess nicholas was right. No good deed goes unpunished in

this family.

Victor: This has nothing to do with punishment.

Adam: Right, right.

Victor: This is about numbers, son.

Adam: Then why did you bring michael baldwin in at this particular moment? He’s not an accountant. Not at all, he’s a damn good lawyer. So maybe you have something else up your sleeve.

Victor: Maybe I do.

Adam: Why are you being so mysterious? Why not let your ceo in on what you were planning? Okay? I have a right to be included in this discussion.

Victor: Son, I will do whatever I need to do that is the best for this company.

Adam: What exactly does that mean?

Victor: You’ll find out. I brought in ensure max protein,

Tessa: Well, I am just so glad that you could get away from work.

Mariah: Perfect timing because I was having difficulty focusing anyways.

Tessa: Why? Visions of our wedding dancing through your head?

Mariah: I wish. Unfortunately, it was something that I learned from devon earlier. He and abby and chance are re-working dom’s custody agreement.

Tessa: In what way?

Mariah: I don’t know any specifics, but apparently he’s gonna be able to have dom over for regular visits.

Tessa: Wow. Uh…I never thought that abby and chance would agree to that. I mean, maybe devon has more of a legal case than we realized?

Mariah: I mean, according to devon, abby and chance decided that this is what was best for the baby.

Tessa: So how do you feel about that?

Mariah: Um…well, I’m having some mixed emotions. Part of me is relieved because the last thing I would want is for the baby chancellor crew to be torn apart. But I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I am having pangs of jealousy.

Tessa: I mean, that’s totally understandable.

Mariah: But I also have to remind myself that devon and I, they are completely different situations. I am not the baby’s biological mother. As attached as I got to bowie, you know, even if I wanted to file a lawsuit, I just don’t have the same case as devon, and I never even thought of it in the first place.

Tessa: But does it bother you that devon’s gonna have partial custody?

Mariah: I mean, when I think about it, this isn’t far off from what we envisioned for dom in the first place. He’s gonna be surrounded by a ton of people who love him. And in the end, that’s all that matters, right?

Lily: So you’re officially a father now, which makes me officially an aunt.

Devon: Well, I figured you already saw dominic as your nephew.

Lily: Well, I did, but it was our little secret.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: So what’s next? Do you guys need help with the nursery? Because I would love to help you decorate.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Oh, I will definitely take you up on that offer. We have all of the basics from dominic’s last visit. We never got around to giving it away like we planned.

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Okay, ’cause I can think of nothing better than to unwind after work by going through wallpaper and fabric swatches.

Devon: Appreciate the enthusiasm. I do. But, nah, the only thing left is to finalize the legal agreement, which, luckily, amanda’s taking care of. And she says that christine has approved all of our requests.

Amanda: Aren’t you forgetting something? Come on. Tell your sister all of the news.

Devon: That’s right, that’s right. So, since dominic is becoming an official member of the family, i asked if that could be reflected in his name.

Lily: Oh, and they agreed?

Devon: They did, so he will officially be known as dominic newman abbott winters chancellor, and I chose winters instead of hamilton to honor neil.

Lily: Wow, what a beautiful thing for you to do. And what an amazing gift to give your son.

Devon: Mm.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Chance: Hey, what you doing?

Abby: I just put dominic down for a nap. I might go do the same. I’m pretty tired. I didn’t get any sleep last night.

Chance: Oh, shoot. I hope that wasn’t because of me. I was tossing and turning all night.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, I felt that, but only because I was awake. We made a big decision yesterday, and we were so busy talking about how it was impacting and you were helping me through the whole thing, that we didn’t really get to hear your side of things. Is that why you were restless, too?

Chance: You know, I had a couple nightmares last night. Got pretty bad.

Abby: I was hoping that those would go away once we worked things out with devon. That it would relieve some of that pressure.

Chance: Yeah, I thought so, too. Thought so, too. But, hey, who knows? It might be one of those things that has to get worse before it gets better, right? It’s just weird. I’ve been pushing all this down for the longest time, and now that I’m not, well, it just feels like the floodgates are open. Might not look like it, but it might be a good thing. Might be a sign of progress. Who knows?

Abby: Well, I wish I could just wave a magic wand and have it all go away, but I know it doesn’t work like that. Maybe these nightmares are a sign that we’re doing the right thing, that we need more help. You know, maybe we made the right decision. Even though it’s hard. Looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone?

Ashland: Hey, who dared put that frown on your face? You just point him out to me, and I will take care of him, whatever it is.

Victoria: Mm. It was nothing. Really, it was nothing. I just had a little run-in with billy. He’s guessed that we’re still interested in acquiring newman media, and he wanted to make it clear that he’s not in favor of that.

Ashland: Interesting and a little presumptuous. Maybe he and lily want to make their own play for it.

Victoria: No. No, that’s very doubtful. Billy knows that my father would never sell to him. Besides that, dad wants to give adam a dose of humility. He doesn’t want him to drown in it.

Ashland: Yeah, but why would he care if you acquire it? What’s it to him?

Victoria: He claims that he’s worried about me and that i shouldn’t trust my father.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] Like we need billy to tell us that. You more than anyone know how your father’s mind works, right? We already suspect that he has an ulterior motive for this sudden reversal that he’s made, and I’m beginning to wonder if his real intention is to use our bid to wave in adam’s face, you know, to use it to keep him in line.

Victoria: Well, I guess that’s possible, but if that’s all my father wanted, then why wouldn’t he have told adam right away? There’s got to be something else going on. We’re not gonna find out what that is until my dad is good and ready for us to know.

Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Noah. What’s up?

Noah: I thought I owed it to you to come down in person and explain why I took the job at new hope.

Adam: Uh, this is the first I’m hearing of it.

Noah: Really? Um…sorry, I didn’t mean to spring it on you like this. I talked to grandpa about it earlier. I assumed he passed on the news.

Adam: Oh, well, dad and I are having some communication issues lately. So new hope, huh?

Noah: Yeah, I’m pretty excited about it. It’ll be fulfilling giving back to those in need, and another added appeal is I get to work with my dad again. I’m sure you can relate, considering you work with yours.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Well, in my case, it’s not quite panning out like I had expected. But nick’s a good guy. He’s doing meaningful work. I’m sure it’ll be a great opportunity for you.

Noah: Thanks, man. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know.

Adam: Thank you.

Noah: Hey, sally.

Sally: Noah.

[ Sighs ] There’s something that I thought you should know.

Adam: [ Scoffs ] Now what?

Devon: Have I thanked you lately for all the support you’ve given me through this? ‘Cause it’s really helped me.

Amanda: Mm. Well, it’s the least that I can do, especially since you were there for me through that whole situation with sutton. And lord knows that dominic is a lot more fun and a lot easier to deal with than my grandfather.

Devon: That’s very true.

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: That’s very true, but I know that having a baby in the house one day out of every week wasn’t part of the plan when you moved in, and, you know, as cute as dominic is, he can be loud and messy sometimes.

Amanda: He’s a baby.

Devon: I know.

Amanda: Yeah, I get it. Okay?

Devon: But he’s a light sleeper, too, and that’s a big responsibility.

Amanda: Yeah. I am a little worried about that last part. You know, I — I don’t have a lot of experience with infants. But I am willing to learn. I don’t know, I’m looking at this as an adventure with you.

Devon: That’s why you’re amazing. You know that?

Christine: So these are all changes you’ve previously approved, but still, you know, take your time and think it over, look it over. If you’re having any second thoughts or concerns, if you want to make any changes, I can take them to amanda and we can address them.

Abby: Thank you, christine. We really appreciate it. And we’re not having second thoughts. This is the right thing to do. But you’re right, we’re also not gonna rush into this. It’s — it’s too important, and I’m sure devon will be very thoughtful about this, too.

Chance: Alright, well, i guess we’ll be in touch with you soon.

Christine: Okay. Um, listen, before I go, there is one more thing I have to bring up. Devon has made another request. Fries or salad?

This is a cbs news special report. I’m major garrett in washington. There is breaking news from the supreme court. Cbs news learned justice stephen breyer plans to retire at the end of this term in junE. Breyer is 83. He was nominated to the high court by president bill clinton in 1994 and has been a main stay to have the court’s liberal wing. His retirement or plans to that effect gives president biden the chance to nominate another liberal justice. Cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford joins me at the tablE. Jan, is this a formal retirement or something close to that?

Reporter: It’s close to it. It’s something we’ve all expected. Justice breyer, 83 years old, the most senior justice on the supreme court, the anchor of the liberal wing, has been under enormous pressure to step down, including last year from progressives and the left, so that president biden would have a chance to nominate his replacement and keep that seat a liberal justice, not take any chances that republicans would get in the white house and be able to replace justice breyer with a conservative.

Jan, you and i have a lot of experience with thiS. Typically, my memory, justices announce this, put out a statement, the white house reacts in accordance and there’s some kind of cohesion. This doesn’t feel the same thing. A tweet by white house press secretary, it has always been the decision of any supreme court justice when and if they decide to retire and when they want to announce it. That remains the case today. We have no additional details or information from the white house. I have sources on capitol hill who have confirmed this. Those around the high court seem a little bit knowledgeable that this was going to happen but don’t have it firmly because breyer hasn’t announced it officially.

It would be unusual for him to do so. Typically justices announce retirement at the end to have the term or the end to have the final or arguments for that term which would be toward the end of april. But by kind of informally letting people know in washington whether in the white house or capitol hill, this can kind of get the ball rolling so that president biden can be ready to announce his possible replacement, those hearings can get started early in the summer, a justice will be confirmed by the time the next court session starts in october and well in advance of the midterm. So it is a way of depoliticizing the process, it’s — if that’s possible with the supreme court — and a way that justice breyer could get in front of this before the drum beat of pressure starts up again from progressives that he step down. He was very almost insulted last year I was told by multiple people at the court that there was this pressure on him to step down because of everything he’s done for the courT. He’s a very much prominent figure who talks about the court, the integrity of the court, like they’re kind trying to throw him out with the trash. By doing this now, it stops that drum beat that he retire and makes it look in justice breyer’s view much less political.

We’ll see if that lasts. Our senior white house and political correspondent ed o’keefe joins us from the north lawn of the white house. I read jan psakI’s tweeT. Anything else from your vantage point?

Reporter: We have indication a heads-up was given to the white house. They’re not commenting. The president is expecting to appear at the top of the hour with C.E.O.S and auto leaders to talk about his economic agenda. We will press him on whether he was told for certain last week or recent days by the justice that he planned to retire and what his plans are going forward. Reminds people this sets up president biden to make some history if he opts to fulfill a campaign pledge. He told me in june 2020 that he intends to nominate a black woman to the supreme court saying “it’s long overdue for a woman of color to serve on the court.” So who might he potentially pick? There are several nameS. Jan, if i miss someone, you should include them, but three that have been mngd, katanji brown jackson, who service on the court for the trirkt of columbia, confirmed with 53 votes. Leandra krueger, 44, depp si assistant attorney general for the office of legal counsel. Comes from kamala harris. The third name mentioned candace jackson akawomi, a new judge at the second circuit court of appeals confirmed in june with 53 votes. Why is 53 important? Because snarls now require only 50 senators to confirm a justice and with three republican votes, collins, murkowski and graham, suggests bipartisan support if the president we’re to pick one of the two women who currently serve on the federal bench.

Before we jump off, I want to get a chance to see any other names?

That’s a really, I think, pretty short list of contenders. There’s one other judge michele chiles, a favorite of clyburn.

Jim clyburn, D.M. From south carolina.

Right, so I think we want to add her to the mix as welL. I think the president seems poised to nominate the first african-american woman to the supreme court. All these women are highly qualified. Jackson clerked for justice breyer so my guess is that might be justice breyer’s sentimental favorite.

A good amount of politics and possibly history to be made in the not too distant future. Our coverage will continue on local news tonight and the “cbs evening news.” I’m major garrett, cbs news special report, reporting from washington. In me to keep my cool ’cause i didn’t want him to know that i was eager.

Ashland: I suspect that you have an impenetrable poker face, but I’m sure that victor is well aware just how excited victoria would be to acquire newman media.

Nikki: Yeah, well, before you get too excited, darling, I want to make sure you realize that your father is intending to be very involved with the company, so you better decide if you can live with that before you go all in on this.

Victoria: Oh, I’m well aware. Right now, I’m a little more concerned about how risky it is to bring adam on board. Oh, I guess that maybe dad left that little tidbit out. He wants adam to stay on as ceo. Otherwise, there is no deal.

Nikki: [ Exhales ]

Mariah: Oh. Look at that. I run up to our place for a few minutes, and this luscious brownie appears out of nowhere. I wonder where it came from.

Tessa: Oh, my goodness, i wonder how that got there. The coffee house elves must have struck again.

Mariah: Elves? Really? Wow.

Tessa: Okay, I figured that you could use a little boost to get through the rest of the afternoon.

Mariah: Thank you. And I’m sorry, I hope I wasn’t too “poor, pitiful me.” I have a ton that I am grateful for. I have a job that I love. And a cute brownie-adjacent apartment. And the most adorable, supportive girlfriend on the face of this earth.

Tessa: Um, excuse me? FiancéE.

Mariah: That’s right. How could I forget? It’s my new favorite word.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Fiancée, fiancéE.

Tessa: Mm.

Mariah: I am the luckiest girl in the world to be marrying you.

Well, well, well.

Look at you.

Tessa: Yes, “fianc√©e” is a beautiful word, but isn’t “wife” even better?

Mariah: I can’t wait. So when do we want to do this thing? I mean, we haven’t even talked about it yet.

Tessa: Hmm. Okay. Um, I don’t know. Spring? Is that too soon?

Mariah: No. No, not at all. I mean, june weddings are very special.

Tessa: Well, I guess it depends on whether we want to have a big wedding or a small, intimate one.

Mariah: We could do a destination wedding. Maybe not as lavish as the palazzo in tuscany, but…

Tessa: Destination, like milwaukee?

Mariah: Mm, uh… well, if we keep it small and simple, then we only have to make 400 decisions than the usual 4,000. But again, a big wedding with all your friends and champagne and two gorgeous wedding gowns.

Tessa: Uh-oh, do I hear shades of bridezilla creeping in?

Mariah: Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, that’s totally me. No, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and i want us to put our own unique spin on it.

Tessa: In every way. So what do you think?

Mariah: I think we should start planning this thing before my mom and faith beat us to it.

Tessa: Oh, um, do you mind if we do it tonight? Because I have a publicity meeting for the album release right now.

Mariah: Oh, yeah, of course. It’s a date.

Billy: Okay, great, thank you very much. Yes, we’ll be in touch. Appreciate it. Hi.

Lily: Hey.

Billy: I’m glad you’re back. Uh, let me fill you in. I looked into that construction project, like you asked, made sure all the permits were approved. There’s still a few loose ends to tie up, but nothing insurmountable. My suggestion would be we don’t waste any more time and we break ground as early as next week.

Lily: Yeah, sure, if that’s what you think, then let’s go for it.

Billy: Okay, great. That was easy. I wish victoria took my advice so willingly.

Lily: I’m guessing you offered advice that she didn’t listen to?

Billy: Yeah, I ran into her earlier, and it was pretty clear that she’s still planning to go after adam and newman media. I suggested she followed in my footsteps and walk away, let them go, and live her best life.

Lily: And she didn’t listen to you. That’s a shocker.

Billy: She wouldn’t admit that she was planning anything, but it’s clear she’s convinced that she can pull it off.

Lily: Well, I mean, honestly, look on the bright side. If she is going after adam and she’s successful, then we can watch him go down in flames without even lifting a finger. Just watch on the sidelines, eating popcorn.

Billy: That’s a good point. All the satisfaction, none of the risk. It’s a pretty good deal, isn’t it?

Adam: Well, what’s going on between me and my dad is not up for discussion.

Sally: That’s fine. But I can guess. I bet that victor has already started in with the micro-managing. Yeah, you shouldn’t worry about that, though, because you know what you’re doing. If your father wants to waste his time looking over your shoulder, then let him, ’cause all he’ll see is that you’re doing a great job.

Victor: Well, it’s not just gonna be victor looking over my shoulder.

Sally: What do you mean?

Adam: Nothing. Nothing, just let it go.

Sally: No, are you saying that victor’s gonna bring in someone new over you that, we have yet another layer of bosses to report to? So what’s gonna happen to newman fashion?

Adam: Slow your roll, okay?

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Look, you have to keep this strictly confidential, okay? You can’t tell chloe, and for god’s sake, you can’t lord it over chelsea that you’re in on a secret.

Sally: I promise. Not a word.

Adam: My father says that he is considering selling the company to victoria.

Sally: Why in the world would he do that?

Adam: Oh, well, the official rationale is that it’s a good business move, but it’s — it feels like a vote of no confidence in my leadership.

Sally: This isn’t because of the billy thing, I hope.

Adam: He says it’s not, but he made a point of underlining how disappointed he was that i apparently was blind-sided by billy’s plan.

Sally: That’s crazy. I can’t believe he’s treating you this way. You were at his beck and call the entire time we were in italy. You were nothing but loyal to him. Does that not count for anything?

Adam: Apparently not. As far as my father’s concerned, it’s besides the point. You see, this is how he operates. He likes people guessing where they stand. Keeps them off balance. Very effective, but irritating as hell.

Sally: So how are you gonna handle this?

Adam: I’m not sure yet.

Nikki: Bringing adam onto our executive team is the last thing I expected.

Victoria: Well, we really don’t have a choice if we want to make this deal.

Nikki: [ Sighs ] I suppose I could make peace with it. That would depend on adam changing his attitude. Although we saw in italy that he is at least capable of being a team player.

Ashland: Well, he was rather instrumental in keeping gaines from disrupting our wedding. I got to hand it to him.

Victoria: Mom has a point. Adam’s attitude is key. You know he helped us in italy for one reason and one reason alone. He wanted to stay on dad’s good side. And obviously that didn’t turn out too well for him, did it?

Ashland: Well, he’s become used to being ruler of his own fiefdom.

Victoria: And now dad is planning to sell it out from underneath him. I wonder how he’s gonna react to that. Such tree-mendous views.

Ashland: Well, I think you’re right to be wary of adam. But there’s also an argument to be made that it’s probably also a good idea to have him in house where we can keep an eye on him.

Nikki: We don’t even know if he would be willing to make the move. I mean, it would be a tremendous blow to his ego. Going from an independent ceo to a subordinate position here with us, with many layers to answer to.

Ashland: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Listen, we don’t have to make any decisions now. Let’s just see how this all plays out. But I can tell you one thing for sure. I am definitely not gonna let my guard down around adam.

Adam: Even if my father does sell the company, he has guaranteed me that he’s gonna keep me in my position as ceo.

Sally: So you’d be willing to report to your sister?

Adam: Yeah, I’m not sure yet. I still need more time to think it through. But the thing is, my father is partly punishing me, but it’s also another one of his little tests. He’s trying to figure out how I’ll respond to his little game.

Sally: Well, if that’s the case, then you should go for it. Sure it’ll be annoying having victoria scrutinize every little thing you do and taking shots at you every chance she gets.

Adam: You’re not selling this.

Sally: Well, let me finish making my point. You keep saying how unpredictable victor can be and how no one can count on having his support for too long. Well, that means victoria can’t count on it either. So eventually, she’s gonna fall out of his favor and you’re gonna be right there, first in line, in the perfect position to pick up the gauntlet.

Adam: Yeah, I have a lot to think about. But I appreciate your support. It’s nice to have someone in my corner for a change. So thank you.

Sally: Always.

Lily: So I have some news.

Billy: Do tell.

Lily: Abby and chance gave devon shared custody of dominic.

Billy: Wow.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: That’s amazing. I’ve got to be honest, I thought the chances of that would’ve been slim to none.

Lily: I know. I thought it was gonna destroy their friendship or they would give him less access, so thank god that didn’t happen.

Billy: Well, that couldn’t have gone any better.

Lily: Devon’s gonna be an amazing dad.

Billy: There’s no doubt about that. Dominic’s a lucky little boy. But that couldn’t have been an easy decision for abby and chance.

Lily: No. No argument there.

Chance: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Chance: Come in.

Amanda: Thank you.

Devon: Yeah. Really appreciate you and abby agreeing to this, chance.

Chance: Yeah, of course. We’re — we’re just trying to keep dominic’s needs at the forefront of every decision. Right?

Devon: Same here.

Chance: Good.

Abby: Well, I have all of dominic’s things. They’re all packed. There’s baby food in there, bottles, diapers, a change of clothes. His favorite toy. He really likes to sleep with that. And, oh, I printed out his schedule.

Devon: That’s perfect. And I’ll call you guys if I have any problems or concerns.

Amanda: Yeah, and we can also video call, unless you guys are going out.

Abby: No, no, we’ll be here. We would love that.

Chance: Yeah.

Devon: Perfect. Buddy.

Abby: Mommy loves you, okay?

Devon: How you doing? How you doing? Oh.

Abby: Got it?

Devon: Hey, buddy. I missed you, man. I missed you. Did you miss me? Are you gonna hang out at daddy’s tonight?

Abby: Okay, um, well, you’re gonna go spend the night with him, but you’re gonna be back first thing in the morning, okay? I love you.

Chance: Love you, bud.

Devon: Love you, too. It’s okay. Thank you guys again.

Chance: Yeah. I’ll get the door for you guys.

Amanda: Thank you.

Abby: Love you.

Devon: We love you, too, mommy.

Abby: Be a good boy, okay?

Devon: We’ll be fine. We’ll talk to you guys tonight. We’ll see ya.

Chance: See you, bud. Bye.

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