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sonny? Ava: Namaste. Chase: You liked that walk through the park today, didn’t you? Yeah, me too. This is the place. This is where I found maxie in labor. I mean…there wasn’t any snow then, and it wasn’t bitterly cold. Maxie, I’m so sorry you had to endure all this. How are you holding up? Um, you know, it was a-a shock seeing that cabin again. I just — I have memories of running for my life, trying to get away from that fake nurse. Always a survivor, maxie. Then and now. Listen to me. I know this is gonna be hard, but I promise you, if you stick with this a bit longer, we can get to the bottom of what happened to louise that night that she was taken. Mm. What have we here? A morning visit from the co-chief of staff? Oh, thank you for finally dropping the “dear sister” routine. It’s been stale since, well, forever. It’s sad, really, but you’ve obviously lost your edge. You’ve given in to propriety rather than embracing our father’s propensity to take what he wanted. Yeah, following in his footsteps has really worked out well for you. You’re facing a myriad of charges in various jurisdictions. And now you’re going back to the place where you were poisoned. You’re king of the world. Alright, here we are. Wow, this looks great. -Wow. -Nice. Oh, the mountain is so close and so beautiful. I cannot wait to hit the slopes. They got some nice dry powder last night. Well, we can head out as soon as we unload the car. Mm. Oh. Hey. You here? Hey. I didn’t know. I was just going to the guardhouse to tell them you were missing. Where have you been? Yeah, I was shoveling a path to the tree house, so that way that donna and avery can, you know, have a picnic. It’s a little cold for a picnic, sonny. No, it’s h– it’s — it’s fun, right? They drink hot chocolate, and I was thinking of, like, a-an electrical cord, run it all the way to the tree house, and then they could have heat and electricity. Or maybe even insulate it all year round. Can you imagine? But you know what? You ever seen those tiny houses? Sonny, your hands. Oh, don’t worry about that. No, no, no. Didn’t you wear any gloves? No. Forgot. Sonny, I fell asleep around 5:00. You haven’t slept, have you? Nope. I don’t need to ’cause I feel great.

Where is esme? I don’t know. Trying to find a bellhop, maybe? Esme. A hand? Sorry. I just couldn’t wait to see the rest of the cabin. It is fantastic. I mean, you and cam will have to take the master bedroom. It has the biggest bed. Gee, thanks. That’s so thoughtful of you. Um, but shouldn’t you be getting your two roller bags out of the car? Oh, uh, spence will take care of that. Can anyone build a fire? It’s chilly in here. Oh, I think it’s probably best that we don’t leave a fire going while we’re out skiing. Oh, um, spence doesn’t ski since his accident. I mean, we’ll just hang here while you three go. I’m sure we’ll manage to find something to do. Actually, I was planning on skiing, too. Since when? Since trina and I talked about it and I realized how much I missed it. But, uh, we didn’t bring our skis. We can rent. Good for you. You’re getting back out there. Yeah. Trina’s enthusiasm was contagious. Hmm. Like the plague. What was that, esme? I said that’s just great. Shall we get changed? Can I help you? Ah, yes. At least, I-I hope you can. I found this sonogram on the ground. I’m sure the parents must be missing it, but unfortunately their name has been torn off. Uh, I could use the patient I.D. Code on the back to find out who it belongs to. Really? Oh, how fortunate. I’ll take care of this right away. Thank you. Why did you say you’re here again? To personally inform you that I signed off on your discharge. You’re being released from G.H. Tomorrow. Once again, you become pentonville’s problem. So… bye-bye. I can’t be released, britt. I still need treatment here. You mean for your fabricated back pain? I’m sure your remaining tests will prove that you’re faking. Does maxie know that I’m being transferred? Why would she? She’s been very clear that she wants nothing to do with you, that you mean nothing to her. I’m louise’s father, britt. And as long as maxie and I share a child, we’re bound together…forever.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Door closes ] How are you holding up? I know this is bringing back a lot of feelings for you being here, but has it sparked anything, maybe? Oh. Oh, thank god you’re not, peter. Thank god you’re not a bear. No. No, nothing. Um, are you sure we’re in the right place? The woods look really different in the winter. No, this is the spot. I grew up in these woods. I know them in every season. I passed that boulder right before I laid eyes on you. Good. Well, let’s re-create it. Where was she? Right there. Here. Have a seat. Try to replicate it as best you can, you know? So what do you remember? Hmm? How are you feeling? Um, scared. Hurt, uh, helpless, very vulnerable. I was in pain, and I, um — I tried to keep running, but I couldn’t because of the contractions. Honey, I’m sorry to make you relive it, but you gotta keep going on. Um, there was this light. I thought it was peter. I thought he had found me somehow. But it wasn’t peter, right? It was me. And I introduced myself, you remember? I’m austin. Maxie. So nice to meet you, miss maxie. Yeah, I do. I was so happy to see you. I thought I was gonna have to give birth all alone. I still thank god austin was there for you. So do I. May I? Uh, yeah, of course. Oh, she’s grown since I last saw her. Yeah, I’d imagine so. She on solid food? Just starting. She loves bananas. Charlotte did, too. Excuse me. That went well, considering. Nina, I told you, last night, you can stay or you can go and you can — you can go now if you need to. Sonny, you need to sleep. I’m not tired, nina. Okay. When’s the last time you ate something? I don’t know. When’s the last time you ate something? Okay, well, then why don’t i just make us something to eat? I gotta — I gotta try to get these tiny houses. Should I try — what about a contractor? What do you think? No, why don’t you do that after we eat something? I don’t want to eat! Stop telling me what to do. I put up with you last night because you stayed out of my way. Just go. I-I don’t even want to look at this now. You taking the morning off? Yes. Me, too. My mom said this was a great class, so I’m just trying to, you know, uh, clear my mind. Mind if I join you? So, how are you? How are things? I know you’ve been staying at the metro court. You don’t have to say it in a hushed voice. It’s not a secret. I’m okay. I’m just trying to practice some self-care. Good. That’s good. Yeah. You know, I’ll mention it to sonny, of course, but I am ready, willing, and able to take avery any time. Okay. You can discuss that with sonny. But I don’t want you to worry. I’m there every morning, every night. I don’t want the girls to notice an interruption in their routine. Thank you. Thanks for that. And maybe you won’t have to do this much longer, right? How was avery this morning? Oh, great. So happy after their sleepover with my mom. Avery was with bobbie? Yeah. Oh, wow. Look at us. All three of us here early, together. Yoga can feel so peaceful. If avery needs a change, she could stay with me. Or does that not even occur to you? Or not. What’s going on? I spent the night at sonny’S. Okay? Good for you?

No, no,

it’s not like that. S-sonny — he’s been acting really strange, and I didn’t want him to be alone last night. I called phyllis, but she hasn’t called me back. Britt, I think he’s off his bipolar meds. Is he having a manic episode? Well, he won’t eat, and he refuses to sleep, and he almost gave…. himself frostbite when he was shoveling a path in his backyard without wearing his gloves. Listen, I need your help. I need medical advice. What should I do?

Listen, britt, I’m out of my depth here, but I know this — I know this is bad. Well, you need to convince sonny to go see his doctor and get back on his meds. Okay, but he is not gonna be open to that. Okay, well, you have to at least try, nina, and it’s very important — do not argue with him. Um, well, it’s a little too late for that. We argued about him eating and he stormed out. Okay, uh, moving forward, you need to try to keep sonny as calm as possible and do not engage in any grandiose ideas or proclamations. Oh, wow. It’s like you’re checking all the boxes. That is exactly where we’re at. Okay, britt, if I do my best to try to keep him calm, what do I do if that doesn’t work? In all honesty, it might not. People experiencing mania — they — they feel good, they feel energized, like they could take on the world. Sonny probably doesn’t even feel like anything’s wrong. That’s why the first step is getting him to acknowledge he’s having an episode. Okay, I’ll try to do that. What about his family? I mean, I’m sure they know how to deal with him in this state. No, he doesn’t want his kids to see him like this, and he flat-out forbade me to tell carly last night. Nina. [ Sighs ] Listen to me, you do not have to handle sonny alone. You need to be careful. People in the grips of mania can lash out, become violent. If you feel threatened,

you need to call one of sonny’s minions

and get the hell

out of there. You’re gonna start a fight with me because avery had a sleepover with her grandmother? Bobbie is not avery’s grandmother, because you are not avery’s mother. What the hell is wrong with you? You brought avery to me when you were planning on leaving port charles. Do you remember that? Sonny was gone and you trusted me. I’m not trying to take your place, but I do love avery as my own and my mother loves avery like a grandchild. So what is wrong with avery having as much love as possible? Let’s all just take some cleansing deep breaths… if sonny is so distracted by your moving out that he can’t be bothered to take care of our daughter, then she should be with me and not pawned off on bobbie! The sleepover had nothing to do with sonny. My mom wanted the girls over because she wanted a distraction after luke’s memorial. Maybe that would have dawned on you if you could think about somebody else but yourself. Oh. Well, I probably overreacted. You think? I just admitted that I was wrong. I just don’t want avery mixed up in sonny and carly’s drama. You’re gonna talk about drama with your on-again, off-again relationship with nikolas? My relationship with nikolas is solid. From what I hear, you’re the one on thin ice. So you might want to tread carefully. Because if things don’t work out with you this time, sonny has somebody else to turn to. Hey, all set? Yep. This place is awesome. Yeah, yeah, it is. Although I kind of wish we were here alone, or at least without esme. Yeah. Weekend alone with you would be nice. Next time. So, um… I have everything for tonight if we decide that we’re ready. Didn’t we already decide on that? Well, it’s just, you know, if you — you change your mind, it’s all good. Whatever feels right for you. Whatever feels right for us. And I trust you. I want my first time to be with you. I feel the same way. Well, then, tonight’s the night.

[ Computer beeps ] Johann: Excuse me. Could you please give me an extra blanket for my aunt? She’s been asking about one for some time. I think the request got lost in the shift change. I-I’m sorry. I’ll get you one. Be right back. Hmm. Yes. What do you think you’re doing? Well, I’m sorry. It must be difficult seeing chase with bailey. Yeah, it is, but he seems to love her, so that’s good. You know, that reminds me. There’s something I’ve been meaning to bring up with you regarding bailey. Don’T. Brook lynn’s elq shares are signed over to me. Bailey’s with her rightful parents. There’s nothing further to discuss on the matter. You mean, except for the fact that legally you’re still her father? Anna: When you were on your hike, did you see or hear any cars or vehicles? No. And after you delivered louise, did you get a feeling that maybe there was someone else nearby or did you hear any footsteps? No. Maxie was very upset because the baby didn’t make any noise, but then louise was okay. Right. Yeah, I was relieved when I heard her cry. Sure. Just like when james was born on the side of the road and then I thought, “this is crazy. Why can’t I just do this in a hospital?” From what I remember, you didn’t want to go to the hospital. We need to get you into an ambulance. No, you can’t do that. He’s gonna find us. Should I be calling the police and an ambulance? No! No, I just need to get to beechers corners. Because I was concerned that peter was going to find me and louise after he hired that nurse to kidnap us. How and when did she show up? I’ll take you wherever you want. Right after we swing by the hospital. So, I’m gonna call an ambulance. Austin was actually right next to me when she came up behind him and attacked him. Austin. What? I-I don’t, um… I don’t remember being attacked. That’s common with head injuries. Sure. Yeah, it is, but it’s really frustrating because it’s like I can almost remember and then I just hit a wall. Anna: What did the nurse do next? Um, I-it all happened so fast. I tried to get up, but chloe — fake chloe — she grabbed louise. I tried to hold on, tried to fight her, but I was weak. And she took louise from me. I tried to fight her, but, you know, um, I passed out. And when I came to, she was gone with louise, you know? They, um — they must have met her accomplice in the woods and handed louise off. Did you hear anyone nearby? Did you — did you hear anyone in the woods? Did — did this woman talk about meeting someone? No, she just said she wanted to keep louise for herself. Okay, lu. You’re gonna go with your auntie brook lynn now.

[ Voice breaking ] And just remember that i love you very much. And then I, uh, found austin’s cellphone and I called 911. That’s when austin woke up. Oh. Austin. Anything? Yeah. Someone else was here. Someone was here with us.

You caught me. Uh, I was just looking for information on peter august. Well, you know we can’t give out patient information. Yes, your nurse told me as much. I must say, you run a tight ship. How are you feeling, britt?

[ Chuckles ] I’m fine. And that’s dr. Westbourne to you. Oh, I’m sorry. I do apologize. Liesl spoke so highly of you while we were together. I-I feel as though I know you. Stay away from my mother. You should be in prison for her kidnapping. The wsb should have never granted you that deal you finagled. Oh, it was just a slight misunderstanding that’s been cleared up since. By the way, I am so glad that you’re not experiencing any symptoms yet. I have no idea what you mean. Huntington’S. Oh, it’s such a horrible disease. Where is everyone? Oh, well, cam’s grabbing snacks before we head out, and esme and spencer are probably coordinating their ski-wear. How do they get anywhere when it takes them so long to get ready? I don’t know. Guys, it takes time to look this good. Wow. Wow. Yeah. Maybe focus more on the incline and less on your fashion statement. Joss is right. Take it easy, alright? No double black diamonds today. Well, on the bright side, if I do break my legs again, maybe I can postpone going to spring ridge a little bit longer. Not funny. Not funny. Okay, finally. Let’s go, guys. Alright. Would you please lock the door? Yeah. I’m, uh — I’m really glad that you and I get a chance to finally ski together instead of just hanging out by the fire. Yes. I’m so happy trina convinced you to try again. I’ll, uh, have to pay her back. What? Brook lynn hasn’t amended bailey’s birth certificate? Nope. I haven’t received notification your name’s been removed, which means as far as the court’s concerned, legally, you are still responsible for her as her father. Excuse me. Okay. Why haven’t you and brook lynn changed bailey’s birth certificate? Austin must be remembering fake chloe. No, I don’t think so. I mean, I don’t know why I feel that way, but I don’t think so. You want to close your eyes, maybe, and try to remember? Wait. No. He was knocked unconscious. He’s not gonna remember anything. Shh. Maxie, this could be a breakthrough. Maxie: Just take her. Brook lynn: Don’t you want to say goodbye? If I say goodbye to her, then I’m not gonna be able to let her go. There were two voices. Yes, me and — and fake chloe arguing. I was yelling at her to leave my daughter alone. I don’t think so. T-the tone was more conversational. The person that took louise was in this clearing. Okay, ava, that’s enough. You have crossed the line. This does not concern you, brook lynn. Oh, perhaps you’re unfamiliar with the traditions and social norms of bensonhurst, but family sticks up for family, and I’m not about to sit here while you insult my uncle sonny and his wife. Thank you. Thank you. But I’ve been dealing with ava’s bs for years. Your custody agreement is between you and sonny, the same as it always was, and if you have a problem with your current agreement, have your lawyer call diane. Meanwhile, I can assure you that sonny and i are not gonna let our issues affect the girls, a concept that’s seemingly foreign to you. And this is what I get for expressing concern for you. You mean sticking your nose in other people’s business? I think I’ll take the next class. Is everything okay? Oh, I’m used to ava’s shenanigans. No. She can’t get to me. I-I mean big picture. Are things really that bad with you and sonny? Hey. Where you going? Oh, I-I-I found some, uh, plans for the tree house. The tiny house is too big, so I’m just gonna get some, you know, a heater and electricity for the girls so they can go up, have fun. Oh, nice. Um, can you just wait a minute? I’d love to talk to you. About what? Um… I’d just love to know more about bipolar disorder. Will you stop it with this bipolar? No. No. What do — what do you want? I-I don’t want anything. It’s just, you know, if I — if I’m making any mistakes here, I am so sorry. Sonny, it’s just I-I wouldn’t make those mistakes if I just understood it a little bit more. Well, I gotta go. Well, it would just take a minute. Just a minute. You want me to tell you what it’s like? Yeah. Okay, I’ll tell you what it’s like. It’s like… you have thoughts just zipping around in your head. It’s like you’re in a-a nightmare that you can’t wake up. You see people are there, but they’re not there and then you’re exhausted and you can’t go to sleep. But that’s not happening now, so I’m gonna… listen, are you sure it’s not happening now? Okay, you — no. Don’t — don’t push me. Don’t — sonny, you’re hurting me. I’m sorry.

Is ava right? Have you moved out? I moved into the metro court, but it’s convenient because I own the place. Are things that bad? You know, I just needed a little time and space. But don’t worry about us. I am worried. Carly, you and sonny have always been so good together. You’ve always had each other’s backs. Yeah, we did. But not anymore. I didn’t — I-I didn’t mean to grab you that hard. I don’t hurt women. Of course you don’T. Which proves that you’re not yourself right now. Are you okay? ‘Cause I can get you some ice. I’m fine. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I did– I-I-I just wanted you to leave me alone. But I can’t do that when you need help. You’re not afraid of me, are you? I’m not afraid of you. I’m afraid for you. You know what? Maybe you’re right, ’cause I’m — I’m — I’m feeling —

[ Sniffles ] Feel a little tired, you know? But, uh… you know, your meds help you with that, right? Where is it? I’m out. Oh, okay. Well, then why don’t we go to general hospital and we’ll talk to your doctor? We’ll get them to refill your prescription. Dr. Sullivan? Yeah, sonny. Dr. Sullivan. Can you please call your doctor? Yeah. Why would you mentioned huntington’s disease? Oh, I quite understand why you’d want to keep your diagnosis quiet. It could undermine your position here if it got out you had a degenerative disease. I have no such thing. Hmm. Playing it cool. I like that. Just like your mother. But if it weren’t the case, then why would liesl rush off to a conference on that very subject? That conference wasn’t even real. It was bait to get her on a plane so you could kidnap her. As far as liesl knew, it was legitimate. P-perhaps she went there not so much as a doctor, but more as a concerned mother. I don’t have time for your fantasies. So I repeat — stay away from my mother. And while you’re at it, stay away from me. Well, you — you got me at a loss. I didn’t realize brook lynn hadn’t change the birth certificate yet, but I’ll be sure to mention it to her. Chase, this cavalier attitude is very disconcerting. You do realize that I’m still legally bailey’s father with all the privileges and responsibilities attached. Well, I’m sure brook lynn started the process and it just hasn’t gone through yet. But thank you for bringing it to my attention. Well, no bloodshed. Kudos to you. Martin, is it a complicated process to change the father’s name on a baby’s birth certificate? No. That’s why I brought it up. All brook lynn has to do is notarize and file the proper form with the registry of vital records along with proof of chase’s paternity. Unless, of course, there is no proof that chase is bailey’s father.

Dr. Sullivan won’t be long. Yeah, that’s what he told me. Is it alright if I put this jacket down? Brit: That’s fine. I just wish that nina hadn’t involved you in this. Well, sonny, britt’s a brilliant doctor. Plus, she will protect your privacy. Everything that happens here is confidential.

[ Sighs ] Alright. You can — that’s good. You can go ahead and go now. No, I’m happy to stay until dr. Sullivan gets here. I don’t — I don’t need a babysitter. Um, I’ll give you two a minute. I don’t don’t need a babysitter. I understand that. I do. I just want to make sure that you’re okay. I’m fine. I’m fine. Okay.

[ Door opens ] Nina. Yeah? How’s your wrist? Oh, it’s — it’s fine. You — you didn’t injure me, sonny. Well, I know I grabbed it real hard and I felt bad. I… thank you for caring. Hi, sweetheart. How are you?

[ Chuckles ] Hey, I-I heard that you had a sleepover last night. Was it fun? Oh, good, good. Yum. Oh, I know how much you love waffles.

[ Chuckles ] Yes. Yes, tomorrow is the day. Nothing will stop me from seeing you. Right. Oh, and, avery, I want you to know, you know, you can call me whenever, anytime you feel like it, okay? Okay. I love you very much, my girl. Bye now. Oh. Cameron: I’m just bummed that that ice cut our time. I really would have loved to get one more run. Josslyn: Well, it was getting pretty slick. Well, trina didn’t seem to have any problem. She shredded that slope. That’s because I was going so fast and you were going so slow. Hey, it was my first time on skis in years. I am so proud of you for facing your fear and going for it, baby. And must I remind you that it was icy out there? So maybe that is why you were going so fast. I had controlled velocity. Emphasis on “controlled”. Well, that’s, um, one of the reasons it’s a joy to stay overnight. You know, one of them anyway. Um, I really want to get out of these wet clothes. Me too. Awesome. Uh, I’ll start a fire. Don’t worry, I know how to. Coming? Yeah, in a minute. So, bro, tonight’s the night. Alrighty. We’re not doing this. Change the subject. It’s cool, man. The only reason I’m inquiring is ’cause I want to make sure that you’re prepared. I have some extra condoms if you need them. I don’T. Thanks. Okay, cool. Nobody wants any last-minute surprises. Yes. And this is confirmed? None of them? Good. Well done. Austin: I-I-I know that there’s something. And I-it’s right there and then I just — I can’t remember. Alright. Just take a deep breath. So were the voices male? Female? Both? They were both female. Are you sure that this is a true memory? Y-you’ve never mentioned another person before. That’s precisely why we wanted to come back here to see if it would spark anything. Anna: Okay, I got no service. I-I need to make a phone call. It’s spotty here, but if you keep climbing, you’ll get something. You know what? I am freezing. Shouldn’t we just go? Oh, uh, I want to touch base with anna first. Why don’t you go back to the cabin and get warm? That is a good idea. Maxie: Wait! This was your idea to begin with, okay? Austin, are you coming? It was you.

Let’s go back to the cabin. Aren’t you cold? I remember. You were one of the women that I heard talking. Not — not yelling. Talking. Maxie, who were you talking to? Where’s the guard? Taking a well-timed coffee break. Well, you should know they’re — they’re transferring me back to pentonville tomorrow. Then it’s fortunate I stopped by. What you should be doing is trying to find my daughter. You better act fast, victor, or I’m never gonna tell you what you want to know. Hmm. No need. I’ve just received a very interesting phone call. And? I’m here to hold up my end of the bargain. Chase: There we go. Looks like mommy and I need to have a little conversation. But don’t worry, kiddo. We’re gonna get it figured out. I promised to look out for you no matter what. Well, they certainly left in a hurry. What did you mean earlier? W-why wouldn’t there be proof that he’s the baby’s father? The same reason there wasn’t proof that I was. I took brook lynn at her word. Chase said he had a dna test. I took him at his word, too. Shame on me. After everything that’s happened, you don’t believe that chase is bailey’s father? Martin, some men might not care that another man is listed as the legal father on their child’s birth certificate, but by-the-book, upstanding detective harrison chase, he would. He’d care. Unless the whole thing is a fabrication, and chase knows about it. So brook lynn lied about her child’s paternity a second time? Why not? She’s a proven liar. Where do– the real question is, why would chase go along with a lie? When did a, uh, skateboard without wheels become a legitimate winter sport? I mean, okay, think about this, right? Snowboarding has 11 olympic events, whereas skiing only has five. That is outrageous. No. Snowboarding requires balance, while skis, you use two poles to help you stay upright. I made hot toddies for everyone. Oh, here, let me help you with that. Oh, no, no. I’ve — I’ve got it. Keep, uh, talking among yourselves. Cameron: You know, I was thinking about trying some snowboarding tomorrow. What do you think, joss? Josslyn: Sure. You know, trina and I have snowboarded a couple of times. It’s actually safer than skiing.

[ Spencer chuckles ] Maybe I’ll give it a try. Oh, are you gonna cross over to the dark side?

[ Laughter ] I’m glad you decided to refill your meds.

[ Exhales sharply ] Make sure you keep your mouth quiet. Don’t worry. If you don’t want your family to know you went off your meds, they will not hear it from me. I had no idea you were gonna be here.

[ Scoffs ] Right, and this is the part where you say you don’t want any trouble and you turn around and run the other way. Yeah, carly, I’m not gonna do that anymore. But, listen… since we’re both here, I have something to say. Great. So do I.

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