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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby confronted Sarah about not being who she said she was. She thought she was really Kristen. She denied it and tried to walk away, but Abby stopped her. She told her that Kristen kidnapped Sarah. “Sarah” mocked her while Kristen called her. Abby wanted to know who it was. Kristen said it was really her. She told her that she didn’t have anything to do with Philip’s disappearance. She said she was innocent and she wanted her to print that. She hung up the phone. “Sarah” tried to leave again, but Abby wouldn’t let her go. She said a voice on the phone wasn’t going to be enough to convince her that she wasn’t Kristen. She refused to admit anything. Abby thought back to a previous conversation and realized who she was. Abby realized Gwen was wearing the mask. She tried to walk away, but Abby wanted to take off her mask. Kayla was looking through the Reverend Mother’s desk when Kristen walked in with a gun. She started mocking Kayla so she didn’t want to hear what Kristen had to say. Kristen told her that Steve was dead. Kayla didn’t believe it was true. She thought Kristen was trying to throw her off balance. Kristen danced around it until Kayla believed her. She told Kristen that she killed Steve.

Gabi talked to Johnny about a partnership when he grabbed her and kissed her. She pushed him away and slapped him. Johnny seemed to like the idea that she drew blood. He said that he was reading the signals he was getting from her. She said that he ruined his marriage but she was in a committed relationship with Jake. He rolled his eyes and insulted him. He told her that she could have some fun on the side. She admitted that she was attracted to him, but she’s with Johnny. She said she wasn’t interested in an open relationship. He kissed her again just as Allie walked in the room. Gabi asked Allie not to say anything to Jake. She said she was at the bottom of her list of worries. Gabi walked out of the room. Allie yelled at Johnny for kissing Gabi. He thought she was jealous because he was flirting with Gabi. He said that Chanel loved her and not him. He teased her about them being together. He implied that they slept together. She was about to cry and told him that she hated him. She told him that she was done with him. She told him to be a good DiMera and realize that he lost his twin sister. He didn’t care that he lost her. Paulina talked to Chanel about taking Johnny to the cleaners. She said she was talking to attorneys about her situation. Chanel didn’t want to go after his money because she was a strong independent woman like her. Paulina still thought she deserved to get something after what he did to her. They talked about Allie. Paulina admitted that she saw Chanel with Allie. She tried to deny it, but she admitted they were together. She said she wasn’t ashamed that it happened. Paulina was fine with it, but she reminded her that she slept with her husband’s sister. She said that she slept with twins and that it was a sticky situation. She advised her to think about how she felt about both of them. Chanel admitted that she was attracted to Allie, but she was in love with Johnny.

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