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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby tried to take the mask off of Gwen. “Gwen” showed up and asked Abby what she was doing. Abby was shocked that Gwen was behind her. “Gwen” told Abby that she was used to her attacking her, but a stranger. She realized the person wasn’t a stranger. “Sarah” said she came back to town so she could let her family know she was okay. “Sarah” told “Gwen” that she could have Xander because she was through with him. Nicole went to Rafe’s house. Nicole asked Rafe if he thought Ava set him up. “Sarah” asked Abby if she still thought she was Gwen. Abby said she didn’t. When Abby left, Gwen told Ava that she was glad she pulled it off. Chanel told Allie that her mother saw them together the night they slept together. Allie was horrified that Paulina knows about them. Allie was afraid Paulina was going o ell people. Johnny told Gabi that he wanted to be alone with her. He said he had stock in DiMera which he knew she was interested in. Abby went home and told Chad that she found Sarah. She said she didn’t think it was Sarah. Ava and Gwen talked about Ava wearing the Gwen mask. Allie told Chanel that she talked to Johnny. Allie said she walked in on Johnny kissing another woman. Jake showed up while Gabi and Johnny were talking. Johnny said they were talking about joining together.

Chanel said Johnny didn’t waste any time. Allie said he didn’t. Chanel wanted to know who it was. Allie said it was Gabi. Chanel said he was making out with his uncle’s girlfriend. Allie told her to let him go because he was bad news. Chanel said it hurt. When Jake walked away to get drinks, Johnny told Gabi that he wanted her to kiss him again. Abby told Chad that it felt like Sarah was wearing a mask. Ava told Gwen that her wearing the mask turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Gwen told Ava that she owed her. Ava said she did. Ava said she had to leave. She said Sarah had to go to the airport. Gwen asked her to do it. Ava said she couldn’t because she had plans with Rafe and Nicole. Gwen said she thought she hated them. Ava said she did. Nicole was upset that Ava wasn’t at the dinner. She reminded him that he thought Ava was the one who set him up. He said he did. She thought Ava wanting to work on their relationship was true. Gabi told Johnny that she didn’t tell Jake he kissed her because he would beat the crap out of him. Johnny said that didn’t prove trust. Jake came back and wanted to get back to business. Chad asked Abby if she wanted it to be true. Abby said she wanted Sarah to be safe and making her own decision. She asked if it was Kate who was in the same situation as Sarah. She thought Sarah was still in danger. Gwen asked Ava why she was having dinner with Rafe and Nicole if she hated them. Ava said she couldn’t let on that she knew about them. Gwen told Ava that she was good at it. She said she couldn’t pull it off. Chad asked Abby if Maggie and Xander thought the same thing. He said Xander has been working with her and thought Sarah was herself.

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