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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander saw “Sarah” and hugged her. He was so glad she was okay. She told him to get off of her. She told him that she didn’t want anything to do with him. Xander asked Maggie for a minute alone with “Sarah.” Maggie took Xander into the hall. Gwen was afraid she wouldn’t be able to pull off being Sarah. Xander and Maggie came back and “Sarah” told them she was leaving in the morning. Maggie ended up crying. Maggie wanted her to call regularly. She hugged her. Maggie left the room so Xander wondered why “Sarah” didn’t sound like herself. He told her about her behavior with him, Rex and Maggie. She blamed him for the baby switch. She told him that she couldn’t forgive him for that. She wanted to check out of her room at the Salem Inn. He couldn’t believe what she was willing to do to her mother. He told her to do better. She told him to be with Gwen. He wanted to know how she knew about Gwen. He wanted to know how she knew about that. She said Maggie told her about it. She asked if it was true that he loved her? He told her that he didn’t think he could fall in love again, but he did. She told him to be with Gwen and leave her alone. She stormed out of the room. Abby saw Kate looking down. Abby asked her what happened and she told her that she saw Jake and Gabi. Abby said it ended well because she was with Roman. She said Jake was fired from DiMera. Kate wondered why she was there. She said she was covering a story about Sarah. She said she worked with Xander to find her. Abby told her about what happened.  Kate remembered when Kristen pretended to be her and shoved her in a suitcase to ship her out of town. That sparked an idea inside of Abby.

Maggie joined Kate and Abby at their table. She told them that Xander was with Sarah. Maggie was emotional as she talked about “Sarah’s” odd behavior. She said she wasn’t herself. Maggie left the table. Kate left the table to get a drink. Abby remembered what Kate said about Kristen’s mask and Sarah acting different. Abby reacted and walked out of the room. Xander looked at a picture of Sarah. He remembered proposing to her. Maggie returned and noticed Xander looked confused. He thought there would be more to the story. Abby found “Sarah” and told her that she wasn’t her cousin. Trask entered Sami’s deposition into evidence and was ready to rest her case. Belle wanted the case dismissed for lack of evidence. EJ was ready to testify. Belle didn’t think it was a good idea, but she called him to the stand. He said he didn’t do anything to keep Sami from her kids. Trask reminded him that he did it before. EJ said he chloroformed Sami after she shot him in his head. He said she left him to die. He wanted to protect his children. Trask questioned him about using chloroform on Sami when he wanted to get stem cells from her unborn baby. EJ pleaded the fifth. EJ felt defeated and left the stand. The judge was ready to hear closing arguments. Chad saw Johnny in the living room. They argued about EJ. Johnny goaded him about EJ and Abby having an affair before. He said EJ lied about Chad framing him for Sami’s kidnapping. Chad looked guilty as he said he had to rethink his relationship with his father. He thought he should be working with Chad. Chad didn’t trust him and didn’t want to get burned again. Johnny promised to prove himself to him. Belle told EJ that she did her best in her closing arguments. Chad showed up just as the judge was about to render a verdict. The judge found EJ guilty. He was immediately remanded to holding and would be transferred to Statesville.

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