Days Short Recap Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ accepted Belle as his lawyer. He wanted to know why she changed her mind about representing him. She said Nicole changed her mind. She was able to handle backlash from the board and from Sami. EJ waived his right to a jury trial. Belle asked the judge for a moment with her client. She wanted to know what he was thinking making a decision like that. He trusted the system. Belle thought he got to the judge. He said he didn’t do anything. She wanted things done her way or she was walking off. EJ backed down. Xander met with Abby to talk about Sarah. She told him one of the DiMera jets were used when Sarah disappeared but the pilot quit since that happened. They thought it was suspicious. She asked the travel department to send her the information about it. He thanked her and left. Gwen ran into Ava at the town square. Gwen was worried about Xander working with Abby. Gwen thought Abby was enjoying the payback. Ava told her about the guys accusing Rafe of planting evidence against them. Gwen wondered why she wanted to send the man she loved to prison. Ava told her to keep quiet about it. Xander walked up to them so they pretended to talk about a party.

Rafe told Shawn about the charges that were brought against him. Shawn wondered if someone put them up to saying he planted evidence. Rafe told him about what happened to Nicole’s bear. Ava arrived at the station while they were talking about it. Ava left him some food, but he was in the middle of something. Shawn noticed the tension between them. Rafe wondered if Ava could be involved in his mess. Steve and Kayla went to see Mother Superior. They were dressed in disguise. They lied about Kayla needing a place to stay. The nun was willing to help but she had to confirm it with someone else. Steve gave her the number to reach him. They left just as Kristen arrived wearing a nun’s habit. She asked Mother Superior about the visitors so she told her how one needed a place to stay. Kristen was grateful that she took her in when she needed help. Kristen called Ava and she ranted about Rafe. Kristen wanted to know if she sent Steve to look for her. She told her she didn’t do it. She did tell her how Xander wanted Steve to find Sarah. She wondered if Steve took the case. She said that was the last thing she needed now. Ava told her that Gwen was desperate to keep Xander from finding Sarah. Kristen had and idea on how to help Gwen, but she needed help escaping.

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