Y&R Best Lines Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Chloe: Is everything okay?

Chelsea: Absolutely. Why do you ask?

C:hloe Seemed a little tense out here.

Chelsea: Well, I got the impression Sally just made another move on Adam, and he shot her down right in front of me. So go easy on the poor girl. She must be humiliated.



Victor: So then Ashland is on board with your sudden urge to gobble up my company?

Victoria: You know what he’s always said. He’s always said that what he likes about me the most is my ambition.

Victor: Well, that’s what i like about my daughter, as well, you know. Which doesn’t mean I’m gonna sell the damn company to you.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Why not?

Victor: Because I want to give your brother Adam more time to prove himself as CEO. I’m not gonna yank the damn thing out from under him just because you saw through Billy’s duplicity before he did.

Victoria: Well, I won’t deny that I’m disappointed, but maybe it is for the best. Since Adam seems distracted with all of the issues in his life, it’s only a matter of time before he runs the company into the ground, at which point, i will buy it for a lot less.

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