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Ben: So are we gonna open it or are we just gonna keep staring at it?

Ciara: Mmm, I thought you were gonna decide.

Ben: Since when are you okay with me deciding everything for the both of us?

Ciara: Yeah. Good point.

Ben: Good point, right. It’s not like the contents of that envelope could change our life forever or anything.

Ciara: No, not at all. No.

Ben: Not at all. Right.

Ciara: Mm-mm.

Ben: But if we do decide

open the envelope, we decide together.

Ciara: Agreed.

Ben: Agreed.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: Good.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: So do we open it?

Ciara: [Sighs]

Paulina: When that pile of glass was about to come raining down on me, you–you called out to me, told me to look out.

Lani: Yeah.

Paulina: Yeah. You called me mom.

Lani: Did I?

Paulina: It happened fast, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard.

Lani: Oh, um, hm. I guess I did.

Paulina: Well, I suppose my question is why?

[Door opens]

Tripp: Hey there. I hear someone banged up her ankle tonight. Must’ve been some wedding reception.

Lani: You could say that.

Tripp: So tell me what happened.

Paulina: Johnny dimera happened. I could wring that boy’s neck for hurting my baby. And I would have too if that tacky chandelier hadn’t almost fallen on me.

Tripp: Wait. A chandelier almost fell on you?

Lani: Yeah. Long story.

Tripp: And what did johnny do to chanel?

Paulina: What did he do? Oh, that pompous trustafarian, he broke my daughter’s heart.

Chanel: [Crying] I don’t know what I’d do without you, horton.

[Sniffling] I’m so wrecked, I can hardly stand.

Allie: That’s–that’s what we do for each other. It’s what we’ve always done since london. When the world gets one of us down, we hold each other up.

Chanel: You and me against the world.

Allie: Yeah. You and me.

[Romantic music]

I can’t–I–I can’t do this.

Susan: And why would you call me “grandma” when we both know that you are not my grandson?

Johnny: Of course I’m your grandson. Are you sure you’re feeling okay?

Susan: I am fit as a fiddle. Now that I know why I’m having all those awful, tummy turning premonitions.

Johnny: Hmm. And why is that?

Susan: Oh, because you are not my precious little johnny. He would never do what you did to his wife.

Johnny: What do you mean I’m not johnny?

Susan: I mean you are the mean, mean, mean devil himself. And as god is my witness, I am gonna put an end to your reign of terror once and for all!

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Johnny: Grandma susan, i think you should go lay down. You’re obviously not yourself.

Susan: Don’t you touch me! Don’t you touch me. You’re the one who’s not himself.

Johnny: Don’t be silly. You don’t have to be afraid of me.

Susan: I am not afraid! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid because I’ve got god on my side.

Johnny: You’re being– you’re being ridiculous. It’s me, your dear, sweet johnny.

Susan: Oh, there is nothing sweet about you. I can smell the brimstone on your breath.

Johnny: What? You’re not– you’re not making any sense.

Susan: Oh, I’m making so much sense. I am because I can feel it. I feel it in my bones. And you–you must’ve jumped out of dr. Marlena evans and into my sweet johnny during the exorcism. And you can’t fool me. You can’T. Not anymore.

Johnny: [Scoffs] Oh.

[Demon voice] I guess you’re not as dumb as you look.

Susan: Oh! It’s you! Beelzebub! I knew it! I knew it!

Demon johnny: Congratulations, susie Q. You figured it out. So now what are you gonna do about it?

Tripp: Johnny dumped chanel at their wedding reception in front of everyone?

Paulina: Hm. I thought nothing could be worse than my wedding to abe, but this was way worse.

Tripp: What did– what did chanel do?

Paulina: Well, she ran out in tears, and I would have chased after her, but–

Tripp: So she’s alone right now?

Lani: No, no. Allie went to find her.

Tripp: That must be why she hadn’t returned my call.

Paulina: Yeah, she’s probably busy consoling my poor girl. Oh, she’s a good friend, that one.

Tripp: Yeah. Yeah, she is. Look, I’ll go get this x-ray ordered, and I’ll give her another call, check and see how she and chanel are doing.

Paulina: Oh, do me a favor, dr. Tripp. Don’t tell chanel anything about my injuries. She’s–she’s got enough to worry about. Mm.

Allie: I’m so sorry.

Chanel: For kissing me or for pulling away?

Allie: I’m sorry about what my brother did to you, but I’m–I’m committed to tripp. Okay?

Chanel: Horton.

Allie: No, I have to go.

[Dramatic music]

[Phone vibrates] Hey.

Tripp: Hey there. I just heard what happened at the reception. Is chanel okay?

Allie: She’s–she’s upset, of course. I mean, beyond upset, she’s furious, heartbroken. But she’ll be all right.

Tripp: You’re with her right now?

Allie: Yeah. I– I just put her to bed.

Tripp: At your place?

Allie: No, I’m at her mom’S. But I’m gonna head home now.

Tripp: Okay. I’ve got to get back to work, but just tell chanel that I’m thinking about her.

Allie: Okay, I will. Um, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you.

Chanel: Horton, please. Don’t go. Don’t bail on me the way your brother did. As a dj, I know all about customization.

Ben: Here’s what I propose.

Ciara: Hmm.

Ben: We lay out the pros and the cons of opening the envelope in an orderly fashion. And then each of us pick a side and we argue–

Ciara: Oh, let’s just open it!

Ben: Whoa. Are you sure?

Ciara: Yes. No. Yes. I–mm, I don’t know. Maybe.


Ben: Great. So it’s settled then.

Ciara: Oh, why is this so hard, babe?

[Knocking on door]

Ben: Maybe we should just ask whoever’s on the other side of this door.

Ciara: Yes, that is a good a plan as any.


Ben: Shawn.

Shawn: What’s up? Hey.

Ciara: Amazing. Yes or no?

Shawn: Uh, yes or no what?

Ciara: Just pick one, yes or no.

Shawn: I’ve learned never to give an answer without knowing the question first, so.

Ciara: Fine, be boring. Be that way.

Shawn: Is there a problem? What’s going on? I mean, how was the doctor’s appointment?

Ciara: Good. Better than good. It was perfect. It was great.

Shawn: That’s great.

Ciara: Yeah.

Shawn: So do you have any news?

Ben: Well, we had the sonogram appointment today. And a doctor was able to determine the sex of the baby.

Ciara: Mm.Shawn: That’s excellent! So what’s going on? Am I gonna have a niece or a nephew?

Ciara: Oh, we have no idea.


Chanel: I shouldn’t have compared you to your brother.

Allie: It’s okay. I know how bad he hurt you.

Chanel: No, it’s not okay. You and johnny may be twins, but you are nothing alike. You are kind and thoughtful. And you would never humiliate the person you claimed to love. You would never do that.

Allie: Dupree.

Chanel: Please, don’t tell me not to cry.

Allie: I was just going to say that my brother isn’t worth your tears.

Chanel: I know I took it too far before, but if you could, please, just stay, as friends. I don’t want to be alone tonight.

Belle: [Exhales deeply] Wow.

Ej: Mm-hmm.

Belle: I can’t believe johnny would do that to chanel. Man, that is brutal, even by dimera standards.

Ej: First of all, the boy is half brady–

Belle: Half sami brady.

Ej: And what would you have him do, stay in a loveless marriage?

Belle: Of course not. I just wish he would found a more humane way to end things. Or I don’t know, realize he wasn’t ready for marriage in the first place.

Ej: Well, we all can’t be as perfect as you and shawn.

Belle: Wh– hang on. Are you proud of what johnny did?

Ej: Proud?

Belle: Yeah. When I walked in here, you were having drinks with your father. And maybe you and that vampire were toasting to johnny’s cruelty.

Ej: You sound like my mother with all that vampire talk.

Belle: Mm.

Ej: And you don’t seem to mind cashing your sizable retainer from the company that bears said vampire’s name.

Belle: Yes, that reminds me, is chad here? Because I do have contracts for him to sign.

Ej: I’m not the keeper of my brother’s calendar. I have far more pressing matters on my mind.

Belle: Ah, you mean your kidnapping trial starting tomorrow?

Ej: Yes, that.

Belle: Well, from what I understand, the evidence of you abducting sami is pretty flimsy. So I’m sure your attorney will mount a credible defense.

Ej: I don’t have an attorney.

Belle: What?

Ej: I represented myself at the bail hearing. I figured I’d continue to do so at the trial.

Belle: [Scoffs] You have heard the saying, “he who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

Ej: All right then, counselor, why don’t you represent me?

Belle: [Huffs]

Susan: See, everyone thought you were gone, lucifer. But I knew it. I knew that you hadn’t gone back to that fiery pits of h-e double-hockey-sticks where you belong!

Demon johnny: Do you want an award, maybe some ice cream?

Susan: No! I want you gone, devil!

Demon johnny: You know, I’ll give you credit. You are much more clever than one would assume. It’s too bad you won’t live long enough for anyone else in salem to find out.

Susan: See, I’ve faced you before. I am not afraid of you.

Demon johnny: See, now– now you aren’t sounding smart.

Susan: I’m not afraid of you because you can do anything you want with this body, you can, but you can never, ever touch my immortal soul.

Demon johnny: No offense, but who would want to do anything to that body? I mean, it ain’t exactly built for sin, if you know what I mean. Why do you think I had to turn you into kristen dimera in order to seduce john black?

Susan: And how did that work out for you?

Demon johnny: He is a stubborn, stubborn man. I’ll give you that.

Susan: Mm-mm. Mr. John black, he is strong, and he is loving, and he is loyal. Everything that you– you, demon, are not.

Demon johnny: And yet, I’m still here.

Susan: All right. Now what?

Demon johnny: Good question. Um, well, let’s see. I could turn you back into kristen dimera or a cat. Or maybe– maybe I’ll turn you into a bug so I can squash you underneath my cloven hoof. It’s my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on

Tripp: Okay. So we should have the results of your x-rays back soon.

Paulina: So allie said chanel is doing okay?

Tripp: Yeah, she said she just put her to bed, and now she’s headed home.

Lani: A good night’s sleep will help.

Paulina: I bet she doesn’t sleep a wink, ’cause when she wakes up, that heartache will still be there. I got to– I’ve got to be there for her!

Tripp: I understand that, but we need to get this ankle treated first, okay?

Paulina: Well, can’t you just, you know, wrap it up and let me get out of here?

Tripp: Not just yet, okay? I’m gonna go check on your x-rays. Make sure she won’t make a break for it?

Lani: I will do my best.

Paulina: Ooh. Nothing I hate more than feeling helpless.

Lani: I know. And I know how worried you are about chanel. I am too.

Paulina: I remember when she was little, I used to think, “oh, I’ll be so glad when she gets older, so I can worry less.” But you’ll find this out when your twins get older, a mother never stops worrying about her children, all of her children.

Chanel: Horton, I know I made it weird before, but nothing has to happen between us if you stay. I swear. I just– I don’t want to be alone right now.

Allie: Dupree.

Chanel: My whole life was ripped apart in front of everyone I care about, and I just feel sad, humiliated, lost.

Allie: I would never want you to feel that way.

Chanel: Then you’ll stay?

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, of course I’ll stay.

Chanel: [Sighs] Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.

Allie: I just have to call nicole and let her know that I’m not gonna be coming home, see if she’s okay with watching henry.

Chanel: Thank you. And I’m–I’m sorry, again, for what I said before.

Allie: I know you didn’t mean it.

Chanel: Sometimes I can’t believe that you and johnny are twins.

Allie: Yeah, me neither. I hate him for what he did to you. I don’t think I’m ever gonna forgive him for it.

Chanel: I thought he loved me. I thought that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together. I don’t understand how I could have been so wrong about him.

Susan: You can make me a bug, but you cannot crush my spirit, because I have the father, and the son, and the holy ghost on my side. Not to mention mr. John black.

Demon johnny: Is that supposed to make me nervous?

Susan: Ugh! It should! It should, because we’re gonna stop you cold and save my poor grandson from this wicked possession of his body.


[Door slams]

Demon johnny: See–see, now– now you say you don’t care what I do to you, but what about those you love?

Susan: [Whimpers] What do you mean?

Demon johnny: Well, let’s talk about your beloved elvis. Perhaps it’s time I make good on my threat to dispose of him.

Susan: [Stammering] Stay away from him!

Demon johnny: Oh, I don’t want to hurt ej. Like his father before him, he’s always been so willing to do my handiwork.

Susan: Elvis is such a good boy.

Demon johnny: Well, he’s far from good. But if you force my hand, I won’t think twice about walking downstairs and ripping his beating heart out of his chest.

Belle: I can’t represent you.

Ej: Why not?

Belle: I’m dimera’s corporate counsel. That would be a conflict of interest.

Ej: We can get around that.

Belle: Okay. What about the part where you’re being prosecuted for my sister’s kidnaping?

Ej: That’s a plus. My alleged victim’s own sister believes my innocence.

Belle: Who says I think you’re innocent? Besides, chad and shin would never go for that. I’d be fired on the spot.

Ej: You leave chad and the dimera board to me. I’ll make them see that it’s in the company’s best interest to have these ridiculous charges against me dropped.

Belle: Okay. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the company is doing everything it can to distance itself from you and this case.

Ej: Cowards.

Belle: I’m just saying, they’re not gonna want me anywhere near it.

Ej: I don’t know about that. What if you’re my best chance at making this whole thing go away?

Belle: I think you’re asking the wrong question. Even if by some miracle the board did approve it, what makes you think I’d want to represent you?

Shawn: Okay, so do either one of you have a preference as to whether or not you want a boy or girl?

Ciara: No. Of course not. As long as the baby is healthy.

Shawn: Ben?

Ben: Same.

Shawn: Okay, so then why don’t we just open it and find out so you can get started on what color to paint the nursery?

Ciara: Okay, well, first of all, we are painting the nursery a neutral color because we are not about gender stereotyping our child.

Shawn: Right. Of course.

Ciara: And we’re even gonna teach them that they can choose their own pronouns when they get old enough.

Shawn: Okay. And I’m totally cool with all that, so why don’t we open the envelope so we can find out, right? Woman: Life’s been hard enough.

Ej: Look, I understand your reluctance to represent me. We’ve had our differences. And I realize honesty hasn’t always been my strong suit.

Belle: You think?

Ej: However, I assure you I’m telling the truth when I say I did not have samantha kidnapped. Someone framed me.

Belle: Even if I believed you, and I am not saying that I do, sami thinks you’re guilty. And so I would be betraying my own sister if I represented you.

Ej: It’s not as if sami hasn’t betrayed you, over and over again.

Belle: It doesn’t make it right.

Ej: Look, I’m fighting for my life here. If you don’t wanna help me for me, then do it for your niece and nephew. Do you really think johnny and sydney’s father should go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit?

Belle: Think of the children? That’s your pitch?

Ej: Think of the children.

Belle: Only problem is johnny is not an innocent child. He proved that here tonight.

Susan: Oh. I am not gonna fall for that twice. Mm-mm.

Demon johnny: Fall for what?

Susan: You bluffing about killing my elvis.

Demon johnny: And what makes you think I’m bluffing?

Susan: Because most people think that you’re gone, and that’s just the way you like it, because you’re not gonna kill my elvis, uh-uh, not in the middle of the dimera family mansion. There are witnesses downstairs.

Demon johnny: [Laughs] You think I care about witnesses?

Susan: Yes. I do. I do because you can wreak more havoc on the– on the down low like you did tonight.

Demon johnny: Or maybe people will just think johnny went off the deep end.

Susan: Uh-uh. ‘Cause even if they do, my johnny, my sweet, sweet johnny would never hurt his daddy! Uh-uh. He–he–he would never, ever kill him. And if the second he did– the second he did, people would know that satan is still in salem, and then mr. John black and his hunky stepson, father eric, and all the forces of good are gonna come, and they are gonna vanquish you again, buster! Right?

Allie: Thank you so much. Give henry a big kiss for me, okay? All right, I’ll see you first thing in the morning. Yeah, night. Hi, it is totally fine with nicole if I stay here.

Chanel: Thank you again for doing this. I swear, if you weren’t here–

Allie: Chanel, you don’t have to thank me, okay? I’m your best friend. This is what we do for each other.

Chanel: I’m so, so grateful to have you.

Allie: Okay, so I’m just gonna go sleep on the couch, but I’m right outside if you need me.

Chanel: That’s dumb, horton. There’s plenty of room in the bed.

Allie: Chanel.

Chanel: I’ll stay on my side, you stay on yours. I won’t bother you. Just knowing that you’re here will be enough.

Allie: Okay.

Chanel: You’re gonna sleep in that?

Allie: Oh. Yeah, I guess not. Thanks.

[Dramatic music]

Tripp: You’re lucky it’s just a sprain, but I want you to stay off of it for a few days, okay?

Paulina: Will do. And, you know, dr. Tripp, you got a nice bedside manner.

Tripp: Thank you.

Paulina: And I’m sure you are going to be a top-notch physician.

Tripp: Well, I have a great role model in my stepmom– chief of staff, dr. Kayla johnson.

Paulina: [Gasps] Right. Well, I’m sure she is as proud of you as I am of my girls.

Tripp: And now I’m gonna go get started on your discharge paperwork and prescriptions. I’m also gonna give you a cane, that’ll help steady yourself while you heal, okay? I’ll be back in a few.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Lani: Thank you.

Paulina: [Sighs] Oh, uh, I hope you weren’t offended by my referring to you as one of my girls.

Lani: No. I wasn’T.

Paulina: Oh, that’s a relief. Now, what about that question I asked you earlier?

Lani: When I saw the chandelier coming for you and blurted out “mom”?

Paulina: Yeah, that.

Lani: I don’t know. I’m–I’m not sure why I said it. I–I saw that you were in danger and I just–I don’t know, I just–I said it in the moment.

Paulina: I see.

Lani: The truth is, I will always see tamara as my mother.

Paulina: No, of course.

Lani: But deep down, somewhere in there, I– I guess I– I see you that way too.

Trelegy for copd.

Demon johnny: You do make an excellent point. Killing your son would be quite impractical.

Susan: Mm-hmm. Impractical and evil. Very, very, very evil.

Demon johnny: [Sighs] But keeping our little secret is essential to my plan. So I’m gonna have to find another way to silence you– permanently.

Susan: Oh, no, you don’t! No, you don’t, because I have the strength of christ, and he compels you, go back, to stay six feet away from me.

Demon johnny: Would you stop it with your infantile babbling?

Susan: Oh, that’s it. Infantile!

Demon johnny: So?

Susan: So that’s why you’re back! That’s it. You are still after ben and ciara’s poor, innocent young-un.

Shawn: All right, look, either you want to know the sex of your baby so you can be prepared or you’re just gonna wait and be surprised.

Ben: Right.

Shawn: Uh, so– so which is it?

Ben: I don’t think we’re going to decide tonight.

Ciara: No, I guess not.

Shawn: Well, come on. I mean, that was anti-climactic. Jeez.

Ciara: Ah, well, sorry.

Shawn: Look, it’s okay. All right, it’s fine. I’m just joking. You guys got to do what you got to do for yourselves, so.

Ciara: Mm. Look, I probably got to get going. You know, I’m gonna meet belle for a late dinner, so.

Ciara: Wait! Could you– would you take the envelope with you?

Shawn: You want– you want me to take your sonogram home with me? Why?

Ben: Y–yeah, why? Why?

Ciara: Well, you know, no, just for safekeeping, you know, until we decide if and when we want to open it.

Ben: You’re scared you’re tempted you’re gonna take a peek.

Ciara: Oh, well, you’re scared that you’re tempted to take a peek too.

Ben: I probably will.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: Take that temptation, please.

Ciara: Take it away. Would you do us a solid and just help us out, please?

Shawn: Yes, I can do that.

Ciara: Cool.

Shawn: But I’m gonna take a peek at it when I get home.

Ben: No!

Ciara: No!

Shawn: I’m joking. Gosh. Come on. It is locked away in ze vault.

Ciara: Okay.

[Ben sighs]

Demon johnny: Oh, there you go again, susan. Being too smart for your own good.

Susan: Well, I am warning you. I am not gonna let you go anywhere near the westons’ unborn child.

Demon johnny: [Laughs] Oh.

Susan: What is so funny?

Demon johnny: Just you thinking that there’s anything you can do about it.

Susan: You–you’re not gonna get away with this. You are not gonna get away with this because, you know what, you can slam doors in my face, but I’m gonna go straight downstairs, and I am gonna tell elvis everything.

Demon johnny: You know what?

[Eerie music]

Ej: We’re family, belle. Whether you like it or not. I know I’ve done some terrible things in my life, but I did not kidnap samantha. As upset as I was that she cheated on me with lucas, I still love her. And we share two incredible children who deserve better than this.

Belle: Ej. I–I can’t–I’m sorry, I cannot represent you.

Ej: Fine. Go ahead. Abandon me just like your sister did.

Belle: Well, listen, I can help you find another attorney–

Ej: Go! Just–just go! Go.

[Ej sighs]

Belle: All right. Will you just tell chad I came by? And good luck tomorrow.

[Dramatic music]

Susan: Elvis! Wait, elvis. Oh, son, son. Hey, hey. I have something very important to tell you! My plaque psoriasis…

Tripp: Okay. Here you go.

Paulina: Oh. Oh, thank you, doctor.

Tripp: And I also want you to take ibuprofen as needed for the pain. And watch out for those falling chandeliers.

Paulina: Will do.

Tripp: And please, tell chanel I hope she’s okay.

Paulina: Okay, then. Thanks, doctor. Well, I’ll be on my way.

Lani: Why don’t you let me take you home?

Paulina: Oh, no, no, no, no. My driver and my car, they’re downstairs.

Lani: Are you sure?

Paulina: Yeah, yeah. You go home to your– your beautiful twins and their beautiful daddy.

Lani: Okay. Um, please tell chanel I’m thinking of her. And I’ll give her a call tomorrow.

Paulina: Okay. I will. Um, lani?

Lani: Yeah?

Paulina: I’m so glad that you were there for me. You can’t imagine how much that means to me.

Chanel: [Sobbing] Horton?

Allie: Yeah?

Chanel: Are you still awake?

Allie: Well, it would be pretty silly if I said no.

Chanel: Right.

Allie: You okay?

Chanel: No. But I’m really glad you’re here.

Allie: So am I. I want you to know, my brother’s an idiot.

Chanel: I already know that.

Allie: No, I mean, I can’t even believe what he’s giving up. You are the smartest, fiercest, most beautiful woman I know. Anybody would be lucky to be with you.

Chanel: Do you really mean that?

Allie: Yeah. I do.

[Romantic music]

Ej: What is it, mother? Is something wrong?

Susan: Oh, no. Everything’s fine. It’s fine. I just–I need to tell you that I’m leaving salem.

Ej: What?

Susan: Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, baby boy, but roger needs me. Asap.

Ej: You’re going right now?

Susan: Uh, yeah! Yessiree, bob. I am. I am. I’m on that midnight train to memphis. Actually, no, I’m flying.

Ej: Surely you can wait until the morning.

Johnny: She really wants to go.

Ej: You knew about this? What’s the emergency?

Susan: You’re not gonna get away with this. You are not gonna get away with this because, you know what, you can slam doors in my face, but I am gonna go straight downstairs, and I am gonna tell elvis everything.

Demon johnny: You know what?

[Eerie music]

Susan: You’re gonna let me go?

Demon johnny: And what are you gonna tell him?

Susan: I’m gonna tell him that I’m leaving salem.

Demon johnny: When?

Susan: Tonight.

Demon: Johnny: Excellent. Why?

Susan: Because roger needs me.

Demon johnny: He sure does. Why don’t I help you pack your bags?

Susan: Okey-dokey. You’re such a sweet boy.

Demon johnny: Yeah. Actually, I did know, dad. I’m the one who convinced her to go.

[Dramatic music]

Get ready. It’s time for

the savings event of the year.

Ben: Do you think we made the right decision letting your brother take the sonogram?

Ciara: Well, I’m pretty sure if we had it, we’d be staring at it all night.

Ben: Probably.

Ciara: And there’s still plenty of time to find out the sex of the baby.

Ben: If we want to.

Ciara: If we want to. Yeah. Right now, I’m kind of happy not knowing.

Ben: Right now, I’m going to make sure that I do everything in my power to make sure that we always stay as happy as we are right now.

Ciara: Baby, you brought me back from the dead.

Ben: Hmm.

Ciara: We battled the devil together to save our child. I’m pretty sure nothing in this world or any other world, for that matter, could break us apart ever again.

Ej: Why would you encourage your grandmother to leave salem?

Johnny: Because she’s lonely. She was telling me how much roger wanted to see her. And I encouraged her to go because I could see how much she missed him.

Susan: I do. I do. I miss him desperately.

Johnny: I gave your bags to the driver, grandma. He’s–he’s waiting outside.

Ej: I–I–I still don’t see what difference one more night would make.

Susan: Oh, honey, I’m sorry. Sorry, elvis, you know what, but mama’s made up her mind. Mm-hmm. I love you so much. More than life itself, elvis.

Ej: I–

Susan: But I have to do this.

Ej: I love you too. I–

Susan: I just want you take care of yourself, okay?

Johnny: See you later, grandma.

Ej: What just happened?

Tripp: Hey. Did miss price get home okay?

Lani: Mm-hmm. Her driver dropped her off. I stuck around to check on a patient from one of my cases.

Tripp: Something I can help you with?

Lani: Nope. I just wanted to say thank you for taking such good care of paulina.

Tripp: It’s my pleasure. You know, she’s–she’s something else.

Lani: She sure is. Oh, and when you talk to allie, please thank her again too for being there for chanel.

Tripp: I will.

[Tense music]

Demon johnny: Goodbye, pesky granny, and good riddance. That goes for you, too, chanel.

[Eerie music]

Mortals and your trinkets of affection. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

[Evil laughter]

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