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Thanks for agreeing to come back here with me. I mean, I didn’t feel much like having this conversation in the hospital. Can I — can I offer you something to drink? Are we gonna do this or not? Curtis, please. Please, take it easy. This — this isn’t easy for me. You know what isn’t easy? Growing up without a father and thinking he’s dead, and then finding out that he didn’t die, but that he simply walked out on his family, leaving them on their own. So why don’t you stop procrastinating and tell me the truth? Where you been all this time?

[ Humming ] You hungry?

[ Sighs ]

[ Groans ]

[ Knock on door ] I’m not here. Oof! This better be important. Okay. So how does this work?

[ Scoffs ] This was your idea.

[ Chuckling ] Yeah, it was, but just because it was my idea doesn’t make it a good idea. I don’t really know what I’m doing. Okay. First, we arm ourselves with a drink. Okay. Then we establish a forward operating base at the end of the room with a nearby base camp at a table for tactical retreat. You’re funny. You make it sound like a battle. Stick with me and you’ll learn dating is war.

One million nights ago okay. Well, what’ll it be? Oh, I’m not sure tikis suit the occasion. Agreed. No colorful drinks with equally colorful umbrellas or pineapple wedges or anything frou-frou. Mm. If ever there was a time for straight-up whiskey, it’s drinking to the memory of luke spencer. How did you get in my house? Oh, spencer and his charming girlfriend invited me in. They’re in the kitchen right now, making tea. I do apologize if I surprise you. Why would you apologize? We both know you planned it.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Why is this pink? Because a beer makes you look like a knuckle-dragger. Oh. And a martini is too threatening. And what does pink say about me? A cosmo says that you’re comfortable with your sexuality and you can have fun, but not too much fun. Right. Not too much fun. So how do we mingle? You’ve never done this? How did you meet women in…pautauk? Square dances. It’s true.

[ Chuckles ] And church bazaars.

[ Laughs ]

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckling ] There was a time in my life when I made a decision that I was more comfortable around gentle woodland creatures than I was around humankind, male or female. But that’s over now, and I’m in. I’m a volunteer, and I’m your wingman. So wherever you go, I’m ready to follow. You’re not going. Ah, you take point. No, you — ladies first. Truly. I insist. Okay.

[ Chuckles ] We are [Laughs] Two accomplished, bold-faced names comfortable in high-pressure environments. We can navigate a night out at a club on our own. Right? Absolutely.

[ Mellow music playing ] I spoke with anna. She’s keeping an eye on robert. Oh, poor robert. He must be devastated. Yeah, I heard him singing “waltzing matilda” in the background. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Depends. Was he singing in key? Really? At least he’s feeling no pain.

[ Sighs ] Oh, boy. First holly, then sean, now luke. Oh, honey, so much loss. Mom, what can I do? Oh, you’re doing it, sweetheart, just by being here with me. I know that you and luke were close at one point. Ah. Luke wasn’t always that easy to get along with, but he was there for me when it counted. I can’t help but think about lulu. She’s going to wake up one day and ask about her dad. What are we gonna tell her? Laura will have the right words. Still as feisty as ever, I see. And you are just as brazen and smarmy. I heard you cut yourself an immunity deal by throwing your partner, peter august, under the bus. Well, the wsb’s priority was always peter. I was just happy to do my part for the greater good. I’m sure that deal served no one better than you. The wsb snared one snake by releasing another one. Oh, I applaud your way with words. I’m sure that helped you get elected, madam mayor. What do you want, victor? Well, you mean aside from the pleasure of your company? Oh, all in due time. I’m not going anywhere. Marshall: I get it. You’re angry. You have every right to be. But, curtis, I gotta tell you, I’m getting — I’m getting real tired of you coming at me with this attitude. I’m getting tired of you dodging the truth. You didn’t want to talk at the hospital. You didn’t want to talk on the ride over. And now we’re here at the private place that you wanted. You want to talk about my attitude? Marshall, you may be my biological father. You don’t know me at all if you think I’m putting up with this. That’s not what I’m saying. Then what

are you saying? But don’t tell me that you’re changing your mind about telling me what you’ve been up to all this time. You know what? Why did I even bother? I’m thinking I’m gonna come here and you’re gonna tell me something different than all those other nights when you — when you coughed up these vague excuses instead of the truth. And don’t even tell me I’m better off not knowing. You know what? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You — I-I thought I could do this. Really? So you just — it’s all of a sudden safe to speak? It’ll never be safe, man. Never. Is wiley okay? He’s fine. Oh. I’m not sure you are. No, it’s just a headache. I’ll live. Then may I come in? It’s important. Isn’t it always? Okay. You got five minutes. Six if you leavecarly’s name out of it. I’ve come to apologize. I’m sorry I couldn’t honor my promise not to tell anyone about you and sonny. And I’m sorry for accusing you of setting me up at the hearing. Ah! So you believe that I meant to stay out of carly and sonny’s marriage, even if I was found guilty of fraud and identity theft? I do. Well, I suppose you feel better having said all that. A little. At least that makes one of us. Carly: You’re cooking. Yeah. You know, there wasn’t any food in the kitchen at the penthouse, and I-I-I missed this. So, um, can you do me a favor? Can you just taste this? I’m not hungry. Y-yeah, I know, but I’m not gonna make you a plate. I just want you to taste, see if I need anything. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there we go. Could use some more sugar. Yeah? Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, you know, I thought I was being too conservative with the sweet stuff. You know what I mean? Uh… how about some mozzarella or some, uh, you know, parmesan? I’m really tired, sonny. I-I just really want to go — okay. You know what? There’s — there’s also — there’s also some — some bread warming up in the oven. Guess where it’s from. Eckert’S. I can cut you, like, some mozzarella. I can melt it, and then, you know — or parmesan, whatever you want me to give you A… you know what I mean, right? Some wine — you want some wine? I’ll do whatever you want. Okay. You know what? We can just forget the, um… …forget the bread and cheese. Can we just sit down and just talk? Or are we too far gone for even that?

I can’t imagine there’smuch here to interest you. Oh, my family’s here. You and your brothers put port charles through hell. And I haven’t forgotten. I’ve lived with that mistake every day of my life since. Not everyone was so lucky. It was a — a terrible waste and an ugly stain on the cassadine legacy. I-I hope someday the cassadines will be remembered for better deeds. Like how to fake one’s death to avoid justice? Well, my work required anonymity and a — a free hand.

[ Laughs ] Dare I ask what kind of work you were up to? Well, it’s simple, really. I work for atonement. You keep telling me it’s not safe for me to know the truth about you. Alright. Curtis, you need to understand how dangerous it can be for you if you learn everything about me. I’m not the same little boy you left behind over 30 years ago. I’ve learned to take care of myself. Nah. No. No. Right. Don’t come near me or my family again. What? Wait, wait. Okay. Alright. I, um… I got into trouble. I got into trouble and left my family before my trouble became yours. Willow, you don’t owe me an apology. I put you in an impossible situation when I made you promise not to tell anyone about my relationship with sonny in nixon falls. It was my responsibility to deal with the consequences. I shouldn’t have put that responsibility off on you. And then when you had no choice but to tell the truth, I shouldn’t have asked you to perjure yourself. It could have jeopardized your future with wiley, and he already lost one mother, and I would never be able to forgive myself if he lost another. Are you actually apologizing to me? Yeah. You can save yours. Thanks. You’re welcome. I have a feeling I’ll need to be well-stocked in apologies if michael finds out I came to see you. You know what? Maybe this was just a mistake.

[ Sighs ] I guess neither one of us is hungry. I’m just cooking ’cause I want to distract myself. From us? Yeah, from us and… have you talked to your mom? No. She left me a voicemail, but I haven’t listened to it yet. Why? Laura came by. It’s luke. What? Um… he died. What? Yeah, it was an accident, but I don’t know anything specific. She didn’t say anything else. Oh, my god. I gotta… well… …I gotta call my mom. Yeah, but I-I talked to, uh, lucas. He said bobbie went to bed early and he gave her something to help her sleep. So maybe you don’t want to disturb her. Ugh! Why don’t you go up and see avery and donna, and I’ll just clean up. I’ll — I’ll take care — I can’t! I can’t! You can’t what? I can’t do this! I can’T… I can’t act like our life isn’t falling apart.

Port charlesseeking redemption. Good luck with that. Oh, you’re a force to be reckoned with in port charles, madam mayor. Your word carries enormous weight. I will never advocate for you, victor. Oh, now, “never” is a strong word, laura. You know, I — I knew that just one conversation would probably not be enough to convince you of my good intentions. So I’m prepared to wait. For the moment, I’ll focus on smaller things.

One, two, three, four

hair down, high, high heels

going out on the scene

pink dress

and a purse to match

looking like a beauty queen so, uh… you come here often? One time at band camp, I was playing the tuba… no, no, no! That — that — that’s a joke. I’m joking!

[ Laughs ]

Feels so good greece? No, I’m — I’m not a fan.

And I want it all,

feels so good… hey. Are you striking out, too? Nope, not even in the game anymore. Just sitting here with my pink drink.

I want a kiss, kiss,

baby, baby, please you looked like you were having fun, though.

Yeah, feels so good

when I get what I need

I want a kiss, kiss,

baby, baby, please to luke. To luke.

[ Mellow music playing ] Wow. Gah! That’s a drink. Um, how much drinking to luke is appropriate? I think just one each is plenty. Yeah. Besides, there’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, uh, but we have to be sober for it. How sober? Well, relatively sober. Is this the same subject you wanted to talk to me about before we got interrupted with the news about luke? It is. Okay, mom. I really don’t think — I’m concerned about you. I know you are, but I’m fine. Maxie, nobody knows you better than I do, and I am concerned that you are not well.

[ Door slams ] Explain “trouble.” Your mother and i were young. We had you and tommy to take care of. At least I was in a band and doing well. Well enough to provide for our family?

[ Chuckles ] Not quite. But the band was getting there — more gigs, classier nightclubs. The brass ring was in sight. Until? Curtis, I-I had this habit of getting involved with things…

[ Sighs ] …That should have been none of my concern, matters that — that drew my focus from my — my music, my family. Criminal matters? I tried. I tried to mind my own business. But I got hung up in it, man. And before I realized how far things had gone, it — it was too late. It was too late. I wasn’t in control anymore. Who was? Another player. Bigger than me. I didn’t stand a chance. And the only way I could keep my family clear of all that I almost brought to their doorstep was to leave — leave, son, and never look back, and take steps to make sure no one ever came looking for me. I guess it worked. ‘Cause no one ever did. We’re not falling apart.

[ Laughs ] Oh, god. If you say so. We may not be in the best place right now, but we’re gonna beat this, carly. Ugh. Can you beat your feelings for nina? I’m gonna outlast them. But that doesn’t matter, because they don’t compare to my feelings for you. You’re who I want. But not the one you turn to. See, you left something out when we were talking about nina earlier — about how she found you drunk at charlie’s pub and she helped you get to the penthouse and then she kept you company. Is that what nina told you? Yeah. And she also said that if you came to her now, she wouldn’t turn you away. I’m gonna take this with me. So, I’m gonna go home. I suggest you do the same thing. Just one more thing. The friction between you and michael is bad for wiley. It is just the situation I wanted to avoid. But if you and i work together, we may be able to prevent the situation from escalating any further. And how do you propose we do that? I will work on lowering the temperature with michael if you give up your legal claim on wiley.

why do you think that I’m not doing well? Is it how I’m parenting georgie and james or doing my job at deception? No. My grandbabies are wonderful, and I hear through the grapevine that you do very good work at deception. Congratulations. That’s wonderful. You’re doing well — maybe too well. Okay, I’m doing so well that I’m not doing well? Peter is out of his coma, and louise is still missing. I get it, mom. You think I should be falling apart. Why aren’t you? Well, I almost did, but then I got a grip. I don’t have the luxury of having a breakdown right now. My kids need me to be strong. And what do you need? Besides louise? Nothing I don’t already have. Which is? The best support system in the world. I have you and mac and anna and robert and liesl and britt and nina. Thank you for my dance. Thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate it. This was fun. And, you know, some other people, too. Like who? Britt: You’re fired. Oh, congratulations, dr. Gatlin-holt. You are the worst wingman ever. Yeah, fair enough. You know, I-I think maybe it was just a bad idea to do this at all and we should just figure out a different way to get your matchmaking mother off your back. Mm. So your mom doesn’t buy you dating services for the holidays? No, she doesn’T. Mm. Not yet. I mean, just ’cause she hasn’t thought of it yet.

[ Laughs ] Then what do you do when she asks you how you’re gonna meet a nice girl? Tell her I already have. So you lie. Mm. You faked your own death. Were the feds involved? Were you in witness protection? I took another name and kept a low profile. Played a few gigs here and there, but always out of the spotlight, bounced around, never staying in one place long enough to make friends, another home, family. Till now. I know it’s a lot to take in, son. And I bet you’ve got a bunch of questions for me, too, don’t you? Just one. That player you mentioned. Mm-hmm. Was it the mob? Doesn’t matter what nina said. I’m not going to her. I’m here with you, and I want to stay with my wife. That’s not what nina said. I don’t care what nina said! Nina said there was moreto nixon falls than I knew…

[ Sighs ] …That things between the two of you got so real that you almost slept together. Nothing ever happened, carly. No, it didn’T. But it almost did. And it didn’t, not because, somewhere in the back of your mind, there was a memory of me calling out to you, telling you to stop. It didn’t happen because nina stopped it. There it is — you’re not here to apologize. You’re here to do michael’s dirty work. I told you, no one knows I’m here. This is all on me and what is best for wiley. And what’s best for wiley is for me to stop being his grandmother? That little boy — he loves me. And you will never even imagine how much I love — nina, I know. And I am not saying that you need to be forcibly separated from him. Oh, my goodness. I think something’s wrong with my hearing, because wiley is my blood relative, and I — and I thought I heard you suggesting that I shouldn’t claim a legal relationship with him. Right. Not now. But if you renounce your claim, michael will see that as a gesture of goodwill, and eventually he’ll understand it’s in all our best interests for you to have a relationship with wiley. Grandparents have legal rights to visitation in new york, and you’re suggesting that I surrender those rights? Yes. But you will not lose your connection to wiley. Ah! Says who? Says me. Spencer: I didn’t expect you home so soon. Well, I’m just full of surprises today, aren’t I? And so are you, inviting your uncle victor into the house. Esme: Is there a reason spence shouldn’t have? I mean, he’s always telling me that you believe family is everything. Oh, and — and so it is. But the last thing I want to do is to upset you, laura. I just wanted to drop by and see spencer before he went into spring ridge. Thanks for the reminder. Oh, come on, now. Buck up, boy, hmm? You incurred a debt. We cassadines never welch on a debt. You’re right. We don’T. Esme : Mrs. Collins, can I, um,pour you some tea? Mr. Cassadine? Oh, thank you, but I believe I’ve outstayed my welcome. But we barely got the chance to talk. Well, perhaps some other time. Stay. Are you sure? Oh, yes, absolutely. Spencer’s gone to all the trouble of making you tea. Look — he’s even brought you cookies. Well, uh, thank you. If you insist. I-I certainly don’t want to impose. You’re not imposing. He’s not imposing, right? No, no, no. Well, the — the fact is, spencer, your grandmother’s had a very taxing day, given the tragic loss to her family.

Are you seeing someone? Why didn’t you tell me?! I’m — I’m not seeing anyone. I mean, I-I… I do see her, you know? If she’s standing right in front of me, then I see her. If we’re in the same room… okay, wait, but — …then I see her. You like her. She likes you. Okay, we are not standing in front of a row of lockers in, like, a middle school hallway. I’m not having this conversation with you. Oh, so instead, you act like you’re single and available. Oh, I am single. But you’re not available. She is not available. So wait. She’s married? No, no. It’s just — it’s — it’s — it’s very complex, and you know what? I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to be having this conversation with you right now ’cause you’re my boss. Um, we’ve been out trying to hook up, and now you’re concerned about propriety? I mean, do I — do I know this person? Does she work at the hospital? I’m not playing 20 questions with you.

[ Scoffs ] Can we stop? Why would you not want me to know who holds the key to your heart? Alright, so if — if you ever decide that you don’t want to be the co-chief of one of the best hospitals in new york state, you could have another career as a romance novelist. Mm. You’re deflecting. I am. You know I’m not gonna stop until you tell me. It’s maxie. Ahh!

[ Laughs ] I like maxie. Okay. I’m sure luke wouldn’t mind — there we go — if we celebrated in our own way. Luke was an iconoclast.

[ Chuckles ] But now that you have procrastinated long enough, answer my question. Who else have you come to rely on? And you need to know this why? Oh, so that I can put him, or her, in my phone tree and send out message alerts about you.

[ Coughs ] You don’t really do that, do you? Oh, yes, I-I call mac. Mac calls robert. Robert calls anna. Anna calls nina. And nina calls liesl. It’s good to have that firewall between anna and liesl, but, um, mom, a phone tree about me? Don’t you think that’s a little extra? Every single one of those people is prepared to drop everything and come running to help you. We are team maxie. So you can see why it’s important to not leave anyone off. The more people on your side, the better. Okay, since I know you won’t leave me alone until I tell you… it’s dr. Gatlin-holt. Austin. If you would like to express your condolences, you should reach out to luke’s partner, tracy. Oh, I intend to do so. But luke was important to you as well — your husband once, father to lulu and lucky. That marriage ended a long time ago. Well, as short-lived as my relationship with luke was, he remained a large part of my life. I don’t live in the past. Clearly, you do. Which is why I aim to make amends. You aim high. Tell us, how do you plan to make it right? Nina: Let me get this straight. Okay, so you’re proposing that I sever the only legal link I have to my grandson in the scant hope that michael, whose only wish is that I drop dead in the ugliest way possible, will eventually deign to let me be near wiley, and he’s gonna do this out of the goodness of his heart? What fantasy world do you live in? I am not saying it will happen overnight, but michael can be reasoned with. He will always do what’s best for our son. I’d like that notarized, please. He’s let you see wiley before, despite carly’s wishes. He will do so again, as long as he sees that you are not a threat to his family. Okay. Alright. If you can say without a shadow of a doubt that michael’s gonna go along with what you say and he’s not gonna use my generosity against me or cut my throat, then maybe — maybe I’ll consider backing down. We got so much to work out, carly, without having to litigate things that never happened. Let’s talk about your refusal to say that what happened between you and nina in nixon falls could never happen again.

[ Laughs ] This is exactly what I wanted to avoid.

[ Tapping foot ] I put the fear of god in nina. So if you’re concerned about that, you should go see her. I don’t think nina would mind if you checked on her. Matter of fact, I think you would like it. Marshall: I’ve said enough. But it sounds to me like you got involved in a criminal organization with a player so powerful that you left your family to believe that you were dead. Now, is there anything else? Am I wrong? Just — just tell me. There’s no need. Look, I’m sorry it took so long for me to tell you, but now — now you’ve gotten the gist of it. Okay, but I need specifics. Haven’t you heard enough, son? It’s just a start, okay? But I can’t do much with it. I need to know about the organizations. I need to know about the participants, the prosecutor, the case. Who was your handler? Why do you need to know all that? You came to port charles. You gave up your cover. You’re a man on the run with no support. I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t feel it was far enough in the past. But you yourself said it wasn’t safe still. These things, curtis, they — they — they can come back on you. You think you’re done. If you’re not careful, though, they develop a second wind. One call may stop all that. And I have contacts. Who? Your ex-wife?

[ Sighs ] It’s not the law. It’s the opposite. I know some people who can cover all of this. But first, I need to know who you crossed. All I need is a name.

[ Sighs ]

tell us, victor — you talk about atonement and redemption, making amends. Tell us — how are you going to make good? By being here to rebuild my family. A family you haven’t seen in decades. We thought you were dead. Well, it’s never too late to start afresh. In port charles? My family is here, laura. How else would I get to know them better? Or protect them? I knew you were friends with maxie, but I never suspected you were into her. I-I care about her a great deal, okay? Can we please just leave it at that? You — you do know that maxie is no longer in love with peter, right? Yeah, it’s not that at all. It’S… maxie has a lot on her mind. And there’s no room for me in her life. Mm. Well, I mean, who’s to say that can’t change one day, maybe? And if nothing else, you have really great taste. Thanks. Great taste. Terrible timing. Felicia: Austin, huh? Mom, he literally saved my life the night he delivered louise in the woods, and he’s been great ever since, you know, except when he’s fighting with brook lynn. His number? Oh, no, no, no. Austin and I are just friends, and the phone tree — it seems to be just family, so… friends can be just as important as family, sometimes even more so. Is it just me, or does your grandmother have a problem with your great-uncle? Problem? Nah. Try blood feud or vendetta. Either works.

[ Door opens ] I, uh — I do appreciate your suffering my presence. I — I’m sure I was a pretty unwelcome sight. I do hope soon to change that. In the meantime, I’m sure we can find common ground with spencer. Can we? Well, I assume you want what’s best for him, as do I. I think what you want for spencer differs from what I want. Well, I hope to prove you wrong. And as for luke, a tragic loss. I’m truly sorry. Now I know you’re lying. Good night, victor. Mm. Good…bye. Thank you for your offer of help. But I have said all I intend to say. Even though I have the power to save you from ever having to look over your shoulder again? I appreciate that. I truly do. It’s more than I ever dreamed of getting from you. See, you misunderstand. See, you telling your story does not change the history between us. The past is a lie. The present is nothing to envy. Well, and there won’t be a future if you don’t keep talking. See, this is not about helping you. This is about keeping aunt stella and tj safe from whoever is chasing you, no matter how far you think they may be behind you. Well, in that case, I guess there’s nothing left to talk about. Marshall: Curtis. Stop asking questions. Just leave it be. That’s the only way to keep stella and tj safe. Nina, I can’t guarantee that michael will do as I hope. I can promise you that I will try, and I will never stop until michael grants you access to wiley again. Not good enough. Nina, sonny’s family is in so much pain over losing him for nine months. The pain won’t end until someone takes the first step towards healing. And the first stepper should be me. Okay, I get it. I screwed up, willow. I will spend the rest of my life making up for that, but I will not do it at the expense of my relationship with my grandson! I said it would not be permanent. At least sonny knows that I’m not evil incarnate. And I will be damned if I let anyone convince wiley that I am. I told you, I’m not going anywhere. I can’t do this. I — you need to be gone by tomorrow. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What are you — what are you — t-this is my home, carly. I asked you for some time! Right. I asked you for some space and time alone so I could figure this out. You can’t figure it out alone. We got — we have to do this together. Or maybe we don’t figure it out. Look, if — if you’re here in the morning when I wake up, don’t bother leaving, I’ll go. What — I’ll just go. What do you mean you’re gonna go? Where are you gonna go?

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