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Steffy: I hope you saved room for dessert.

Taylor: Oh my gosh, is that what I think it is?

Steffy: Yes, it’s still your favorite, right?

Taylor: Yes. Oh, you are spoiling me.

Tey: Iilinda t’s ri.T a

Taylor: Mm. He’s coming over?

Steffy: Yeah, I texted him. Tried to entice him. Well… not that he needs enticing or anything.

Taylor: Is that supposed to–

Steffy: Like obviously, there’s something still going on, like you guys have this energy–

Hope: Knock, knock! Hello?

Steffy: Come on in. Hey, come on in, what’s going on?

Hope: Um, well. Douglas lost his football again, and he thinks that he left it here. Have you seen it?

Taylor: Yeah, I think it’s on the patio.

Hope: Okay, perfect. I’ll just grab it on my way out then.

Steffy: Yeah, go do it. We’re just having dessert, so.

Taylor: Do you want to join us?

Hope: Oh.

Steffy: Yeah, dad’s coming, too. He loves my banana cream pie.

Hope: Actually, I’m not so sure that ridge is going

Brooke: I relapsed,

I started drinking again.

Of course, I’m feeling guilty.

As far as that kiss

and ending up in bed with you.

Look, we’re going to need to

just keep this a secret, okay?


Ridge: Logan. You went back to new year’s eve again, didn’t you?

Paris: Mom, I still can’t believe you’re here.

Mrs. Buckingham: Should i have warned you first?

Paris: No, no. I’m so happy that you’re here. I just didn’t know you were planning a visit.

Mrs. Buckingham: Oh, I missed my baby girl.

Paris: I miss you too, mom.

Mrs. Buckingham: Actually, I’ve never been good at surprises and would never have pulled this one off, either. Not without zende’s help.

Zende: I mean, am I being paranoid wondering if paris is interested in another guy? That she wants to take a chance to see where things might lead? And that she has been sending me this gentle message that there might be some competition? Because if that is the case, I want a name.Th

Carter: A name?

Zende: The guy I’m up against. Who is he? Do I know him? What his intentions are as far as paris is concerned?

Zende: I’m very protective of paris. True, my proposal never got off the ground, but we’re still dating and I’ll always look out for her, even if…

Carter: If what?

Zende: I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I don’t know that there’s another guy that paris might like. But if there is, there is no way that I’m just going to give up and step aside.

Paris: Did you come here straight from the airport?

Mrs. Buckingham: Yes.

Paris: You should’ve told me I could have picked you up.

Mrs. Buckingham: And ruin the chance to pull zende into my grand surprise? He’s a really great guy, you know. If I was just a few years younger, whoo–

Paris: Mother!

Mrs. Buckingham: He’s also sweet and charming. I am very happy you are dating such a fine young man as zende forester.

Brooke: There’s nowhere you got to be?

Ridge: I’m exactly where I need to be right here. I’m sorry I wasn’t here before.

Brooke: All those years of sobriety. Just gone. In one night. It was my weakness, my…. my mistake. And now…

Ridge: Now, you can do everything in your power to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And you’re doing it, starting with this meeting today. Gotta tell you, seeing– seeing you up there, standing up and… telling everybody the truth. So proud of you, I just don’t know where you get that strength. Strength to do that and the strength to face every day. But you can do me a favor, stop beating yourself up over this. Okay?

Brooke: Okay.

Steffy: Hope’s right, dad can’t make it, he’s spending time with brooke at her house.

Hope: It’s ridge’s home too, steffy.

Steffy: I didn’t mean anything by that.

Hope: No, I’m sorry. I don’t know why I said that.

Taylor: Hope, is everything okay with your mom? Steffy mentioned something was going on with her.

Steffy: Yeah, what is it? You know, you can tell us, hope.

(Ziploc bag opening)

Zende: I know it sounds crazy, almost nobody knew that I was going to propose that night, but the way that things went down, it just seemed like someone had tipped her off about the proposal. Not that it matters. Paris’s answer would have still been the same. She’s just not ready for marriage.

Carter: Even though you are?

Zende: I appreciate her honesty. But between you and me, carter, it was a big kick in the gut. I was hoping that paris and i would be engaged right now.

Mrs. Buckingham, I hope I don’t sound like a meddling mother, and that’s the last thing I want to be. But I follow zende both online and in the press ever since you told me that you were dating. Not only is he talented and successful, but he’s also a very good person with a good heart. And plus, he comes from a wonderful family who’s embraced you, and that makes him a winner in my book. Obviously in yours… okay. Of course I… I could be misreading things.

Paris: What do you mean?

Mrs. Buckingham: You and zende. Is there something going on between you two I should know about?

Brooke: I can’t imagine my life without you, ridge.

Ridge: Oh, that’s good, because you’re stuck with me.

Brooke: Yeah, well, I don’t make it very easy on you.

Ridge: I’ve never made it easy for you. We’re still here. Still together after all these years. Says something about our love story, right? Whatever life hands us, we’ll deal with it. Right? Without blaming each other, without shame.


Brooke: Yeah. I’m hearing you. I am. I’M… I’m trying and I…

[Clearing throat] I appreciate your support more than anything. And hope’s too.

Ridge: What’s going on?


Brooke: I’m just… just thinking about my daughter. You know, I don’t like how she… feels like she’s responsible for what happened.

Taylor: Obviously, you’re concerned about your mother.

Hope: Yes. I mean, it’s no secret that I have brought some added stress to my mother and ridge’s marriage because I want to have a relationship with my father.

Taylor: Yeah, I’ve heard that there were some issues with that, but I also was under the impression that your mom and ridge were working through all that.

Hope: Yes, that’s true. They’re working through a challenging time. I just want to make sure that they’re given space and that you not see it as an opportunity, taylor.

With less moderate-to-severe


Zende: I know how this probably is coming off, like I’m throwing myself this big pity party.

Carter: No, man. Not at all.

Zende: It’s just, I still believe in a future with paris. Maybe I was just going too fast in my head. I don’t know. Well, I’m thankful that I get to spend some time with paris’s mom now that she’s in town. I think it’s good for paris to have some family in L.A., Regardless of how brief it might be.

Carter: Yeah, I agree. I know how much paris has missed her mom. What?

Zende: I was just thinking, you have been such a good friend to both paris and me. I really appreciate it carter. I know that paris thinks very highly of you.

Paris: So, mom, this opportunity at university hospital, you seriously considering taking it?

Mrs. Buckingham: Unless you can think of a reason why I shouldn’T.

Paris: No, no, it would be so fun having you here, we can hang out together.

Mrs. Buckingham: Oh my god, honey, that is so sweet. But you have your own life and between your work at the forrester foundation and your relationship with zende, I doubt you have a lot of free time.

Paris: I will always make time for you. I love you, mom.

Mrs. Buckingham: Oh, I love you too, my sweet girl. More than I can say.

Ridge: Hey, hope is not responsible for this. No one is responsible. Staying sober is a daily battle, right?

Brooke: A battle that I lost that night, and I still don’t even understand why. I don’t understand what drove me to drink. Yes, I was upset that you didn’t come home, but that couldn’t have been it, ridge, there… there had to have been more.

Ridge: All right, listen to me. It really doesn’t matter right now. What matters is we’ve got to fix the problem. You’re doing it. You’re going to meetings. Got rid of all the booze in the house. And I’m proud of you, your daughter is proud of you because you’re so strong. We’ll figure this out as a family. I know you want to know what the trigger was. We all do and we will find it. And when we do, we’ll deal with it and it’s going to be another victory for us. It’s going to make our family stronger, I promise you. Yes? Okay.

Taylor: What kind of opportunity, hope, what are you implying?

Steffy: Wait, this is the real reason you stopped by, it’s not about getting douglas’ football. You came here to confront my mom.

Hope: No, no, no, not at all. This was not meant to be a confrontation, but I do think it needs to be said.

Taylor: What needs to be said, hope? Tell me.


Hope: Look, I’m well aware that you didn’t just leave town for your job. It was also about your feelings for ridge. And obviously, I mean, that’s your ex-husband, that’s steffy and thomas’s dad, and you had a life and a family together.

Steffy: We still do.

Hope: Yes. But I also know that in the past, you have also blamed my mom in some ways and thought that she stole that from you.

Steffy: Okay, hope, can you just get to your point?

Hope: The point is, I am glad that you’re back in town, taylor, I just… I hope that you and your daughter remember that ridge is no longer married to you. He’s married to my mother. With age comes more…

Mrs. Buckingham: It still amazes me what you’ve accomplished for yourself at such a young age. Both my girls! Look at you, working for forrester creations and all the wonderful work the foundation does for people around the world. Thanks to you in no small part, to your leadership and your vision.

Paris: Spoken like a truly unbiased mom.

Mrs. Buckingham: Of course, there’s also your involvement with zende. Not that I’m trying to play matchmaker. But if you would allow your mother a word of advice. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Choose your significant other carefully. Someone from a good family, someone with strong morals and integrity. It’s not just about money and position and standing, it’s about finding the right foundation to build your life and your future on. Could that man be zende?

Zende: I think I’m going to hold on to that ring. Maybe one day I’ll get to slip it on to paris’ finger. Still, I keep coming back to that one thing.

Carter: What’s that?

Zende: If there is another guy who’s caught paris’s attention, who could it be?

Brooke: Come on, deacon.

Come on, slug one back

with me, buddy, old pal.

Deacon, it’s gonna haunt me.

It’s gonna haunt me forever.

Ridge: Sorry, this happened to you. Here.

Brooke: Okay, thanks. Mm.

Ridge: It’s one night.

Brooke: Yeah.

Ridge: It’s the past. See if we can focus on the future. Hi.

Brooke: Hi.

Ridge: Come here.

Steffy: Look hope, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with dad and brooke, but it is his life, his future. Whatever he decides, it’s his decision.

Hope: But he’s already made his decision and he is married to my mom.

Steffy: And I’m aware of that. So is mom. But we are aware that dad has been through a lot, and most of it is because of you and brooke.

Hope: Are you talking about my dad?

Steffy: Deacon. Yeah, I am. My dad despises him. For good reason. And instead of listening to his warnings, you and brooke are welcoming him with open arms despite all of the pain and shame he’s caused.

Hope: Okay, that was before, and he is a different man now.

Steffy: Right. Because deacon says he is, and you’re desperate to believe that. But how do you know he’s changed? I get that he’s your father and you can’t be totally objective. But brooke is a whole different story. She was caught in this discussing messy scandal. And here she is, welcoming deacon back into her life, even though dad is really upset about it. But does she care? Is she worried about him. His concerns, his pleas?

Taylor: Okay, honey–

Steffy: Mom, no, no, no, no. I know, I definitely need to say something. Because even though dad and brooke are married, whatever he decides in the long run is up to him. Not to you. Not to brooke.

Hope: I’ve heard that you’re planning on staying in L.A. And you’ve already opened up a practice, and I am thrilled for you. Uh, I’m sure steffy and thomas are happy to have you back. I just ask… to respect my mother and ridge’s marriage. They’re deeply in love, and I don’t want anything to disrupt that. We’ve… we’ve been in a good place lately and I just want to keep the peace, so I want to make sure that that is understood by both of you. Is that clear?

Steffy: Wow.

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