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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Belle that EJ shouldn’t represent himself. Belle said she couldn’t represent him. Nicole wanted to know why. Belle said it would be a conflict of interest because she worked for DiMera. She also said it would be a personal conflict. Nicole thought it was because of Sami. Belle said it was. Nicole thought that would be a reason to represent him. EJ and Johnny talked about EJ going to prison. They also talked about what Johnny did to Chanel. Tripp called to check on Allie. She told him she was comforting Chanel. He said he would come over. Allie panicked because she was with Chanel. Allie told Tripp she was going to check on Chanel to see if she was okay. He said that was good. He said he would check on her later. When Allie got off the phone, Chanel asked if he was suspicious. Allie said he didn’t suspect a thing. She said she cheated on her boyfriend. Chanel said she cheated on her husband. Allie said she had to tell Tripp the truth. Johnny asked EJ how he thought the trial was going to go. EJ said they didn’t have a case because he tried to make himself a good person in Salem. Johnny wanted him to level with him. EJ said Trask wanted him to pay for his sister’s sins. He said Chad would do anything to help her achieve that goal. Johnny said he was thinking about taking over DiMera and handing it back to him when he got out of prison. EJ wondered how he was going to do that. Johnny said for him to sign his rights over to him. Belle said she wouldn’t dream of representing EJ. Nicole said she could represent someone who was innocent. Belle asked if she thought he was innocent. Nicole said EJ wouldn’t have let Sami go if he kidnapped her. She said he was innocent. She said it was coming from someone who hated him. Belle wanted to know why she hated him. Nicole said he dumped her for Sami. She said she wanted him to pay, but he shouldn’t go to prison for something he didn’t do. Kate told Chad that EJ was going to prison for something he didn’t do. Chad said he was going to be convicted for something he didn’t do. He said Belle told him EJ would get eight to ten years in prison. Kate thought he wanted to see EJ suffer. Chad said he did, but it didn’t feel right. He said he should tell that Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami.

Chanel told Allie that it wasn’t a good idea to tell Tripp the truth because she still loved Tripp. Allie said she did. Chanel said she still loved Johnny. She told her not to tell the truth. Allie said Tripp might believe her. Chanel said he might kick her to the curb. Trask told Rafe that someone said he planted evidence. She wanted to know what he had to say for himself. Belle told Nicole that the guard said it was EJ. Nicole told her someone could have paid him to say it. Belle asked if she thought Chad set him up. Nicole said someone was setting him up. Kate told Chad she had qualms about this, but he talked her out of it. Chad said he wanted him to suffer at first. She said Lucas would go to prison if she said something. He said Lucas should be the one in prison since he did it. Chanel wanted to make sure she wasn’t going to lose her best friend. Allie said she wasn’t going to lose her. EJ asked Johnny if he wanted his shares. Johnny told him he would be able to fight Chad if he tried to take DiMera. EJ said he was old enough to vote on his own. Johnny said Tony and Anna would try to take over. EJ said he did the same thing with Sami and she took over. Johnny said he was all he had. EJ said he would sign it over if he went to prison. Johnny told him he wouldn’t regret it. Kate told Chad that what Lucas did was misguided. Chad said what Lucas did was criminal. She said he said Lucas wasn’t dangerous. She said he loved her. She said EJ would kill him if he found out and would go to jail anyway. Chad thought she was reaching. She said he knew what EJ would do if he found out. She said it would be on his head if she lost Lucas too. He said it wasn’t fair. She said she was fighting for her son’s life. He said he would admit to planting evidence and leave Lucas out of it. She said he would lose his job. He said he should. He said it would keep him from being like EJ. She asked even if it meant lost everything. Rafe told Trask he didn’t plant evidence against anyone. She said there were other allegations against him. She said she was forwarding the evidence to Internal Affairs. She said she hoped he was innocent.

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