Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 11, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina wanted to talk to Lani about calling her “mom” when she saved her from the fallen chandelier. She wanted to know why she did it, but Tripp arrived before she could answer her. They told him what happened at the reception. Tripp left to order x-ray for Paulina’s ankle. He also wanted to call Allie about Chanel. Chanel tried to kiss Allie, but she backed up. She told Chanel she couldn’t do that. Chanel apologized to Allie, but she ran out of the room. Allie answered Tripp’s call. She told him that Chanel would be fine. She said she would see him tomorrow and got off the phone. Chanel went to the living room to find Allie. She knew she took things too far, but she didn’t want to be alone. She said she was sad and humiliated. Allie agreed to stay with her. Chanel promised to stay on her side of the bed. Allie couldn’t believe what Johnny was willing to give up on her. Allie told her that anyone would be lucky to have her. Allie leaned over and kissed her. Tripp went back to Paulina’s room and told her that Chanel was okay. He said that Paulina had a sprain. He said she should stay off her ankle for a while. Paulina asked Lani about calling her “mom.” Lani said she said it during the heat of the moment. She said she would always consider Tamara as her mother. She admitted that she saw her as her mother too. Paulina was happy about it. Later on, Paulina went home and went to Chanel’s room. She was surprised to see Chanel and Allie making out.

EJ talked to Belle about Johnny’s marriage. They also talked about his kidnapping trial. EJ told her that he was representing himself. She called him a fool for representing himself. He asked her to represent him. She thought Chad and Shin would fire her. He said he would take care of them. Belle wondered why she would defend him in court. He said he was framed for Sami’s kidnapping. Belle said that Sami believed he did it. She thought she would be betraying her sister. He continued to convince her to take his case. She didn’t bend so he got angry and told her to leave. Susan accused Johnny of being the devil. She was determined to put an end to his terror. He assured her that she didn’t have to fear him. She pulled out her wooden cross. She felt it in her bones that he was possessed by the devil. He flashed his yellow eyes at her and congratulated her for figuring it out. He wanted to know what she was going to do about it. She let him know that she wasn’t afraid of the devil. He threatened to turn her into a bug so he could squash her. She said he wouldn’t squish her spirit. She said she and John would save Johnny. She tried to leave but Johnny stopped her from leaving. He threatened to rip EJ’s heart out of his chest. She didn’t think that he would do that because everyone would know he’s the devil. She said John and Eric would vanquish him. He realized she had a point. He said keeping his secret was vital to his plans. He had to find another way to get rid of her. Susan continued to rant about Johnny being the devil. He said she was infantile. Susan realized that he was still after Ben and Ciara’s baby. Johnny said she was too smart for her own good. She refused to let him hurt the baby. She said she would tell EJ what he was doing. Johnny opened the door so she could go. She went downstairs to tell EJ that she was leaving town because Roger needed her. Johnny came downstairs while she was talking to EJ. EJ wanted to know about the emergency. Johnny flashed to pressing his finger into her forehead and changing her demeanor. Johnny told EJ that he encouraged her to go home. She said her goodbyes and left.

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