Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, January 12, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily tells Adam and Ashland that Billy is leaving the past behind him and making a fresh start at Chancellor Industries and asks them both to drop the feud with Billy.

Chloe sends Sally to New York to interview fashion designers about their spring collections and Chelsea thinks this is her chance to show Adam they should get back together. Sally asks Adam if he has business in New York so he can go with her and they can spend some time together.

Victoria asks Victor if he would sell Newman Media to her since Jill has agreed to sell Chancellor Communications to her. Victor says he doesn’t want to sell Newman Media so Victoria tells Victor Adam almost lost the company to Billy.

Devon tells Nate and Lily he has decided to go to court and sue for shared custody of Dominic because he doesn’t think Chance can take care of the baby.

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