Days Short Recap Monday, January 10, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan told Marlena that she had a premonition and she knew the devil wasn’t gone. Marlena believed the devil was gone. She said he would never get inside of her again. Susan became nauseated again. Chanel was devastated when Johnny said he didn’t want to be married to her anymore. Paulina yelled at him before she comforted Chanel. Johnny said he wanted his freedom. EJ said that Johnny was his own man and made his own decisions. Chanel started crying when Johnny said he wanted a divorce. He thought she was a good person, but he thought they were too young to get married. He wasn’t looking for new women, but he wouldn’t rule it out either. He wanted to be friends. He thought they could be friends with benefits. Chanel demanded to know what he did with the real Johnny. He told her that Allie warned her about him. She said that he showed her more love than anyone else. He said he was trying to convince himself that he was capable of loving someone. He said he wasn’t ready for love right now. Chanel told him to go to Hell. She stormed out of the room. Allie yelled at Johnny for what he did to Chanel. Paulina yelled at Johnny but he brushed her off. He left the room. Paulina told him not to walk away from her. She followed him out of the room.

Marlena got Susan a glass of water and she suddenly gasped. Paulina yelled at Johnny. She grabbed his arm and his eyes turned yellow so he made the ceiling fall down. Lani called her mom and ran to her.  Paulina thanked Lani for saving her. Susan told Marlena that something made her drop the glass. She thought something else was broken. Tripp arrived in Susan’s room and told her that her lab results were clear. Marlena wanted to take her home. Susan had a worried look on her face. Chanel went to Paulina’s apartment. She thought about her relationship with Johnny. She took off her ring as Allie walked in the apartment. Chanel ran into her arms. She was upset that she was always someone’s second choice. Allie told her that she would find someone to love. Chanel and Allie went to her room. She helped Chanel take off her dress. She thanked Allie for being there for her. Allie reminded her that’s what they did for each other. She leaned forward to kiss her. 

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