Days Short Recap Friday, January 7, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan went to Marlena’s place and threw holy water at her. She wanted to get the devil out of her. Marlena assured her that the devil was gone. Susan wasn’t convinced she was telling the truth so she kept throwing it on her. Marlena finally convinced her that she was better. Susan offered to give her the holy water. Marlena apologized to her for turning her into Kristen and a cat. Susan was okay with being a cat. She didn’t like being Kristen. Susan talked to her about Johnny and Chanel’s wedding party. Marlena didn’t think she would be welcomed at Paulina’s party since she destroyed her wedding to Abe. Paulina went to see Lani and Eli. She wanted to invite her to Chanel and Johnny’s wedding party. Lani didn’t want to go. Paulina suggested they get together soon. Eli thought it was a good idea. Paulina cried in the hallway. Eli talked Lani into going to Chanel’s party. He told her the night was about Chanel. He was willing to stay with the kids while she went to the party. She changed her mind and decided to go to the party. Anna and Tony saw the decorations at the DiMera mansion and wondered what happened. EJ told them Johnny married a golddigger. Anna and Tony thought he shouldn’t give Chanel a hard time. They thought she was a sweet person. Tony warned him that he could alienate Johnny if continued to be against his marriage. Anna reminded him that her family already had money so she didn’t need his. EJ said it was new money. He didn’t like the decorations. Paulina walked in the mansion and asked EJ if he had a problem with her taste. EJ said he didn’t have a problem with it.

Johnny wore his red suit. He looked at his reflection and he had devil eyes. The devil told Johnny to stop fighting him so they could set the town on fire. Johnny said it couldn’t be happening. The devil told him to give in to him. Johnny jumped and Susan jumped too while she was with Marlena. She ended up vomiting on Marlena’s shoes. Marlena wanted to take Susan to the hospital but she didn’t want to miss the party. Marlena thought it was necessary and wanted to call EJ to tell him what happened. Susan didn’t want EJ to know what happened because he would be worried. Marlena compromised and said she would tell him that she wasn’t feeling well. Johnny and Chanel greeted their guests at the wedding party. He seemed excited about the party. He made speeches about their relationship. He and Chanel kissed each other before he went back to making his speech. Johnny talked about Stefano going after what he wanted. He said it took him a while but he realized that he didn’t want to be married to Chanel anymore. Chanel’s mouth dropped and everyone was speechless.

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